Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

Feeling Stuck? – The Council

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The Council

Once again we will re-visit a subject we have spoken of before. We hear so many of you who are on your paths saying “I’m stuck. Nothing is happening.” And we are addressing this through many of our channels once again. In order to make sense of our answer you will need to accept our interpretation of your circumstances, and this is usually something we do not like asking you to do. We would rather tell you to look around and reassess what you see. But in this case, there is yet not much for you to see. That is really what is causing your feeling. If you could see what we see, you would not feel the way that you do.

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Settling Into Contentment — Gaia News Brief 26 July 2015 by Reiki Doc


As my health and energy returns, I can see the cause of my distress–it’s so clear–the workload, the sleep deprivation, the lack of time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

On Friday I kept Anthony home from his summer program.  We got donuts. I know it’s awful, but we haven’t been to Krispy Kreme in about one year.  I limited us to two donuts each–he usually eats more.  It was so happy to go, and see the machine where they make them.

I went because when I was little, and I was home sick from school, mom always went to Winchell’s and bought donuts for us.  It made me feel loved.

We drove by the new shops in the area, and I asked, ‘Would you like to go to the toy store?’

I haven’t taken him there in ages and ages.  Usually it’s Target. Usually he badgers me to buy it, and I feel threatened.

This time I enjoyed letting him be a kid. I went to the toy store often, always buying a little something, and maybe in two visits if there was something I really wanted that was expensive I would save up and bring my money too.

He wanted checkers, Clue, some Magic little bubblegum card packets, a holder for his cards, and bazooka bubble gum.

Today when he came home after his dad’s–we opened the box, and can you believe some bubble gum is now blue?! I know! It tastes different, too.

I blew bubblegum bubbles, and he was amazed. I tried teaching him the way Jackie so long ago taught me when I was nine. It was too hard for him.

It’s forty cents a piece of gum that used to cost us three cents back in the seventies…those were the days.

I realize his childhood is going by so fast. So I am taking the time to enjoy it. Playing catch. Changing the sheets, washing his clothes.

I put all of his clothes away and straightened his room. When do I have time for this, you know? He’s only ten.

I’m glad I’m tuned in to him too. I asked him, while we were playing catch, if he knew I saw him crying at his basketball game?  I knew not to run there, or he would seem a mommy’s boy.  But I cared, and it looked to me his coach helped him work things out.

He said it was his dad being mean (a lot of ‘guidance’ from the bleachers–most dads do this unconsciously)–and his coach helped.

As we played catch, I asked gently, if the therapist helped him feel better when he shared about the scary experience in the men’s room on the field trip?  He said yes.

Then I told him what I had done…I had played dumb to get out of having to do a survey with the power company. I said my husband paid all the bills and I was convinced our power carrier was a different one than them.  They want to call back.  I asked Anthony if he would mind pretending and having a little fun if they call back?

It cracked him up.  He actually put on an accent, and made up a story, as we played catch.

You know, one of my favorite things in the world is my porch swing. It took a week off work for me to make it.

It was time well-spent.

Enjoying my Twin

Ross has been very close.  I just gaze at him, in wonder, and stay as close as I can to his chest.

I look up at him, and ask, ‘Is The Nightmare…over?’

He says with confidence and love, ‘Yes’.

And I relax.

I share with him how I feel with him just like I did in our last incarnation, when we were falling in love…how can that be?  I am so happy!

He says all this that has passed will seem like nothing, and we may concentrate on our affection and enjoyment of one another for a long time.

I keep asking him, over and over, at intervals though out the day, ‘Is…is the Nightmare Over?’

Calmly, sincerely, each time, Ross says, ‘Yes’.

He had written me in a private message, ‘I like my Higher Self–it’s ME!’ and I saw no matter where Ross is, he’s just plain Ross, everywhere he goes.

Gradually, I adjust to this concept too, as the Veil subsides.

It’s funny how I’ve gone from barely giving him the time of day, and complaining over everything, to appreciating him for all he does and has ever done for me.  And for others. Ross helps so many, every single day, and always makes time for us.


I am blushing.

Carla is the love of my life. There shall be one for me, in all of Heaven.

Carla is my queen. I am her king.

And we are very content at this time.

I continue to support her as she adjusts to the energies of the coming Lion’s Gate, and what it will bring.

(wags finger side to side, and smiles–ed) And it ISN’T Lions!

Carla is allergic to all felines.

But not for much longer. (chuckles–ed)

I wish you all a good evening.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins


My first book will be published soon

I am glad to be able to make an announcement. The last weeks I wrote a book together with my Higher Self, a kind of guide book through these important times, where we discuss some questions and topics like Archangels, Higher Self, manifestation to name a few. A friend who read the draft told me it would be easy to read and understand.

I am rereading now and hope to publish it on amazon in the next days. The price for the kindle version that will be the first is 6,49 Euro and I intend to publish it worldwide. I have to see yet how I can bring it out as a paper back.

Pic cover

Illumination and Inspiration: from Yeshua, channeled by Fran Zepeda, July 23, 2015

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Divine Light2Note from Fran: This morning I awoke feeling a little down, mostly just feeling emptiness with a little emotion and depression mixed in, desiring inspiration for myself and others who may need it, and I felt Yeshua’s energy, transmitting the following, and I share it with you in hopes that it will inspire you as well:


“All you can be is Love and Light in the Moment.

In that, is all there is. In that, is all-encompassing.

It is fortuitous that you chose life in this world, for all is encompassed in that. So live in this moment. Bring your Love and Light to fruition. Bring it full bloom, at full capacity.

And there you shall have completeness and wholeness. There is nothing else but This Moment. So fill it with as much Love and Light as you can bear.

Oh, dear one, there you have it. Now go about…

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Standstill–Gaia News Brief 25 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Adventure

After the basketball photos, and Anthony left with his father for the weekend, I took a very short hike into Nature.

I have been in an energetic maelstrom, as of late.

Work has been, well, unpredictable and some very long hours.  Then on my free day I got sick, it was like punishment because I wanted to GO and DO and I had to stay home and rest.

This was my scratch from the baby Flemish rabbit I almost took home. People can get sick from rabbits once the skin is broken, and I did.  I’m on treatment for it now, as well as Reiki and the codes.

What can you do?


Sometimes that’s what you need to do!

Just SLOW IT DOWN, like in a basketball game.

So I went under a beautiful tree, sat on a rock in the shade, and just took it all in…the birds. The sunlight. The green. The LIFE…

And I wondered to myself, ‘how did my life ever get to be so far away from what is natural?’

When I felt ready, I got up to go.

But as I headed out, I stopped, for I wanted to see if there was a creek where the little gully dipped.

There was!

I sat for a very long time, watching the fish.

The water was very still, or so I thought.

Ross pointed out the leaves moving by almost imperceptibly, and explained this is how Ascension is.

I cried with him, and asked him to help me walk through my day, as I felt like I was limping.

I cried over my father, and his soul.

I cried over Anthony’s trauma this week, where a pervert checked him out at a public restroom while the poor child was urinating in the urinal next to the guy–fortunately it was a school trip, and other children were in the restroom as they must go two by two.

I cried over my work, and how uncertain it is, and how the lack of sleep and long hours is really taking its toll on me.

Ross has a nice shoulder to cry on, and is very understanding and kind.

As I continued to sit, I saw a duck, a female duck, swimming by!  A little while later, what I thought was a frog leg and eye turned out to be a HUGE turtle!  After some more time, I saw a bright red crawfish walking the bottom of the creek.

I enjoyed so much that this ecosystem was doing just fine on its own, thank you very much.

I love Nature.

I’d like to say the rest of the day was better, it wasn’t. I had to run lots of errands, and it was so hot I didn’t want to eat.

I realized my body was still fighting the bug–and I just practiced through the day, like I discovered at the ‘hike’–to relax EVERY LITTLE THING, my muscles, my mind, my soul…

I did ONE very important thing in my day:  I called in all of my aspects.

All my soul fragments are back inside ME now. One person, a woman and channeler, exclaimed, ‘What am I going to do NOW?’ when she was told on a soul level I want my energy back.

Immediately Ross provided a crystal dice-shaped cube to everyone who ever once had an Aspect of me, it’s from Him, a clear connection to source, but it’s not an Aspect of him.

It feels wonderful to have all my soul back with me at last.

I also have been wanting something to wear. It seems all I have for summer is tee shirts with words on them, and it looks funny walking to work in the morning before I change. So Target had a sale, five dollars a tee shirt. I bought all colors, the kind with v necks.  And one tiny sky blue cotton cardigan too.

I hope I manifested the sale <3


Carla is preparing herself for some major changes that are about to take place.

They have nothing to do with me. (he laughs–ed)  It is not time for that yet! (puts fingers to lips as if to say SHHHHH! It’s a surprise!–ed)

When the soul is together it can do five things (holds his hand up–ed):

  • time travel
  • across distance
  • fly  (all with the Light body, the above three)
  • draw things unto Her (manifestation)
  • seek harmony 24/7 and GET IT, no matter where you are (this is an advanced soul ability–to calm and soothe on demand)
Where am I going with this?
You aren’t far behind. You are the first wave ‘of the boat’, and the water is magnificent!
I invite you to jump in, and to discover the higher dimensions!
(he splashes the lake water right next to him, he’s hip deep–ed)
I also wish every single one of you a Good Night.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 24 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

Calling All Angels
This is my beloved baseball mitt. It is from FedMart where my family used to shop when I was a kid. Dad bought it for the playground where he once worked. And when I showed an interest, he gave this one to me.
It was already broken in.
We played many hours of catch with that mitt. I also learned to hit and field.
I played little league one year. I also had the complete baseball card sets for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Dodgers back in 1975 or 1976.
I took Anthony to the last of the special tickets we had in our series–it was Hawaiian Shirt night–and something wonderful happened to us before the game.
We went to the ‘Trout Farm’, along the third base line, looking to catch balls from batting practice.
A gentleman told us how his son ‘caught’ a ball–there was a place to go, and a man would give one to you that was hit over the fence.
So Anthony went. I followed, and I sat.
I saw the man give away four balls, none to Anthony.
So he went to find the last ball.
Ross nudged me, told me what to do, and said to watch what he does…
So I brought all the stuff, I stood next to Anthony, and put my hand on his shoulder, with the other with my mitt, palms up, hoping to ‘catch’ it.
The man was going to go to another, but stopped, and came straight to Anthony.
We both squealed with delight, and jumped up and down! After seven baseball games this season, with his mitt, FINALLY Anthony ‘caught’ a ball.
It has dirt and grass stains on it too. It’s really neat.
At the beginning of an Angels game, the announcer invites everyone to enjoy ‘the hospitality that is Angel Stadium’…
Then a short while later, they play clips of famous Angels moments over the past, to this song:
There is a scene towards the end that shows Angels pitcher Nick Adenheart.  I was in the hospital the day after he died. I knew the anesthesiologist who tried to save him.  I’ve seen Nick from the other side.
So here I am listening to this, crying and missing Daddy, with happy tears–that both the Angels and my mitt are with me in my heart, and the memories of the baseball games dad took me to see with him…
And Nick POPS up in my mind’s eye, and he’s with DAD!
The excitement and delight to see my earthly father, just overwhelmed me. He looked well. I asked, ‘Can I touch?’ because some beings I meet aren’t able to touch us who are incarnate because of the energy density we have…
He said, ‘Yes’ and I hugged him tight!  I was crying tears of joy to be with him!
I asked him if he knows how much I will always love him, and he said, ‘yes’.
I asked him how he thinks I am doing with Anthony, and my raising him? (Daddy always had thoughts about this, and wanted me to relax and enjoy him more…when he was alive he used to tell me this)
Daddy approved.
Quick as an instant, they were both gone.
Anthony always asks me, ‘Why are you crying mommy?’ at that part. I explain to him how many of the players in the clip, I have seen play, with Dad, and I ‘really miss Grandpa. He’s been gone a long time. But these are HAPPY tears. Grandpa gave me the gift of being able to pass his love of baseball down to you.’
Anthony reaches for the napkins that came with the food, and gives me a big stack.
My last photo with my father
The Gaia Mystery Shopper
It was Mormon night at the game. I thought to myself about the stadium, ‘they are going to lose a ton of money on alcohol and soda tonight!’ with glee.
A woman came alone, an older one, and was acting like she knew us but she didn’t. I didn’t want Anthony to be too friendly, because we didn’t know who she was.
Then another couple came, clearly a remarriage, for she was half his age, with two very young children.  My heart was sad for the first wife, and how men so callously throw their ‘old lives’ away.
Next to me came more, and the one sitting to my immediate left was obese.  I knew my arm was going to have to cross awkwardly into my chest, just like on the airplane, when the passenger ‘overflows’ the seat.
I let go of my thoughts. I knew I was judging, and it wasn’t going to manifest anything good.
What angered me the most is how the ‘new’ wife ate one bin of meat and rice with her two kids–feeding them with a fork and everyone sharing.  I thought, ‘why can’t the kids get their own food?’…
I had a change of heart about all of these people.
The man was clearly happy with his new family.
His son sat next to Anthony, and they shared peanuts with us.  We offered to share back the Cracker Jack, and they said, ‘no thank you’.
The little seven year old found the ‘triples’ and gave them to Anthony and to me.
The little girl, who was four and seated with her mom in front of the dad and son, was charmed at how I ‘mistook’ her by her height for a six year old…I couldn’t understand most of what she said, but we smiled a lot, and she was happy.
The older woman took a plastic lei, and gave it to the girl, for her bun, and it was so kind.
The one next to me, was just as uncomfortable as I was. We commiserated over the poor service from the server, who ignored us most of the game in the fancy club section where they bring the food to you.
She was really nice too.
I am very pleased with the energy, hope, and open-hearts of these people, young and old, and I give thanks for this.
Just like I gave thanks to those who saved the hammerhead shark, the stranded baby orca, and gave the gifts of joyful puppies to those they love–on the YouTube clips I shared on DWR today.
I Am Enjoying What It Is Like To Be Fully Awake
I feel different.
I find myself in more of a NOW moment, seeing details, as if Life is a fabulous painting that creates itself for me , live, everywhere I look, complete with all the personalities and color of the ones I see.
I did a card reading for myself, yesterday. It was along the lines of ‘your sorrow was noted and now the judgement is due to arrive to those who harmed you’
Well…that night…a colleague told me the chairman who opted not to renew my contract at the university is on ‘sabbatical’, a way to ‘save face’ as he is ‘on the way out’.
There was another like this, I forget who, but their comeuppance arrived, and I noticed it.
I know what my gift is, to be fully conscious.
And I spoke across distance to another on a soul level–I won’t say who, but they channel things sometimes that make me distressed. I showed myself in my Light Body and said, ‘Here it is, here I am! Take a look!’  Ross showed up too, and kissed me, for this one channeler to see.  I said, ‘do and say whatever you like; I am what I am, and this is how I invite it to be from here on out.’
This person was a little ‘surprised’ to see me, the real me, that is angelic. And to see me with Ross, together.
I am so grateful I had the chance to say what I had to say. It needed to get off my chest.
My soul has showed up in people’s meditation and dreams before–without my consent or awareness or recollection–my whole life.
This was the second time I’ve sent myself on ‘travels’–and it’s nice to be able to do this when the need should arise.
One Step Ahead Of The Other
I am not sad. I am enduring great challenges, but I am not ‘down’ or ‘sad’ in itself. I’m stressed, due to overwork and time constraints.  But I’m not fighting it.
The ‘play by play’ on my Awakening is what I write so you will understand and accept the changes when it is time for you to experience them. No two people will have it alike, but it will help to know at least one person’s experience to compare. This is why I freely describe my own.
Something where the veil is thinning for me regards my exes. I ‘see’ the aspect of the angel in them. It’s what got me to ‘bite the hook’ and have a relationship with them:
  • Mark, my first husband, was gorgeous, lithe, a swimmer, who had an easy smile and laugh. He loved playing practical jokes, and could take them as well as give them.  It dawned on me that Mark has the energy of Michael in him.
  • Frank, my second husband, was an RN who worked in the ER. He had dark curly hair, and green eyes. Frank had the energy of Raphael in him!
  • Jared, the father of Anthony, had a huge MERLIN tattoo on his back–the whole thing.  Was that a coincidence?
  • Jared had a memory that only Gamaliel (an incarnation of Ross) and I, as Tabitha, shared.  Jared must have some aspect of Ross in him too…or Merlin knowing what to do to make me ‘open up my heart’ and really fall for him.
My son is my Nannu Filippo incarnate. He too is social, and my grandfather had diabetes…Anthony is still working on those yellow chakra issues now too.  I feel his energy now more and more…it’s him!
(snaps his fingers!–ed)
I am trying to get you a memory of your father. You will dream of it tonight. I am going to send it.  Even though the team lost tonight at the stadium, you will always remember what I will send.
Now–GO!  And sleep in tomorrow too.  It’s late, and you have a lot of hard work next week.
I love you, Lorelei.
It’s what I called you so many years ago, when you were in medical school in the automatic writing from my mother.  I told her to say this to you for me, at the time you thought it was from her, but it wasn’t. It was from my heart.
I would crash my boat up on the rocks for you, my princess.
That is why I sent the ball today for our boy.
And I will do whatever is next in our relationship…(he smiles…I sense a surprise!–ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins