Archangel Raphael: Channeled by John Allen An Unstoppable Force March 30, 2014

Hello, this is Archangel Raphael. I return to you today at a most glorious time. As we watch the world change we notice that things are not quite what they seem to be. Most of you have had changes in some form or another visit you in a most unforeseen way. It would be most difficult now not to have noticed any changes. Are you surprised? Are you impatient? Are you balanced? The change is here and it is up to you how you choose to feel about it.
Over the last few weeks there has been much movement in places that are still unseen. But this does not bother many of you anymore as most of you have realized that the eyes can be deceiving. As the patterns change around you the energy of who you really are takes on a clearer shape. This is not to be seen with the eyes only as most of you have realized. Your hearts have began to reach out and stretch and awaken from a very long slumber. The mind has been taking more time off lately as your feeling takes charge. We have noticed how you have mastered the art of discernment. With love have you gently said good bye to the paradigms of the past. With ease do you trust your feelings when reading messages from your star family.

A Message From Our Lady: Sunday, March 23, 2014 by Reiki Doc

My Sweet Children Of The Light,

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

The time for your deliverance from the hands of those who have been oppressing you for many centuries, millenia in fact, is about to arrive.

Your happiness will overwhelm you!

Even those who are ‘not sure’ and ‘not quite with it’ and ‘not understanding any of this’ are going to arrive in fact to the same conclusion as those who have worked diligently behind the scenes for many months, weeks, years, even generations–to set the stage for those who set us free.

It is everyone working together, in their own way, perhaps unknowing and with the faith, or perhaps deliberately and with a vengeance for the Light to prevail…all of you are together going to arrive at the same conclusion: we are free! we are glorious! we are liberated! we create our new vistas! the horizon is limitless! we are ONE! we are AT PEACE! we are alive with the energy of the New Life, the New Age of Gaia, the Golden Age of Legend! (she demonstrates a hood being lifted off our heads, our eyes blinking in the light, and our amazement at the sights and sounds after being blinded by that cover for so long.)

(She also gestures, it is like the people who have the cataracts replaced with the new clear lenses, that is how it will seem to those who have eyes cloudy and then replaced with new vision for the light. She says, ‘you don’t have to choose between close up and distance vision’ gesturing to her eyes, ‘all of it, you shall see EVERYTHING–CLEAR– because of the light.’

My little jewels, my butterflies, my handsome prince and princesses…you have now arrived at the place and time that is of legend! All the fairy tales begin and end with this, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘They Lived Happily Ever After’.  YOU are in that happily part!!!

Right Here!
Right Now!
Starting with this (taps her heart with her closed fist).
It is in this (taps the heart) with the (gestures to eyes), combined together and working as a unit, in balance and in true functioning as they were meant to be, that you will understand your purposes and your missions and your assignments to anchor the Light for our new way of life on this planet.

(She gestures to hug all of her children) It is with great joy and pleasure that I offer this message to you today.

I invite you to reflect on it.

It is with great tenderness I say goodbye…and see you soon!

With all elegance and lasting light,
My heart for you swells with emotion that is pleasant, possibly the most joyful moment I have ever had (gestures arm sweeping up in an arc overhead) in all of Heaven.

I welcome you with Love Unconditional, Love Everlasting, and kisses on your heads from my heart.

You are my family, and I am here for YOU with joy and full acceptance of you exactly as you are, right this minute; your perfection is clear to me, with my eyes I see the heart, and yours AMAZES me with its beauty, love, and Light.

Have peace.
Goodbye for just a little bit!
I am always near you, with my Love (touches her heart)
Remember this!

I am here for you in every way.
Just ask. I will be there in an instant.
Whatever you need, I will provide.
Forever and ever and ever.

Mother Mary

this message may be shared if in its entirety with acknowledgement to the one who writes these messages.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Mother Mary – “The Perfection of God” – December 8, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original da Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português, AQUI
Message Melody:
Beloved Children, may the love blessings bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.
The departure of this plan, my children, it’s never easy. Always we have to leave good works behind. It’s not easy for two reasons: first, because we have this task of being the example of the Perfection of God wherever we go, for all people; the second is to keep us in this perfection, ever, to the first be fulfilled.
These are difficult tasks, by the fact ye are always wrapped at discordant energies, it isn’t really an easy task, but it is, indeed possible. Remember that I was on Earth to well defend what proposed me to: to sustain the Perfection of God. So I know that all my children have the same condition as me. I keep them in my love and in my Perfection, in order to be that perfection and light sustaining that I was.
I remember one day, when little Jesus was running around, on a stone street where we lived, he felt and hurt his knee. As a mother, at that moment, for a moment, I was a little anxious by running and helping him, but then, I stood up, blessing that stone in the way of my son, it’s the Perfection of God manifested there, so I could hold the Light and Goodness of God in all things
Dear Children, we were normal human beings like you, we never wished that we were considered as Gods or much less, your saviors. We want you to, before, consider you as your own saviors and upholders of the way, we want you to support this Divine Perfection, because it’s through this support that you will be able to leave the dormant state .
See the Perfection in everything, dear children, love everything that happens to you. Be blessers of your way, be manifested blessing in a body, be the Perfection of God manifested among the people who still don’t accept the Divine Perfection in their hearts. This, I know, is not an easy task, but I succeeded and held, why couldn’t you ?
People like you are the ones that others need to look, so they will be moved by hope. Many of you feel that your gestures aren’t seen or followed. Often, the people who mistreat you, who criticize you more are those who admire you most, by the people you are. Do not feel offended by anyone and anything, stay sustaining the Faith and the Perfection of God in yourselves, projecting it on the outside and perfecting your Future, which is nothing more than the manifestation of your inner will.
Dear Children, I leave you now, spilling my blessings over you and involving you all in My mantle of protection, because I AM Mary, your Mother.
Gabriel : Thank you, my sweet Mother.
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.

Prime Creator and Hatonn to ISON – K. B. and Isabel Henn November 28, 2013

(Translated from original language german)

K.B. was asked to Comet ISON, as it makes the rounds that ISON is not a comet but a spaceship. He then asked Prime Creator, the Father who gave him an answer. He then gave me the task to blog it. Our brothers and sisters are on the march…..

Here is the message of our heavenly Father :

The spacecraft, which is disguised as Comet ISON has a very special task. There will be a sign for the people who can see that this is more than what is assumed in science. Soon the scientists will recognize that this is not a Comet.

The excitement will be truly great, because they lack the basics and they will fall into a frenzy and have no information to lie to the people. Too many look at the sky. Too many people have private equipment that you can use to recognize that this is a spaceship.

This spacecraft will now come into the vicinity and to such an extent that it is then possible to recognize that it is much more than you think. Get ready for the surprise. Be prepared that the truth comes out and be ready to recognize that your star brothers are on the doorstep.

Will you let them in or do you want to continue to leave them outside. If not, then give gas, take heed and watch what will happen to you.

We are delighted and we look forward to the faces of your scientists, as these for the 1st Time have no way to cover up anything. A murmur, a whine and a big explanation crisis will spread wide. The media will pounce on it and the media will bring everything to the surface.

Be ready for the miracles, be ready for what is to come.

Your heavenly Father

Hatonn has also told me a few words to it:

My dear people on earth, the Father of us all has already informed you that ISON is not a comet but a spaceship. It is my pleasure to inform you that this is the Phoenix, the flagship of the pleiadian fleet, which is on its way to Earth. I am on board and I can see how bright the Earth glows, just this very day, your American Thanksgiving and the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. Let every day be a Thanksgiving, because joy is on its way to you. I can’t and am not allowed to say more because this is reserved to others.

I greet you with all my heart

your Hatonn

Commander of the Phoenix

I forgot to add that (Contra)Mary a channeler and translator hwerself got confirmation through Hatonn, that is all true. Thank you Eva Maria ❤

Copyright © K. B. and Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Gott und Hatonn zu Ison – K. B. und Isabel Henn 28. November 2013

K. B. wurde zum Kometen ISON befragt, da es die Runde macht, dass ISON kein Komet sondern ein Raumschiff sei. Er hat daraufhin Urschöpfer, den Vater, gefragt, der ihm eine Antwort gab. Er hat mir die Aufgabe übertragen sie zu veröffentlichen. Unsere Brüder und Schwestern sind im Anmarsch…..

Hier ist die Botschaft unseres himmlichen Vaters:

Das Raumschiff, welches als Comet ISON getarnt ist hat eine ganz spezielle Aufgabe. Es wird ein Zeichen sein für die Menschen, welche erkennen können, dass dies mehr als das ist, was man in der Wissenschaft annimmt. Schon bald werden die Wissenschaftler erkennen, dass dies kein Comet ist.

Die Aufregung wird wahrlich grossartig sein, da ihnen die Grundlagen fehlen und sie in helle Aufregung geraten werden und keine Informationen haben um die Bevölkerung anzulügen. Zu viele schauen in den Himmel. Zu viele Menschen haben private Ausrüstungen, welche man benutzen kann, um zu erkennen, dass es sich hier um ein Raumschiff handelt.

Dieses Raumschiff wird nun in die Nähe kommen und zwar soweit, dass es dann möglich ist zu erkennen, dass es viel mehr ist als man annimmt. Seid bereit für die Überraschung. Seid bereit dass die Wahrheit ans Licht kommt und seid bereit zu erkennen, dass Eure Sternenbrüder vor der Haustüre sind.

Wollt Ihr diese einlassen oder wollt Ihr Sie weiterhin draussen stehen lassen. Wenn nicht, dann gebt Gas, gebt acht und schaut zu, was auf Euch zukommen wird.

Wir freuen uns und wir freuen uns auf die Gesichter Eurer Wissenschaftler, da diese zum 1. Mal keine Möglichkeit haben alles zu vertuschen. Ein Raunen, ein Gejammer und grosser Erklärungsnotstand wird sich breit machen. Die Medien werden sich darauf stürzen und die Medien werden alles an die Oberfläche bringen.

Seid bereit für die Wunder, seid bereit auf das was kommen wird.

Euer himmlischer Vater

Hatonn hat mir ebenfalls ein paar Worte dazu gesagt:

Meine lieben Menschen auf der Erde, unser aller Vater hat euch bereits mitgeteilt, dass ISON kein Komet sondern ein Raumschiff ist. Es ist mir eine Freude euch mitteilen zu dürfen, dass dies die Phönix, das Flaggschiff der pleiadischen Flotte ist, das sich auf dem Weg zur Erde befindet. Ich befinde mich an Bord und ich kann sehen, wie hell die Erde leuchtet, gerade an diesem heutigen Tag, eurem amerikanischen Thanksgiving und dem jüdischen Lichterfest, Hanukkah. Laßt jeden Tag ein Danktag sein, denn große Freude ist auf dem Weg zu euch. Mehr will und darf ich aber dazu nicht sagen, denn dies bleibt anderen vorbehalten.

Ich grüße euch von ganzem Herzen

euer Hatonn

Kommandant der Phönix

Sorry, ich vergaß vor Freude ganz anzumerken, dass (Contra)Mary, selbst Channeler und Übersetzerin durch Hatonn die Bestätigung erhielt, dass dies alles wahr ist. Danke meine liebe Eva Maria ❤

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Archangel Raphael – “Maestros of your Melodies” – October 18, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

AA Raphael
Good night, dear and beloved angels ! I am your brother who love you so much, I am Rafael. I would like to ask each of you who read my words this time: what do you like to do most ? What kind of music you like to hear ? What have you done to have some fun after your weekly tiring routine? Oh, dear ones, there are plenty of attractions that can soften tensions acquired during the routine of your troubled days .
One of the beautiful ways you have is the music ! What is your musical taste ? This, put now the music you most like to listen while reading my message, because I want that to be a cheerful message to your hearts. I wish you smile while reading my words, this is what I wish you for : JOY. We listen to music, we listen to delicious music and also like to invite you to join us, listening to the music of the Universe.
I know how much gets to be uncomfortable for you the traffic noise, the noise of children screaming, dogs barking, people in changed voice tones, we know what ails your tasty silence. But I would like to invite you to make these everyday events in a delightful music to the ears. Yes, dear ones ! You are the maestros and can do it brilliantly. When you are in situations like these, I invite you to pick up your baton and begin to conduct this orchestra. Transform your lives in a sweet melody, my dear ones, because that’s what it is, a melody . That’s how it should be lived and felt, in a smooth way and exciting.
Your lives are works of your regency, as you command the everyday situations, it becomes more exciting or more tragic and sad, that’s you who are giving the feeling and emotion in the show, that’s you who are setting the tone and note. I invite you now to reflect and evaluate: how are you orchestrating the music of your lives ? Which note and tone you are and if you want to continue with the same or if you’ll leave for a new symphony ? Who decides are you, my beloved angels  you are the masters, the maestros of your ways .
I love you and I thank you immensely for being incarnated at this time. You are the perfect maestros for the next spetacle.


Gabriel : Thank you, my dear and sweet Angel.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

Archangel Raphael – “Bridges of God” – September 25, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Dear ones, I’ll leave here a song that dear Raphael asked to put to listen while reading the message. God bless you.
My noble and blessed angels, that is one step of the journey that many of you have waited for so long: the point of regress. This trip has placed you informed of everything that happens in the lower dimensions where only experiencing is which you might know what was happening to many souls who went down there and lingered far to climb back.
Oh, yes, my angels, you were brave to come down to learn and experience all that the lower realms can provide in learning. You were and you did! You are a wonderful example. There is nothing we can not do now, there is nothing that can not manifest when in a state of profound love, as you are now. I know you are surprised at the size of the love you are finding withinyourselves, or rather rediscovering, because it was always there, it always wanted to express itself in all that is.
You matured, dear ones, a lot! You want a proof? Every day you see some people complain of their pains and difficulties. Every day you see them sad and hopeless, and at this point what do you do …? Yes, you  comfort them, you show them what they do best, you show them that this or that is not the end. You, as living examples of survival here are the mirror to them and so they see that you achieved. And why could not they do that?
There are many questions about you, dear ones, many … “Why did he / she is like this, so strong, don’t stay shaken by anything,  is always safe and always has something good to talk and cheer, why?”
You see, dear ones, that you are awakening in these people the will to rise up, the desire to turn themselves what they always were? “LORDS OF THEIR LIVES.”
So, my noble souls, my blessed angel, take care of the mirror every day you are. Clean it daily with good examples and be always patient with those who are around you.
You, my sweet angels, are the bridges between many people, never forget that! You, my angels, are these many bridges that God, knowing that it wouldn’t be easy, put you where you are and doing what you are doing. To be a bridge, dear ones, implies endure the storms, the stomps, strong, the strong winds, those who are ungrateful, the exaggerated weights  … but you will always be there, always being a bridge, a beautiful bridge,  faithful to what you are and you came to do: to UNITE.
In situations where no words “takes effects”, hush and send your love, I assure you that this powerful intention to “my brother: be happy, I want to see you happy, get out of this inferiority state  and discommodity, get out of this idea that the world is wrong and you are right, God loves you and wants to see you well, because you have the power to transform all this. “
Only this intent, sent as a jet of love, is enough.
I am asking  Gabriel to deliver you a song that I am showing him in this moment…
And in the sound that will penetrate your souls, I embrace myself with you all, leaving my affection and sending my love to you …
My children, my dear brothers, I bless you, I believe in each of you, I know the difficulties that life in the lower dimensions implies, as well as I know your potential.
Courage, my young angels, animus! Remain a little and the long trip is already over. The return home is imminent, trust you, trust in what God’s love can provide. He knows your pains, he knows that you can love them enough that they simply return to higher vibrations. Because, my angels, oh yeah … because your pains are consciences lacking in love and only you can give love to them. Only you. Do that and also allow them to return home.
I love you unconditionally, beyond any idea of love that you may have at this time, I love you beyond that.

I am your brother, I am Raphael.

Gabriel: Thank you, my sweet brother … (tears. ..)

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Note: The translation work is done by Brazilian volunteers. We apologize for any mistakes or regional differences of language.

Archangel Raphael – “Maturity” – September 17, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

AA Raphael
My blessed angels, my noble warriors, you are coming to maturity in this sphere. You have, over the ages, passed through all possible proofs and are finally reaching a wonderful maturity, a capacity for understanding andacceptance that has made the world around you overflow in light and this can be seen and felt almost palpably.
Are you aware of that? Have you ever stopped to see the way you deal with situations today? The way you stop to solve everyday issues? How are you more relaxed and confident? Yes, dear ones, accept it and not be afraid of it. I know many might say: “Raphael, but I‘m not feeling like this, I keep stressing me out with anything” – my dear angel, don’t you realize that in the past even this questioning couln’t do, besides rampaging and rampaging?(Smile), this is called maturity, dear angels, regardless of the situation.
Being mature is to be well aware of a particular situation and deal with it in safety and faith, to not be shaken by the storms around you, because you know you are safe where you are and with who you are, WITH YOURSELF,with your HIGHER SELF.
There’s maneuvers from all sides to take you from this state of maturity, but this is impossible because it’s something that can only achieve through the ages, is something that is ingrained in your being and it will be taken to where you are from here, it’s IMPOSSIBLE take it from you. This maturity is what have left you in this state ofI know everything is fine, even though my mind tries to say otherwise, but I know it is fine, or it will get well soon, this is maturity, not be taken by the astute and determined thoughts to take you to the state of insecurity and fear again.
Even that someone tell that is not fine like I speak now, I invite you to breathe deeply, like this, my angel, breathe, allow me get closer to you now … Yes, you indeed that are with your eyes bathed in tears, yourself who is readingthese, my words and say “How he knows I am feeling like that?”, Oh my noble angel, I know, I’m by your side,always’ve been and always desire being, this is the best of the gifts, stay beside you. So allow me such an moment with you,  allow me in such approximation, let me stay beside you.
Tell yourselves how much you love yourselves this moment, tel this time to your mind that is trying to get you out of the state of maturity, that you love it and that you are deeply grateful for all that it is, such a  great proof tobring you learning. Embrace it and say how much you love it … Breathe, I’m by your side right now and I know you can feel me, I know you can feel my love for you, I know you can feel how much I want you fine, I know that you know, I know how you feel. Put your right hand on your heart … Feel gently its beats … Feel my presence …
Take a break to continue reading, breathe and relax your body …

… realize, my noble angels, how much you are loved, realize how much you have matured? Realize how much you are secure and confident? In the past, you won’t get this state, but you are now mature enough to know thesurrender to your Divine Self is the best option and this is the teaching that you will pass on.
I finish this post by thanking everyone who reads my words and also those who can not read yet, but regardless,I’m next to each of them, always, always by your side.
I love you unconditionally, I bless you and enlighten you with my light, that fused with your light, we are truly one.
I am Raphael, your brother that love every part that compounds your being.
Gabriel: Thank you, my noble brother, God enlighten you increasingly. (tears).
Translation: Carolina Barisch.

Archangel Michael – “Angle of View” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Good night, noble souls.

Today we will talk about the point of view, about your angle of view of things, of how they change according to your angle of view and viewpoint.


During this your trip, when you left the safe haven of your Creator and wished to follow in search of new lands, in the beginning you were endowed with complete freedom, however, at a certain point of your path you encounter a huge iceberg and you remained your trip around it, for this long period, continued in circles around this big iceberg. Now, dear ones, it has fallen before your eyes, you’ve seen it as just a tiny tip in the middle of a giant amount of drops that compound the great ocean.
It’s not the iceberg that decreased in size, dear angels, is rather the way you are now looking at it. Yes, now you see it from above, from a privileged position, before you were looking from down. Try taking an ice cube, that’s right, these ones that you put in your freezers, now maintain a certain distance of this ice cube, maintain a certain angle … Now look at it a bit upwards … Did you see? Giant, isn’t it? Distance yourselves from it. So tiny and doesn’t even look more the monster you saw for seconds.
Ah, yes, I know that there may be those who ask: “Ah! But the rest of the iceberg, hidden under the  water? “
Oh yes, “under the water” – then it’s under your control, the immensity of drops has embraced it and had it under control. (Smile).
Dear ones, you are giants, indeed, you can now follow your trip, you came out of cyclical movement around this iceberg called illusion, you can now make your way, certainly after this long and tiring journey, the only place you will want to be is being again in the safe haven of your Father, the Creator God, and have you the certainty that He is waiting for each of you with open arms.
See you soon, we’ll talk more then.


Gabriel: Thank you, my Archangel brother.

Translation: Carolina Barisch