Reiki Doc – Thank You For Saving My Soul Life Raziel, June 28, 2020

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Thank You For Saving My Soul Life Raziel

This is what I look like to you…more or less…I look human.
Most humans on the planet are limited by the Veil. They have only their physical senses, what they have been taught, and absolutely no memory of their past lives. …read more here

All sentient consciousness was created eternally alive!

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday June 25th

The word ‘awakening’ has become a bit of a “buzz-word” in recent months, as many are hearing it for the first time in the context of the human collective’s spiritual unfoldment.  This growing awareness, which is now arising in so many, that to be human at this moment is to have an experience in form, in physicality, that will allow and encourage all to remember that they are and always have been eternal spiritual beings.  The life force that flows through all sentient physical life forms, and on which those forms are totally dependent for their existence in form, is LOVE.

Love, Source, God, the One – whatever word you choose to use to express the idea of a supreme all-knowing, all-loving, and all-wise Creator and eternal Being in Whom all of creation has its eternal existence – is indeed ALL.  Every sentient…

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