Third Eye Psychic Empowerment available now!

The silverplatinum flame

This attunement was channeled by Linda Colibert.

“The Third Eye Psychic Empowerment connects you to Spirit and opens your Third Eye so that you can receive psychic messages clearly. This attunement enhances your intuition and heightens your instincts. You may find that you not only receive visions (Clairvoyance), but also hear (Clairaudience), or/and know psychic messages without knowing how you know (Clairsentience).
Third Eye Psychic Empowerment clears any negativity in your energy field that might interfere with your receiving divine messages. This helps your psychic ablities to grow, your aura to shine brighter and reach farther out while doing psychic work. This is a wonderful system to boost your psychic abilities and helps open your energies to receiving messages from Spirit, guides, and angels.”  from the manual

There are no prerequisites to receive these attunements.

Energy exchange for this attunement package is 20 Euro.

Payment is via paypal (directly…

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Journey to the Divine Self Activation and Clearing Program (10 attunements) available now!

The silverplatinum flame

Copyright of the picture by Isabel Henn.

This attunement packaged was channeled by Rev. Tracey Loper.

“The Journey to the Divine Self Activations andClearings Program includes ten powerful activations and clearings designed to help you not only remember the Divine Self but to actually embody your Divine Self. It will help you to remember who you are and to bring your Divine Self into your body so that your physical body is transformed into the
body of radiant light you are intended to be.

The awesomeness and radiance of your Light will be activated! These clearings and activations will accelerate your spiritual evolution as a soul aiding you in your spiritual enlightenment in such a way that your awareness and consciousness is expanded
beyond the limitations of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.”  from the manual.

The Activations and Clearings are:

– Heart Clearing

– Heart Activation

– Mind/Mental/Subconscious…

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