Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 9 October 2015

SaLuSa (1)

So much is occurring on Earth that it is difficult for you to determine exactly what is happening. Karma is being played out whilst at the same time the Light is progressing to bring through more of the higher energies. More and more people are beginning to understand how they have been manipulated by the Illuminati, and rightly feel angry that they have been misled for so long. Not only that, but the way in which you have been denied many of the advances that they have kept to themselves. The truth is that you also knew before you incarnated, that you would experience a strong challenge to take away your freedom and your rights. However, you might not have been aware that you were chosen because of your background and experience. A few may fall by the wayside but it was known that the vast majority would rise up against the dark Ones. Consequently you have been able to withstand their actions, so much so that they can no longer be sure of fulfilling their own agenda. So we can say that the Light has won the fight against them and although they will fight to the bitter end, they cannot win.

We are unable to determine the exact manner in which events will turn out, and cannot therefore predict when Ascension will take place. However, progress should now move even faster and we are helping you on your way. At times it may seem that matters stagnate but be assured that all goes well, and we will not allow you to be held up. Indeed, where we are permitted we will always help you, and that is often a matter of advising you the correct or best time to take action. We do this by subtle means or when we meet you during your sleep period. The challenge that you face is one that you have to deal with, but we are nevertheless allowed to assist you. Having almost gone through the toughest part of your evolution, we know that you will emerge victorious. Clearly some souls will lose their lives during these volatile times but that is their agreed karma from which they shall benefit. Indeed the end times offer you many great opportunities to clear old karma for once and for all.

The end times also give great opportunities for everyone’s karma to be cleared, and certainly if you are following Ascension it is necessary to do so. You cannot take it with you, but we must add that you can be released from it if the circumstances permit. What a lovely thought that you can wave goodbye to any further karma, once you reach a certain point of evolution. If you think for a moment, when the vibrations are raised there is a point where you can only speak the truth, and that in itself will avoid many karmic situations. Man has got used to speaking half- truths so often that it becomes the normal way of life. Part of your problem is that telling the truth can lead to trouble for you or others, so you tend to cover up. Be assured that in the higher dimensions, you will not face the same problems and life is so happy and trouble free.

In general terms we have tried to give you a sense of what it is like to live in the higher vibrations, yet without actual experience of them it is difficult to find adequate words. Let us say that you will be overjoyed at the freedom given you, and enjoy the happiness and love that exists everywhere. No more drudgery, no more chores and all the time you want to satisfy your love of adventure and new challenges. Follow the Laws of One and you will enjoy your new found freedom. Sometimes the Earth can provide the most exciting challenges, but these will soon be forgotten when you have the whole Universe to experience. All the time and effort you have put in to get this far will be more than worth the effort you have put in. Not least of all remember that you can again meet your loved ones and friends, and what a glorious reunion you will have.

We enjoy telling you of what awaits you once you ascend, and undoubtedly the freedom to fully and freely express yourselves as the loving soul that you are, is the most satisfying experience. You will be acclaimed for the experiences you have had and many souls will delight in meeting you and “hearing” all about them. Indeed, as we mentioned in an earlier message, through you other souls will not need to necessarily experience exactly what you have. Your experience can be shared to the benefit of other souls and so the learning cycle goes on. In time you will put your Earth experiences behind you, and they will become mere dreamlike, but you will always have the benefit of them. You have of course travelled the path before but as you return it will add to your experiences, and so it continues as you grow to a point where you become a Galactic Being.

Because of the confusion and the state of the World, there will soon become a time when many people will be worried by what is happening around them. This is where you can allay their fears, but be careful that you do not overbear them with too much detail. Clearly not everyone will want to listen to what you have to say, and for some of them the truth is a step too far for them to believe. Allow them to find their own truth, but by all means speak with those who express an interest. At such times people are usually concerned as to what will happen to their family and friends. Families will generally stay together and continue to experience and evolve together. It must however be remembered that each soul has a choice at each stage of its evolution and that must be honoured.

Bearing in mind all of the negativity on Earth it must be remembered that a life now that is very testing is not a sign of your level of spirituality, particularly now when so many are probably spending much time clearing old karmic issues. If anything it may suggest that you have undertaken to clear your karma so that you are clear to ascend. So be careful where you choose to form an opinion of a soul’s progress. You cannot really know unless you have read the Akashic records, and even then you will be unaware of what that soul has undertaken for this lifetime. We would stress that karma is not punishment but an opportunity to overcome problems that may be holding up your advancement. What may appear as punishment is simply the opportunity to put right problems that you have, often relating to other people.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, come as always to lift you up and ensure that you know that you never travel your soul path alone. There are always helpers and Guides following your progress, and giving you a gentle nudge when you need it. We often remind you that they are there for you, and are pleased to help when you need assistance. Regardless of what stage of evolution you have reached there are always souls who are ready to help you, and so it continues until you reach the end of your journey. Follow your intuitive feelings when in doubt as they will not let you down, and they will grow stronger as you evolve. The ego may get in the way but you may be sure that it is caring for your earthly needs, which may not necessarily be your priority.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Sacrifice — Gaia News Brief 8 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Sacrifice with Love

Today I am going to bring up the topic of sacrifice. This isn’t the usual type of sacrifice that is ‘one less’ or ‘negative’.

This is the kind of sacrifice that helps one grow, both in your heart, as well as for the person you sacrifice for their benefit too.

On the way to work I was overwhelmed with gratitude–for my parents for creating a home for us, with clothing and food and trips to the doctor when we were under the weather. We didn’t have much, but what we did was fun and I never had any inkling of how very poor we were. My parent’s did a slight of hand in order to pay the bills…and now that I am older, I appreciate it.

This mother in the photo above would give ALL of the coconut juice to that adorable child of hers, if it gave him pleasure.  Any parent would. It’s the nature of being a parent to want your child to experience the good things in life.

So is going without sleep, if it means to comfort a little one who is frightened and afraid, or hungry, in the middle of the night.

Many people sacrifice for their pets–their fur babies–and buy the best food and veterinary care they can afford, because of their love for their companions.

Today, I had the opportunity to be excused from the operating room a lot sooner than I left. My patient was delicate.  I opted to stay. In doing so, it fell on me to be the one to check all of the operating rooms again, making sure we are in compliance in our carts for our anesthesia items that we use in our work.

It felt good on the drive home to know I had done my best, and made a difference.

All is well.

Sacrifice can be a good thing, come to think about it.  Don’t be ashamed to let someone have something of yours you could have enjoyed for yourself.  Sharing is caring, and that’s what ‘sacrifice’ is all about. <3

The Energy Signature–how It affects you in the Higher Realms

I was at the hospital, and I need my badge to go where I need to go for my job. There are these locks on the doors that are badge readers.  It is my badge that lets me into the O.R.  I can take a patient to ICU, or go there myself, because it’s part of my work to go up and do emergency intubations. I can go to Labor and Delivery (with my badge LOL).

I use my badge for everything, even the anesthesia workroom where the supplies and medications are kept.

I realized our Energy Signature is like a badge that always goes with us as a soul.

It opens doors to the Higher Realms!  When you meditate, you can go where you are allowed to go, based on your Energy Signature.

I think also it works very much like a Passport, and allows travel to different star systems too.

I was pondering this when I realized besides my badge, I have my face! Everyone at the hospital knows me. So sometimes, if I forget my badge at home, I can go to the door and knock, and people typically let me in.

Ross wanted me to write about this.

I am keeping this short because I have work tomorrow <3

Good night.


Carla stayed up late because she has a whole OTHER kind of sacrifice she didn’t mention: she makes Anthony have the best life she can afford to give him, even if tonight is spent with Jared, at Anthony’s ‘other home’.

Carla doesn’t allow herself to think of all the childhood she has lost through coparenting…of all the happy times that could have been.

Carla is in fact happier and healthier BECAUSE of the ‘breathers’ and ‘breaks’–she’ll give me credit for that.  But her house is very quiet at times, and she tries to ignore it the best she can.

Tonight Anthony called.  All on his own. Usually the two text to ask how was your day and to say goodnight.

Carla is thrilled that he would remember when she who is at work did forget to contact him as she had promised.

Often things have a way of working out for the best when it hardly looks like it at the time…just like with Anthony and the co-parenting.

In this Carla trusts.

My Dear One is falling asleep as she writes this.

I love you and I don’t want her to make any mistakes with her typing. I want my message to be TRUE.

So think about the Energy Signatures. I will write more on it again.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins


Gaia News Brief 7 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Movie Soundtrack 

Today I had a hard day. Although I am one of the first ones to leave the O.R., and I was super sleepy, there was steady work to be done until around two.  I hung in there, and couldn’t imagine a life where I have so much work to do, that I barely have time to thinl–never mind talk with my friends or plan something to do.

(I had two appointments this afternoon, and cancelled–for long story short–work).

At the end, I did a colonoscopy anesthesia and when I walked into the room, very dramatic Movie Soundtrack music was playing!  Once the procedure started, the RN in the room said the gastroenterologist is ‘The Polyp Slayer’! And I chimed in with ‘the warrior who has studied the way of the colon!’…

He thought we didn’t like his music.

It was the opposite! We are both too creative for our ‘day jobs’, this nurse and me, and we were just having a little fun.

My Soundtrack

My life has an accompaniment online:

I have been exploring my pain all day. When it comes right down to it, I have to apply a Byron Katie–I SHOULD be a nobody, and be possibly a duplicate, and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  I should be not recognized for my work.  I am not the best teacher, and my vibration is so freaking multidimensional HOW can anyone even grasp it?  I have felt at a loss since the ‘let’s go create!’ encouragement from Jeshua, because I am a little nervous about what happened to me when people decided to ‘co-create’ with ‘Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’ and I got stuck with these airports and roads and rules and economic bullshit that messed my Original Plan up.
In Silence there is hope.
I knew this was a lesson. Because Ross was VERY quiet.  And when I gave in to the sleepiness, and lay down, this afternoon once I got home, I got some downloads big time, with tingles in my legs.
It all comes down to self-love.
If I don’t love and respect myself as Lady Gaia Sophia, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or does.  Even playing the Ross card won’t cut it.  It’s not a solution.
So I will be me, and enjoy whatever comes next, although I feel like I have little to no control about it (points to my head with my finger–ed)–but I shall control what I think, what thoughts I entertain, and I will BE Lady Gaia Sophia, and my incarnation, the Magdalen, in my heart.
I know my memories. I know my energy signature. I know my conversations with Spirit–from Ashtar yesterday to Divine Father and Ross today.
It is what it is.
And there must be very good reason for them to channel through Fran Zepeda–although I am known to be a perfectly good channel myself!–and I will let it go.
My Delight
Picking Anthony up early from school.
Making an Oktoberfest meal with German things to enjoy.
Decorating the house both inside and out for Halloween.
I am thinking of baking apples for dessert.  Perhaps, caramel apples? With those little wrap things…
I adore being home with Anthony.
I will go and pick him up from school early while I have the opportunity.
I listen to my Lady! (he smiles–ed)
Carla is growing very much, by leaps and bounds. Like a toddler, in Spirit, in her Awakening, Carla is learning to RUN. (he gestures with his hands–ed) And just like those little toddler legs–they work and run FAST! (he laughs–ed).
Let’s see who will try to keep up with our beloved Lady Gaia Sophia who is incarnate on earth, and is the soul of the planet on which we reside.
(he claps twice–ed–it’s time to go!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Where Is Your Pain?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf The Creator Writings:

Where is your pain hiding?  Is it behind your positive attitude where it can never been seen or judged?  Is it under the motivation you use to keep from thinking about it?  Is it on the opposite side of that brightly lit corner of your mind where you will never have to look at it?

Original ansehen noch 70 Wörter

Baby Steps — Gaia News Brief 6 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Where to Begin?

Things are happening for me at a rapid pace in my spiritual growth and development. All of it is welcome.  And it’s hard to find the words to describe it.

It’s like that work-life ‘balance’ that was so elusive for me is starting to become right–and it’s a surprise in that it is ACCEPTANCE of ‘what is’–MY attitude–that is turning things around for the better.

Case in point–a colleague asked me at the last minute late last night by text to please do a thoracic case for them first thing, extra early in the morning. I had requested a different specialty to work with on my very high call day. Anthony had a HUGE project due, and needed me to get everything safe and one piece to school first thing Monday morning. Never mind it was too late to call and ask for someone to give him a ride to school.

So I ignored the text. And in the morning, I smiled and apologized.

The switch would have had me have to get to work one half-hour earlier, and I didn’t want to disrupt my inner sanctum over ‘a favor’ for a coworker.

This morning, in a rush, but still sitting at the table, Anthony had his special hot cocoa from me (I make it from scratch with coconut sugar–the one with the low glycemic index) and we both had pancake sausage on a stick. He had two, I had one. We only save these for ‘special occasions’–and I laughed about ‘Breakfast on a Stick!’.

He asked me, ‘Mom? Why do you drink coffee?’

I smiled. I’ve been asking myself that lately. I enjoy it, but it is an acquired taste.

Last week when I caught up with the dishes, I saw I had three press pots and three travel mugs in the sink.

I am enslaved.

I am enslaved in the Health Care system, and this is the proof of the hours I keep, my lifestyle.

Someone today said, ‘You have to make sacrifices to go with a certain career’…it was a fascinating discussion. I saw in the locker room she had a stick on device on her arm. It was an insulin pump. And she is type one diabetic.

She explained how she is very proactive about her schedule in her workload, and up front about not skipping her meals. She gets ‘buy in’ from her coworkers, and arranges for coverage so she can eat.

“I will have lunch shortly after I arrive, then in four hours a snack, and then my dinner will be three hours after that…”

She doesn’t accept a ‘label’ but she says her condition is like having a small child who will never grow up.

She also, wisely, will not engage in conflict if her blood sugar is too low or too high, because her brain ‘isn’t working right’. She politely excuses herself, and says, ‘I will not respond at the moment, because my blood sugar is not right. Once I fix it I will get back to you on that matter.’

I stared at her, and couldn’t believe it. I was eating my lunch at TWO–and out it came–I have been taught from day one that to be a ‘good doctor’ I had to put my patients needs first. I go without sleep, without food, without spending time with my friends and family…I go without water…sometimes even without going to the bathroom!! And here I am, a total one-hundred-eighty degrees out of alignment with HEALTH!

She smiled.

I was glad she got my point.

At work, Corporate Medicine is sick of the expensive Health Insurance Rates for employees who have chronic health conditions. They have a ‘group’ you can join if you have high blood pressure or diabetes–to ‘maintain it’–because it’s cheaper once controlled, yes?

Well, all this ‘stuff’ is on a jumbotron in the cafeteria–a big screen that flashes HEALTH messages.

Like, ‘after work, why not go for a walk in the park once you get home?’

Right.  At nine-thirty p.m. when I have hungry pets and a sleepy child? Besides, what is there to SEE in the dark???

Don’t be ridiculous!

They put us into this dehumanizing system since day one of the Industrial Age–then the health goes–and then in addition to doing the work which is the corporate lifeblood (money)–we now are to control the health effects of this corporate lifestyle?

My work is good–they try. They have exercise classes, and mean well. But it sure seems misguided, and also, impractical–considering what is expected of us.

Happy November!

This is a little bit of sarcasm. I got my property tax bill yesterday. It went up.  Here is what a calendar for an anesthesiologist in private practice is like:

January–breather, unless you have to do your taxes early. One quarterly tax payment is due.
February–Second installment property taxes are due
March–Corporation taxes are due to be filed by deadline,  quarterly malpractice payment is due
April--personal taxes are due to be filed by the deadline.
May–no major things due
June–next installment of malpractice is due, and also a quarterly tax payment
July–no major things due
September–quarterly malpractice payment, and quarterly tax payments
November –property taxes are due, first installment, open enrollment for health insurance
December–Malpractice payment, and also, early quarterly tax payment, due in January but most send it in the current tax year.

It’s a vicious cycle.

For some reason today, I SAW just how much taxes I pay–one way or another–to the city, as sales taxes, to the state, to the federal government…you just can’t turn around without something or other being taxed!

Not that I will fight it, but I SEE–and furthermore I SEE what is LACKING is accountability for how this vast quantity of money is spent!

I also see how in my work, with the long hours–there is no limit on income like there is with a forty-hour workweek, so in a way, that is the way to see the good in something that is otherwise unpleasant.

Today, without pay, I went over the computer records to make sure all was done in compliance with what is asked of our department.  I did this twice! Before I went home for the day, I also checked every cart–finding many things to toss–in all but one of our operating rooms. I marked each anesthesia cart with tape and my initials.

Higher management knows I care, and I put in the extra effort to keep our hospital in good shape to pass inspection which is due any time…

Some things are worth more than money–and sometimes it’s important to get the job done.

I think out of all corporations, my workplace is one of the better ones.

I just want to see ALL of Healthcare become more ‘user friendly’ for both the patients and the healers…in time.

Something For Me

I had communications with Ross and later, as a surprise, with Ashtar.  But I forget what was said. So that’s ‘for me’.

What is nice, though, and I can share, are that when I was at my low point for the day, there were several ‘signs’ I knew that Ross and my teams were thinking of me:  a special song, a comment on FB, some other thing…and it helped me to gather up my strength and make it through to the end of my day.

I also noticed how HUNGRY the animals are, and how grateful, for the food I gave them each when I got home.  I am happy that through my hard work, I can support them, and us.  And also, to help those who help me–the cleaning people, my baby sitters, and others who count on me to help them out as much as I count on them.

My neurosurgeon I talked to today trained in NY. He lived in a studio that cost one thousand dollars a month. It was HALF the size of the O.R. we were working inside. He walked to and from the hospital.

He said it wasn’t pleasant to live in NY because he was working all the time, hardly had any money, and couldn’t enjoy the town; but now, he and his wife and three kids go, and he is thankful for the opportunity to visit and to enjoy it.

Another doc I know, takes some R and R days to a hotel every two weeks with the family. It was Santa Monica last time, now this time, Palm Springs.  He says with his lifestyle, they can’t afford NOT to go–because then he can relax and enjoy his family.

That makes a lot of sense.

It also makes sense because he is an excellent physician, and taking care of the family is a form of self-care.

I realized just this weekend, that time with my family–Anthony–and doing things I enjoy, energize me just as much if not MORE than one of my ‘strongest’ crystals.

That’s why I am writing now…I hope to have a smooth morning, and some yoga, before I go to work tomorrow.

All is well…


Carla is misunderstood.

Carla has been maligned by historical records, which are highly inaccurate–in her time she spent with me, in our past lives together.

Carla is setting the record straight.

Carla is setting the record straight once and for all by LEARNING to understand HERSELF, for what she is, and what she isn’t.

This is what strengthens and aligns the energy signature! (points his fingers to his chest with one hand and keeps bouncing it back and forth for emphasis–ed)

By knowing what you know, and who you are, you are unstoppable in the Higher Realms.

I mean it…in every sense of the word:  UNSTOPPABLE.

There is no turning back.

Carla isn’t.

And neither shall you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins


Rising Consciousness — Gaia News Brief 5 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

At the Field

Saturday Anthony and I went to a local ballpark, and played catch. We hit, and did the usual things. I once played little league, and my dad really helped me a lot when it came to showing me the basics of hitting and fielding.

I never learned how to pitch until Anthony taught me.  His dad once was a pitcher, and showed him the finger placement on the seams for the different pitches. Now I can do a two-seam fast ball, a four-seam fast ball, a change up, a slider and a curve ball.

It’s physically demanding of me, but I love being there for him, and helping any way I can.

To pitch one bucket of baseballs is a lot of work. Of all my pitches, maybe only half go anywhere near the strike zone. Poor Anthony has to move out of the way from a lot of my pitches too!

I pitched two buckets–standing way more close to the plate than the pitching mound–and helped to pick them all up.

Anthony LOVES to pitch and wants to be a pitcher.

He barely could hit the strike zone when I was at bat my one and only time.  Some balls go way way way outside, like more than three bat lengths.

It frustrates  him, his arm.

I finally, after two and one half hours, had to rest.

As I was sitting on the bench and watching him pitch his last bucket of balls, I realized some important things:

  • where is the father?
  • I am taking up the slack for the absent father, and this is a good thing even though I don’t know what I am doing–I am spending the time with Anthony.
  • I bet there are a LOT of angels around us, helping us out.
  • It was a beautiful, beautiful day to be on the field…we were both blessed.
  • I think this is what childhood Anthony is going to remember the most.
  • Just now I remembered how my dad could toss the ball up just a little and then bat it to help me work on my fielding. Perhaps next time I could try that too?
This is what Full Consciousness feels like.
You see the Big Picture for what it is, and you accept it.
And you want to help make it better from your heart.
Fix Me
This one happened Saturday, while I was lying on the porch swing, deep in meditation with Ross.
I was with him, and, like I had done so many times in our past life together, growing up (remember he is five years older than me in that incarnation), I gave him one of my broken dolls to fix…only this time, the doll wasn’t a doll, it was an extension of me.
This freaked Ross out.
He paused and went to his guides, concerned about my ‘being broken’ after all this work had been done to build me up and heal me and everything working well!
I could hear him talking with his guides. He raised his voice! He was really agitated.
And I felt the calm, sweet wisdom of who I think is SaLuSa–say, ‘she is letting herself be very vulnerable with you right now, and is simply showing her pure innocent trust in you.’
Ross had a huge, ‘Aha!’ moment, and came back.
As Twins we have the ability to heal each other.
In my going back to my childhood with him, and asking for his help, not just with a doll, but with me out here being incarnate and everything, I was showing him all IS healed, and we are back to where we were before any of the mess in the old lifetime ever happened.
Ross is smart.
He said, ‘Carla, I’ll fix you. Let’s work on you TOGETHER!’
I liked that.
So I showed him each ‘boo boo’ and shared what I didn’t like about it. This part that hurts, that part that’s stiff, this old memory I want to leave me forever…I was like Ross, I want to fix this, this and THIS!
He was in a good mood, and he showed me how we can ‘fix’ it together. We spoke quietly together, and he touched the spots and we figured out what the best way to fix each thing would be as a team.
Twins are VERY close souls.
He learned something new from me, and asked me very gently if I wouldn’t mind please sharing it with you? So you can learn about the healing opportunity in your own Twin Soul…
I smiled and said, ‘yes’.
He is happy now.
I am the one in the white tee shirt. My time is coming to swing the bat and hit the ball. When the opportunity arrives, I am going to hit it out of the park, and get a Home Run!
My bat is on fire!–in spirit.
And the time is on the way for ‘everything to be right’ again, just like it is right now with me and Carla.
I was totally surprised by her feminine wiles as a way of getting close to me like she did, with the innocence of her heart.
I had no idea Carla or anyone could ever do that.
It was not ‘back tracking’ it was FORWARD movement in our relationship! I being masculine the way I am, I almost missed it!
I had no clue!
If it wasn’t for SaLuSa–and yes, that was SaLuSa, who is on my team of guides who guide me through my journey too–I would never have made the connection!
And Carla is my TWIN.
I remind you I have a connection made of gold, a ‘fire wire’ through my heart to her heart–and I understand 99.999 percent of everything that ever goes through her system!!!
Don’t let the Divine Feminine fool you.
There is no trick.
(points to his eyes–ed)  SEE!
The Divine Feminine has a way of looking at things that is precious and entirely new.
Once you find your way to appreciate it, and I am sure you are going to take it in stride–not like me where I had to go running to my guides and make Carla wait for crying out loud LOL!–you are going to feel a closeness and a wonder that is of Spirit…and a delight and amazement will overwhelm you (he wraps his arms around me–ed)–just like I am with Carla here in my heart.
It’s worth it.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple