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You are inundated with information all day, every day.  Fact and fiction, fear and hope, love and hate…each one fighting for dominance in your (sometimes) overwhelmed system.  It is important to

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Reiki Doc – The Gift Of Pain and Suffering, April 26, 2020

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Gift Of Pain and Suffering

Yesterday the plumber came on time, and did the descaling maintenance on our tankless water heater. He said that if a unit is over five years old, don’t try it. Ours was a little over one year old, so it was okay. Our unit is a Rheem, the Ford of tankless water heaters and you buy it from Home Depot. They install a slightly nicer unit, but ours would be fine. …read more here

Reiki Doc – Osmanthus, April 25, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020


How are you?
Are you holding up okay with all of the Covid stuff and the sheltering in place?
Things are going along well here in Orange County, California. We don’t have many deaths from it. Most people I ask don’t know anyone who is sick. The patients are there in our hospital, in the purple zone designated for them (there’s even an elevator just for use with the Covid patients!), and it’s been manageable. Not great, not terrific, because the patients are labor intensive. …read more here