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Your process of evolution is not one of outward appearance, but internal. In a constant state of growth; you will move, expand,

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Practically everyone who incarnates forgets that they have a spiritual purpose.

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Love is everything, only there is NO THING! Love is ALL, and ALL is pure energy in abundance, boundless, limitless, and in infinite profusion, bountifully providing for all your needs and desires. As humans experiencing the dream/illusion of separation this does not appear to be a valid statement, because in form limits are normal, to be in form is to be in a state of limitation. In fact in today’s world limits are endemic, prevalent, sweeping, and leading many to wonder how life on Earth will be maintained when you come up against the major ones that finally prevent further expansion, as demands for clean water, fresh food, and energy appear to be very rapidly indeed outstripping your ability to find new reserves to satisfy your human earthly needs.

But, as your life in form is simply a dream from which you are awakening, truly there are no limits, they…

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