Enjoyment of life is your God-given inheritance.

Jesus through John

Humanity’s collective awakening is surging ahead with increasing rapidity toward the Now Moment in which it is occurring – NOW! It may well seem to you that this is not the case, as you watch the unfolding of worldwide events that are in no way near being in alignment with Love, the only Reality. Relax, ALL is divinely taken care of. The illusory dream or game-like environment of form in which you are still experiencing the unreality of separation from Mother/Father/God is dissolving before your very eyes. The divine plan for your awakening is, of course, proceeding perfectly, which is the only way that it can.

Signs of this divine unfolding can be seen all across the world, even though your social and MSM are deliberately not reporting them. Your awakening, as you have so frequently been informed, is totally assured and guaranteed by God, Whose only Will for you…

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