Just Go…

The Creator Writings

Sometimes, it is necessary to let go; whether it be a thought, person or thing. It may have been holding you back in ways you were never aware of and can be challenging to do, especially if you have invested a great deal of your time in it.

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Life is a Miracle, and you are all Alive!

Jesus through John

As you are all well aware, humanity’s awakening process is moving forwards beautifully, just as God intends, no other way is possible. Therefore, relax! God’s intent is always perfectly achieved, so release your doubts about His Reality, which is Reality in all its magnificence and glory, and TRUST Him completely. You only have problems or issues when you engage with doubt about the reality of the divine plan, and when you attempt to conceive of how, in your opinion,it could or should be unfolding. Those ‘mind-games’ that you play with yourselves – the ‘what-ifs,’ and the ‘this has to be wrong,’ and the ‘God would not allow this to happen’ thoughts and arguments you have with yourselves – are egoic distractions which delay your acceptance of the fact that the collective awakening process is occurring right now.

Your thoughts do not and could not interfere with the process, let…

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Disregard fear and move forwards – Lovewards!

Johnsmallman's Blog

I would remind you yet again : “There is only ONE!” One is Source, the infinitely VAST field of Aware, Loving, Wise and Intelligent Consciousness in which EVERY LIFE is eternally present from the moment of its creation. There is nowhere else and there is no need for anywhere else. A life in form was a choice to experience separation from that state in an attempt to demonstrate a lack of need for a source from which those lives arose. It has failed dismally, and in that process enormous pain and suffering has been imposed on numerous billions of sentient life forms. The time for this nightmare of an illusion has ended because it has clearly proved to be opposed to Love/life, and sentient life forms are now awakening into awareness of their true nature – Love. The state of separation, were it possible – and it is NOT –…

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Diamond Shield of Divine Mother for animals

The silverplatinum flame

This offer is for all pet owners and lovers no matter if your pets are dogs, cats, turtles, birds, snakes or horses.

Since 2020 I know for sure that our animals can be attacked by dark forces and demons too. Many dogs and cats are in truth beings from the higher dimensions and not always a dog or a cat but maybe humanoid like the Sirians. Mine are for sure Sirians. Often they are relatives or friends from the other side and they incarnate to help us with our missions here on Earth and/or to protect us and our homes. Those who don’t have our best interest at heart know this and so they attack our beloved pets for several reasons.

Without their protection we are more prone for energetic attacks or visiots of demons and our pets often enough give their health and lives to keep us safe.


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