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Every day you are given the opportunity to heal yourself, to let go of the past and the things that have kept you chained

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You are never alone.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 28th

In these times of increasing chaos and confusion know that your support teams in the non-physical realms are awake and alert to your every call.   Do call on your own personal supporters who are in spirit for guidance and comfort in these troubling times, because they very much want to communicate with you so that you can feel the embrace of their loving energy fields bringing you peace and reducing your anxiety.

These times are perfect for you to strengthen your connection with us here in the spiritual realms because you have plenty of time to sit quietly and relax into your holy inner sanctuary where Love and Peace are always in residence.   Give yourself plenty of time to do this – you have plenty – and allow the peace of this holy inner space to envelop you.  Distractions will arise –…

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Reiki Doc – From The Front Lines At The Hospital, March 28, 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020

From The Front Lines At The Hospital

Yesterday was the first day I was back to work in a little over a week. One week ago Thursday, at the end of my shift, I was given an N-95 mask and fitted for it. I take a regular size. I had worn it the whole day, even to a case in the MRI scanner, and some people looked at me with horror at my eye shields and hair cap and masks, as if I was ‘overdoing it’. Some patients walking around the campus told me those words, exactly.  …read more here

Reiki Doc – Accept and Allow, March 26, 2020

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Accept and Allow

On Tuesday, thanks to the magic of Zoom teleconferencing, my Reiki teacher Anne Reith, PhD was able to host an ‘Open Psychic Development Circle’.  I haven’t been to one in eight to ten years.  These are sessions for the advanced students, where they meet every week at a regular time, and Spirit agrees to work with them, for perhaps four to six week intervals. Usually they are closed groups. When I used to go, traffic and childcare was a huge issue. At first I enjoyed them, then later, I would get upset because I spent most of the time being a medium for other people instead of getting to enjoy Spirit on my own. …read more here