The intense need to be right and to make others wrong is a very common human egotistical phenomenon.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 25th

At this time, as most people are focused on or distracted by the ongoing and constantly updated news of the worldwide pandemic, many are very concerned and unsettled as their governments require them to stay home, or stay isolated, while the Coronavirus flows across the world bringing sickness and further anxiety to many.  It will pass, as epidemics and pandemics always do, but while it is present you do need to take extra care of yourselves, being aware of any message with which your bodies present you, and then tuning in to uncover their meaning.  Your bodies are well able to tune into the non-physical realms to access information that you are unable to access purely through your rational intellectual thought processes.  So taking quiet time alone to meditate, or just gently relax at least once each day is essential to your well-being…

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Reiki Doc – Unburden Your Heart, April 24, 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020

Unburden Your Heart

A reader reached out to us, completely aghast, over Magenta Pixie.  Carla was at work, with all her protective gear, and thought it would be best to not fight the phone and it’s little keyboard, and to wait until she could answer with me from her house. …read more here

Truly, even in these unsettling times, there is enormous reason for hope and for joy.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog forWednesday April 22nd

Earth’s population is presently experiencing much anxiety as the government imposed lock-down in many countries is severely limiting people’s sovereignty and freedom.  The reason for this lock-down is officially reported to be for humanity’s protection, a precautionary measure that is essential to prevent, or greatly limit, the spread of the Coronavirus, thus enormously reducing the number of people who become ill, and greatly reducing the number of possible deaths from this contagion.  People are generally accepting the wisdom of these measures, but they are very naturally worried about the long term intent of those who have imposed these restrictive regulations, and about how they might be used to continue limiting personal freedom after the pandemic has peaked and largely dissipated.

As other issues move to the forefront of the mainstream media replacing COVID-19, then increasing pressure will be placed on myriad governmental authorities worldwide…

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