God gave you All that He has and Is at the moment of your creation.

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God’s plan for humanity’s collective awakening is unfolding PERFECTLY! It was created at the precise moment that you chose to experience separation and independence from Him, because He knew that once you experienced such a state you would immediately seek to return home to be once more and forever in His divine and infinitely loving Presence.

The thought to separate from Him was insane, because He is All, there is only God, and there is no place, space, or possible alternate environment beyond or outside of Him. You knew that, and yet you chose to build an unreal and illusory state of existence as an exercise in using your free will, just to prove that you could. It was a little (only a little) like the teenage rebellion that most human children express as they believe themselves to becoming adult NOW! You of course have infinitely greater power than human…

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