Who You Really Are

The Creator Writings

Now is the time to find out who you really are, my dearest child.  With wave after wave of change arriving on your Earth plane it may

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You and M/F/G are in complete harmony in every moment.

Jesus through John

You are all dearly loved – infinitely loved by our loving Father. You always have been and you always will be because the Love of God is eternal and unchanging. Therefore there is nothing you can do to alter this divine truth. As you live your human lives you frequently experience doubts about God’s love for you because, from early infancy, you have all experienced some, or maybe much, shaming and punishment by those who were responsible for your well-being, and having naturally assumed that those who are caring for you are good, you therefore concluded (in very early life!) that there must be something wrong with you. This sense of not being good enough, of being unworthy, is very deeply ingrained, and I want to help you to dissolve every aspect of it so that you can come to a deep understanding of its total invalidity, as you awaken…

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Reiki Doc – Our Best, August 24, 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Our Best

Ross said it’s okay to share.

By ‘accident’ (in other words, Divine Timing), my former brother-in-law’s wife from his second marriage posted a ‘memory’ on FB from eleven years ago, where my first husband and his wife from his second marriage went with all the kids to spend time with them in their cabin in Northern California. …read more here

Reiki Doc – How To Tell When Someone Isn’t Right For You, August 23, 2022

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

How To Tell When Someone Isn’t Right For You

Ross woke me up and asked me to write this today.

I ‘gather’ that this applies not only to people we encounter in real life. It also applies to people we meet online, or who tell us the news, or who are ‘celebrities’ or ‘world leaders’. It applies to the whole spectrum of people ‘out there’.

It is increasingly difficult to tell if someone has our best interest at heart. Or doesn’t.  …read more here