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The Universe has loved you from the beginning.  It’s love for you deepened at your decision to join your Earth-plane and again at your birth. Now, in this very

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Reiki Doc – Transformation Is Stealthy, November 29, 2021

Monday, November 29, 2021

Transformation Is Stealthy

Something is changing deep inside of my soul, I don’t understand it, and I can’t explain it, but today I will do my best to describe it.  For the past eleven years of blogging, at the beginning I felt that I was on a mission, and I had clear, clear, strong guidance with me always on what to do. Many times, since I felt that ‘Big Earth Changes’ were impending, poor Anthony had to share me with the blog and the Purpose, and wait for me to finish writing before I could tend to his needs. …read more here

Forgive yourselves for whatever you feel or believe is unworthy or unacceptable in yourselves.

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You were created free, free beings whose true and only nature is Love. That has never changed, and never canchange, because what is created is perfect and eternal. That does not appear to be so for the vast majority of humans, because the dream or unreal environment you constructed collectively in which to experience separation is, by its very nature, imperfect and decays over time. Time is simply an unreal characteristic of the physical environment in which you live your human lives, causing you fear of the seemingly final point – termination and death.

You are not physical beings, you arespiritual beings having a very temporary exposure to limitation, and the feeling of not being free. You sense that love is not within you and needs to be given to you by another. But because your true nature is love, to sense or believe that it is…

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