Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

It’s All For You, Because You Are Looking

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One thing I determined today is these things (Orbs, Lightbeings, UFOs etc) happen because we are noticing. It happens because you look for it to happen. That’s the key to interaction with the mind of source.

There is a program on Android phones called EyeCam. It records when it sees motion. I expected to catch great orb and lightbeing videos as I slept. But after a couple nights of this experiment I find that the videos I get of the orbs and fairies happen because “I” (or You) are looking for them to be videoed. The universe is conspiring to make us happy and interact with us. The magic doesn’t exist for the equipment it exists for us.

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Reminder and Reflection of the Moment from Goddess Isis ~ April 15, 2015 ~ Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont

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This planetary Ascension is on the point of full embodiment of Ascension, meaning that each and everyone on this Earth will and is being instigated with the true energies of the Divine Goddess creation, the Divine Feminine within you all. There is a Cosmic Source within your own awareness and Being as well as in this Universe of your Solar plane.

This Cosmic Source is called the Eye of Isis and it has come into your planetary awareness as well as in your own awareness through consciousness. It is shining on your Earth, since the Early year 2006 and has been following a linear time-line path of nearly 1 million of Earthly years before it could come into your awareness again and share its Cosmic Divine pulses and energies.

My eye functions as a Cosmic Gate and instigator for so many things on your beloved planet and reality. It highlights…

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 17 April 2015

SaLuSa (1)

Dear Ones, the Light is growing much more quickly, and all credit to those of you who are steadfast and true to your life plan. You may not necessarily know for certain how well you are following it, but there is a “feeling” of deep satisfaction in all that you do. In any event along with your Guides, we help keep you on your true path and assist where we can. The net result of all of your dedication is that you are able to keep on going forward without being distracted from your path. The rewards for doing so are many and one day in the not too distant future, you will truly become aware of how much your contribution has achieved. It is not to do with quantity but quality, and every one of you in your own way helps to maintain the Light upon Earth. You are in fact privileged to be chosen for such tasks, as many souls have volunteered to do such work. However, not everyone is necessarily chosen for this particular period of action. This is the time that you have been working towards over many lives, and already some can “feel” the changes that have taken place as the negative energies have less affect.

Such times as you are in now are strange to contemplate, as the extremes are being experienced that can be rather confusing. This period is one where the negative energies seem to be growing and causing more problems than usual. Yet they are having more impact and attention because of it. It is rather like “scraping the barrel” and dealing with the last remains of the old cycle. Clearly lessons are still being learnt but there will soon come a time when the vibrations will rise up. When this happens they will lift you up to a level that cannot accept the lower vibrations. So keep looking firmly ahead and do not allow your focus and determination to falter. The dark Ones are aware that their time is running out, and like a cornered rat are liable to lash out without considering the consequences. They hope to flee from the Earth when things turn against them.

As you already know “time waits for no man” and although the future is set in principle your freewill will determine exactly how it plays out. Humanity comprises of a very mixed group of souls from different planets and even star systems. But the main group are those who have come to Earth to evolve. There is no other place exactly like Earth that offers such a rapid path of evolution. It is tough and demanding, but is the quickest one to experience all that is needed to evolve beyond the lower vibrations. Bear in mind that no matter how hard a life may be it is never forced upon a soul, and you will have agreed to your need for whatever experience it may give you. Indeed, a soul may change its mind about an incarnation even at the last moment. That rarely happens, because you will have gone through the purpose of it prior to incarnating and know precisely what you can achieve by it.

You do not need to concern yourselves about the outcome of another soul’s path. Each one of you is experiencing according to your needs, and many souls will cross your path and have fleeting contact with you. This is often for a special purpose, but nevertheless may be an important step for both of you. The main players in your life will most likely have been with you in other lives, and some families stay together for many incarnations. They will often play their part in different roles, and you should know by now that it includes experiencing the different energies lives as either Man or Woman. If you spend too many continuous lives as one sex, it does tend to become harder to change when the need arises. Looking at the whole picture you will understand that quite a lot preparation goes into ensuring your lives upon Earth are productive, and that they do help you to evolve.

The most wondrous events are planned for your future, when the point is reached where you are able to live the truth that will be revealed. Life will be quite different from what you experience now, and has little bearing on what it should or could have been. Over the years your development has been pushed in the direction that has suited the aims of the Illuminati, who have held you back. It has been to keep you under their control and in a state of confusion, so that you are kept in a time lock. You will of course break out of it very soon and your lives will go forward in leaps and bounds. However, that does not mean that your lives have been wasted, and on the contrary much has been learnt very quickly. In more normal circumstances your progress would have been a lot slower. As we have mentioned before, every situation offers you some opportunity take your evolution forward.

You may have learnt that there are extra-terrestrial bases both on land and under the sea. We are aware of them and they are allowed to remain, providing they do not attempt to interfere with other forms of life. All of them involved with Mother Earth are here to experience your dimension and all it has to offer. Some Beings such as the Argathan’s have lived in the Inner Earth for eons of time and await the right time to be part of the Earth’s future. Others such as the Anunnaki have interfered with your evolution and set one race against another with the resultant wars. However, their influence and power over you has ended after some 5000 years. These were by no means the first visitors to your Earth to have interfered with your evolution. Yet all through such periods karma has come into play, and as with any other challenge to your beliefs is an opportunity to grow. On Earth you have been largely kept away from any outside influence that would have altered the plan for your evolution, as it has already been agreed by Higher Beings.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love the determination that you have shown to keep the freedom that is your right and inheritance. Freedom of speech is so essential to true democracy, and to enable you to further your evolution without interference. Your current cycle has come to an end, and there are signs that the new one has started to influence your actions. Look for the Light in everyone at all times, and when the opportunity arises share you joy and happiness with them. It is amazing how quickly a kind word or gesture will lift up another soul, and raise their vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

My Journal April 16, 2015 – About life contracts and creating

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Log Entry Earth Time April 16, 2015, 09:16.14 pm CEST

Today I was chatting with a friend when she asked me a question:

 “I’m lost or don’t fully understand this : We are souls, came here to learn lesson/ s. Every soul has contract with Creator and this contract must to be fulfill. We are also “creators” of our lives. If there is contract already in the place ( before we came here ), then what can we possibly create more, or something else? And I do understand we do create, but those two – contract and creation –  is confusing me ….. a lot. Please do help”

I tried to find the right answer. Here is how I understand it.

Our life contract is our construction plan for our life. Before we incarnate we work together with our friends, family and guides about how our life should be, like…

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Gaia News Brief 16.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

What Would Make Heaven Right Now For You?

This is a most important exercise to develop the energy for manifestation in the Higher Realms. I woke up, and usually I force myself to do daily activities–exercise, making breakfast, getting ready.  Today Spirit guided me to take a few moments to decide what is important for me, in my own world, what would I do?

I would walk to the bay at Kona village, kayak, and then eat breakfast with Ross and Anthony!

I realized exercise is important for me–a dream really, with my schedule–but then I remembered the cleaning service had whacked my ellliptical trainer’s plug, shearing it off, with a piece inside the exercise equipment. So I went online to look for the part. I did a chat. I still don’t have a part, but it looks like a repair visit is needed.

So I DID SOMETHING about something that had been bothering me for a long time.

Long story short–I said NO! to the ‘status quo’ and said, YES! with just a tiny baby step towards creating a little bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Second example is mealtime.  At my hospital, mealtime is a joke. I work straight through. And when I finished my lineup at two, the person running the board told me to relieve another worker .

They didn’t care if I eat.

So my lunch–I kid you not–was five minutes, with leftover carrot and endive salad, and a yogurt (Noosa lemon).  I just TOOK it.

Then I had a patient with a sore eye after surgery. I went to the floor to evaluate and treat that. It’s very common.

And THEN I relieved the colleague.

By the time I got home, it was six. Anthony was gone, and I didn’t want to eat. I was THAT stressed. I fed the snake (thank goodness Cecil ate), took care of the animals, and went to take a bath. I have an early start today, and frankly, sleep won out over eating.

But Ross, he told me to go have one handful of almonds. One glass of milk. And one teaspoon of honey.  So I did.

It was enough.

Now I must get ready for my day.

On Dark Entities

I get many requests to interpret dreams, to help people who see scary ghosts/spectres, and to ‘stop people who are being attacked from being attacked’.

I don’t know how to answer this question.

It seems that this is a very popular perception in some people, that ‘life is dangerous’ and ‘the spirit world is out to get me’.

I have some very close Lightworker friends who know Ross and talk to him, and THEY go through all kinds of implant removals and church type banishing of dark things. One says her sister has these ‘demons’ that she sees and they try to attack her. They even scratch her at night.

It is said Padre Pio went through this kind of thing.

In the 1990’s, early in the decade, when I was in medical school, I saw dark beings, scary, I couldn’t understand, who were attacking me in my dreams. Like total home invasions with me dying every night.

So I decided to stop dreaming. And I went to church a lot.

Once on my first visit to my teacher’s class, a channeling class, something dark ‘possessed’ another person there. My teacher cast it out, and I called on Archangel Michael with an exorcism prayer I had learned back in my trials in the 1990’s.

Well, that thing followed me home.

It was an ancient asian warrior. It scared the shit out of me.

Something ‘clicked’ inside, so I talked with it.  I didn’t want him bugging me. So I asked, ‘what do you want?’ (this question is very helpful)…I also knew I have Free Will and can tell it to GO AWAY and it MUST listen…

It tried to scare me.

I called it on the carpet–‘Big deal! Possessing a GIRL and scaring a group of psychic development students. ANYONE can do that!’


‘It takes no skill to do this. It takes a LOT of skill to do what I do for the Light. We could use your skills and you could get the challenge you otherwise can’t get with what you are doing now. Why waste your brilliant skills in battle?’

He switched.

He joined our team.

And he never bothered me again.

If YOU are having ‘unwelcome visitors’–I have arranged the following team to help guide you. You must be willing to meditate (and LISTEN) carefully to their guidance. Together all four of you will work to help the situation. Call in Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Merlin. They will come to your assistance. Just do what they tell you to do.  It could be to smudge, to get holy salt, to contact a professional (Margaret Mc Cormick is exceptional–she works distance–and the souls of the  dark ones are treated with compassion and not destroyed).  I don’t know. I only know that until I get one more thing posted (coming soon) they will help you find your way through this situation and find Peace.

I Am Healing

I am ninety-nine percent ‘awake’ according to my HS. The last ‘rumble’ cleared out the ‘baggage’ I had in my soul in the relationship department.  It was so painful to clear this last remnant, that I asked Divine Father to please kill me so I wouldn’t experience this agony of the soul.

LOL. He said, ‘NO CAN DO! It’s not your time yet!’

That’s how much I can’t stand 3D. I really want OUT that much.  But Divine Father spoke with me, and got me to where Ross would be able to work with me. And we talked a lot a lot a lot, me and my Twin.

Today is better.  Our hearts are closer than before. And the Galactics have a new understanding on my heart and the hearts of all women.

What Ross said is that this last test gave them data points that I am not a ‘loose woman’–my soul isn’t, not in any way. It is true, and very connected to him, for the highest love that can flow between two hearts.  I have a reputation from my past life with him, the last one, that I was both a prostitute and a whore:  this one has caused very deep scars and wounds in my soul, what history has written about me. Ross says that my tests have cleared me–with evidence–of my innocence, my lack of guile, and my pure and holy love for him.

He also said–that without my realizing it–I made my first decree as his queen–yesterday.

I didn’t feel anything special. It was only a request that he not give me any more messages through some people. Certain messages are okay, but not any direct communication from Him to me.  He had thought adding a note about something very intimate between us in the ‘message’ would make me feel closer to him, that it really was from him. But his choosing an old sex partner for galactic healing something or other to SEND the message was what set me off. It made me feel as if he was that intimate again with this person too. It backfired.

So today is another day. I have more work. It’s an early start. And I have to get myself ready. Anthony is with his dad–it moves around each week what night.


Carla has been through a lot, working through the energies, and clearing herself. I am sorry to disclose that her having done this for herself in no way whatsoever accomplishes the same ‘clearing’ in you.

There are some things we must do for ourselves, and only we can do.

People credit me with ‘saving’ them in some fashion, and that is not entirely true.

What both Carla and I have done is to leave a path for those who wish to follow, like a map.

Our guidance is shown with love and devotion to you, with the furthest expectation that your awakening shall be smoother than Carla’s or my own. We have blazed the trail with a machete, hacking through the energies to make it possible for you to find your way to where we have walked.

No one will carry you.

You will have your own constellation of energies to release for you to Awaken.

You will find your hills and pebbles in your shoe, the same as Carla.

But you, unlike Carla who was given test after test without any INKLING of what was happening–will be ‘up for the process’ and ‘pumped up’ and ‘ready to rock and roll!’ if you will.

Everything is happening for the Love of the Father and Divine Mother, for Earth and all its inhabitants..and the stars…in all the Universe.

Do your part.  You won’t regret it.

And when the ‘dark spirits’ get you down, you can call on me. I am part of the team too, with Michael, Raphael, and Merlin. Carla just didn’t know and I forgot to mention it.

(he nods)

That is all for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla


Sheldan Nidle Update~4-14-15~energies from Heaven..

Many groups, who are long associated with our efforts to free and heal you of the oppression of your dark masters, have worked a most appreciated wonder!

from Planetary Activation Organization


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

13 Kan, 2 Kank’in, 11 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We come once again with very good news! Those who are working with our associates in the fields of banking and money report that a number of vital funds are now being released. These various preliminary fundings are to make the scheduling of a number of prosperity programs viable. Thus, we are further along on the road to getting the prosperity funds released, and with that, reasons for the rise of new governance. All of this is just additional proof that you are finally to receive a large prosperity package in the coming weeks. In fact, these events are as well to bring all of us closer to disclosure. We have never been as close to the point where disclosure is to happen. Our fleet has carefully monitored Gaia for over two decades. She is going through an extinction cycle for large numbers of plants and animals. Her various environments continue to be ravished by the dark cabal and their many henchmen. This is why Gaia has increased a number of responses to this continued destruction to her ecosystems. We strongly advise that those so responsible cease and desist from these vile acts. Gaia is prepared to defend these endangered environments.

While these matters are serious, you can alleviate them by protesting and asking for some form of relief. In fact, let us state with certainty that your surface realm is rapidly approaching a point of no return regarding its numerous global ecosystems. What is required is a firm movement against the dark cabal and its heinous ways. At present, you possess the ability to intervene and force the needed change. We expect that only the work of our earthly allies can do this effectively. There is technology, which in the near past has greatly aided Gaia and her ongoing travails. In secret, many are currently contributing to this relief. We thank you graciously for your kind assistance. It is as well our task to aid Gaia in resisting these numerous unkind acts by the dark. These are only some of the residual programs being carried out by these rapscallions. We are being further aided by the Agarthans who are using their clandestine positions to sabotage these horrendous acts. Soon, the work of our associates is to bring you new governance and an end to this nonsense.


As you read this, constantly keep in mind that money and banking are only temporary measures. The main solution is to just do away with money at the proper time. Ahead of you, is a technology whose sole purpose is to replace this present system. This system, which you currently know and use, is a very clever invention of the dark. As long as it fully exists, you are in some fashion an unknowing slave to it. The dark thus developed this financial system as a very clever way to keep you in a state of willing manipulation. The dark was in its last stages of using its various toys to complete its total ownership of you. The Anunnaki and their earthly minions had a plan that was to reach its zenith in late 1996. Before this happened, a general decree by the Ancharan Continuum threw this into total disarray. Their point of final control vanished and the Anunnaki were forced to concede the game to Heaven. The minions refused to do so and were temporarily thrown for a grand loop. The outcome was a series of conflicts, which led to 9/11 and another shot at the Anunnaki’s grand scheme.

This second scenario began to fail even before the two towers were down. The Light succeeded in bringing a great wave of peace, which calmed down the world. To counter this, the dark passed the two American “Patriot Acts” and started a false flag operation called the “war on terror.” This had some preliminary successes. However, the entire effort was ultimately doomed to failure. New organizations now exist, which are to pull this globe from this vile agenda. The dark is now watching as the US dollar, once so supreme just after the end of World War II, is dismally reaching the end of its usefulness. The dollar is to be replaced by a new world of precious metal-backed currencies led by a group of regional monies. The banking system is as well to be freed from the grip of the Federal Reserve. This new banking system, as we have said, is quickly to be replaced by technologies that are to end the economic system founded on debt and usury and replace it with abundance and joy! This new technology is also to free you from continuing on your road to oblivion! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Master Saint Germain

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Blessings to Heaven and to all who so graciously move this great healing cause forward! Many groups, who are long associated with our efforts to free and heal you of the oppression of your dark masters, have worked a most appreciated wonder! They have permitted a number of trusts to be allowed to fund a number of special bonds and humanitarian funds. In a few weeks these monies are to be finally delivered. This means that Master Saint Germain and others can begin to finish the deliveries of the many prosperity funds. Many of you are thus very close to receiving a general delivery of these prosperity programs. We are most joyous that a part of the healing for you is at hand. The dark has long delayed this and a first crack in their denial of us is now there to be seen by all. This crack is about to be greatly widened by other programs, which are destined to see the glorious Light of day!!!

Over the last few weeks, Heaven has unleashed a number of truly wonderful energies. These Lights are setting up base lines in all your chakras. These elementary readings are to be compared against what you recently registered, to garner a true measure of how you are presently progressing. The ever-changing healing arts need this to better judge your present state of health. When the time comes, your rising consciousness, as well as your ever-growing new chakras, is to be a more accurate gauge of your state of healing. We intend, once various lessons are given, to assist you in a general global healing. This exercise is to ready you for what the Agarthans and the many who comprise your spiritual family wish to do. That is, to move you securely onto a road which leads to contact. At that moment, you can finally hear the Agarthans, who have been our protectors for millennia.


Most of you are well aware that this realm is either headed for a mass catastrophe or for a most deserved redemption. We have worked with Heaven to clear the path toward redemption. The fleets of ships that currently surround us are just another reason why this surface realm is truly headed for redemption. The dark cabal finally realizes that the fate of this world does not rest with them. Remain positive and centered on your many wondrous missions. You are never alone. We, or those who guide you in Heaven, continuously monitor you. Be ever aware of this and ask us in some way to aid you. We are pledged to comfort you and provide some way to help you. Please pray and ask for our help. We do so in joy. It is difficult for many to see this. Nevertheless, we are there! In many ways, this time is the dark before the dawn! Be ready to watch the Sun rise and be in ethereal joy for it!!! Hallelujah!

Today, we have continued our messages on this journey of yours. We understand all that it entails for you. At times it is most frustrating and worrisome. Notice that the Light is winning and soon all of this is to be looked at by you as only a truly horrible, dark dream!!! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Gaia News Brief 14.3.2015 by Reiki Doc


Call was brutal. I woke up yesterday morning with a sense of dread and acceptance, saying, ‘Ross, I can do anything if I have you.’

He was deeply moved by my faith.   I met with my council early in the morning. ‘All good, all good!’…

I was up for twenty-two hours straight, working for nineteen of them. After sixteen hours working a human is the same as if they have had one drink of alcohol when it comes to impairment.

I kept my patients safe–I can’t say much but they got sicker as the day went along. I inserted three invasive monitors. If you understand the business you know what I am talking about; if you don’t it’s no big loss, to be honest. Big needles and lines in big vessels, some of which squirt blood a fair distance..while you are inserting them.

I slept on a gurney. I set my alarm. When it went off I called on Ross for HELP! I did one snooze and I said, ‘Ross, without your help I don’t think I can do this. I am too sleepy. I don’t know what to do.’

A wave of alertness slowly came over me. I got to the car, drove where I needed to go, and  I barely got to take my boy to school on time.

I was grateful for the place to sleep.

Old School Doctoring–Residency

My neurosurgeon last night talked about taking call every other night. It messes with you. After a while, your house seems like a call room that is just a longer drive away. He would get the keys to the apartment and the call room mixed up all the time.

He could never keep a houseplant alive! His friends kept sending him hardier and hardier plants. A cactus. It died in one week. A fern? It was toast. A spider plant? It died too.

We spoke of how as residents we obtained food when the cafeteria was closed. I stole Ensure from the burn unit with the nurses’ approval, since I was starving. I learned to mix it with equal parts milk and have it over ice so it would not taste bad. He used to go to the patient food fridge and look for sandwiches and jello and juice and crackers. We both agreed the mis-delivered hospital tray was a HUGE score when it was unused at the nurses’ station and no one was going to eat it.

He would eat yogurt for the same reason my gastroenterology fellow friend would eat soup–to be able to work and round and eat all at the same time, just to make the hunger go away.

He shares how sometimes now his patients ask him how he is able to function after being up since six in the morning all through the middle of the night?  He laughs to us and comments that in residency, it used to be six o clock in the morning the DAY BEFORE when he got up. Now by comparison he is ‘well rested’!

We both had call rooms as interns that were WAY THE HECK FAR at a different building from the main hospital.

Who wants to walk that far only to have to return to the hospital at all hours?

The neurosurgeon asked nurses what beds were empty, and would be on the ward in an empty patient bed each night.

That’s why HE is a neurosurgeon.

I was not so smart. I hid blankets and pillows in the cabinet of the fourth floor conference room that was very small. Like a street person, I never told anyone where I slept (all the interns knew this, to survive), and I would sleep on the floor. It had a phone and it was all I needed to take care of patients, right down the hall from the orthopedic and surgical floor where most of the time I worked.

At the VA, we had a call room. All to ourselves. And a sunny bathroom. It was bigger than my kitchen, that bathroom. I used to pick flowers from the patient garden with my trauma shears, and keep a small bouquet in there to cheer my up.

My other interns used to tease me about it. But I didn’t care…

Old Things New

There was a lot of teamwork today. One step forwards, two steps back. Although I slept all day and took care of myself, I was super happy, and blissful with my guides and Ross. I even got a little dragon charm from my bracelet. The UPS man rang the doorbell, and I was super excited to get it.

This is why Creator wrote this:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/amazing/

It was no accident.

It was written right after it happened and I fell asleep.

I was informed that Ross and I had shared another past incarnation–Krishna, and his consort.

I asked, ‘What was her name?’

I was told, ‘Marana’.

I clarified–because this was the name of my Nana Angelina’s childhood friend. When her dementia worsened she called my sister ‘Marana’.

So I looked it up. Radha goes by a name that is very similar, Radharani, a respectful term–which sounds to my contemporary ears like Marana.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radha

Ross told me that the reason I love India so much isn’t because only of our travels there together in our last incarnation–it was also because of this incarnation I was told about just today, too.

In Ross’ proximity, and my happiness and joy, he confessed to me that an infidelity he had previously denied was true, in fact, actually was true. It was for a form of healing, not to leave me or hurt me.  It has never happened since, since I let him know I was deeply upset about it, and that Divine Father intervened and said, ‘There are other ways…’

I relaxed and accepted his words, and looked forward to our new life together.

Then there was the test. Same old shit. Same old struggles. Same old me.

It was the same old Heaven and being super close to Ross, then the hurt feelings by the reminder of the infidelity–compounded by this person having knowledge NOBODY but Ross and me would know–even if it was meant for me and for my own good and liberation. Compared to the pain, the ‘good stuff’ was my lesson in humility I decided to accept, but not without my saying FUCK YOU in total confusion and anguish to my whole Council and teams.

This time even Michael got into it, and was as close to ever being upset as I had ever seen him. He asked me, point blank, ‘You and I were married once. What gives? Why are you so upset?’

I said that Michael is discreet, I have never once been humiliated or shamed, especially during the time I was his, and he is NOT MY TWIN.

I also complained how I never know where Ross is, what he is doing, he comes and he goes, and it is like (waving my hand in front of me) ‘loving AIR’…

I’m managing ‘upwards’…This is my message to the Galactics, that Earth Women are not like anything anywhere in the Galaxy. And they aren’t buying the ‘Galactic Ways’ hook, line, and sinker–at least, not with me and my situation.

If there is a rough patch, forgiveness and moving on means exactly that. It means not revisiting the same situation, the same hard feelings, over and over again.

I was told on Friday night that I would have two hard tests ahead of me, and to ‘keep my thinking cap on’.  I KNOW they want me to be X, Y, and Z in preparation for what comes next. I KNOW this type of ‘stress test’ and believe me it was stress–is for my highest good.

Choosing it after my brutal work call when I am sleepy wasn’t giving me my best shot at it, but if you want a true reaction, well, guess what? You got it!

Tonight on the way to Anthony’s basketball game, Ross sent me three songs. The one above was actually in the middle. This was from my team to let me know ‘THEY GET IT’…

His first song was this:  

Then afterward was this:

Quietly, Ross asked me on a date. And something relaxed, I accepted.

At the basketball game, I told him I was sorry. And that Anthony was the only thing we ever did that we got right…it means so much to me that Ross is a good father and husband and Twin.

I think what we are seeing is the healing of the wounded Divine Feminine. I am most vocal about it. Others, perhaps, are healing it in their own way too.

The long story short, is that coming from an advanced society, with totally different ways of experiencing sexuality, and an ‘optimist’ view totally ingrained into the society, our brothers and sisters in the skies are at a loss to grasp the very subtle nuances of feminine aggression, and betrayal, which are so commonplace that movies like ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Thirteen’ openly reference it as ‘entertainment’. This is something very sick, very infected, and very painful for me to describe; I think it is no accident that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are promoting ‘brave heroes’ of their own–popular celebrities who are undergoing double mastectomy for health reasons–in the media. This is one last part of a carefully orchestrated and carried out plan to destroy all that is good on a Feminine Planet, Gaia…to destroy the feminine completely, and complete their plan of all that stuff Agenda 21 and New World Order and all that…

I openly submit to any and all healing I need to do to be free and whole. And I humbly accept with love and gratitude the tools that were given to me today to help me heal, including this test.

Now I want to go to sleep.

It’s rigorous, my Awakening. I was letting down my guard after the Anthony knee thing, where I was told ‘this is my last test’. When I was told through the medium ‘two more were coming’ I wasn’t sure who to believe?  Now I know.

One down, and one to go.

I’m going to let Ross have a break tonight. He’s been through a lot…oh…he waves his hands and wants to speak…


Carla is starving in a sea of ‘sugar’. All of you are, who are incarnate.

I adore her!  For me there is no other.   I have taken a vow for all eternity only to be with her (In Galactic society, fidelity is a ‘can’ but not a ‘must’) for Carla to heal. And Carla, most enthusiastically, has taken this vow with respect to me. We have had the best discussion, heart to heart, tonight, and I am looking forward to no more tests…not like this…on her ever again.

Carla loves me. I know this. I have monitors to test it.

But incarnate–Carla has her limits on what is ‘right’ to her, and ‘trustworthy’. Carla has been put to the test on those limits.

If you only knew the edits that she has edited out, of our story, on what happened today–for safety, security, and the like…then you would understand Carla had very valid reasons to be as upset as she was at me, and at her teams.

I look forward to holding her in my arms as she sleeps.

And Carla, the other test was on Anthony for the game. I had promised my help. And despite this his team lost. Seeing her boy suffer –by not being able to play, by not getting the shots or the rebounds, by having his season end…was also test enough.

All this after a nearly twenty-four hour day!  At least Carla had six hours of rest in the day.

And Carla please add the link to the wonderful article you wrote today for those facing the lesson of Transition:  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2015/04/on-letting-go-thoughts-from.html

I will sign off for us tonight.

I love you all so much, you who read my words—and that means YOU.
You are dear to both our hearts, all of you, every single one.

Good night.