My Journal September 12, 2015

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time September 12, 2015, 10:04.38 pm CEST

Another week is gone and so fast it is hard to believe. I think time – that is only another part of the illusion – is crumbling more and more.

The energies feel good and we had nearly no chemtrails except today when they made a criss-cross on our sky. Is it just me that I fell back in 3D or is it just the remnants of it? I hope the latter.

The whole week I could listen to the departing of the Eurofighters who have been here on the military air base in my village for over a year. They are redeploying to their homebase after the runway has been renovated there. For me it is as if they want to say farewell, a sign of the dissolving of 3D. Military and all that belongs to it are a…

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My Journal September 06, 2015 – We are finally in 5D now!!!

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time September 06, 2015, 7:20.33 pm CEST

We managed our first month with only 47 % of my former income, wow!

This is for me a necessary confirmation that we can do it. But I have still to work on my manifestation abilities. It is still difficult for me to stay confident. Having been in a devil’s circle of debt and financial struggle for years it is still like not taken for granted that there is always enough. I am moving like on thin ice but I think I will reach my goal and have to be careful with my thoughts.

My jewelry and the diamond shield are my best resources now to create income. Hopefully it will stay this way until I am able to go back to my beautiful mothership Mesime. I refuse to give up, I was strong enough to resist all trials of…

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My Journal December 11, 2014 – Cutting cords to 3D and a message from Divine Mother

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time December 11, 2014, 12:40.41 pm CEST

The last days I was somehow down emotionally. I don’t know if it were my own feelings or from others. I was waiting for something and the wait became too long.

On Tuesday I was talking with my close friend who was fighting with the low energies too, with 3D energies, like I did too. She asked the AA Michael to cut all the cords that bound her to 3D and when I cleaned and healed her shortly after this I asked Michael too to cut her cords. Later when I cleaned and healed myself I asked him to cut the cords for me too. I am free now and can enjoy the energies of 5D and higher more and more.

Of course I have to do my groceries, housework, and other chores as I still live physically in duality…

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Gaia News Brief 3.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Very Loving

I didn’t write about this part with Archangel Raziel yesterday. It wasn’t until Archangel Lauren, who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel, mentioned to me that Raziel commented on how we two–Lauren and myself–are so very ‘loving and and wise and quick to understand’ and it had to kind of work its way through my subconscious.

Loving? Loving?

Then I remembered. I cried a lot with Raziel when I first met him yesterday. I cried because I need to tell people I love them. And here he is, someone I never knew who existed because of the veil of forgetfulness in 3D, who is someone I LOVE and all this time has passed and I never even once had the opportunity to say anything about how much I care about him…and for ALL those other people who are my Star Family who I never knew were related–the same thing for them too!!!

I was inconsolable.

He said, ‘they KNOW! they KNOW! they know YOU and they LOVE YOU! and they UNDERSTAND…’

But I said, ‘I didn’t have the chance to tell all these people I care about–that I love them because I didn’t even know they were THERE!!!’ and cried harder…

Ross showed up, and somehow they adjusted something with my energy, and soon I was content and calm again. I knew I had made my point. It was heard. And we moved on with the conversation.

I think this is going to be a real big deal when the Ground Crew awakens, and realizes that the amnesia they took on willingly in order to complete their missions, has a price in tears. For what’s joyful to one, at the reunion of the Star Family, can be sorrow over ‘what could have been’ for another. I think this is because we don’t see The Whole Picture yet, only parts, as the Illusion is falling apart with chunks here and there but not the whole thing. And I think it’s important to communicate as such.

Communicating Fear

Today I went in the garden even though it was over ninety degrees. The chard had almost melted to the ground, and I emergency watered all the plants. I gave reiki to the chard (aim at the roots) and I also did the Margaret Mc Cormick Divine Peace Healing ‘command’ to point to them and say ‘Change It’ so spirit would know I wanted them healed. They did perk up, I checked on them tonight…

Anyhow, Ross said I didn’t have to go into the sunshine to get the aura-clearing effects. I was fine on the porch swing. But gung-ho Lightworker that I am, I went and sat cross legged in the grass in the back yard in the heat to get direct sunlight on me.

My peace was disrupted when I heard a bark. I was eye to eye about three paces with a boxer or pit bull. The dog was not on a leash, and the owner, five paces away from the dog, had a frisbee in hand.

The dog looked at me, began to bark, and when I went to stand up, came closer to me.

Please take your dog. I’m scared of it.

I stood like a rabbit as I waited for the man to come take the dog. He introduced himself as Cameron, and shook my hand. His hand was rough from hard work. I could tell he was sorry, by his aura. I said, I’m Carla, and this is my garden that I grow. And we both smiled.

When I went back inside, I realized, ‘that’s how it’s supposed to work!’ No anger. No accusations. Just communication in real time, hearts open, and acceptance that they weren’t trying to do anything more than play. It just was unexpected to run into each other like that. And we are still friendly neighbors now too.


For the first time ever, I shared with my son’s counselor (I have to go once a week too, so she can help him best–I give the adult version of his life’s concerns to her)…anyway I shared with her that life with his father is a nightmare I never know will end.

Those were powerful words. She asked more, about how? I explained politely that I have to always be careful what I say. I can’t make a request and have him honor it, even if it is something I think is in the best interest of our son. It’s like he wants his own world with him, with all his own rules, and own everything, with no phone contact allowed to me, when our son is at his dad’s house.

I looked at her, quizzically, and asked, ‘why can’t he see that we are our son’s world? And it is better for it to be consistent in both? The boy is pre-diabetic, and the father is in denial. I am a doctor, and I know what these labs mean. He won’t listen! He feeds him pizza and pasta or else he starves him. There is no milk in the house. What kind of father is that?!’

And I experienced the tremendous power of being understood.

In this she now is able to help both of us.  It feels REALLY good to get this off my heart, and out into the air.


Today I did the biggest thing I have ever done. I came clean on a lie I have had on my heart for nine years. I wrote to our son’s paternal grandmother, whom I am close with, probably closer than my own mom.

It was the hardest letter I ever wrote.

I shared how the lawyer wouldn’t let me give her the clay imprints we had made together for her mothers day, present from me, when my boy was only two months old. It had been a day of peace, where we were both trying to establish a relationship as family even though the father and I were not together. It was hard because my ex confessed to me, that over a lunch at Hof’s Hut, his mother had once advised him to break up with me because of my age. He needed to have a chance to have a family, and I was forty. She was only looking out for him. But he didn’t want to break up with me. He loved me very much, and shared how happy he was to be with me.

Well he left. And we two women were picking up the pieces and making the best of  it. She wanted the art I had being made for her to match her new bedroom remodel, and looked forward to hanging it on the wall as her treasure.

I shared in this letter that I wrote today that not only was their lawyer the former law partner of my firm of two lawyers, but she also used to BABYSIT for one of my lawyers! I told her I lied and said her clay art with the baby prints broke, but it had been in my house all this time, and I couldn’t live another day with this lie.

I also told her that my lawyer asked me to write prescriptions for sleeping pills, Lunesta, for her the whole time I was her client, and out of fear for the well-being of the baby in the lawsuit, I did what she asked. I did a quick exam on her, and kept records, just to make it official enough. But it was not right of her to put me in that position like she did.

I looked through the old box, saw the clay art, and wondered why there was white cord to hand the decoration, when she had ordered black, and why it was round instead of square?

Then I remembered–I had so much fear at the discovery of my lie, that I threw away her gift back when I got the notice I was being sued by the father. This one was mine. The extra one I bought for me, with the hand and the foot. The one on my wall has both feet. I hope she doesn’t remember, and just thinks it is the one we ordered for her. I filled out the sticker for the back with the birth date and time and weight and length. She wasn’t there for it. I didn’t want the father anywhere around at the time.

I gave birth like an animal in hiding, fearing for her life, because the father felt he had a right to be there at the birth, in the delivery room, even though he was no longer romantically involved or even friends with me. I couldn’t have done that. I told him firmly, that as long as the child was inside my body, and I was working to get it out, only boyfriends could be present. People who are supportive tof me. And not him the way he was. I asked him for that privacy during my pain and my labor. He wouldn’t give it. He actually called all the hospitals in the area, trying to hunt me down.  Fortunately, my privacy at the hospital was respected, and I gave birth in peace.

When it comes right down to it, I am so thankful to have this beautiful woman in my life, who loves her grandson as much as I do…and the lessons of forgiveness I have learned from her, just in putting the lawsuit behind us, are so valuable to my development as a soul.

It is not worth it to have that art in my home, not even on display. It is not helping anybody.

Being so afraid you do stupid things to cover up your tracks is really not something you want to have on your vibration. It is clear now, and day after tomorrow, I plan to give this beautiful gift to her, as a gift to show we have put the past behind us, and really are family now.


I recently got added to a list on Twitter under a term like this. I was in good company–I saw posts from many physicians and healers I admire–only to be ridiculed by this individual who made the list.

It hurt.

I gave thanks in my heart for this person having done it.  I wanted to see how I come across, not just to those who enjoy my work, but to others who might not ‘get it’ too.

I followed her –I pressed the ‘follow’ button to be able to see the feed.  I like to keep my finger on the pulse so to speak, to know what is going on with people like her.

So I was waiting for my boy at the counselor for his hour, and I went into meditation. I found her. I waved. (I can go on a soul level and talk with the living–at least their higher self–much like I do with my mediumship).

I sat cross-legged on the ground near her. I showed her my hands–they were empty, and I wasn’t going to hurt her.

She had a lot of questions, and was very defensive, frankly, rude and hurtful to me. I started to cry as my Love and Kindness was not ‘reaching her’ the way I had hoped it would do. Ross stepped in, and he had a serious look on his face.

She recognized him, stepped back in shock and fear, and asked, ‘Am I dying?!’

He said no. He explained I was his wife, and that I have been trying to work on a project to raise the vibration on Gaia surface. Then we asked about her experience with her disease, and the cure? We saw and felt the emotions in addition to the physical post-surgical change. Ross politely showed her what her body would look like in 5D. Everything back, normal and healthy, actually, looking a little younger too.

She couldn’t believe it! She was overcome with happiness to see her body whole, as if nothing had happened.

Ross explained to her that I am trying to raise the vibrations enough, so that everyone will experience the health benefits of the higher dimensions, where there is no aging or disease and everyone enjoys perfect health. But with her work she is doing on the website, it is lowering the vibration so much that is it making my work a little more difficult for me to do.  Would she mind thinking about it, her actions, and how they affect others, please?

She listened.

I came back and gave her a flower lei, in spirit. I told her I am not angry that she made me cry, she can make me cry again, if she needs to, I would never get back at her in any way. That I accept her as she is, in her development, and if she wants to make the going rough for me, I will keep at it, and I am confident I can overcome the negativity like hers too, So keep learning your lessons and exercising your Free Will I said from my heart.

Ross says she will have a change of heart and become a strong worker for good, to give it time. Sometimes those most opposed to change are the ones who could benefit from them the most.


There are a lot of lessons in this article. I want you to digest them slowly. Take what you can, and go over it often. I would bookmark this page, and go back to it several times. There is a lot in it that is good for you, in the heart (he taps his heart).

I want you to be heart-centered now in all that you do. It is the only way to the energy of 5D, the healing that shall take place is going to astound you…but only if you make it a priority to raise your vibration higher (shows hand gesture) as much as you can. Commit to this process. It doesn’t have to be ‘cram for a final exam’ like in high school or college. Just commit to getting rid of the things energetically you don’t need any more (like Carla with her lie to the grandmother), to avoiding that which lowers the vibration, and doing more activities to raise it up (like Carla in the sun for about ten minutes, grounding on Gaia and sunning her chakras at one time).

I love you. I love each and every one of you in my heart. You are beautiful and perfect and special. I can to this, because I have the love of unconditional acceptance and belief in YOU, my Beloved Ones, my brothers and sisters, who are on this journey, our adventure, with me and with my twin soul Carla.

Together we shall make it UP! (points to the sky)

I shall sign off for now, for Carla is sleepy. It really is a tremendous service that she does for those who align with her energy.

Aloha and mahalos,

The Reiki Doc Twins, Ross and Carla (honey you don’t mind that I used that name for myself too?)

of course not, Ross. I rather like it!

Gaia News Brief 26.9.2104 by Reiki Doc

A Gift From Charlie

Tonight, as I was putting away some of the displaced items from the huge flood I had from a burst copper pipe in my home–after the restoration and rebuild–I found a lizard skin from a pretty good-sized lizard on the floor. It was a shed skin from a reptile in my house!


All lizards in my house, in the tradition from my E.R. nurse friend Irene, who is from Hawaii–are named ‘Charlie’ because Irene’s father named every lizard they found in their house ‘Charlie’ while Irene was growing up.

This was a message from Great Spirit–in answer to the light work I did today.

It is time for a new dream…

And dream I shall do!

On The Front Lines In 5D

As you may know, my son had some challenges this summer, and is in counseling. When a child is in counseling, the parent must go too. To give data to help the therapist.

I looked in her eyes, the therapist, and I knew she had once had cataract surgery. This knowing out of the blue is called ‘claircognizance’–through Spirit you just KNOW.  Later she shared that she needed more light to see, because even though it’s clear vision, more light is needed for her to see, due to her cataract surgery she has had.

Today I met a mother of a classmate, my boy’s new friend, who is also a single mother. There is no dad. And the car has stickers to the effect of ‘I Love My Kid’. They are new to the school.

When I felt her aura, her vibration, I KNEW as if her whole life story flashed by me, on an empathic level, and I understood both her strengths and her weaknesses, in an instant. The details escape me, but the total picture–I sense it. A lot of pain, that is hidden, a lot of disconnect between the family-tribal belief expectations (This is a term from Christel Nani, RN, PhD in her book,

Diary of a Medical Intuitive: One Woman’s Eye-Opening Journey from No-Nonsense E.R. Nurse to Open-Hearted Healer and Visionary Paperback – September 1, 2004)  I also knew that the relationship between us would be one more for the boys, than for us as friends, which is good.

This type of communication is going to start ‘popping up’ in your consciousness. It is normal, for where we are from as souls, to have access to information like this. 
This is how we will KNOW that bad people will stop doing bad things–because their AURA will scream out the intent no matter what the person says, and people who interact with them will believe the AURA, not the lies.  No one will do business with them. No one will fall for their tricks.
Here is a list of the kinds of people who will be ‘exposed’ in time for us to not fall for their lies:
  • swindlers
  • salespeople who say something works when it doesn’t (or looks good on you when they want to make a sale)
  • politicians with their own agenda
  • bad cops
  • cheaters who will break your heart in romantic relationships
  • people who live off the system–the generosity of social support–who are able bodied and can work
  • car salesmen, time-share companies, pyramid schemes, and others who have their ‘eye on the prize’
So in 5D, can you lie?
Out your mouth, yes.
Will anyone buy it?
No. Not in a million years.
Will they still love you if you lie?
Yes and no. An unconditional universal love, yes. Will they go along with your scheme? No.
Education With Gaia
Lately I have reflected on the academic excellence of Gaia as a ‘school’ for ‘soul life lessons and experience’.
She is a tough teacher.
You sign up for the lesson? You are going to get it. In a big way! LOL
You want to pay off karma debt? You are going to have some really karma-paying-back experiences!
You want to see what it’s like to be –to major in, basically– manifestation, partnership, teamwork, all the emotions/feelings you can’t get up in Heaven–it’s here.
It’s a shame that some of the lessons are so difficult.
It is my hope, in my new dream, that life on New Gaia is going to be a lot more fun.  For everyone!
Reincarnated Loved Ones
In the part of Sicily where my mother is from, San Biagio Platani, tradition names the children after the grandparents. There are no middle names.
Today I spoke with a reader whose daughter is the reincarnation of her great grandmother (the mom’s grandmother Florence). And when you ask, ‘where is Florence?’ the child–only three–points to her chest and says, ‘me!’
Tonight I saw the little clip stand that held two things–‘Sanctuary Of Serenity’–where my loved ones are in a mausoleum. I bought one white rose (me) and one white carnation (Nannu, my paternal grandfather) every week for five years for his grave.  It was a Sanctuary of Serenity tag from the flowers–and the same clip held my son’s id band from an E.R. visit a few years ago.
My son is my grandfather, reincarnated. I can’t explain it how I know, but I just know. The mannerisms, the taste in food (loves cream cheese sandwich). Even now, the life lesson of diabetes–nannu had it, and my boy is very very close. We are working very hard to help him lose weight. He has the full support of a doctor, counselor, teachers, and parents. When it comes right down to it, it’s the same chakra imbalance! The yellow one.
It’s not only pets who ‘come back’. It’s people, too. That’s why I think they name the children after the grandparents…in some ways…back in the old country where people didn’t used to live so long.
It is with great joy and love that I talk to you.
Things are happening.
Things are happening behind the scenes now at a very fast rate.
I can’t say more than this.
I love you.
Carla will sign off for us tonight–I have to go–I can’t linger.
You will like it, the end result…in everything.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc and Ross

Let go – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 30, 2013


Why do you still remain stuck to the past, to all that doesn’t serve you any longer, my child? Let it but go. Give it us to be dissolved. You live on the fifthdimensional earth now and are going to ascend too to the fifth Dimension. A lot of my beloved Lightworkers are ready to ascend even into higher Dimensions, others are still too much adhered to 3D. Let all go that doesn’t serve you anymore. Remove all layers that isolates you from the true core of your Being. You can do it. You are a divine Lightbeing. Visualize how you remove all layers, one by one and give it to the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain to be transmuted. It is effective and in that way you will have soon revealed your true Being and your magnificent light can shine more brilliant. Cast off the ballast and live that what you truly are, my child. ~ Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Lass los – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30.April 2013


Warum klebst Du noch so an Vergangenem, an allem das 3D ist, mein Kind? Lass es doch los. Es dient dir nicht mehr länger. Gib es uns zum Auflösen. Du lebst nun auf der fünfdimensionalen Erde und bist dabei ebenfalls in die fünfte Dimension aufzusteigen. Viele meiner geliebten Lichtarbeiter sind bereit in noch höhere Dimensionen aufzusteigen, andere sind noch zu sehr 3D verhaftet. Lass alles los, das dir nicht mehr dient. Lege die Schichten frei, die dich vom wahren Kern deines Seins trennen. Du kannst es. Du bist ein göttliches Lichtwesen. Stell dir vor, wie Du alle Schichten, eine nach der Anderen von dir entfernst und sie an die violette Flamme meines geliebten St. Germains zum Auflösen übergibst. Es wirkt und so hast Du bald dein wahres Wesen freigelegt und dein herrliches Licht kann noch strahlender leuchten. Wirf den Ballast ab und lebe das, was Du witklich bist, mein Kind ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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The surface and the earth’s crust have been ravaged or completely destroyed in some parts – Gaia through Isabel Henn ~ March 28, 2013


This is a cry for help. I could feel her pain when I received this message from her. Stop the poisoning of beautiful Gaia and don’t throw away your waste.


My beloved human beings, I am Gaia, the soul of your Earth. It is my pleasure to speak through this channel who is so dear and precious to me.

It is time for a message. At first I want to say thank you for all the love you have sent to me during the last years and especially the last months. You have enveloped me into your love and your light. This has helped me a lot to perform the necessary cleansing more gentle. I could remove a lot of incrustations of old energies in that way. Not all earthquakes  that you could experience the last years are owed to these cleansings; many have been induced by men, but they have helped me nonetheless to release negative energies.

Through the lifting of your vibrations it was possible for me to leave the 3rd Dimension and to ascend into the 5th Dimension, which I had to leave so many eons ago. I ask you all not to fade in your endeavours, there is still so much to do. The surface and the earth’s crust have been ravaged or completely destroyed in some parts and unfortunately there is no end in sight yet. You remove the oil out of my body, that is like my blood and that makes sure that the plates that cover my surface can move without effort. You still have no choice yet my beloved humans, I know that, because the use of existing free energies is still denied to you. It is not your guilt, but part of the dark forces to enslave you. Instead of disposing your waste properly some of you just throw it away and make me dirty with this. Also your oceans, you don’t use them for recovery but often as huge trash dumps and so you endanger not only your seas – that bring you humidity – but also the plant and animal realms in them. You conduct ruthless exploitation and leave maltreated surfaces. You poison not only the ground but also the air you all need for breathing and the water you drink. I adjure you to stop this, for your own well-being too.

So many people are still sleeping and have no clue what fate was meant for them. You, my beloved Starseeds and Lightworkers have averted this successfully. Oh, you can not see that so good because your brains are still working in the appearance of illusion, but I can see and feel the so much higher vibrations und what they really have achieved. The dark side, that has harmed us all so much, is on the retreat, thanks to your wonderful work.

The portals that have been opened the last months bring more and more light and high frequent energies to us. We all take profit of them. More and more people are waking up and remember the actually purpose of their incarnations. Please help these people, send them your love and your light. And please encase me furthermore with your love. It gives me the means to process more negative energies, process more gentle and to take care of the people who live in the places where I have to clean. Every single life is precious and worth to me, if human being or animal. Be assured that a loss of the same is always part of the individual lifeplan.

Together we will experience the 5th Dimension and we will build up together the New Earth, Terra Nova; in consideration of all living being and in deep love to each other. I am grateful for your love and your assistance. Soon you will be able to see the first successes, when the last veils in front of your eyes and your brains have curled up finally.

I greet you all, my beloved humanity.

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Die Oberfläche und die Erdkruste wurden zum Teil verwüstet oder ganz zerstört – Gaia durch Isabel Henn ~ 28. März 2013


Meine lieben Menschen, ich bin Gaia, die Seele eurer Erde. Ich freue mich durch diesen Kanal, die mir so lieb und wert ist, sprechen zu können.

Es ist Zeit für eine Botschaft. Zuerst möchte ich mich für all die Liebe bedanken,, die Ihr mir in den letzten Jahren und vor allem Monaten gesandt habt. Ihr habt mich in eure Liebe und euer Licht gehüllt. Dies hat mir sehr geholfen die Reinigung, die notwendig ist, sanfter ablaufen zu lassen. Viele Verkrustungen an alten Energien konnte ich auf diese Weise beseitigen. Nicht alle Erdbeben, die Ihr in den letzten Jahren erleben musstet sind dieser Reinigung geschuldet. Viele sind durch Menschen induziert, aber sie haben mir doch dabei geholfen negative Energien los zu lassen.

Durch das Anheben eurer Schwingungen war es mir möglich die 3. Dimension zu verlassen und in die 5. Dimension aufzusteigen, die ich vor so vielen Äonen verlassen musste. Ich bitte euch alle nicht nachzulassen in euren Bemühungen. Es gibt noch so vieles zu tun. Die Oberfläche und die Erdkruste wurden zum Teil verwüstet oder ganz zerstört, und leider ist noch kein Ende in Sicht. Ihr nehmt das Öl aus meinem Körper, das wie mein Blut ist und dafür sorgt, dass die Platten, die meine Oberfläche bedecken, sich ohne Mühen bewegen können. Ihr habt noch keine andere Wahl meine geliebten Menschen, ich weiß dies, denn die Nutzung der vorhandenen freien Energien wird euch noch verwehrt. Es ist nicht eure Schuld, sondern Teil des Plans der dunklen Mächte euch zu versklaven. Statt euren Müll ordentlich zu entsorgen werft Ihr ihn zum Teil einfach weg und verschmutzt mich damit. Auch die Ozeane nutzt Ihr nicht zum erholen, sondern vielfach als eine riesige Müllhalde und bedroht damit nicht nur die Meere, die euch Feuchtigkeit bringen, sondern auch die Pflanzen- und Tierwelt. Ihr betreibt Raubbau und hinterlasst geschundene Oberflächen. Ihr vergiftet nicht nur die Erde sondern auch die Luft, die Ihr alle zum Atmen braucht, und das Wasser, dass Ihr trinkt. Ich bitte euch inständig damit aufzuhören, auch zu eurem eigenen Wohle.

So viele Menschen sind noch fest am Schlafen und haben keine Ahnung welches ihr Schicksal  sein sollte. Ihr, meine geliebten Starseeds und Lichtarbeiter habt dies erfolgreich verhindert. Oh, Ihr seht dies noch nicht ganz, da eure Gehirne noch in dem Anschein der Illusion arbeiten, aber ich sehe und fühle die so sehr viel höheren Schwingungen und was sie wirklich bewirkt haben. Die dunkle Seite, die uns allen so geschadet hat, ist auf dem Rückzug, dank eurer so wunderbaren Arbeit.

Die Portale, die sich in den letzten Monaten geöffnet haben, bringen immer mehr Licht und hochfrequente Energien zu uns. Wir profitieren alle von ihnen. Immer mehr Menschen wachen auf und erinnern sich an den eigentlichen Zweck ihrer Inkarnation. Helft diesen Menschen, sendet ihnen eure Liebe und euer Licht, Und hüllt mich bitte weiterhin in eure Liebe. Sie gibt mir die Möglichkeit noch mehr negative Energien zu verarbeiten, sanft zu verarbeiten und damit das Leben der Menschen zu schonen, die dort leben, wo ich reinigen muss. Mir ist jedes einzelne Leben wert und teuer, ob Mensch oder Tier. Seid versichert, dass ein Verlust derselben immer Teil des individuellen Lebensplanes ist.

Zusammen werden wir die 5. Dimension erleben und wir werden die Neue Erde, Terra Nova, zusammen aufbauen; mit Rücksicht auf jedes Lebewesen und in tiefer Liebe zueinander. Ich danke euch sehr für eure Liebe und eure Mithilfe. Bald schon werdet Ihr die ersten Erfolge sehen können, wenn sich die letzten Schleier vor euren Augen und euren Gehirnen verzogen haben.

Seid mir gegrüßt meine geliebte Menschheit.

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Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn ~ March 24, 2013

AA Raphael

My Beloved, welcome the spring in the northern hemisphere and welcome the energies the equinox brought with it. I am aware how much you are groaning under the onrush of these so strong energies. They are more intense than ever, but your bodies can stand them.

These energies bring so much with them in their towline. Events for which you are waiting now so long that you are unpatient like small children before christmas. The biggest events however will take place in your inside, not in the exterior. Don’t look for them there but go into your hearts. There you will find the big changes. Your hearts have been opened and let in more light and love, but also let it out. Because that what you receive, you have to give away so that more love can flow after to you. Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow. You must empty your glass steadily and that means that you have to channel the love you receive through your hearts and then give it away.  Don’t worry that the flow of love could decrease. That can’t happen because the portals will open even more and more love and light will flow to earth and to you. The more love you send to your fellow men and your environment the more love can flow after to you.

This flowing of love, of the energies, through your hearts has its impacts on your bodies. You feel more fatigue or you are nearly bursting with these energies, your hearts are aching because they are opening more and more and make room for even more love and  also for the merging with your Higher Selves. This is an energetic process, that but have its physical impacts on you. If you are unsure about the symptoms you can visit your physician, but when he cannot find anything you know the reason.

A faster heartbeat or additional beats of your hearst can also be physical symptoms of this becoming One with your Higher Selves. Please drink more clean pure water and rest as often as possible. I can always but repeat this once more. Your bodies are performing hard work, so please give them the necessary breather.

Let all go that don’t serve you anymore, all facades and all masquerades, they are only illusion. They are not what you truly are: bright shining Lighbeings out of purest Love. You can’t take these facades and masquerades of 3D with you into the fifth Dimension. As long as they remain stuck on you it will be hard for you to pass the eye of the needle of Ascension. Let them go and give them to the violet flame for transmutation. You will feel lighter afterwards. The time for these masquerades is over because illusion has ended. The earlier you let it go the sooner the new world will manifest itself for you. You must acknowledge and accept it so that you can see it one day. Your brains need their “time” to accomodate, to process what your eyes already can sense.

I can also but only repeatedly recommend to you to eat lighter; more fruits and vegetables, lesser meat, more seeds and nuts. Minimize the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, they are poison for your new crystalline bodies. Go onto the sun to receive nourishment and information out of her beams. Begin slowly and without sunprotection. Get your bodies used to the sun and then increase the time in her slowly. Sunprotection only blocks the valuable information.

Whenever you have health related problems ask for me. You don’t need elaborate prayers or rituals for this. Call only: Raphael please help me and add for what you need my help. I have hosts of heavenly angels around me to assist me in healing you. The same way you can ask my brothers and sisters the Archangels for help. We are on the stand by for you, but you have to call us, because we are only allowed to intervene on your calling. You know this thing of the free will, that we have to respect. So don’t be shy, nothing is too big for us but also nothing too small.

I envelop you in my eternal unlimited love. I am your healer, the Archangel Raphael.

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