Archangel Michael – “Angle of View” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Good night, noble souls.

Today we will talk about the point of view, about your angle of view of things, of how they change according to your angle of view and viewpoint.


During this your trip, when you left the safe haven of your Creator and wished to follow in search of new lands, in the beginning you were endowed with complete freedom, however, at a certain point of your path you encounter a huge iceberg and you remained your trip around it, for this long period, continued in circles around this big iceberg. Now, dear ones, it has fallen before your eyes, you’ve seen it as just a tiny tip in the middle of a giant amount of drops that compound the great ocean.
It’s not the iceberg that decreased in size, dear angels, is rather the way you are now looking at it. Yes, now you see it from above, from a privileged position, before you were looking from down. Try taking an ice cube, that’s right, these ones that you put in your freezers, now maintain a certain distance of this ice cube, maintain a certain angle … Now look at it a bit upwards … Did you see? Giant, isn’t it? Distance yourselves from it. So tiny and doesn’t even look more the monster you saw for seconds.
Ah, yes, I know that there may be those who ask: “Ah! But the rest of the iceberg, hidden under the  water? “
Oh yes, “under the water” – then it’s under your control, the immensity of drops has embraced it and had it under control. (Smile).
Dear ones, you are giants, indeed, you can now follow your trip, you came out of cyclical movement around this iceberg called illusion, you can now make your way, certainly after this long and tiring journey, the only place you will want to be is being again in the safe haven of your Father, the Creator God, and have you the certainty that He is waiting for each of you with open arms.
See you soon, we’ll talk more then.


Gabriel: Thank you, my Archangel brother.

Translation: Carolina Barisch



Archangel Michael – “The Schedule” – 08.03.2013 by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Today we will talk about the schedule of each of you.
This, each of you has a schedule, a pre-established plan of how you should act as the days pass. Now this may not be very clear to you, because you are still in a certain inner conflict that you have been taken to one side to the other as you were on a seesaw.
In this schedule, each of you are linked, in it, you can realize that what one makes, it reflects on the other, an action of you affects action of other and so on. Realize how you are interconnected? Realize that when you act in a way that is not in accordance with the schedule, everything seems to fall apart? Realize that when you are doing well and your brother, who is also on schedule, acts in a contradictory manner to what had been agreed, you become sadden.
Dear ones, it is an evidence of how you are interconnected and how important your complete union is, in every way. There is no other way, you are just one and the collective is what makes the difference. Ah yes, we can talk about that when you, as an individual, raise your frequencies, naturally it makes those around you enter in this frequency and they pay attention to the schedule.
All embodied souls are aware of this schedule, all of them without exception. The question is, when you see some beings coming out of the schedule, do not go with them! Yes, you are interconnected in every way, even when it comes to pain and suffering, one suffers, the other suffers, one turns blue and the other comes sad, at first that wasn’t the idea, but  you  jumped headlong in the duality idea, making this intense bond into you, to the point of sharing pain and suffering.
Now we are in a new stage, you no longer need to feel another’s pain, and yes, raise your frequency when you see their pain, so you can help your brother to get out of that state. When someone comes to talk to you about painful subjects, sad affairs, you need not descend together into the abyss that vibration. You may well raise your vibration to the maximum, connecting to higher beings, your own Higher Self, and by raising this frequency, you bring back that soul to the schedule – that is the plan of the Unity, that together is that you could raise the Earth from the lower frequencies to the higher ones, this is the SCHEDULE and this will only work being all united in a common sentiment.
The union of all beings, or a portion that makes all others are immersed in frequency light of the other, will cause the plan to manifest more quickly because their collective power due to the larger amount of souls vibrating with schedule will manifest the plan.
This plan has already been expressed, although not very noticeable to your external world, but this doesn’t matter because the “heart of the matter” is your Inner Self. When you become fully connected with the interior, where truly the schedule is, will be all too clear.
Now I want to talk to you about some things that will naturally arise as the weeks pass. Some young scientists will bring the truth about what is happening in your space, with the stars,… And what really is this energy that has affected all of Creation. These young scientists from various parts of the Universe are here with a indigo personality, ready to report you what have been hidden from you for a long time. I mightily ask that you give full support to these young people by sending them all Love and Light. Sure they will have our support, but for the success is complete, it is necessary the human collective support.
Do not worry if your neighbor, friend or relative aren’t resonating with the schedule. Your function is not to judge this or that, your function is to raise your vibration to bring them into it, into the purest love and understanding. Remember, all souls are well aware of their tasks, without exception.
We’ll talk more soon,
Have a nice day,
Gabriel: Thank you, Lord Michael.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

Awaken to the truth of who and what you are. – channeled by Ron Head April 23, 2013

dawn over the horn



Our focus today will be on focus.  For a very many reasons this is important for you at this time.  It is a critical tool in your toolbox, both for achieving your objectives of raising your energy and frequency, and for your protection, allowing that to happen in the best and easiest way.


We ask you to focus, to a much higher degree, upon your path and upon your intent to always, in every moment, be feeling good.  We ask you to focus on finding more and more ways to feel good about yourselves.  We ask you to focus more and more on feeling unconditional love for all around you.


Why, other than the obvious reason that it is what you need to be doing to create a better life for you and others, do we ask this now?  We said it concerned your protection.  We wish you to focus so exclusively on these things that you do not have time to give any attention to the negative things which are occurring outside the sphere of your own particular world at this time.


Much effort is being put into distracting you.  We speak to all who call themselves workers for the light, all who are giving the most effort they can to manifesting a new world that is in the highest and best interests of all.  It is critical to those who wish to maintain the status quo that your efforts, your energies be distracted from that task.  You see, you are much too successful.  That is the reason for their desperate efforts to place you into a state of fear.  Be in a state of love, dearest friends, and you will not be the ones in a state of fear.


And be not in a state of love in order to place others into a state of fear, but to show them the state of love into which they can place themselves at any moment they decide to change.  That is the true way.


If you have found something for you to do, then devote all your attention and might into doing.  If you are still waiting to discover a thing to do, then be, dear hearts.  Be that being of unconditional love which you truly are and all else will be done as it needs to be.


This is what more and more of you are learning each and every day now.  Awaken.  Awaken to the truth of who and what you are.  This, I, Michael, and we, your protectors, angels, and counselors will aid you with in every step of your way.  You have only to ask.


Be in peace, dearest ones and we will speak further very soon.  Good day.



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It is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are. – channeled by Ron Head April 20, 2013




Well we have caused quite an uproar, haven’t we?  Let’s return now to our normal conversation.


We would like to discuss today  a change which quite a few of you have begun to take note of, and we will use yourself and a few of those you have conversed with as an example.  It is a phenomenon which has been around literally forever, but never have so many been in a position to notice or take advantage of it.  Now, as you continue to raise your energy levels and frequencies almost all of you are in a position to do so if you desire and intend to do so.  You may also, stumble upon it, quite by accident.


Of course there are no accidents.  So if this seems familiar to you, and it seems an accident, be aware that your higher selves and your guides have been moving you along your desired path, even though you seem blissfully unaware in your day to day consciousness.  This, of course, is why you might wish to get deeper in touch with your Selves, in the higher sense.  Nothing we tell you is beyond what you know in your hearts.


As we stated in the beginning, several of you have noted between yourselves that you have made decisions, or entertained ideas, and suddenly it seems your lives have taken off like a whirlwind, where before they were seeming so very placid, even stuck.  You like to use that word, stuck.


You may be processing, you may be searching, or learning, or any of several other things.  BUT, dear hearts, you are never stuck.  You may be retreating, but you are never stuck.  You may not be in touch with what is going on inside yourselves, but you are never stuck.


Go inside and learn what it is you are about.  We cannot, and apparently have not, stressed this enough.  But our point today is that when you spot the next step on this journey and summon the courage to take it, even though you do not see how it could possibly lead you anywhere successfully, be prepared to learn the power and wisdom of yourselves and your group of mentors, guides, and angels.  Be prepared to have your lives take off like one of your rocket ships.  And, my friends, you will not have time for the customary countdown.  Do not let this arouse any fear of what we are saying.  We tell you that it will bring you a feeling of joy such as you have seldom known.  It will mean that you are well and truly on point with the purpose you came here for.


Blessed and divine beings that you are, it is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are.  Be at peace.  Be in joy.  And we will speak with you again very soon.  Good day.



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We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil. – channeled by Ron Head April 10, 2013


boiling point



We wish to spend some time today discussing your money and economies.  It is rather unique to your world to do things in the manner you have chosen.  On other worlds, everyone contributes to the society, of course.  Without that there really would not be a society, would there?  However, you have chosen to make the basic necessities of life, the food, shelter, clothing, and education needed to live in your societies, those things which are essential to each and every individual, into salable goods.  There really is no compassion there, is there?


Then you have allowed the control of the supply of that one item, money, to be placed, or rather taken, by truly a handful of individuals.  You have literally given it away, rather than maintain it, once you had wrested it free from the grasp of a king.  And then the system they invented to take control spread like a virus.


You see the problem lay in your allowing yourselves to believe them when they told you that they knew what was good for you.  You began by saying, “Go and run our country as we wish it to  be run”, and allowed it to become, “Go and run our country so we won’t have to.”


Now the question is whether or not you have realized your mistake in time.  What do you think?  Have you done so?  We are speaking of one country, but the same situation has, as we have said, spread like the virus that it is.  Have you awoken in time?  It does not appear to be so, does it?  But take heart, dearest angels.  As you are fond of saying, things are never as they seem.


The problem for you now, in that regard, is that what you see is, in most cases, only what the controlling interests want you to see.  That is because they have conveniently arranged to own the means of distributing information.  They really are brilliant in some ways, you know.  However, in their infatuation with themselves, they have made one or two little errors.  They overreached, and they believed they could be more powerful than the life force itself.  One cannot overpower what one is actually a part of.  Doesn’t that make sense?  And each created being is a part of the whole, the One.


So things are destined to turn out a bit differently than they planned.  This situation has been allowed to continue to the point that will cause the corrections necessary to give you a bit of a bumpy ride though.  We wish that were not so, but it is.  This is what results in your wishing for an outside force to come in and save you from yourselves.  But the universe is not set up that way, my dear friends.


In your case, however, it has been decided that your initiation of corrections, your intent, and your involvement are enough to invite help from others.  Many of the others are here now, in spirit, in other dimensions, in short, in ways which make them not quite visible to you.  That is also information which has been carefully kept from you.


Ideas such as these have been laughed at and scoffed at until you dared not express them.  Well, there are a lot of things that have been scoffed at up until now which are about to take center stage in this little game.  And we predict with certainty that you will enjoy the result.


Now, up until today, statements like that have always caused an outcry of ‘whens’ and ‘bring-it-ons’.  And we have repeatedly replied that you must take responsibility for the initiation of events.  And then there was a bit of timing involved, as well.  We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil.


If you are not one of those who has taken the initiatives involved, do not be dismayed.  Your own progress has been a part of the change in consciousness needed as well.  Do not let up now, my friends.  In fact, it is time to redouble and reaffirm.  Determine now to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.  Things will get a bit squirmy in a bit.  Do not lose hope.  Trust yourselves to come out the other side.  And at that time, we promise you, you will have made a system which allows for the compassionate care of every individual on your world, just as you have dreamed.  Dreams, you see, are not the silly things you have been told they are.  Not much is as you have been told it is.


Good day, my friends.  Keep yourselves in good spirits.  We will speak again soon.



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Your savior is standing in your shoes. – channeled by Ron Head April 7, 2013





Our topic for this day will be the messages that we send to you and your trust in us.  This is a very crucial question to the entire subject of ascension.  It brings into sharp focus the need for you to have developed discernment that you can rely upon rather than allowing events about you or the words of others to sway you to and fro like a leaf in the wind.


We believe we have never asked for you to believe in, to trust, the messenger, but have always urged you to base your judgment upon the content of the message itself.  Further, we will tell you now that messages that are sent to you from the higher dimensions, particularly those which contain the truth of the divine Creator, will always carry a detectable feeling to you which you will sense as a loving embrace.  It is the transmission to you of that which your hearts have yearned for ever since you have journeyed away from it.


We do not appeal to your intellects, neither to any other emotion or feeling than that.  You may home in on Divine Truth like a beacon by this energy of unconditional love.  There still are among you, even among those of you with sincere intent, those who persist in trying to analyze and dissect this phenomenon.  There are those who persist in asking for material proof.  There are those who continue to ask when such will be given.


Dearest ones, you have been doing this since the time of Enoch, of Abraham, and before.  And for all that time, and before, you have been taught that you, you physical co-creators of your own existence, are the ones who make those things happen.  Yet you continue to look up into the starry sky and say “When?”  You wait for a savior.  Well your savior is standing in your shoes.  And the time is now, if you so choose.


Sometimes what is needed is a little straight talk, is this not so?  We know that many, many of you are indeed not in need of this today.  You are far past that now.  Yet there are also many who still need to hear this once again.  Once again the community that has been built is being battered by those who claim to know better than to believe or trust.  And once again we are telling you to trust your heart.


Go within, connect with your highest concept of the Divine, whatever name you call it by, and ask for assurance.  We ask nothing further than this.


Be at peace in your hearts.  We shall speak again soon.  Good day.



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My dear friends, tomorrow is here. – channeled by Ron Head April 4, 2013





You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with.


It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be.  Are you truly ready to begin?  If it all breaks loose tomorrow, can you say that you truly are ready?  Because, my dear friends, tomorrow is here.


We have stated many times through our trusted channels that this season would be the time in which things would be ready to begin, and they are.  We have said that we awaited a certain point to be reached and a signal to be given.  There is now no further reason to wait.


But there is one teensy consideration to take into account.  What will you do?  It need not be something as grandiose as, “I will change the world!”  But you should know by now what you love to do and how it might contribute to a better place for all.  There are, after all, several billions of you to make such contributions.  And there are right now, many millions of you ready to start.


So look deeply into your hearts and simply declare “This is the start!”  It takes no more than that, my friends.  This is the start.  Perhaps add frequently, “Is this helping?”  A good question to begin with, don’t you think?  And then, dearest ones, if it is not, make a change.


And do a thing for yourselves, please.  Start giving yourselves credit for being worthy and deserving when we tell you that you are.  Think.  The universe had many trillions of volunteers to come and do this job.  You are here.  Why is that, do you suppose?  Stop wasting your valuable energies beating yourselves up and apply them to the task at hand.  Not all of you do that, by any means, but far too many do.  Not only is the past long over, not only are you the only one concerned with it, but you are needed now to do much greater things.


Look around, not outside, but in your hearts, and realize that the only judge in sight is yourself.  Even assuming that there was once something that you needed to judge yourself for, and there was nothing there dear one but illusion, forgive it.  Drop it.  Let it go.  Your Creator has long since forgiven you.  Won’t you do the same?


Now!  Look out at the future and see how much brighter it appears.  You see, all of that past taught you many, many things.  You are expert in many of them.  You are.  Don’t worry.  They will surface when needed.  Just begin.  Make today better.  Imagine that happening by a power of millions.  Do it again tomorrow.  Here we go, dearest angels.  Here we go.


We will speak again soon.  Good day.



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Your most powerful dreams will include everyone, dear hearts. – channeled by Ron Head April 1, 2013




Was that not a tumultuous weekend?  Pleasant for you, dear friends, we trust, but full of energy contrasts, as well, we are sure.


Now you are into April itself.  It seems as if things have settled down.  And yet you feel as if something is afoot.  Something has not quite happened yet.  Your consciousness is cautiously feeling around trying to discover what it might be.


Well, you are almost correct.  Your sole error is in the thought that things have settled down.  They have merely settled into a steady current which will continue to build.  Spring is now here, at least in your northern hemisphere, and change will come.  And this energy is saying, “Change WILL come!”


It is, in truth, Heaven’s decree and your decree, as well.  Now is the time for you to remember all you have learned about creating change.  Let us tell you, you are ready, else this would not occur.  However, as any general of any army in your history would tell you, your most meticulous plans will not cover what you will find.  That is why you are so magnificent.  You will make it work anyway.  Please hold fast to your dream right up until you discern a better one, and you will.  Then grab onto the new one.


Your most powerful dreams will include everyone, dear hearts.  If you do not yet dream for everyone, we tell you that you are still missing a great deal of joy, yes, and power.  Exclusion and revenge can have no place now.  Inclusion and rehabilitation are, as you would put it, ‘where it’s at’.  But free will is still the law, so it needs be a choice, by all parties.


Some rather large things have begun to happen already, but we tell you, these are just the small snowballs at the top of the hill.  Put a bookmark in this page of your history.  You will come back many times to refer to it in the future, especially when someone says to you. “But nothing is happening!”


There is never, never has been, nor ever will there be a time when nothing is happening.  Make sure the place in your heart where your quiet is, is well furnished and ready.  You will want to be spending time there each day.  And while you are there, make things happen.  We say that with a very big smile.


We are closer than your thoughts and ready to help at your call.  Go in peace.  Good day.



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Ground yourselves. – channeled by Ron Head March 29, 2013





Grounding.  Grounding and centering.  A new month is now upon you , my dear friends, in which we cannot stress enough the importance of these practices.  Walk in nature, if that is available to you.  Meditate and ground your energies with gratitude to your dear mother, Earth.  However you have learned to do these things, do them now.


We have told you that, when things began to move, they would accelerate rapidly.  Well, they have started, and they are about to accelerate.  We do not want to have you left with your heads spinning.  We also do not want, and this is most important, anyone to be put into fear or anger by what will begin to happen.  This is one of the main purposes of messages of this sort.


We have been foretelling of these events for several years now.  We have heard you saying, “Bring it on!  We are ready!”  Well, it is not exactly us bringing it on.  You are the co-creators here.  But you have brought it on, just as we have told you.  Do not now say, “Oh, no!  What shall I do?”  Omelet making time is here and you are breaking eggs.


We are teasing you.  Allow us a bit of humor.  As the Japanese would say, “Pull up your fundoshi(diaper) and get on with it.”  Or in America, “Put on your big girl panties.”  OK.  Serious now.  Things are going to heat up in your near future.  You will see some things which are meant to raise fear and anger in you.  That is their purpose.  Do not let that happen.


You have made wondrous strides.  Maintain your focus and do not let any efforts to throw you off meet with success.  If you feel the need for support, please ask us.  That is why we are here.  Support each other, as well.


Also, we see that some are beginning to experience a few rather disconcerting things with their sight, hearing, etc.  If you are, you are not going crazy.  You are evolving.  If you are not, you are not being left behind.  You will all advance in the best way for yourselves.  You cannot begin from anywhere other than where you are.  And what you do not need, you will not experience.  It is not being done to you.  It is being done for you, and by you.  Trust the process.  Better yet, trust your Selves.  You will, one day soon, realize quite a bit more of who those Selves really are.


As ever, we hold you in love and light.  Good day.



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A connection with Spirit. – channeled by Ron Head March 25, 2013


radio tower


We will begin a discussion this morning on the sources of channeled messages.  We intend for this information to make it easier for those who find themselves in receipt of such messages to understand the process and trust what they receive.

Many more of you will find yourselves tuning in to vast fields of such information from this time forward.  Your inner make-up is changing in such a way as to make this a part of your lives.  You will receive rather more personal messages and some will also wish to be conduits for general information such as what has been recorded by this channel and others.

Understand that you are, and have always been living in the midst of an ocean of frequencies carrying all of the information in the universes.  This is exactly like the fact that you are sitting in a sea of radio and television signals which only proper equipment and tuners can intercept.  You are the proper equipment for this new reception, and your tuners are being modified by the changes to each and all of you.

Some of this will require you to consciously volunteer yourselves, but much of the personal information will become available to you as you clear yourselves of old baggage and begin to open yourselves to the processes and understandings you call ascension.

As it has always been, some of you are visually oriented, some more feeling, some learn best through hearing, and some will do best by beginning to write each day and allowing the stream of thought to take you wherever it will.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, with the following qualifications to that statement.  If you are desirous of true, helpful, and trustworthy information to come forth, you must be of a matching energy to that.  You will need to achieve a clarity and integrity of purpose and maintain it daily in order to keep information of clarity and integrity available to you.  You will need to understand and accept your own responsibility and divine sovereignty, to assure that you and you alone have control of the process.  Do not, we implore you, just fling the doors of your consciousness open to whatever happens to beg entry.  Do not accept as absolute truth everything that you might hear, see, or think any more than you would do so in your outer world.

There are those who know and can aid you in learning how to handle all of the newfound gifts which you may acquire.  All of that being said, let us get on to the topic we began with.

You may find that you can understand animals, trees, even your dear Mother Earth as you open up.  You might find that certain formerly mythic beings become a bit less mythic for you.  But of course those are not the subject of this discussion.  What you will most certainly be able to find, if you so intend, is a connection with Spirit.  You will have your own understandings of what that is for you to work through.  Those various understandings have developed over the millennia and are deeply imbedded in your consciousness.  And that is alright.  You should begin to understand that a certain energy might be called by one name in your Orient and yet be known by quite another in your western cultures.  I, Michael, assure you that none of us care by what name we are called.  You have fought and killed each other over such things.  Learn to discern the truth and use of the information and to give no importance to the vehicle and you will be far ahead of this new game.  Well, new to you, perhaps, but actually very, very old.  The fact is that it has always been around, but has been discouraged.  Now the genie has been let out of the bottle, so to speak, and will not be put back in.  Learn to use your inner abilities well, dear ones.  We have waited a long time for you to begin hearing what we have always whispered to you.  Listen well, and when you feel it is appropriate, share it with others.

Enough for today.  We may return to this discussion later.  Good day.


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