You Can Do Anything!

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No word in the human language has been created that can explain the depth and breadth of love The Universe has for you.  As you move forward

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There is an infinite abundance of Love available to all.

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Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 30th

As the year of 2020 draws to a close people are increasingly concerned about the restrictions on their freedom that were put into place because of COVID 19, and wondering when they will be rescinded.  The damage that they have caused to so many is enormous, and was unnecessary.  The truth of this is becoming ever more apparent as more information is being released into the public domain.  Fear of imminent death due to the infection was used to convince people to honor these unwise and unnecessary restrictions.  It is now quite clear that the number of deaths that have occurred since the virus was first named has not been any larger than normally occur throughout the year.  These restrictions may be intensified or removed, depending on the political intentions of those imposing them, but their overall effect has been to bring into…

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