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Be not bound to what others feel you should. Be not bound by the limiting beliefs that miracles happen to someone else. Be not bound to the perception that you are

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In God there is no judgment or condemnation.

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Many are presently experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, and even extreme fear as unexpressed but deeply felt emotional conflicts arise within them, seemingly in response to the worldwide divisive confusion being constantly reported on news and social media. This is the final stage in the karmic release of eons worth of ‘stuff’ that is not in alignment with Love, and which must be acknowledged, thanked, and freely released before your collective awakening. The intense intent to be only loving whatever arises, that so many are now embracing, is permitting this massive and necessary eruption of ‘stuff’ all across the planet so that it may be thanked and rapidly released.

Love is your nature, and that is becoming apparent to increasing numbers of people, thus greatly assisting in revealing the very large number of loving communities that are forming worldwide with the basic intent for all to awaken, accompanied by the intent to…

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Reiki Doc – Reflection Upon Next Steps… – April 26, 2022

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Reflection Upon Next Steps…

So you’ve healed. You’ve healed yourself from your past in this life. You’ve healed yourself from your past incarnations. You have dutifully and diligently allowed all the feelings to arise, felt them, thanked them and let them go.

So what’s left behind then, when you are ’empty’? …read more here