Gaia News Brief 30.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Prayer In The O.R.

We had someone young with a serious cancer. It had very poor prognosis. I asked Nimfa, the circulating nurse who used to go to my church before she moved, if she would mind if we all prayed for the patient together before surgery. The surgeon was not yet in the room, and it was three women–scrub tech, RN, and me.

We held hands and prayed, each of us taking turns, briefly. The scrub said she wished this was part of ‘normal’ O.R. protocol, for us to pray.

Nimfa is the favorite of our surgeon who likes to do BIG cases. He used to ask her to pray for him the morning before a big case. He also wants her in the room. Finally she got tired of all the phone calls, and she told him she prays for everyone in the O.R., and all the patients, she is going to work with that day. She asks for their heads, their hearts, and their hands to be filled with the grace of the Lord, and to do the very best they can for their patients.

When Nimfa had surgery about three years ago, the anesthesiologist she requested was me.  And I prayed for her and gave Reiki too.

(Before I woke up–in spirit–and learned about the inner workings of my old church that are not ‘of the Light’–I went every week, and donated often to the church)

My Miracle

She was completely deaf, legally blind with only a tiny bit of vision in one eye, autistic, and ADORABLE. Although she could get violent if you take off her eyeglasses (it’s a trigger), she was very accustomed to medical care and was agreeable to working with me today.

I love patients like this. I really do. It makes me raise my skills…

I did the pediatrician thing in the O.R. –show it, then ask if I can put it on? The pulse ox–was okay. I left everything else off, even oxygen. Then I made a gesture with my hands together and my face laying on them, like ‘sleeping’. I gave a thumbs up as a question. She gave a thumbs up–and that was my clearance to fly.

In the propofol went. I had numbed the vein really well, first–so no burning in the arm. Once asleep, Oxygen and full noninvasive monitoring. Then the LMA went in.

As the drapes went up, I traced the Divine Healing Code for autism on her chest area, as it’s supposed to go. She would lie still for one hour, and rest all day anyway because of the surgery. And I admit, it’s the first time I ever used that code, and as an empath, I felt very different and very sleepy energy in my patient.  I wrote other codes for vision, and diseases she had…

After I caught up on my charting and paperwork, I took out my Vogel crystal, and traced the numbers both on the skin and in the aura, very gently. Again, the WHOOSH of new, strong energy…

As my heart was completely in on this work, I saw Ross with some beautiful blonde lady who looked like a goddess in my third eye.

That Goddess was the 5D version of my patient.

She asked me what I thought of her work, and how she created these lessons for herself?

She looked happy, healthy, whole and well, like a GODDESS!

Ross got SUPER happy I saw this, I made the connection between 3D and 5D, and wanted me to write about it.

Manifesting — Take Two

Ross was asking me on my way home what I would like to do for vacation? I had to think of someplace for just US two, for seven to ten days. He said our son would be totally happy and safe while he was being watched.

I had trouble. I had to work at it.

I decided I want to snorkel. But I also want to have lunch by a stream. I asked for Maui.

He asked, gently, ‘what hotel?’

I started crying. I asked for the Fairmont Kea Lani. I wanted room 605, it’s on the end with the best view. I wanted to ‘do over’ at the same hotel where my ex husband decided to get a divorce in the middle of our last vacation together.

I wanted to go to the restaurant with Ross, where Frank had once made me leave the table in tears, and miss my dinner.

I wanted to see the outrigger canoe lady who lived in Kihei and was spiritually awake.

I wanted to show Ross to the Hawaiian lady who taught us how to string leis, the one who made me change my flower on my ear from left to right, gently saying, ‘you are not married’ even before the ex decided to call it quits. I wanted to show her what miracles take place–how I am happy–and how she healed me so much with her love and support back in 2003.

I wanted to whale watch. To snorkel. To go to the beach and not the pool. I wanted to see Hana. And I wanted to go to the little chapel on the walkway by the Grand Wailea, and to listen to the pastor there, who was very good, and to be there with Ross next to me…


There you have it!

Prayer in the O.R. out in the open, not having to hide, amongst friends and coworkers.

You have the veil ‘lift’ and expose the truth on one of Carla’s patients.

And you see the courage and determination in Carla’s heart to start over right where she left off, to face her pain from her ex, and to heal with my gentleness and her trust in me– working together. She wants to have hope and faith in a beautiful new life together.

Carla wants nothing to be hidden between us. That is why her soul cried out for this.

What can YOU heal?

What is your soul, your very essence, crying out for with YOU?

I want you to try to manifest, right here with Carla. We are beginners. We are just getting the hang of it. And we are doing this together as friends.

My assignment for you is to write down what it is you would like to experience in the next vacation. I want you to be complete, and to go where your heart is telling you to go. I want you to save it–put it in a little envelope with the date written across the seal in the back. And put it in a very special place.

One day, you will go back to this paper, and you are going to smile, with wisdom and understanding and appreciation for all you have surmounted in this incarnation.

I want you to keep this in a special place.

There is no time like the present, for in the present, as I know it, there is no Time…(smiles)

I am holding off on the announcement for two reasons:

  • Carla is exhausted. (and yes Anthony finished his project and practices the speech and Carla helped him put it on little index cards after a very long day at work)
  • Carla kept trying to guess what it is all day. I rather enjoyed watching her guess!
That is all for tonight, so Carla can get some rest. There is always tomorrow, isn’t there?
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla