Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael 4/14/2014 through John Allen

This is John. I feel that there is no reason for me to elaborate. I feel that I am supposed to share this message with everyone. It was a surprise for me to have read it as well. Please listen to your own hearts for your own answers. Do not put all of your faith in channeled messages as this one. FEEL and KNOW for yourselves. I simply share my own journey in hopes that it lights a spark somewhere.  My Brother, Marc Gamma, and I have been given messages to share with one another for a while now. We feel that we were meant to share them with anyone who may be interested. We are all one. We are all part of the collective. All of us are just as important as the other.
Archangel Metatron, I had a dream last night while I was awake where you were answering questions. I asked for validation once and for all about things that were said in my last conversation with Marc Gamma. Would you work these things out with me this morning, please?
Sure. Where would you like to start?
I had not felt our connection before last night. I have felt a big connection with Archangel Raphael and he even showed me physical validation a few times. Last night I heard you tell me that you were my higher self. But I have not had any major explosion of realization. Can you help me?
Let me begin by saying that we are all one. There is no need to separate us in your heart. You are used to doing this but there is no need any more. Marc is correct. We are one but you are in the process of being exactly what you were meant to be. You are finding your way beautifully. You will feel many more things than just oneness with me. Look around you. Can you see the connection? Can you?
Yes. It is more like I know the connection is here.

Good. That is correct. Now as this all plays out you will be brought together, closer to your remembrance of it. Marc is searching as well. Both of you are feeling the doors as they are opened for you but you both cover more ground when you work from different places. When Marc feels that you are involved in a move that he must make, then you must also choose. Do not follow one another. There is nowhere to go. Both of you are there where you should be. You must bounce this back and forth to one another. If something does not feel right then feel your way around in the dark some more until you find your key.
I have heard this key reference in my first conversation with Raphael.

Yes, I know. You desire validation. Then you must find your key to unlock the mysteries that are presenting them selves to you. Do you understand?
Isn’t that a little late in the game now? Are we not going to be awakened tomorrow?
You are already awake. You must move now in to it. Nothing will be exactly like anyone thinks it will. Most have feelings and ideas but there is still a game to play for everyone. What good would it be for you to know how the game ends? Where is the fun in that?
Metatron, what is the message that Marc feels that I should share?
Do you want me to do this for you?
Are we not doing this together already?
That part of me that is you is doing exactly what that part of me wants to do. The other parts of me are doing this also. Look, John, do not invest so much effort into forcing something. Everything will float to the top at just the right time. Just be ready for it. This is what Marc needs to hear as well. The right time will present itself to the both of you. Never feel pressured to fulfill the requests of the other. This must be unanimous for both. As far as the three of you being the last channels that will be around for a while, that is up to you. As you have heard from Marc, that is an option that has presented itself to you but it is up to you to make the choice. Share your information and choices. Two parts of a whole are coming together for the same cause. Both of you have spent many hours alone and this has been very important for you to grow. But somewhere deep down inside the both of you, there was a longing to be with family and friends who were alone as well. Go to your sacred places and find your being as you have always done but do not be afraid to confide and trust the other. This is why you have come together.
So, John, Marc has shared with you, now share this with him. Maybe the information that he is seeking is in these words that we have shared together. That is up to him. He will know. As far as you and I are concerned, you are the embodiment of all that which I am. What changes for you now?
Why do I have such a very small light that connects me to you? I can barely feel anything. It feels great and I am sure when I feel it but it is so small. So many people remember past lives and have clear visions of the masters that they are. I am like a child.
There is much good that had to be hidden. The light can now shine but your light had to be carefully hidden. You have had a memory or two about past lives. The life of yours as Majate was quickly ended as you began to shine your light. You can remember this. I have had many incarnations on earth. You were always fascinated with Enoch. Why do you think that was? Now you know. John, what if some of this information changes as you go along? If it does then you are on the right track as you are changing in more ways than you realize right now. Allow things to unfold for the both of you. Do not push it. Divine timing has led you this far hasn’t it? We are with you. In the next few days maybe it will not be necessary for grand announcements as your energy will inform all who are open to who you are. Let the spirit of love guide you. Do you have any more questions for me?
Yes. Is this message for Marc and I only or for everyone?
How do you feel about it?
I guess that I will wait and see.
Good. Send it to Marc and listen to what he has to share. You have each other now and this is how you both wanted it.
Okay, Archangel Metatron. Thank you. Raphael are you there?
No. I am somewhere else.
Ha! Do you have anything to add?
Yes of course. We are right now at the beginning of the next phase. There will be a new energy among those who are today asleep. The doors that you so often refer to will be open indeed. You will know exactly when and where you will be needed. That is, if you are still up to playing the game?
Marc told me that this was like some big game the other day and now I hear it everywhere. Of course I am ready. There is nothing to go back to now.
Oh there will always be something to go back to but for how long would you stay there? The game pieces are in motion but it will soon be obvious to everyone who the winner will be. Most of you know. But for the awakening of all, a major move must now be put into play.
Tomorrow will be a very big day for all of us but no one knows exactly how this will play out. Therefore, it is important for me to return to conversations that we have had before. Surprises are waiting to show themselves to all of you not just those who are still asleep. Light workers everywhere will be overwhelmed by the relief and excitement that will come to light. The winners will quickly realize that no one wins unless we all win. Light workers will be put to the test. Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Freedom, Laughing, and Balance will be the tools needed to endure the changes that are about to come.
The good will look bad and the bad will look good as things are not always what they seem. Again, can anyone think of a better tool to have in your toolbox than love and forgiveness? With these things we will build our new world. Who will ascend and when. . . Will I ascend before abundance for all. . . Will the RV take place in 5D or 3D. These are questions that many Light Workers still contemplate. This is the most important time for all of these things to play themselves out in divine timing. It will be a blast! Every one is watching. This time is so delicious and we know that in the end everyone wins!
Do not get down. Do not let impatience rule you now. Are you really so fed up with inspirational channeled messages as this one? Feel the words pulse through you right now. Yes, these words are for you. You know who you are. Do you feel that? Of course you do. You are there right now exactly where you were meant to be. Be ready and feel this love energy once again that these words bring to you. You are ready now. We can feel your smile and the energy that it radiates right now. Feel us again!
The veil is open.
It is great isn’t it? Yes it is. All of you will be shown the way. All of you will be able to make choices that you were never able to make before. How will you choose? We have already answered that one for you as well. In everything that happens before your eyes now, ask yourself this in every situation, “HOW WOULD LOVE CHOOSE.” It is just that easy.
Let us prepare you now, once and for all, about tomorrow. Tomorrow on the 15th of April your world will change. All of you have made this change happen due to your collective consciousness. All of you have your own idea as to what this means. So do not be surprised by the choices of the whole. Changes will happen on this date because enough of you have focused your intent on this. What changes will happen? Remember that all of us have been working on this for a very long time. You were working on these changes before you were incarnated into these bodies that you are now wearing. You are not hearing this date from an Archangel. You have made this date of April 15th 2014 have meaning.
We have never come here in order to save you. We have always been here in order to make these changes together. Finally now, most all of you can see that we always knew what we were doing. When I say we, I really mean all of us. Can you finally see the beautiful big picture? You were never alone. There is no such thing as alone. We are all one. We have all changed this reality and tomorrow is just the beginning. So do not get caught up in the details. There is much more going on here so remember to face the day with joy. We honor you at this time and can’t wait to hear your stories. If you were here with us, a part of you would wish that you could be where you are right now.
As the information comes to you listen to your heart. Embrace how you feel as your feelings will give you the clearest picture of the whole. Remember that love will show you the way. Know that we are with you. Recognize the doors as they are made open for you. Know that there will be no one left behind. Be in joy that all is as it should be. And above all else take pride in your creation and enjoy every last moment. I love you and can feel your love for me as we all join all that is together. Tomorrow, I will be there too. Love your Archangel Raphael.
Thank you, Raphael. This has been the most intense message that I have ever shared. It makes me nervous.
There will be more to come. You may seem like you are walking on new ground but you are not. The next days will be full of Light Workers answering their hearts requests. You will find yourself in great company as everyone begins to embrace who they are.You will also be wonderfully surprised when you find out with whom you have been walking.

Archangel Raphael: Channeled by John Allen An Unstoppable Force March 30, 2014

Hello, this is Archangel Raphael. I return to you today at a most glorious time. As we watch the world change we notice that things are not quite what they seem to be. Most of you have had changes in some form or another visit you in a most unforeseen way. It would be most difficult now not to have noticed any changes. Are you surprised? Are you impatient? Are you balanced? The change is here and it is up to you how you choose to feel about it.
Over the last few weeks there has been much movement in places that are still unseen. But this does not bother many of you anymore as most of you have realized that the eyes can be deceiving. As the patterns change around you the energy of who you really are takes on a clearer shape. This is not to be seen with the eyes only as most of you have realized. Your hearts have began to reach out and stretch and awaken from a very long slumber. The mind has been taking more time off lately as your feeling takes charge. We have noticed how you have mastered the art of discernment. With love have you gently said good bye to the paradigms of the past. With ease do you trust your feelings when reading messages from your star family.

Archangel Raphael – “Maestros of your Melodies” – October 18, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

AA Raphael
Good night, dear and beloved angels ! I am your brother who love you so much, I am Rafael. I would like to ask each of you who read my words this time: what do you like to do most ? What kind of music you like to hear ? What have you done to have some fun after your weekly tiring routine? Oh, dear ones, there are plenty of attractions that can soften tensions acquired during the routine of your troubled days .
One of the beautiful ways you have is the music ! What is your musical taste ? This, put now the music you most like to listen while reading my message, because I want that to be a cheerful message to your hearts. I wish you smile while reading my words, this is what I wish you for : JOY. We listen to music, we listen to delicious music and also like to invite you to join us, listening to the music of the Universe.
I know how much gets to be uncomfortable for you the traffic noise, the noise of children screaming, dogs barking, people in changed voice tones, we know what ails your tasty silence. But I would like to invite you to make these everyday events in a delightful music to the ears. Yes, dear ones ! You are the maestros and can do it brilliantly. When you are in situations like these, I invite you to pick up your baton and begin to conduct this orchestra. Transform your lives in a sweet melody, my dear ones, because that’s what it is, a melody . That’s how it should be lived and felt, in a smooth way and exciting.
Your lives are works of your regency, as you command the everyday situations, it becomes more exciting or more tragic and sad, that’s you who are giving the feeling and emotion in the show, that’s you who are setting the tone and note. I invite you now to reflect and evaluate: how are you orchestrating the music of your lives ? Which note and tone you are and if you want to continue with the same or if you’ll leave for a new symphony ? Who decides are you, my beloved angels  you are the masters, the maestros of your ways .
I love you and I thank you immensely for being incarnated at this time. You are the perfect maestros for the next spetacle.


Gabriel : Thank you, my dear and sweet Angel.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

Archangel Raphael – “Bridges of God” – September 25, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Dear ones, I’ll leave here a song that dear Raphael asked to put to listen while reading the message. God bless you.
My noble and blessed angels, that is one step of the journey that many of you have waited for so long: the point of regress. This trip has placed you informed of everything that happens in the lower dimensions where only experiencing is which you might know what was happening to many souls who went down there and lingered far to climb back.
Oh, yes, my angels, you were brave to come down to learn and experience all that the lower realms can provide in learning. You were and you did! You are a wonderful example. There is nothing we can not do now, there is nothing that can not manifest when in a state of profound love, as you are now. I know you are surprised at the size of the love you are finding withinyourselves, or rather rediscovering, because it was always there, it always wanted to express itself in all that is.
You matured, dear ones, a lot! You want a proof? Every day you see some people complain of their pains and difficulties. Every day you see them sad and hopeless, and at this point what do you do …? Yes, you  comfort them, you show them what they do best, you show them that this or that is not the end. You, as living examples of survival here are the mirror to them and so they see that you achieved. And why could not they do that?
There are many questions about you, dear ones, many … “Why did he / she is like this, so strong, don’t stay shaken by anything,  is always safe and always has something good to talk and cheer, why?”
You see, dear ones, that you are awakening in these people the will to rise up, the desire to turn themselves what they always were? “LORDS OF THEIR LIVES.”
So, my noble souls, my blessed angel, take care of the mirror every day you are. Clean it daily with good examples and be always patient with those who are around you.
You, my sweet angels, are the bridges between many people, never forget that! You, my angels, are these many bridges that God, knowing that it wouldn’t be easy, put you where you are and doing what you are doing. To be a bridge, dear ones, implies endure the storms, the stomps, strong, the strong winds, those who are ungrateful, the exaggerated weights  … but you will always be there, always being a bridge, a beautiful bridge,  faithful to what you are and you came to do: to UNITE.
In situations where no words “takes effects”, hush and send your love, I assure you that this powerful intention to “my brother: be happy, I want to see you happy, get out of this inferiority state  and discommodity, get out of this idea that the world is wrong and you are right, God loves you and wants to see you well, because you have the power to transform all this. “
Only this intent, sent as a jet of love, is enough.
I am asking  Gabriel to deliver you a song that I am showing him in this moment…
And in the sound that will penetrate your souls, I embrace myself with you all, leaving my affection and sending my love to you …
My children, my dear brothers, I bless you, I believe in each of you, I know the difficulties that life in the lower dimensions implies, as well as I know your potential.
Courage, my young angels, animus! Remain a little and the long trip is already over. The return home is imminent, trust you, trust in what God’s love can provide. He knows your pains, he knows that you can love them enough that they simply return to higher vibrations. Because, my angels, oh yeah … because your pains are consciences lacking in love and only you can give love to them. Only you. Do that and also allow them to return home.
I love you unconditionally, beyond any idea of love that you may have at this time, I love you beyond that.

I am your brother, I am Raphael.

Gabriel: Thank you, my sweet brother … (tears. ..)

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Note: The translation work is done by Brazilian volunteers. We apologize for any mistakes or regional differences of language.

Archangel Raphael – “Maturity” – September 17, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

AA Raphael
My blessed angels, my noble warriors, you are coming to maturity in this sphere. You have, over the ages, passed through all possible proofs and are finally reaching a wonderful maturity, a capacity for understanding andacceptance that has made the world around you overflow in light and this can be seen and felt almost palpably.
Are you aware of that? Have you ever stopped to see the way you deal with situations today? The way you stop to solve everyday issues? How are you more relaxed and confident? Yes, dear ones, accept it and not be afraid of it. I know many might say: “Raphael, but I‘m not feeling like this, I keep stressing me out with anything” – my dear angel, don’t you realize that in the past even this questioning couln’t do, besides rampaging and rampaging?(Smile), this is called maturity, dear angels, regardless of the situation.
Being mature is to be well aware of a particular situation and deal with it in safety and faith, to not be shaken by the storms around you, because you know you are safe where you are and with who you are, WITH YOURSELF,with your HIGHER SELF.
There’s maneuvers from all sides to take you from this state of maturity, but this is impossible because it’s something that can only achieve through the ages, is something that is ingrained in your being and it will be taken to where you are from here, it’s IMPOSSIBLE take it from you. This maturity is what have left you in this state ofI know everything is fine, even though my mind tries to say otherwise, but I know it is fine, or it will get well soon, this is maturity, not be taken by the astute and determined thoughts to take you to the state of insecurity and fear again.
Even that someone tell that is not fine like I speak now, I invite you to breathe deeply, like this, my angel, breathe, allow me get closer to you now … Yes, you indeed that are with your eyes bathed in tears, yourself who is readingthese, my words and say “How he knows I am feeling like that?”, Oh my noble angel, I know, I’m by your side,always’ve been and always desire being, this is the best of the gifts, stay beside you. So allow me such an moment with you,  allow me in such approximation, let me stay beside you.
Tell yourselves how much you love yourselves this moment, tel this time to your mind that is trying to get you out of the state of maturity, that you love it and that you are deeply grateful for all that it is, such a  great proof tobring you learning. Embrace it and say how much you love it … Breathe, I’m by your side right now and I know you can feel me, I know you can feel my love for you, I know you can feel how much I want you fine, I know that you know, I know how you feel. Put your right hand on your heart … Feel gently its beats … Feel my presence …
Take a break to continue reading, breathe and relax your body …

… realize, my noble angels, how much you are loved, realize how much you have matured? Realize how much you are secure and confident? In the past, you won’t get this state, but you are now mature enough to know thesurrender to your Divine Self is the best option and this is the teaching that you will pass on.
I finish this post by thanking everyone who reads my words and also those who can not read yet, but regardless,I’m next to each of them, always, always by your side.
I love you unconditionally, I bless you and enlighten you with my light, that fused with your light, we are truly one.
I am Raphael, your brother that love every part that compounds your being.
Gabriel: Thank you, my noble brother, God enlighten you increasingly. (tears).
Translation: Carolina Barisch.

Archangel Raphael – “Dear ones, I am talking to you that now is your moment” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Dear ones, before you start reading the message that I received from Raphael, he asked me to put the link of this music so you can listen while reading or when you wish.
I also love you.
A beautiful day on Earth, perfect to talk of the love, of your self-love, of caring for yourselves. My sweet angels, how long you don’t do that? How long you don’t hug yourselves, don’t make a kindness on your own face? Much of your time is to your job today, is to take care of your kids, husband, wife … Yes I know, as I know that internally you have a ravishing desire to care over you, but in many cases you say: “I don’t have time to take care , I only have time for my chores, and even less to … . “
Dear ones, I’m talking to you that now is your moment, the time to take care of yourselves. To reassess yourselves, seeing what you do for your own all this time. Now answer me: are you doing what I asked you at the beginning of my communication with this dear channel ? Remember when I asked you to look  to you in the mirror? Please, dear Gabriel, add the respective part.
“Have you already been in front of the mirror today and talked to yourselves how beautiful and perfect you are? Already embraced you today? Already talked to yourselves, “Hey, I’m here, always with you!” – Try to do it every day. Soon, I will come to know how has been the experience of taking care of yourself..”  (08.12.2013)
My beloved ones, it makes a tremendous difference in your lives, this connects you directly with the Source, with all the currents of sublime life , it brightens your spirit, it slows down your heart, it makes you more calm and confident. The love to yourselves, taking care of your own does this – gives strength to you.
Realize that the more you are connected to your tasks, in your day to day, more distant from yourselves you stay, do you think this is it, my lovely angels, that Your Creator desires? No, my noble angels, he wants to see you happy, smiling, glad in your tasks, and this is only possible with self-love.
When you take this time for yourselves, you open up a range of possibilities for every possible problem that may happen in the course of your day, do you know why? Because when you love yourselves, you radiate the purest love and this love opens doors, this love softten what seems to be impossible to be slowed down, this love changes you and your environment. Believe me, my dear ones, it is so, so it IS.
My dear ones, I am again asking Gabriel to bring you here a song … Sing it to yourselves, tell yourselves how much you love your own …
I love you unconditionally, I bring you to me right now and snuggle you in my heart … Come close to me now, dear ones, filled with this love you now feel it to yourselves and join with me, as a single source of love, let’s radiate it into the entire Universe.
Your friend, your brother,
Gabriel: Thank you by this, my Sweet brother, thank you very much.

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Archangel Raphael – “Each one of you has the key that frees one to another.” – August 23, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raiao Lunar

Good night, my beloved brothers, my angels.
There are some of you who wonder: “How can I help someone else … I don’t leave the house, don’t know many people … How can I help the World at this important time of its elevation? “
My beloved ones, is as simple as your breath … You can help just with a smile. That’s right, a smile of where you are. When you wake up in the morning and greet the sun in the sky, when you thank for another day, when you thank for the food that’s on your table, when you forgive someone who attacked you … All this, my angels, makes a great energy, a great vortex happens around you and this force is released and taken to all situations in the world that need the loving support of love.
Allow yourselves to be, dear angels, the adorable beings who you are. Have no doubt about it. Do not question how or when you will act. You are already acting at the moment when you read these words of mine. You are already helping thousands of people in need of care and love, only to read these words of mine, and by the grace of your acceptance at this time, raised your vibrational pattern and that’s what matters, that’s what is useful at this point and it generates light, and light is brought to the hearts lacking of light.
How many times have you asked for help, how many times have you cried in sorrow because you  thought you were alone … And the help came when least expected, calmed your thoughts, your emotions, and returned to the state of grace where Faith sustains you heavily. At this moment, the help came to you from various parts of the world. The help of the prayers, of the good deeds of your other brothers, from us … Everything flows to your right, it’s a great movement, where the action of one influences on the state of the other, because we are interconnected, beyond what you can imagine.
Continue with your good deeds, with your smiles, with your sweet gestures for everything around you. This only brings good things for you, it only makes easy your way back home. With every attitude of love, with every kind gesture, with every thank you, with every smile, you release more and more people from pain, fear, discontent, because each of you has the key that frees one another.
Yes, I know that each one have their share of responsibility, that each must learn from their own experiences, that each one needs to open the padlock that has remained you stuck on the idea of ​​separation. The key that opens your padlock is in the hands of your brother, and which opens your brother’s is in your hands, because we are One. When you realize that, when you, as you wake up to full consciousness, realize all our minds are connected, and that there is always a great synchrony between all things, between the movement of the planets, the galaxies, the universes, the systems …
It’s a great movement, as a great ballet where the synchrony is perfect between the dancers. You are hitting your steps now, and will feel increasingly love for your brothers, increasingly will feel to take care of them,  increasingly it will be your joy and you, their joy. That’s how we feel here from the position we are in, and here is your home, this state of consciousness. There is only a thin veil now to separate what you think you are from your true nature, only a thin veil. When this veil breaks, you can see the vastness of galactic brothers who are now here to applaud you, the number is so huge that if you could see and hear you’d be amazed.
My beloved angels of God, I Am Raphael, and in Grace I bless you and call you to me now, my beloved ones. So my love be with you, the love of you may be with me, and together we can continue the great dance with the orchestra of the Almighty Lord, the Creator.
I love you, I am you. We are One, and this time I let me feel on your side … This … close your eyes … Breathe, I’m on your side. Feel me … Feel me …
I’m asking Gabriel that bring you a link for a song so you can listen while I hug you …
I love you.
Gabriel: (Tears. ..) Thank you, my beloved brother … Thank you.

Recommended music by dear Raphael:


Translation: Carolina Barisch

Archangel Raphael – “Rest” – August 14, 2013 (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Dear Children, good night!
It is an important moment in which you have passed. You are tired of the walking, yes, I know, you wish and need rest.
You, still tired, keep wanting to get something out of you, it’s an impulse generated by the mind and you keep looking for something to fill the empty that only love can fill. Why don’t you sit down and rest? Why don’t you wait a bit, to receive the gift that God is giving you? You left to look for, got tired and even briefly, even tired, go searching to fill your interior.
My children, I ask you to rest, do not search anything else out of you, you walked very much until you get to this moment, you are now worthy of “sitting waiting” for God’s blessings.
Understand that “sitting waiting” does not mean being in inertia I say you should rest from your incessant search for answers, for things that comes to supply what you think needing to be supplied. Expect sitting, in this case, is to breathe and surrender to a deep meditation, surrender to your inner silence, surrender to genuine peace of your being.
There is nothing to seek out, my angels, there is nothing. The entire universe is within you. Now, please, while you read my words, breathe … Stay centered in yourselves, now … Remain so, until you finish reading for some time. Feel relaxed, feel free and without obligations of a constant search for something that is already in you. You don’t need to run, you need only to be in peace.
Remain in peace enables us to come to you, my beloved angels. When you run desperately searching for something, we can not reach you (smile). We need you to stay where you are, only in peace, only in harmony, so we will get to you and give a little water and our shoulder so you can rest.
Your journey into the realms where the density choked your spirit is coming to an end and you just need a rest now. Allow yourselves this, spend some days in silence, the silence of the soul, I am not saying that you shouldn’t talk, but remain in the silence of your being, hush your thoughts, because they are what get you tired and stress you out.
Not the words spoken by the mouth, not the daily physical efforts, it’s not your job, it is your mind that gets you tired, it consumes all your energy, it that searches diligently for something, always something, and it leaves you exhausted, so I ask you to sit down and rest in the intimate of your being.
Now, special question to you all:
Did you do what I asked you in the previous message? Have you look in the mirror and spoke to yourselves how beautiful and special you are? Say, answer me now, I’m right now beside you and I allow leave me feel at your side …
I love you so much, my dear ones, with all my heart.
Remain in the holy peace, that the light radiates from God’s heart and cherish you, warrior angels, you do not need to prove anything else, you are what you are; EXAMPLES OF PURE LOVE TO GOD.
Goodbye, my angel friends, we’ll talk again soon.Thank you, Gabriel, for the kindness of yourdisposition. Thank you.
Gabriel: I who want to thank, my lovely angel, how much joy with your presence … (tears. ..) Thank you.

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Cleansing – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 19, 2013


My child, you should clean yourself more. I don’t mean your body hygiene with this but your energetic hygiene. It isn’t enough to shower each day or to bathe. It is very important that you clean your aura, your energetic field. Use the emeraldgreen flame of my beloved son, the Archangel Raphael. Let the light flow through all your bodies and your aura and cleanse all and take all with it that is obsolete or negative. You can also use the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain, it will just transmute all into love; use plainly first the green and then the violet flame and namely daily. You not only care for a clean aura with this but you also prevent at the same time the development of diseases. A “dirty” aura will lead in the long run infallibly to the forming of diseases. With the cleansing of your energetic field you can but protect yourself from that. Your wellbeing is very deep in my heart, my child, so please use the two flames daily. You will soon feel even better then. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn ~ March 24, 2013

AA Raphael

My Beloved, welcome the spring in the northern hemisphere and welcome the energies the equinox brought with it. I am aware how much you are groaning under the onrush of these so strong energies. They are more intense than ever, but your bodies can stand them.

These energies bring so much with them in their towline. Events for which you are waiting now so long that you are unpatient like small children before christmas. The biggest events however will take place in your inside, not in the exterior. Don’t look for them there but go into your hearts. There you will find the big changes. Your hearts have been opened and let in more light and love, but also let it out. Because that what you receive, you have to give away so that more love can flow after to you. Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow. You must empty your glass steadily and that means that you have to channel the love you receive through your hearts and then give it away.  Don’t worry that the flow of love could decrease. That can’t happen because the portals will open even more and more love and light will flow to earth and to you. The more love you send to your fellow men and your environment the more love can flow after to you.

This flowing of love, of the energies, through your hearts has its impacts on your bodies. You feel more fatigue or you are nearly bursting with these energies, your hearts are aching because they are opening more and more and make room for even more love and  also for the merging with your Higher Selves. This is an energetic process, that but have its physical impacts on you. If you are unsure about the symptoms you can visit your physician, but when he cannot find anything you know the reason.

A faster heartbeat or additional beats of your hearst can also be physical symptoms of this becoming One with your Higher Selves. Please drink more clean pure water and rest as often as possible. I can always but repeat this once more. Your bodies are performing hard work, so please give them the necessary breather.

Let all go that don’t serve you anymore, all facades and all masquerades, they are only illusion. They are not what you truly are: bright shining Lighbeings out of purest Love. You can’t take these facades and masquerades of 3D with you into the fifth Dimension. As long as they remain stuck on you it will be hard for you to pass the eye of the needle of Ascension. Let them go and give them to the violet flame for transmutation. You will feel lighter afterwards. The time for these masquerades is over because illusion has ended. The earlier you let it go the sooner the new world will manifest itself for you. You must acknowledge and accept it so that you can see it one day. Your brains need their “time” to accomodate, to process what your eyes already can sense.

I can also but only repeatedly recommend to you to eat lighter; more fruits and vegetables, lesser meat, more seeds and nuts. Minimize the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, they are poison for your new crystalline bodies. Go onto the sun to receive nourishment and information out of her beams. Begin slowly and without sunprotection. Get your bodies used to the sun and then increase the time in her slowly. Sunprotection only blocks the valuable information.

Whenever you have health related problems ask for me. You don’t need elaborate prayers or rituals for this. Call only: Raphael please help me and add for what you need my help. I have hosts of heavenly angels around me to assist me in healing you. The same way you can ask my brothers and sisters the Archangels for help. We are on the stand by for you, but you have to call us, because we are only allowed to intervene on your calling. You know this thing of the free will, that we have to respect. So don’t be shy, nothing is too big for us but also nothing too small.

I envelop you in my eternal unlimited love. I am your healer, the Archangel Raphael.

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