Created In Love

The Creator Writings

All was created to know itself in love!  Love is not to be meted out when the moment serves or when you have something to gain from it.  It is an all-encompassing creation of The Universe

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There is no going back, you are awakening.

Jesus through John

The apparent chaos, suffering, and confusion all across the world at present is very unsettling! Therefore, remember that every one incarnate now is in human form by choice in order to participate in the collective awakening process, thus ensuring their own awakening while greatly assisting others to also awaken. There is NO ONE who is NOT assisting in this process! That is probably very difficult for many of you to accept, so I would remind you that everyone – there are NO exceptions – is precisely where they are meant to be as they assist magnificently in this divine plan, the plan that was established at the exact moment that the collective choice to experience separation from Source was implemented.

There are no accident, no unintended events, everything that occurs in your human lives has a purpose, even if it is not understood or accepted. You all chose to be…

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To be you is essential, it always has been.

Johnsmallman's Blog

As you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for your awakening, Know that you are all most highly honored and loved by us here in the non-physical realms for just being who you are, and also for the essential part you are each Being in the collective awakening process. It is happening right now, as I keep telling you, and your joy when you reach the actual and experiential moment of your own individual awakening is way beyond your ability to imagine. Just know, as you truly do, that it is happening, that it is inevitable, and that it is irreversible.

Time is a major aspect of the illusory environment that you all experience and though unreal, as only eternity exists, while you are living within it and through it it can be be an extremely unsettling and disturbing experience, especially when you find yourselves either waiting for events to unfold that…

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Reiki Doc – What Happened? – February 22, 2023

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

What Happened?

Today I had a late start. 

It’s funny. Yesterday I thought to go to the gym to swim, but instead Spirit sent me to my old Pilates studio, and the discount store. A little retail therapy did me a world of good.

This morning I had thought to go to the gym before work…then I remembered it’s Ash Wednesday. I decided to go to Mass. I haven’t been in a very long time. …read more here