Only Love is Real, It is Who you are.

Jesus through John

You and I, we are One, and to be One is All that we need, because One is Mother/Father/God, Love, Source, from Whom All flows constantly and infinitely lovingly in the ever ongoing act of energetic creation. This is never interrupted or paused for even the most infinitely small instant that you can conceive of. God, Love, Source is forever and always flowing abundantly into and through each individuated expression of Herself in pure joy, because that is Her divine Will, which is always being extended in delight at the endless wonder that She is. Every sentient beingis an individuated or differentiated expression of God experiencing Herself in a ceaseless and eternal Relationship with Herself through each and every one of you, and it is very good.

Yes, each and every sentient being is an eternal and individuated expression of God. And, therefore, each one of you has your own…

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