Be Who You Are

The Creator Writings

As your world prepares for yet another huge energy shift, it is good to remember:
You do not have to be anything for anyone. Being yourself,

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Your most important duty right now is to let go of all negative self-judgment.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday August 29th

As the COVID-19 global turmoil continues, enormous changes are in progress all across the world that will ease and simplify humanity’s awakening process as it nears completion.  So keep your spirits high and intend to be a conduit through which Love can flow to all of humanity.  When you set the intent to be a conduit through which Love can flow without restriction to all of humanity, you are massively adding to the Tsunami of Love that has been assisting in your awakening process since 2012.  Yes, the awakening process has been flowing since 2012 and its intensity has been increasing, and now very few of you could claim to be unaware that change is most definitely in the air as you observe and feel the energy of Love arising in many unexpected places.

Love is the power that is awakening you.  It…

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