Understanding Your Darkness

The Creator Writings

Dear one, there will never be an understanding of your Light until you dance with your Darkness. Running away from it will always bring a hot

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Only Love is Real.

Jesus through John

As you are well aware humanity is awakening right now! This is God’s Will, God’s Will for humanity, and God’s Will always comes to fruition just as intended, and His Will is always for eternal peace, joy, and harmonious cooperation throughout heaven – Reality. When you awaken and see the divine gardens of heaven, their brilliance and beauty will most joyfully astound you. To awaken is your divine and fully assured destiny, and the moment for that to happen is closer than you can possibly imagine.

Renew your faith and trust in God regularly during your day, because doing so magnificently intensifies the power and effect of your individual human energy fields as they interact with each other all across Planet Earth. Your presence in form now is an irreplaceable and essential aspect of the collective awakening process, and it is why you chose to be on Earth at this…

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The reason that you were created was to live in joy.

Johnsmallman's Blog

As humans in form you are all loved way beyond your ability to comprehend. Love created you as eternal beings, as eternal and inseparable aspects of Itself. In every moment of your existence you are at one with and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God in utter joy and complete harmony. To be unworthy of God’s Love for you is impossible! You and God are One, you are joined inseparably in Love. Your experience of separation from one another and from your Source, as you participate in the unreality of a limited life in form as a human, is completely unreal in spite of the fact that to each of you it feels intensely real. There is only Oneness, no other state is necessary or possible. Therefore allow yourselves to relax into the constant and unchangeable Reality of your true nature nature – Love eternally at One with Itself.

At One…

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