Reiki Doc – “People Are Assholes” – August 30, 2021

Monday, August 30, 2021

“People Are Assholes”

I’m quoting, Joe, a scrub tech who calls it like he sees it. He was thinking about getting a ‘Magic Key’, the new Annual Pass at Disneyland. We bought ours yesterday. He was asking about the different ones offered, which ones include parking, etc.  …read more here


Reiki Doc – Daily Update, August 26, 2021

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Daily Update

I went to work this morning for the first time this week. I arrived very early, and in my N95 mask, for my official ‘mandate mandatory’ Covid test.

I had to fill out a form, and also, write my name and ID on the sticker labels. 

And I had to put the swab in my own nose and stick the business end in the test tube myself.  …read more here

As humans in form you do need your egos.

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As you all – humans all over the world – move powerfully forward in your awakening process, open yourselves to the awareness that we in the spiritual or non physical realms are most enthusiastically supporting you and cheering you on. You have made enormous progress during the last few decades, just as you all intended when you chose to incarnate and be present now in human form on Planet Earth to participate in this momentous event – humanity’s awakening from the dream or illusion of unreality. It is approaching the moment of fruition far more rapidly than you can imagine, because, as the chaos and confusion that has arisen and is continuing to arise in many places has encouraged you to listen to your egos and doubt and disbelieve in God’s divine plan for you, you find it difficult not to focus your attention on reports from the MSM instead…

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