I am with you – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn, February 23, 2020

The silverplatinum flame

My beloved child,

it is necessary that I talk to you again in these difficult times for you.

Don’t be afraid of anything, not of any virus or agent that might be able to make you sick, not of any catastrophe or the revelations that are being made now and in the future. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid of any change because change is happening all around you. It is what you are working for since decades, at least some of you. Change is what is necessary for humanity to go through the transformation that is occurring as I speak to you. Change is the only constant in Creation. Be ready and willing to change yourself, your beliefs, your religious opinions, your politics, your ways of life, maybe even your profession, your diet and no you can still eat meat as your body needs some elements of animals in…

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