God gave you All that He has and Is at the moment of your creation.

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God’s plan for humanity’s collective awakening is unfolding PERFECTLY! It was created at the precise moment that you chose to experience separation and independence from Him, because He knew that once you experienced such a state you would immediately seek to return home to be once more and forever in His divine and infinitely loving Presence.

The thought to separate from Him was insane, because He is All, there is only God, and there is no place, space, or possible alternate environment beyond or outside of Him. You knew that, and yet you chose to build an unreal and illusory state of existence as an exercise in using your free will, just to prove that you could. It was a little (only a little) like the teenage rebellion that most human children express as they believe themselves to becoming adult NOW! You of course have infinitely greater power than human…

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Animal Soul Healing Reiki available now!

Diamond Light Reiki

copyright by Isabel Henn

This attunement was channeled by Daelyn Wolf.

“…Animal Soul Healing gives you a very strong and powerful deep soul connection with any animal for healing. It works with emotional healing as well as physical healing. Often times something can be missed with an exam, and if you are really aware and connected with the animal, you will ee things, feel things, and intuitively know that something is not right (as
a treatment) or that something else is being missed. This close connection for healing on a soul level connection helps you by increasing your personal healing powers and your abilities to help make sure that nothing is missed and that the best treatments are given for your animal friend. It also helps the animal to be more accepting of treatments, and also energy healings.
With Animal Soul Healing Reiki you are empowered through a deep soul…

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Beyond God there is nothing because God is the infinite ALL.

Jesus through John

Here in the non-physical realms we are overawed by humanity’s amazing and extremely rapid progress as you move from being deeply asleep and dreaming back into your natural, normal, and beautiful state of fully conscious awareness that you are eternally, and in every moment, One with God. You are coming to the realization that there is no place, space, or state of being, other than of Oneness with God. And to come to that realization is wondrous and amazing, because you have for so long believed that, as humans, you are each an individual, completely physically separated even from those with whom you have the most intimate of relationships possible. As humans it appears that you are born alone and that you die alone. But in truth you are never alone because separation from God is utterly and completely impossible.

Being human is NOT a state of individuality separated from…

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Time is unreal and makes no demands!

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As your collective awakening unfolds before your very eyes – CELEBRATE!

Yes, it is unfolding right now, in the only moment there is, the eternal moment of now. You do of course know this, because when you allow yourselves to be aware you are aware that everything you think, say, or do is happening now, the only ‘time’ in which it could happen. It’s just that NOW keeps on continuously renewing itself without ever a break, that is what now is – NOW! Within the illusory state of material form, of which time is a major component, it flows constantly, whereas in Reality it is eternally stationary. That is a concept that is very difficult for you to imagine or to accept, and yet modern physics at the highest levels of research has found that this actually is the case. It is quite shocking to realize this because it is…

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