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It is challenging to remain patient when you, as an enlightened being, are surrounded by those not yet awake.  You may take for granted the fact that not everyone will see the world as you do.  The Universe is gently reminding (and asking) you to be patient.  A multitude

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Intend to be fully integrated within the field of Love.

Jesus through John

The collective awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, so do not allow yourselves to be unduly disturbed by the less than uplifting stories that the MSM focuses on, and then publishes with monotonous regularity in order to spread fear and anxiety. There is far more going on in the world, and of a far more uplifting nature, that is clearly indicating that your awakening is progressing quite beautifully. The divine Will is always achieved, so release any doubts to which you may be clinging, even inadvertently.

Often unsettling thoughts, feelings, and emotions flow through your minds far too freely, without you being aware of what they are – just that . . . thoughts, feelings, and emotions – they are not you, but, to you, they feel like you. Part of being human, with a veil hiding Reality from you, is to identify yourselves with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

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Attunement event on February 2, 2022 – Tiger Reiki

The silverplatinum flame

For February 2, 2022, 7 pm CET (check your timezone here.) I chose the Tiger Reiki.

Picture source unknown or I would give credit to the artist.

This attunement was initially channeled by Korey Long and expanded by Stephanie Brail and can help you to: click the link for more information.

You should be Reiki Master or at least Level II.

I offer this based on a donation for this event in the range from 7€ up to 12 €. A certificate comes when you donate 12 € or more.

You can order by Wednesday February 2, 2022, 6:30 pm CET, at the latest – so that I can send the manual and guidelines how to call in the energies in time for the event – through sending your donation at my paypaladdress hillybilly1@gmx.de

I can also send you a paypal invoice if you have troubles sending the money…

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