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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

Moving from fear to Love is what your awakening process is all about.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Friday April 3rd

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally and the number of consequential deaths reported increases daily there is much fear and anxiety being experienced.  However, although it is proving to be extremely virulent in a very small percentage of cases, for most people who actually become infected the illness will be experienced with only minor unpleasant effects.  So do not dwell on the endless flow of alarming outcomes that many are suggesting may occur.  Doing that weakens your own energy field which is then unable to provide for your immune system as effectively as it normally does.  Let go of fear and anxiety and allow Love to empower you during this period of uncertainty, as It will if you surrender to It.  You are all precisely where you are meant to be at this point in the collective awakening process, so do…

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Star Healing Animal Reiki available now!

The silverplatinum flame

art by Isabel Henn

This attunement was channeled by Linda Colibert.

“Star Healing Reiki is channeled as an animal healing system, however, it
will work for people also if you decide to use the energies for people or
even plants.
Star Healing Reiki connects you to Spirit and empowers you to perform
spiritual healing that clears and heals animals. This system works to help
reduce or eliminate pain, stiffness, and joint problems for animals. It also
works to help with healing irritations to the digestive tract, asthma, and
other internal and breathing problems that animals may experience. It
works to speed recovery for injuries, illness, and surgeries. This is a
powerful animal healing system that draws healing energies from Spirit to
bring in positive healing for animals that improve their health and well
being….” excerpt from the manual by Linda Colibert

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but…

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See The Gift

The Creator Writings

Right now it may feel as if the future of your world is uncertain.  However, there is one thing The Universe would like you to know during this trying time; every person is in the process of re-learning what your societies have forgotten.

The joys of human connection.

The importance of time with family.

The growth and learning that

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