Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

Gaia News Brief 5 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

A Very Quiet Fourth

During the long work, two days ago, part of me grieved that I would not get to do my ‘usual’ and ‘anticipated’ Fourth of July celebration. I would be too exhausted to do anything, and need to rest.

Fortunately, I am spiritual enough to know there is a difference between what IS and what I want, and to accept it.

We took our time and felt very rested leaving my mom’s house. At three.   By the time we got home, it was late, and not very much energy was left to go to the street festival activity we had looked forward to attend.

Anthony wanted to play catch and watch the Angels game.

I asked Ross. Anthony did too. Ross told Anthony he had figured something like this might happen. Ross had been pointing towards the town festival and telling me to go! go! And he told Anthony I should go so I could swim. I love swimming…

It was the staying up for fireworks and having to drive back that had me a little hesitant.

I checked in private with Ross, and he said, STAY.   Barbecue, make french fries from scratch, and have vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Anthony was happy with this plan.

I was too.

We watched the Angels win 13-0 in Texas.

Then it was time for fireworks. We walked to the stairs in our neighborhood to watch them. A viewing that, according to Anthony, ‘Is even BETTER’ than our tradition is only steps away from our front door.

We saw our neighbor across the street with her grandson, who is now seven!  He sounds like his grandfather, too, and it’s adorable.  She sat in a lawn chair and video recorded it, with Anthony talking the whole time.

She gave us a plate of their celebration food–ribs, mac and cheese…and a piece of cake because it was Samantha’s second birthday. Sammy is Jayden’s sister.

When I came back, I watered the Smokey Joe to cool the coals, and the plants too.

Someone called my name! I looked, and it was Heather and Brian! They had driven over to ‘the old neighborhood’ just to watch the fireworks. She had borrowed my parking spot and I never even knew!  They had been on the SeaDoo all day in Long Beach and were very happy and tired.

It was a very very good day.

My Birthday

As I child I got very excited with this holiday, and associated myself, my own self-worth, with what happened on July Fourth.

We would often have a get-together, a party, with all my birthday celebrations added to the mix, just like with baby Samantha across the street.

I used to be VERY into the ‘red white and blue’, and what it stood for.

Today, well, YESTERDAY, the only thing I did in my heart was to thank St Germain for making this country possible, and for the hope there once was at the beginning before it was infiltrated and taken command by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

St. Germain laughed, waved his hand, at once delighted by the recognition, and cheerfully saying, ‘don’t worry we are cleaning it all up!’.

It’s a story the history of our nation. I know it. I took AP History and aced the test when I was in school.  What happens behind closed doors in back rooms has nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘history’ I mastered for that test.  THAT is the REAL ‘history’ of this country, that which is hidden, and has been going on behind closed doors for a long time. It has nothing to do with the security of our nation and has everything to do with making Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart  RICH.

I made a comment to my son that today we celebrate freedom, but we live in a town where it is against the law to shoot fireworks and we have fear of the police who are patrolling the area just in case we have the wish to set some of them off like I did when I was Anthony’s age.


Well, Anthony, likes me, loves fireworks. So in the day, we did snakes and smoke bombs–just a few–in the back yard.

I looked at him–age ten–and thought–he doesn’t even know how to strike a match and light them like I did when I was nine!

And Anthony looked up and asked, ‘would you show me how to light them?’

I did.

This was the first holiday where The Fourth Of July and Who I Am are separate.  I’m GLAD I wasn’t born on that day. I am me.

Mom said that too.  She said she and dad walked a LOT trying to get me born on the Fourth, but it didn’t work.  She made a beautiful cake for us, chopped up pound cake (sugar free), sour cream icing, and berries on top. She had one candle and she and Anthony sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

She even had presents. I was delighted!  When I blew out the candle, I wished Ross would hold my hand and celebrate with me.

The last gift she gave was very heavy!  I thought perhaps it was tools for the house, because there isn’t anything so heavy I can barely lift it.

It was a crystal ball with a large carnelian dragon on top.

It was gorgeous!  She had been in an antique shop, and seen it. My face flashed before her third eye, and she knew it was for me.

I think Ross had sent it! And I felt it too…

So many things are happening in my growth and development, they are exciting! For example, after the fireworks, I noticed how beautiful the stars are instead, so much more inviting, and what will come soon from the skies is even more wonderful!

My mother–now the veil is lifted enough that is can SEE!–she is a very advanced angelic soul, who took a ‘darker role’ in testing me. She has come back to her TRUE SELF and worked through her lessons. I see a woman who is a survivor, an immigrant from Italy who conquered renal disease and bladder cancer. She also loves me and Anthony very much, and has done many things to help us get to enjoy our life as it is today.

She got her kidney transplant, Charlie, thirteen years ago. We celebrated Charlie’s birthday too.

New Codes

They Healing Codes come when Divine Mother sends them. Sometimes She waits. There is no cause for concern. As the vibrations increase on Surface Gaia, they are sent, because the energy is supportive of the new codes.   I sense some more are ‘on the way’.

Ross’s Gift

We have requests for the Commemorative Bracelet. I needed to buy some more Iolite beads. They are on backorder. (there is enough to fill all requests now–don’t worry) I went online to my supplier to order them. I also ordered the last of the peridot rondelles.

Well, I was in a hurry to get back to watching the Angels game with Anthony, but there was a sale, and I wanted to check for the stones for anything good.

I sorted from ‘most expensive to least expensive’ hoping to find the best quality stone beads.  In the middle, was something on clearance with ‘one only left’ both a pendant and a chain.

It’s a ‘mezuzzah’.

It’s the little good luck blessing you put on the doorway of your home, to bless it.

It’s very Jewish. Just like us, when we were both incarnate. <3

Ross said, ‘Get it! Get it!’

I am so very, very fortunate to be loved so very much by him. It means so much.  (I had already thought I had my own gift, and it was over, when I bought the crystal at the store…)

The Messenger Pigeon

Marc Gamma is working on a new blog. It’s in German, the original. He sends me links. This one is translated by Eva Maria…it has the spiritual translation, for Eva’s energy in the translation allows it through, the message from Spirit–it took some time for me to go through it, to ‘get it’ even though it is translated. I liked it very much, and I am sharing it now with you:  https://kosmischebrieftaube.wordpress.com/2015/06/20/09-those-who-acknowledge-their-true-greatness-the-cosmic-messenger-pigeon/

I look forward to hearing more from Marc.


I bet you thought that part about my present was my message to you…well, it isn’t. This is. (very big, warm, loving smile–ed)

Just like with the fireworks, Carla is ‘not buying it’ and looking UP with EXPECTATION.

Carla knows there is an even more wonderful and amazing ‘celebration’ right around the corner.

Anthony is waiting to go for a walk right now.

Last night Carla explained to him about their weight–Anthony only wants to do activities Anthony enjoys, and never ones Carla enjoys that are good for her body.  But there are two people are two interests to share the activities.

So Anthony listened, and offered to go with Carla on a walk through the neighborhood now.

Carla made Anthony laugh when he asked her why when last night she shared she wants to go on hikes together?

‘I want to look at something new while I get my exercise’ she said,

Let’s reinforce Anthony’s initiative, and let the two of them go together for a walk.

I’m not going anywhere, and I will make a beautiful, long and special message to you next time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla


Gaia News Brief 4 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

No Place Like The Home Of Your Youth

I’m writing this from my mother’s home. Turtle man is on the TV. And mom, bless her heart, is in the mood to celebrate!

Thirteen years ago, she got ‘Charlie’, her kidney transplant.  Also, it’s when my family always celebrates my birthday too, on the Fourth.

The peace I am feeling is indescribable.

Yesterday was a very very long day for me at work. Anthony and I stayed with my mom for the time of my shift. I will speak more about my work later.

This morning, after having been up all night,  I came home and tried to rest. Anthony woke me up with the toilet backing up. I got out of bed and unclogged it with the plunger. It’s a skill all of us who grew up in these old homes learned growing up LOL.

I made breakfast for Anthony and he, on my request, heated up a breakfast sandwich for me.  I had an International Coffee–I brought a tin for old-times sake for my mom.

Anthony wanted me to drive to Jack In The Box for him. He wanted a grilled breakfast sandwich. Even with my fatigue, my commitment to his health and my own is still strong. So we looked things up online, for the nutrition. The sandwich he wanted had over six hundred calories and almost two grams of sodium, even thought there was more protein in it.  Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s wasn’t much better. Starbucks was the only option. But we checked the frozen ones I had brought–two hundred fifty calories, seventeen grams protein, and much less sodium. I also showed him the greek yogurt in the fridge–two hundred calories, seventeen gram protein, and only sixty milligrams of sodium.

So Anthony decided on his own to eat at home, and I made it.

Then I went back to sleep. I felt like I wasn’t but apparently I did. Anthony says I was snoring. But while I drifted in and out of sleep, I heard mom calling all my relatives on the east coast, members of Dad’s family and her cousin too. Hearing mom speak, especially in Italian, made me feel happy and content.

Mom made me a little birthday cake with ‘what she had on hand’. Although we had plans for today, they can wait. We are enjoying our family time and so should you!

In Spirit

I had three very surprising things happen to me in Spirit recently. I am connected to Source 24/7, and accustomed to many things that other people perhaps wouldn’t. But these were new, so I am sharing them like I always do with you…

  • Yesterday my surgeon I had expected to have challenge with cancelled his case. Creator Writings wrote this:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/lovable/.  It helped me understand the vibrational ‘disconnect’ with those two surgeons and what my part is in it.   However, the cases I had were very serious, and dangerous work instead.  A lot was asked of me; I had to call in the team of nurses in recovery room to help me stabilize my first case.  I placed lines and did massive resuscitation. There wasn’t much time to rest or think. I had to work. For eight hours straight it was like this, and I didn’t eat. Well, where is the spiritual part? My second patient, her spirit came out (sometimes this happens under anesthesia when the patient is totally stable, we connect on a soul level, and as a psychic and healer I speak with them.)–and she RECOGNIZED me! She was just as impressed to meet me as one would someone famous. I was like, ‘Ross? WHAT is this? WHY is she like this to me?’  Ross said, with a funny smile, ‘Didn’t you know?’  I didn’t. It was and still is TOTALLY BLANK.  This spirit wanted to hug me, on her knees, and arms around my middle, she was super happy and familiar with me…There was a ‘take back’ in the wee hours of the morning. And I finally understood WHY I felt so much download of energy when this patient was in my care:  this is an AWAKENER, who is acting as a ‘lens’ of healing and Light, who is connecting to me and my connection to Source, to deliver this higher vibration to everyone who cares about her.   I don’t know the prognosis, and I don’t have any ‘sight’ of the future in this situation. But being ‘recognized’ and ‘loved’ in Spirit for who I am, whoever that may be, is a first.
  • Fievel…is my sister’s pomeranian. Fievel let me know he ‘wanted to be attuned to Reiki to help his mom’.  So I attuned him. He enjoyed the energy, and is resting now, I’m sure, to assimilate the energies.  If you are Reiki Master, know that it is sometimes possible for your animals and plants to request you attune them.  They have consciousness too, and enjoy being able to help people heal. 
  • Charlie. Do you know anyone who has received a transplant?  There are stories of people who never liked beer LOVING it after the surgery.  There is some form of energy that is in the organ.  I’ve never been able to sense it until today.  ‘Charlie’–the person it came from–came to me today. He said, ‘It was a good decision I made, huh?’–and he flashed a picture of himself checking the box on the organ donor thing on his license, and then a picture of mom raising Anthony as a baby while I worked…I felt his love, his generosity and his joy at helping our family with these most wonderful years of our lives.
Reputation Build
The work I did yesterday, drew the notice of everyone I worked with. The surgeons thanked me. The recovery room nurses who relieved the others from the morning spoke about what excellent work I had done to manage some very difficult patient. Even the ICU teams were looking at me with a different ‘light’…
I realized that I was tested, and I passed the test. Sometimes challenges come to us in order to make it known we are confident plus competent in our life’s work.
I also had a very surprise realization on the way to my sister’s house to pick up my boy, who was visiting his cousins…she lives in a very exclusive neighborhood in a million-dollar house (mine is worth much less, less than half)…but right next to them are many apartments! I realized, for example, if you live in ‘Beverly Hills’, for example, whether you are in a million dollar house, or a tiny apartment, you still absorb the energy of this place!  You shop at the same stores, and you drive the same roads…this is something that is spiritual, and money can’t buy…sort of a divine right and calling to be ‘from this place’–in many ways it’s possible… : ))) Isn’t this neat?
P.S. I grew up with one of these musicians <3 Enjoy.
Divine Mother’s Gratitude
She wishes to thank you for your overwhelming response to her bracelets. To get one, if you are interested, contact Isabel Henn. She will inform me of your address, and I will send it to you.
All material and work are donated by myself, as a gift of both love and gratitude to Isabel for her spiritual presence for us all.
This is to be made clear that all donations go to Isabel to help her as she starts her early retirement for health reasons at the end of this month.
Everything is happening at breakneck speed on our end…https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2015/07/04/enrapturings-are-finished/
About what happened to Carla with the soul of her patient, the recognition? This is not the only place the energy has ‘shifted’ to one of warmth and jubilant acceptance of Carla for her gifts. (taps the scree–ed).  It is online, as well.
There is a subtle but noticeable change in all of the reactions to Carla’s work, online. People are ‘warming up’ to her beautiful energy, and basking in it, relaxing as if in the sun.
This is because like I said yesterday, it is MY energy which is with her!
MINE is the recognizable one.
Everyone who meets me, knows me.
And up here, where I am, everyone who meets Carla, knows who she is too. Even though she doesn’t realize or remember this as she writes these words to you.
As the veil lifts, all of this is becoming more clear–to all of us, and also to you. This is how you will recognize the change–in your HEART–not on the news, not at the parties, not on TV.
(taps his fist to his chest–ed)–It will be here first.
I want to take a moment to talk about the healer and the surgeon who is very good with the liver (hepatic)  who dislikes Carla’s work. He is fear-driven. Not by love.
Although he has made the charge that Carla ‘is not safe’ with ‘big cases’ and ‘cardiac patients’–Carla took care yesterday of a woman who was near code blue, and got her back, after unanticipated massive blood loss. Another, who is very sick, with incurable condition, who came back and is an ‘awakener’ took over one hour for both the surgeon and her to obtain iv access and invasive monitoring…
She skills are important to all, what Carla has demonstrated. Someone else had a very sick heart, a different patient, and everything went okay with this..
All in all there were fourteen hours of surgery, with Carla at the helm, followed by another two to three in the middle of the night.
This is going to be important as the veils lift further. For Carla and her reputation as a healer in her work is well-deserved, and everyone at her work (with the exception of the two surgeons) will attest to it.
Forever and ever, I am alive…Carla forgot one other thing. I took Carla up to a very high Dimension early this morning while she was asleep. Carla was with Divine Father. And Carla got to practice in her Light Body, how she glows.  Carla saw her hand, glowing and asked, Divine Father, whom she calls ‘Daddy’–‘am I a ghost?’
We reassured her she wasn’t, and encouraged her to practice with her glowing, to enjoy it.
Then the next question Carla asked of us is astute, ‘When I look in the mirror (when I am glowing) will I hurt my eyes?’
We assured her she won’t.
We also explained how her human body ‘filters’ the Light, and how everyone can feel it, but no one will be blinded or ever hurt by it.
This is the kind of work we do with my wife and mother of my children…these are her assignment, and Carla forgets from time to time how to mention it to you.
I want you to appreciate, and accept, that although Carla is the first, some of you will follow in her footsteps. When it is time you will understand and know what to do.
(taps his fist on his chest–ed)  The answers that you see are inside, and already in you.
I wish you happy Independence Day.
It has nothing to do with politics, and (taps his fist on his chest-ed) everything to do in here.
I send all my love to you.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 3 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

Clean As Much As You Can

The last time I wrote, I was feeling very blocked, and that my wings were clipped. I had no spiritual guidance to help me plan the things I wanted to look forward to do this summer.  So when I woke up yesterday morning (there was no work for me)–Ross told me to ‘clean as much as you can’…

And I did!

My house had a very large water leak requiring repair last year in August. Most of my kitchen has been in boxes in the dining room and the kitchen and garage. I cleaned out the first box in the dining room three days ago. And I started the second box two days ago. Yesterday I finished it up.

Yes, I rediscovered many oils and vinegars that had been lost. And yes, some food had gone stale. I threw these things out, and also, got rid of a lot of candy that was in another bag since the holidays.

I saw it for what it is–poison for my son–and threw it out.  I used to see things as the money spent on it. Or his fondness and enjoyment of it. But anything just candy (I kept the chocolate in a jar)–I threw out.

I also found the gift for my niece’s graduation I had bought, a beautiful pin and string framed art of the Eiffel Tower.  On advice from my mom, I had given a card with money at the actual graduation. Now for the family gathering I may give this gift to her.

My old bag from my overnights at the hospital was under the kitchen table. I cleared everything out and threw it away.

It was liberating!

I’ve worked as a nocturnist in ICU, as well as OB at two different hospitals. I LIVED out of that bag. What it meant to me is that for a certain time period I could not leave the hospital. Either a twelve or twenty-four hour work shift, depending on the assignment. All of it was time away from Anthony, too.  He’s very flexible, and actually enjoyed being with different homes and families–but for me, there is much resentment that the time I could have spent with my child while he was little (I started all this when he was four. Before then, only two nights in a hospital a month, maximum).

I found a button from a certain place that said Happy Birthday Carla 2014.  I had wondered what I had done last year? I turned fifty and I couldn’t remember. Now I had the answer in my hand!

So I FELT spirit giving me a nudge. I looked and there is a special hotel both my boy and I have always wanted to stay at. I found a fifty dollar off coupon online. I booked it. He was super excited when I told him the news after school.  It ‘feels right’…

Divine Mother

Two weeks ago Divine Mother woke me up with a design for a Commemorative Bracelet to honor the work of Sirian Heaven’s Isabel Henn, who is facing early retirement due to health reasons at the end of the month.

I made an initial one, but it didn’t have the look I wished. The stones were right but were Iolite and peridot chips. I waited and used some new beads–designer round beads of Iolite, designer faceted rondelles of peridot, and the exceedingly rare ‘dolphin stone’ Larimar. One sixteen inch string of eight millimeter round beads from my supplier is this week now six hundred seventy five dollars.  The Larimar is chips in the bracelet, but the genuine thing. Its value is sure to go up.

The bracelet is available by donation. Divine Mother didn’t set a price. She wishes for Isabel to know she is well-loved and taken care of.

So I make them, I send them, in commemoration, and all the proceeds go as a gift to Isabel.

Isabel, in her kindness, has shared with me her page, Divine Mother Blessings. In the event something happens to her, she has asked me to continue her work for her, and to re-create her original designs. Divine Mother told Isabel to entrust me with the work. It is an honor for which I am most thankful.

Dr. Oz’s Secret Weapon For Weight Loss

It’s your kitchen!

You can control what you eat and what goes into the food. People who eat at home tend to be more slim than those who eat outside the home.

Between Ronnie’s incredible weight loss, the children not knowing their vegetables with Chef Jamie Oliver, and my reading we need eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day to keep our tummies feeling ‘full’–something CLICKED.

I had cantaloupe for breakfast. I had a salad with hemp seeds on it for lunch. And for dinner I asked Anthony to help me prepare the corn on the cob (it came in the organic box–it’s not GMO) and the lemonade for our dinner.

We ate on the balcony, with a lovely view of the sky and the trees.  We had hot dogs, non-high -fructose-corn-syrup buns, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Our ketchup is organic but our mustard is French’s.  Our relish is from Del Monte and it is no high fructose corn syrup too. Almost all relish has high fructose corn syrup so you really have to look.  Then our corn on the cob.

Anthony ate four servings of vegetables he otherwise wouldn’t have, thanks to my planning and watchful eye.  I was insistent we ate at home.  He asked to eat elsewhere.

He can be demanding. His idea of what to do was to play catch after the counselor, and to eat in front of the TV. I know eating in front of the TV is not healthy, because you don’t interact and appreciate your food. You eat more, and for people like us with more than a few extra pounds, it’s not a healthy practice.

I explained to him that as an only child, he wants me to play, and I understand and enjoy it (we had played catch before the counselor too).  Making dinner takes time, and I get frustrated when we play, then he says, ‘I’m hungry!’ as if food was instant.  Instead, I invited him to help me cook.

We both know it drives me crazy to have someone in my kitchen, and most times I invite him to ‘go do something else’.  He said it was a little hypocrite of me to ask him.

I thought about it, and said, ‘Hypocrite or not, wouldn’t you agree being able to prepare your own food is a life skill? Would you like to have it?’

I explained how in the kitchen, if I teach you how to do something, I am okay and I don’t worry. But the kitchen is small. When I make dinner, we can bump, and I can get a nasty burn or a cut. He can too.

What I did notice is he has poor impulse control, and also doesn’t take directions well.   He started eating one cob of corn without cooking it. He just stopped what he was doing, and started enjoying it.  It’s EXACTLY what children are supposed to do. But he gave up his job I asked him to do, had to be redirected to it after he ate the ear of corn uncooked, and as I gently explained, ‘cooking corn takes a long time, and now we are going to need to eat it as a second course.’  I helped clean and set the table, I cooked the sauerkraut and the hot dogs on the stove, I shucked corn too, and I sliced the lemons to help him make the lemonade.

It is the most life-saving thing I can do for that child is to teach him the basics of the kitchen.

No matter what it takes.

I wish our kitchen was bigger. It looked big when we first saw the house. The storage isn’t right. Even the owners had an extra two cabinets in it. I used to use my garage like a pantry, but the food attracted pests. I suppose one day Ross will guide me to throw a lot of things out–my pans and dishes–to make room.

I love cooking. I have many wonderful things for my work. I use them. Not so much the baking any more. It’s good to have the springform pan and other things though, just in case.

There’s always Creme Brûlée…


Carla has a very long day ahead of her. It will be taxing. It will be fun. It will be a ‘clearing’ of sorts. There is one surgeon who won’t let Carla work with him ‘on his big cases’ but it has evolved into ‘nothing at all’.

It’s a holiday and he booked it. There is no one else.

Carla has been crying in her heart, ‘why? why?’ because she once worked with this surgeon at her old hospital.

This one is very sensitive to noises. And all the texts that came through one day, from a friend in trouble, really drove him nuts. So today the phone goes off, and is silent, and stays in her pocket.

Carla also has to dehydrate herself just for today, because she is normally well hydrated and needs to ‘void’ every two hours. His cases last six. So when she goes to relieve herself, he gets angry and upset because she leaves the room and has a nurse watch the patient while she literally RUNS down the hall to the bathroom and comes straight back.

Carla feels the hate from this man, who is ruled by fear, and also can’t see—both with his visual/human eyes, and also with his ‘spiritual’ third eye.

She has spoken to him from her heart about the Divine Healing Codes, and Healing in General–how perhaps surgery might be different, less invasive, or not at all. It was from her heart to a friend…

Carla used to write the Divine Healing Codes on the BIS stickers on her patients, to help them out.

The surgeon didn’t like that too.

So in silence, with love in her heart, and with Reiki, Carla is going to sit, immobile, for just as long as it takes to get the job done.

Then she will know in her heart she had her chance to ”prove herself’. She has done this with a neurosurgeon who refuses to work with her during the week, when they are both on call, and it is always very pleasant to work with him. She can ‘sense’ it that he ‘enjoys’ the interaction with all of her ‘eyes’, yes?

Both of these gentleman are reacting to Carla and her ways, some of which are on account of me and my work with her, and also the result of Very High Vibration.

Carla will not hide.

Carla will not hide her Light under a basket. It is placed high up on a hill for all to see.

Some people don’t like it. It makes them uncomfortable! her joy, her love, her candor…(he taps his chest–ed)…

This man is in for a surprise. Because this is the first time he is going to meet me and MY energy in his work.  I will be there, right next to my Lady, and make sure all is well for the patient, my woman, and my heart.

This way Carla will relax and do her best.

(He taps the book, Pistis Sophia, and I am permitted to read it during the case if all goes well…thank you Ross! –ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple <3


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, July 3, 2015

SaLuSa (1)

Events are taking place everywhere on Earth that will bring about the necessary changes that will propel you into stability and the end of strife. It will take time but we are on hand to point you in the right direction. The “clearing out” of all that has no place in your future may seem a formidable task, but with our help and assistance of Lightworkers all over the world it will take place quite quickly. To manifest the New Age and at the same time clear away all that is no longer required, gives little appearance of any form of order but it is controlled and well planned. Each of you can lessen the impact upon those who only understand what they see before their eyes, by keeping calm and letting others know that all that is happening is for the ultimate good of all. As the old dies away be assured that all that is to be introduced has already been prepared. However, do not expect too much too soon but be aware of changes that clearly signal that the New Age has begun.

What you will witness is the gradual removal of those who have positions of responsibility but have misused their powers. The simply cannot remain as they are unable to respond to the new energies that are coming in. The old ways have to change, and we know that the vast majority of people realise that they have been successfully tried and tested. Now you are to join the higher vibrations and will benefit from the many advances that have been held back by the Illuminati for many, many years. Many of them are natural follow-ons to what you are already familiar with, and have already realised are outdated. Even although they have been kept from you, they have been worked upon for many years and are ready to be put into immediate use. It means that there will be a whole sequence of changes that will quickly uplift your way of life.

Over the years matters have been attended to through the incarnation of those who have the knowledge and ability to move mankind forward. This applies to many inventions and changes that will help advance you in a relatively short time. However, amongst the very first changes will be those that share the wealth of the Earth fairly and for all people. Such changes are tied to the re-valuation of currencies, so that ultimately there will be what you call a “level playing field”. There will no longer be the “haves” and “have nots” as the Earths bounties will be equally shared amongst all. Indeed, it will be one of the first major changes to take place. However, we warn against taking our comments to mean that they are imminent, and you should realise that such changes will take time to be spread amongst you. As we have previously intimated, the poorest nations will be the first to benefit from the changes.

A welcome change that will no doubt please many people will be the gradual introduction of a free transport system, that operates by using the energy that is all around you. Eventually the polluting fuels you use now will be replaced by energy that is pollution free. Such changes will be introduced in time but do not expect them too soon. As you can imagine, some changes will affect people worldwide and much preparation will be needed to avoid causing havoc. However, you need to know that all areas of life on Earth will be addressed to ensure you move on from your present day outdated methods.

So Dear Ones, much is waiting for the right moment to be introduced, and the key to much of it is the removal of the influence of the dark Ones. Or perhaps we should say their complete removal so that they can no longer interfere with the plans for your future. You should realise now that for eons of time your lives have been directed by the Illuminati to ultimately give them total power over you and your World. They have never achieved their goal, and now that they are no longer able to exercise their power they never will. You may question why they have been allowed such an opportunity for complete control over you, and the answer is that it is for your experience and evolution. You have been literally forced to confront a situation that would not have been allowed to get out of control, but enable you to test your resolve to withstand the dark Ones. Be assured that you all volunteered to experience the challenges involved, and now that you approach the end of your trials you are far greater for them.

You will certainly find your experiences of value, particularly if you chose to use them for the advancement of all souls. Bear in mind that as you once again become a Galactic Being you will almost certainly desire to let others have the benefit of your experiences. Not every soul needs to go through all experiences in person, but can take the benefits from one who has. Remember that you are “All One” and when you seek to help each other rather than make personal gains as you do on Earth, there is no need for competition but instead co-operation. Instinctively your feelings are one of desiring to help all souls evolve, and that is why we are here to see you through the last stages of the old cycle.

As you begin to understand the truth of your being, you will find much more contentment in helping the Human Race in a positive manner. Raising your vibrations is both a personal aim as well as a collective move to lift you all up. But time is now short for individual souls to join the New Age, as if you have not lifted yourself up to the necessary level you cannot go further until you do so. On the other hand there is no urgency involved as you can if necessary simply commence another cycle of opportunity. If you feel that you are close to achieving Ascension, it is clearly worthwhile concentrating your efforts upon success. As always much help is given to you but it is you who has to make the necessary efforts to achieve it.

You must be noting that time continues to speed up, and this is a sure sign that you are ascending. As you raise your vibrations, so you are leaving the old ones behind that have no place in the higher dimensions. This is by choice as they will have served their purpose in helping you to evolve. Some souls are not yet ready to take such steps and they will continue to experience as before. You can however be sure that they will eventually learn their lessons and be ready to rise up. The beauty of evolving is that no one is forcing you to progress other than at your own speed, and it is a process of natural progression.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as always in touch with Mother Earth and the Human Civilisation. Always bear in mind that you are ascending together. So you will continue to be involved with Mother Earth as Ascension takes place. You still have quite a way to go to achieve it and nothing at all will be allowed to stop your progress. We send you our love and blessings as always.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Gaia News Brief 2 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

Ross’ Promise

This morning Ross told me I would have a ‘day filled with fun!’.

It got me out of bed and to work on time, LOL, bless him.

Breakfast was nice with my half-asleep ten-year old. I arrived to work, and was told someone would ‘shadow me’ for ‘learn anesthesia’, a nurse who is new to the department and is going to work in the OR.

My heart sank. There is nothing more aggravating to an anesthesiologist than to have someone hanging around and watch you while you are setting up for your first case. I asked politely for some time alone to set up, and thereafter she would be welcome to stay.

The room was tiny, and I never got a chance to sit for the whole case. But she saw how I worked, and her boss is the one who selected me to do her anesthesia for her when she had surgery about five years ago.

With a brief gap, I submitted my billing slips (on Wednesday the billing company picks up our packets). I filled out my timesheet for the computer project. And I made copies of my new license to give to both places I work, and to my billing company.

Did you know the state of California charges nurses–an estimate by a Respiratory Tech–fifty dollars for their license to renew? For an RT like him–it’s two hundred fifty dollars to work in his specialty. And for me? over eight hundred dollars for two years of practice of medicine here.  And the little plastic cards look the same for all three fields of healthcare! For the price you would expect perhaps mine to play a tune and shake when you press a corner of it!  (When I got my first license in 1997, it was like three hundred dollars and lasted for I think three years).

One of the reasons I am very AGAINST licensing Reiki practitioners is for this system to take root into our Reiki Practices. First comes the license, then the regulation, then the hoops to jump through to keep it. For example, one year I needed to complete twelve hours of pain classes–all doctors had to, it was mandated by the board…

Back to the fun!

I was in a case for six hours straight, with no chance to eat. I asked a colleague who wanted to go home–would she mind giving me ten minutes? She didn’t want to. Her mother was flying in from Iran. My colleague had to cook. The dishes were ready, but she had to hurry to ‘go cook the rice’.

Yes, this was what I was told when I explained to another doctor, a mother of two, I was hungry and I would like to eat.


I smiled and said, ‘That’s no problem, I just was really hungry and hoping to have a fruit from my locker across the hall. I can wait.’ while in my mind I thought, ‘with the right rice cooker, you can set the timer and have it ready when you come home and it will be perfect all day!’

She let me eat.

I came back for another forty minutes–with gratitude for a carrot and six strawberries I didn’t bother to wash because I was in a hurry LOL.

The OR charge nurse wanted to slam me from one case to the next with no breaks. 

I kid you not.

 A NURSE and a MOM sees I have worked straight from nine until three, but because ‘the surgeon is waiting’ she wants to have me go do a two hour case without a meal.

I put on my shit-eating grin, and said, politely, ‘I have been in the OR all day with this long case. Another long case is due to follow. Would you mind if I had ten minutes to eat a sandwich please? Or at least have some juice?’

They couldn’t say no.  Not when I ask like that.  It’s like my telling the surgeon ‘the blood pressure is seventy’. That will get the attention of anyone in the hospital when you say something like that. All conversation will stop.

As a matter of fact, when the not-the-best-fit-with-the job new RN totally missed both the arrival of my patient and my report to PACU, she asked me to do it again. I explained how I have been working for six hours, I have ten minutes to eat, and I must start a new case. I can’t repeat myself and stand around. It’s all written and the other nurses will fill you in.

SUSAN ran to me and slipped a KIND bar into my pocket. Nurses are the BEST.   She knew the new RN was really trying, and overheard. She moved with her heart, and I am thankful.

I ran downstairs, ate a small salad as fast as I could. I rushed upstairs and was told the higher call than me, first call, was going to do the case. I could go home!

Mama Flor!–I had thought of her for three days. I ran into her at the parking lot. She introduced me to her husband and to photographs of her new grandson Andrew. She is going to babysit him. Her daughter works at my work. Flor was the person who cleaned the OR’s for years and retired last year.

I asked about Chico and Oro, her two dogs. Sadly, both had passed unexpectedly. She has a new chihuahua, Rocky and she says, ‘he looks like a cow–he is all black and white spots like a dairy cow’.

In the car, I called the massage place where I haven’t been although I’m a member.  There was an opening. I took RN Laura’s advice, and booked ninety minutes. I also did a little shopping too, at the discount store nearby. I got one summer dress, two linen beach coverups (linen feels really nice!), and one summer robe. A little tote bag, too.

Now I’m stalling…and writing…LOL

Spirit News From Where I Sit

Today’s Creator Writings answers the questions in my soul after reading the part of the Pistis Sophia I read during my long case. About the purpose of fear, the reason why it exists.

I also have a huge BLOCK. Actually two of them. I have NO spiritual guidance whatsoever in two important departments–1) what to do on my birthday when I have the day off and 2) where to go on vacation in August.

I’ve had a lot of ‘wings clipped’ sensation this year. I adore travel, as you know. I also have places where I could stay for free, with friends, internationally. It’s time to go to France again, and I’m due!!

But with work, I am not allowed to take an extended vacation in the summer, ‘so that the others may enjoy their families’.  So everyone ELSE gets two weeks, and I get one.

You have to do what you have to do, you know?

I also lost Anthony’s passport. I think I slipped it into a Starbucks bag when boarding the flight to Vail (why I bought it I’ll never know–I left mine at home–I think it was for ID). Mine is up for renewal, and I have to sort out his situation. I don’t think I can leave the country anytime soon.

My heart sank yesterday when I opened the invitation to another family event. I love everyone, and I want to celebrate. It just happens to be on the one open weekend I had hoped to leave town. The last time I had the bug to go to San Diego for one night–just me–I realized I had a commitment on Sunday in the morning before Anthony came home from his dad. A family thing. So I couldn’t go.

I talked with my mom about why this invitation out of the blue? And how come no one asked for a date?  Mom is right. Family is family. I will enjoy seeing my loved ones, and Anthony absolutely adores his cousins.

I am really STUCK with my yellow chakra. I feel TRAPPED and I want to GO and DO and ACT. I can’t. Due to ‘obligations and commitments’ that part of me that says, ‘what would I like to do? what would I enjoy?’ just is about to flatline on me. 

I am not a pushy person. I am a pushover. I let other people get their way. I have to with my family of origin to keep the peace.

So when I came HOME I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just lay on my back, talking to Ross, and not really getting any answers.

Then I figured it out. When I looked on the computer for things to do for your birthday that are fun, one jumped out at me:  let your husband plan something for you.

I’ve already bought my birthday present. It’s from my four husbands–they planned it together. It’s a very special piece of crystal that was hand-delivered from the other side of the world to the owner of the local store.  I bought it in the short time on Monday when I was permitted to drive home before coming back to work. I’d seen it two weeks earlier and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I knew that my men were planning something. I didn’t think it would be a surprise! So I am going to let Anthony ‘listen to Ross’ and let me know what is in store for me.

Life is too short to work on your birthday.

And for the trip?  I’ll take cues from Ross on that too.


Carla is due for bed, and Carla is fighting it.

There is a struggle at work, with a bunch of cliques. There is the Vietnamese clique, who is working outside of the hospital at the same surgery center and not telling anyone.  And there is the Middle Eastern clique who gets the best cases and the most money.  As you can tell by her extremely high vibration, Carla is not a member of any of the cliques.

Carla feels it. And during her massage she felt the sting of all the rejections at her work.

Today, Carla had the fate of her entire hospital, and the means of shutting it, in her hand.

Why might she have so much power? you may ask?

Because Carla has the certification for the use of echo in the heart room. She started the heart room. And she is the only one with privileges to do this study out of all the anesthesiologists in the hospital. She was proctored by the cardiologist, and got the ability to or the ‘privilege’ to do this in the cardiac cases.

Well, even though Carla hasn’t done a heart since 2010, the others did not have the proctoring. The state is looking all through that heart room (luckily, Carla has not been in it for five years! keeping her safe–that’s how Source has Carla’s back).

So Carla was given a proctor form, and needed three cases from her friend who works in the heart room–to sign he was ‘adequate’ and submit them to the hospital for the records to be complete.

Carla told the anesthesiologist what was up. And he filled out the forms. Carla later signed them, and gave them to the people in credentialing.

But she knew, and felt vindicated, and UNDERSTOOD why it played out the way it did.

So next time you are scratching your head, and wondering about the snub–remember Carla and the five years it took for her to understand everything, and to come out on top.

There is no way to know or realize from your perspective, how things ‘tie in’ and ‘fit’…but from up here? (he snaps his fingers-ed) it’s a piece of cake.

Now…what kind of birthday cake, what flavor, should I get for our Carla?  Hmmm….(LOL! I ‘sense’ it’s just a show because no matter what he is going to get me HIS favorite, VANILLA! LOL–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the birthday girl whose birthday is the seventh day of the seventh month… (and who is blushing, Ross! –ed)