Why The Daily Practice of Accepting and Allowing Decreases Your Blood Pressure by Reiki Doc, May 28, 2016

I would like to share with you what I found to be an important lesson and a huge breakthrough for me this week.
It is meant in the spirit of friendship, and I invite you to take the best and ‘leave the rest’ from this blog post.
As you may know, I am a soul who is constantly seeking to grow.  I have lessons, some of which are painful for me to share, and for you to read.  Fortunately this isn’t one of them! Try to think of this blog post as our sharing over coffee and coming up with some ‘how to make life more pleasant’ notes together…
As humans having the experience of being alive, we are constantly at odds.  We have our ‘inner world’–our hopes and dreams.  Then we have our ‘milieu’–our surroundings of people, events and what is asked of us to give.
Sometimes the more spiritual we become, the faster and the more sudden are the movements of key events and people in our lives.
This is because our ‘Life Lessons’ are sailing towards us at a rapid pace, and from a spiritual perspective, this is a ‘good thing’…although for us as the ‘student of life’ it can be overwhelming.
Sometimes it feels like being in an emotional meat grinder, a high-speed blender, or a rip tide.
Has anyone ever been caught in a rip tide?  Did you remember what to do?  Did you panic and someone had to save you?
A swimmer who is caught in a rip tide gets sucked out to sea by a current more powerful than even the best swimmer in the olympics can swim.
The swimmer who is astute will relax and flow with it.  It won’t suck you out to sea forever. After a while, it will stop, and you can swim back in if you move out of the flow a little.
The knowledgeable swimmer will further know, while they are being sucked out to sea, that the current is only about twelve feet wide at most. By swimming parallel to the beach a short distance, they will be out of the rip tide entirely. Then they will have a shorter swim back because they recognized it early.
Does this make sense?
What I will ask now, is, ‘what is the one difference between the three swimmers?’ All three get sucked out to sea.  One fights it, one doesn’t, and the third one literally ‘takes a short cut’ and gets out of the current.
It is their reaction to the rip tide which sets them apart.
Does this make sense?
I offer this only as information to help you in your personal growth, to make your life more pleasant and manageable for you.
I myself have come to be an old hat at this.  It seems every time I approach some well-deserved rest, professional duty–either at work or in my off-time–calls.
As you may already know, I have my jewelry making and gardening to give me relaxation and joy.  My house is having foundation and structural problems, but since it’s a townhouse and my neighbors aren’t all that interested in how their house is affecting mine, I’ve had to retain a lawyer. This is expensive, and equally non-productive.
My plate is full.
I work just under full-time. I am eighty percent with my anesthesia group at the hospital.
In the last three weeks, my niece, my mother in law (I call her mom, Anthony’s grandma, and she calls me daughter), and my son have had serious health challenges and spent time in the hospital. I’ve had to drop everything, and go take care of what had to be done.
Superimpose on this, I have absolutely no control over my work schedule.  I had to work late yesterday for a trade with a colleague, so I would have time off to go watch Anthony’s school play in two weeks. The cases all switch around–even though I request my case lineup, for one reason or another during the workday in the Operating Room they all move around. I stay late. I don’t get the best compensation compared to my colleagues because of the way they know how to ‘play the game’ better than I do.  And I get yelled at!  Constantly.  My orthopedic surgeon made fun of my skills to my face and complained about the whole hospital. The recovery room is literally a thorn in my side–yesterday during a conversion from regional to general, the phone rang on my work station, then at the nurse’s work station, about ten phone calls each. I’m doing patient care that demands all of my attention, and I let it ring. I can’t tell you how many times at the beginning or ending of a case (think of it like a pilot with takeoff or landing) that damn phone rings with some nurse wanting to know if the patient is staying in the hospital overnight. All of this is well-documented in the medical record!  But they call.  I have to take it.  With a smile. Yesterday, I called the nurse on it. When the patient was stable, I returned the call. She picked up and I listened to her message. Then I said, ‘I have ears. They work. These calls are harassment and taking away from patient care. I will call you back. I won’t forget. Please don’t do this to me again. Thank you.’
On top of it all, after getting off work at nine p.m., I stopped by to see my niece and my sister in her room upstairs. It had been a long day, over twelve hours, with them upstairs and me in the O.R., not eating, and never being able to see them. She was happy to see me. It turned out they had many things to share. And the nurse couldn’t get the finger stick for the blood sugar, after three tries. So I helped. I was the ‘tourniquet’ on the finger and my sister poked. It didn’t even hurt and there was plenty for a sample. After we saw the fireworks from Disney from her room. They were so beautiful!
Then I got a nasty text from Anthony’s father why I hadn’t picked him up from his parents? It’s ‘not cool’.  It was originally HIS weekend. He had plans. I traded everything the way he asked at the last minute. But I said, ‘I have to work on Friday can you keep him?’  He went to the ball game. He gave Anthony to his parents. His father has been taking two weeks off to care for his wife after her surgery. He was exhausted. He also had no concept of my niece only being out of ICU for one day (she almost died), or her PTSD of the hospital and her need to see me. He didn’t know or comprehend the complexity of my cases, the technical challenges, or how much abuse I took in this long day.
But how could I fight it?
How could I raise his Consciousness enough to make him see?
I called immediately, apologized profusely, and drove to their house to pick Anthony up.
I didn’t defend. I kept love in my heart. And I learned two very important things about myself:
  1. Not paying attention to time is a self-preservation in my specialty. If I focused on when I get home, I would just lose it completely. It is totally depressing never to know when I will come home on any given day. One slow surgeon and too many emergencies for those taking call together–three of us, in order–can throw all your plans out the window!  (Last night, after having had only one handful of Paleo mix and one cup of water for dinner, I gave up and Anthony and I went to Denny’s. More on this later.)
  2. I always have to be ‘on’.  I always have to be ‘responsible’.  No matter how many lives I save, no matter how stressful my day, it does not excuse me from making sure my behavior is ‘appropriate’ to the people who are close to me in my life. Even if it would be nice if they would cut me some slack, I can never expect it. Because they live in a world where their time is under their control, I have to toe the line that is set by them. It’s not fair to me in any way at all, to have so much expected of me everywhere I am…but it IS what it is…and I can’t control everything.
I work with Archangel Raphael. He literally came the second time my niece went to have the ultrasound of her clotted PICC line. I felt his presence. Everything went well.
I have my ‘teams’.
Last night, on the drive home, Ross sent me the sweetest energy. Oh yes, and when my angry Russian was yelling at me and the O.R. and everything was a huge hurry and emergency and stress–Ross mentioned to me, ‘Can you imagine what he is like in bed?’  OMGosh that one totally cracked me up–the same behaviors undoubtedly are with him in a romantic setting–all the chaos and the bluster!
At Denny’s they have a claw machine where you can win a prize.  I wanted the green hedgehog. I love hedgehogs. I took out a couple dollars and said, Anthony, win it for me…Anthony is very good at this game.
The hedgehog was just on the edge next to the chute.  He tried and tried and missed it. I got two more dollars. The last time, he was very focused and had a different energy. He got it!  He handed it to me and I jumped up and down and hugged him and kissed him.
I asked how he did it?
He said, ‘Ross told me how mom. Ross told me how to get it for you.’
What the daily practice of Accepting and Allowing does, is opens your heart to your Life Lessons.
There always is a breather after the tests, just like my Denny’s with my hedgehog after my long hard day.
Cultivating a spirit of Welcoming What Is has the ability to help you better understand yourself and others. You will not be held hostage by your many emotions, your concept of ‘how things should be’, and essentially, that little three letter word that starts with an ‘E’ and rhymes with ‘me go’…the one we think everyone else has but we of course do not! LOL LOL LOL  (that goes for me too! <3))
This spirit of ‘Welcoming What Is’ is very advanced for the Consciousness. All the Galactics have it. And it’s a really nice way to experience Life.
In summary, try to think of the forces of Life that are causing you stress as a giant rip tide.
Pay attention to the forces you can’t see that are pulling you so strongly in one direction.
Your reaction is the only thing that is going to make a difference in how it turns out.
Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.
Sometimes when you are closer to Ascension, the lessons come a little more suddenly and faster–because it is getting you ‘complete’…and if you are already Ascended, it might be for you to hold the space (the energy vibration) for others, like myself with Anthony’s father and grandfather last night.
Remember you can also initiate ways to work with your lessons and with the energies too.
My niece is terrified of her PICC line.  She hates it.  I see it completely different:
  • it saved her life
  • it keeps her from getting stuck every day for blood draws
  • the clot extended her hospital stay which was what the whole family wanted (the line is patent but the clot surrounds it in the vessel)
  • it gives her an opportunity to face her fears and grow from the lessons in her shadow side
Am I going to mention anything to her?
Am I going to love?
Am I going to come up with a ridiculous name for it, just like my mom did with her kidney graft and stoma, and my niece did with her kidney graft?  You bet!
I named it ‘Petunia PICC’, after Porky Pig’s lady!!!  I’m going to keep loving and calling it Petunia–in my heart–just to hold the space for my niece to come around.
It’s my ‘science experiment’ LOL. Let’s see how this ‘working with energy’ thing goes!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


See With The Heart — Gaia News Brief 22 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

My father used to vex me while I was growing up. He would challenge my natural, ‘practical’ pessimism with the option to be ‘optimistic’.

It was always ‘Carla is the glass of water halfway FULL or halfway EMPTY?’  LOL.

It was a good lesson.

He also said that a sign of EDUCATION is the ability for one to hold an intelligent conversation with someone who doesn’t share your views, while still leaving room for mutual appreciation and respect–not trying to convince the other to see it ‘as you do’.

Last night I had the fantastic opportunity to go to a program at the San Diego Zoo.

It was an update to the donors about a community outreach program called The San Diego Zoo Express.

Some of you may be against all zoos.

Some of you will close your ears because the concept of a zoo is not acceptable to you. Your hearts and your consciousness will ‘shut off’ because ‘zoos are bad’.

If this is the case I will caution you–your Consciousness is in dire need to move beyond this duality-based thinking–it’s all ‘black or white’, I ‘believe it or I don’t’–and stretch to the energies of Enlightened Consciousness–‘there are no mistakes only lessons’.

In the Higher Realms we acknowledge there are ‘good choices’ and ‘not so good choices’ but on the whole, it is Creator’s duty to ‘judge’ and we openly acknowledge that ‘everyone is doing the best they can as a soul with what has been given in their situation.’

The good things about the zoo are outreach to the public, supporting the love of animals, and conservation.  I believe if it wasn’t for the Safari Park many more rhinos would be extinct. I think there is perhaps another deer type species who lives there freely but is close to extinction in the wild.

The not so good things are that the animals are enclosed and dependent on humans for everything. Although the enclosures are being updated as much as possible, for example, the new elephant exhibit is much larger than the one we used to see growing up–this is still not even close to what is in the wild.

So, what IS the ‘Zoo Express’?

It’s an outreach that is a special form of healing. It is like Therapy Dogs on Steroids! Actual zoo creatures are brought with volunteers to local Children’s Hospitals and Long-Term Care facilities.

The people involved with this program shared two important stories:

  • a pre-teen cancer patient was very grumpy, totally bald from chemo, and never smiled. He grabbed the biggest stuffed animal snake (all kids get their choice of stuffed animal) they had. The animal trainer quipped under her voice–with this you will be able to scare lots of nurses!  Then he REALLY smiled big, and later was seen chasing nurses up and down the hall with it, to everyone’s delight–for the nurses knew he was depressed and withdrawn because of his illness.
  • an ICU visit was planned, which is rare. In the bed was a twenty-year old woman, who because of disease had her growth stunted severely. She was the size of a child. She was unable to see, hear, and communicated like Helen Keller.  She had never seen a dog in her life, and the nurses wanted her to see the one brought by the zookeepers. The girl slowly touched the dog all over, every inch, taking the experience in.  When she finished, she threw her arms around the dog’s neck and hugged it very tight! The explained it is the most wonderful creature she has ever met in all her life, and she never wanted to let it go!  All of the nurses and zoo staff were in tears over this amazing encounter, a gesture of love to a grown woman who had spent her whole youth so isolated because of her illness she could never meet an animal until now…
The seniors look forward to the visits, and say in their comments on the visit, ‘honestly this is the highlight of my entire year, thank you for visiting us’.
The zoo trainer explained to us how everyone benefits from this program–including the hospital staff, who are just as eager to meet the animals as the patients and residents.  She commented on after seeing illness day in and day out in their work, the caregivers naturally flock to the ‘Zoo Ambassadors’ too.
They bring porcupines, baby anteaters, monkeys, birds, and most often, a howling/singing dog, and also the companion animal of the cheetah–a one hundred fifty pound enormous white dog I think might be a Colorado Pyrenees.
We were allowed to meet these two dogs after the program.
They were very high vibration, loving creatures.  Anthony was in heaven! He likes big dogs, and this one was one of the biggest he’s ever seen. The dog seemed to enjoy meeting Anthony too. We spent a long time after the program talking with the trainer.
This is why I support the zoo.
It started with a student discount pass while I was in medical school. Unlimited admission for a year to both parks for twenty dollars.
I used to study near the waterfalls by the gorilla exhibit.
I have been gradually increasing my level of support over the years.
In my fellowship I actually was permitted to go with our UCSD team to help give anesthesia to Bai Yun, the panda at the zoo. It was the most wonderful day of my career!  (the two facilities help one another. In particular, the imaging equipment is shared by the hospital for zoo ‘patients’–but surgeries are done on the zoo premises in their own operating room. The safari park has a state of the art medical facility there too.
Animals may or may not ‘need’ humans.
But humans need animals and nature to thrive.
And no matter what you feel or believe about zoos in general, wouldn’t you agree that seeing a porcupine while you are fighting cancer in the children’s hospital, lifts your spirits, brings you joy, and helps you to forget the pain and suffering?
This program brings nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to those who cannot physically ‘get’ to the zoo….and it makes all the difference in the world…to know the people at the zoo care enough to make the effort to share the only thing they have to share…their amazing animals!
Healing, is so far-reaching, in so many ways.
I have an anesthesiologist friend, and mother of four, who organizes seasonal events for her inpatients–a team comes and gives a shampoo and blow dry to people who are in the hospital for a long time. It helps people feel and look their best while they are fighting illness. It also lets them know people care about them enough to visit and spend time with them in this way.
It’s not just the shampoo.
It’s the hearts that go with it.
So…open your hearts…always hope for the best…and ask Creator to do the judging instead of you the next time the urge hits to judge something. You’ll be glad you did!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Carla and Ross
P.S.  A message from Ross–Carla has a very early start and must take Anthony to his father to drop him off to school. She has to be at work before the school opens. He will speak ‘longer’ on the next one. He thanks you for your patience with him. He wants me to talk about my new bracelets in the next one too.  I made many, many, and am going to be putting them on Etsy. He waves goodbye.

As Close As Twins — Gaia News Brief 19 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Loving At Work

It’s so nice there at work now! I don’t mind the long hours. Neither do my colleagues. And we truly enjoy serving our patients.

The cases are difficult, challenging…and things go well.

Yesterday a surgeon said to me, with a smile, ‘I like the way you think!’ (I had made the ‘twilight sleep’ a ‘snoring sleep’ on purpose, and asked him to please agree with me–wink wink–that the patient was to be told they were  ‘awake and comfortable’ throughout the procedure. This is to expedite the surgery, so there would be no movement of the surgical field, and also, in compassion for the very nervous patient.)

We anesthesiologists in our group were asked at the last minute to cover for the widower in the group, who was still out of the country visiting his deceased wife’s family–not one but three people, possibly more–volunteered to take his first call.

Ross and I

For the last two days we have been very close.  He said since we are going to be together forever we might as well take the time to get to ‘know one another’. ❤

I like his jokes.

I also am close enough to him to have my deepest concerns and fears about us come out.

Would you believe a part of me has felt ‘thwarted’ for all these years since he transitioned, because I wanted to kiss his boo-boos for him, with love, and just be caring like that to him? I prepared his body for burial, but was in too much shock for this important gesture of love…in our last incarnation together.

So for the last two days I have been either held in his arms, just letting myself realize the nightmare is over…or randomly kissing his ‘boo boos’.

Yesterday was a first where he held up a finger and said, ‘here Carla, this part hurts’ and I kissed it for him. Then he pointed to his arm or some other place, and I kissed it too.

We are working though our trauma now as a couple, and it is deeply healing for us both.


I had a very long post-call day. It was two p.m. and I needed lunch.

On the way home, I just wanted home and bed. Ross suggested my favorite vegan restaurant, but I just wanted home.

Then he suggested another vegan one.

I told him that even though I’m tired, I respect him as my partner, and I will go out of my way to do what he asks of me.

So I found some back route, drove past a real estate lawyer too (bonus!), and parked the car…only I couldn’t find the place! I looked all over…I guess it was out of business but nothing even looked like I remembered.

This was at the Camp.

I DID see, what I had manifested–I have wanted to rest in a hammock for two days, and wow! There one was! (It felt wonderful).

There was also an Italian restaurant (I am now one percent fluent due to Duo Lingo app–I adore it!) so I enjoyed nature, and being out of the hospital, and not quite home yet with my responsibilities.

I took MANY photos of the area. It was the perfect lighting, and I was very happy to walk around after my meal, taking shots.

My photographic eye has been noticed in my blog work (I use a photo service as well as my own) and now two days in a row my own photos I have shot have been uploaded to other ‘papers’ on Twitter. This pleases me very much…

Ross also showed me a beautiful boutique.

This is significant, and I am almost in tears.

I have NEVER shopped at a boutique, because they are expensive. The ones in Berkeley by my school were like, WAY out of my budget.  The ones here cost even more.

But this one, Pùrre, was affordable.  There was a blue and white tee shirt dress with the name of my old counselor–‘almost’ on the label. I wanted it for a beach cover up but it didn’t fit right. There were organic natural products, jewelry. I bought one eighties’ style blouse made of tee shirt material. It has a tie at the neck…it’s the color I wore to my bridal shower, and will add a little ‘something different’ to the jeans I always wear.

I was so glad I found this surprise, this chance to explore…

By the way the vegan restaurant was across the street, at the LAB Anti-Mall…my old hangout in the nineties…I was at the wrong place!

My Journal

Once home, Ross guided me to write. He asked me some questions. I was a little ‘scattered’.  He was patient with me.

I found myself looking at photos of Maui, when Anthony was three. It was an anesthesia conference at the Hyatt in January 2009, at a luau. We are both smiling and wearing leis.

Ross had me look at her, the ‘me’ from the past.  He asked me ‘do you still have that shirt?’.

I didn’t.

It was before dad went on palliative care, and died.

It was before I changed hospital jobs.

It was before Reiki.

I had no clue about Ross or me, who my soul is.

I was surrounded by fear and sorrow.

I recalled how in September I met Tim Braun, and although I had found work, I was at an all-time low, because I was psychic and didn’t understand why God made me ‘different’.

Ross asked me to compare where I am ‘now’.

It’s so much better!

He asked me ‘was it worth it?’ (the change).

I said yes.

In the morning I had run into an old surgical technician from my old work, at the little cafe at this work. He said it had gotten so bad there that although he is a traveler nurse now, on his assignment there for one week he quit! He said it’s ‘all run down’.  The equipment–you can’t get what you need–and the place is literally falling apart.

I gave thanks. Ross asked me what would have happened if I had stayed at that place?

We both knew the answer to his question.

He explained to me how good it is for me to explore and see new places; this is why he wants me to move. It’s good for me.  When we stay in one place for too long, it stagnates the energy.

He then asked, ‘where will you go next?’

My soul surprised me–it said, ‘Shasta’.

I asked him, ‘That’s in Siskiyou county, right?’

He nodded yes.

So I looked online. I had remembered delight in that area as a child. It was so fresh and pure!

The homes were very inexpensive. In the winter they get snow…that would be something new for me in my retirement (I could retire if I moved there).

Then I saw that the views weren’t so great. And also, it’s super accelerating crime rates in nearby Redding.

It is the exercise of walking through the steps of a dream that was freeing and important exercise to do…

Heaven at Home

I hadn’t seen Anthony for two days. I dropped him off last Wednesday morning at school. And he spent the night with his dad while I was on call.

He asked me to play Uno. I had just cleared and decluttered the kitchen a little. So we relaxed and played and laughed so hard.

Ross asked me, ‘how is my family’ with love.  I said, telepathically–for this is how we communicate–‘we are having fun!’ but I didn’t mention anything out loud.

Then, he said something to Anthony! And Anthony hadn’t heard him for some time, but Ross was going, ‘hey hey hey!’ in a friendly voice.

We were so relaxed that Anthony shared he had the song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman in his mind all day, the ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ song.

So we changed it. We sang it while playing Uno:  Time To….Pick Up Cards…la la la la la…la la la la…

Moments like this ARE like Heaven.

Follow Your Soul

I never had a mentor who was incarnate.

I had a Reiki Teacher, and also, a Divine Peace Healing Teacher, and some advanced students to guide me through the classes and steps.

But the only one-on-one mentor I have had is Blessed Mother Mary in all of my spiritual growth.

I have my guardian angel too, Laetari, who I know now as Ross, my Beloved husband and twin.

I have done incredible things on my journey, all of which are recorded in this blog.

It’s my ‘guide map to Ascension’–my own story, for you to share.

Spirit guides me in everything I do, everything I say, everything I post, every interaction I have with anything or anybody. I am ALWAYS getting this ‘input’ from Source…

I am happy to be of assistance to those who are seeking spiritual guidance, both directly and indirectly.

You will know it is your ‘calling’ , your ‘purpose’, your ‘life contract thing you incarnated to do’–when you have this passion to follow whatever it is your soul is guiding you to do (in my case, teach and write).

I don’t know what that is, for you.  I can’t see it with my third eye. I can ‘sense’ when energetically you are a ‘good fit’ with your energy. A little. I can’t see the Akashic Records or the Pre Birth Contracts.

I am extremely careful with people who think I am ‘wonderful’. Who think I am in some way ‘the answer’ —people who put me up on a pedestal.  This is one lesson my teacher Anne taught well…because it’s not healthy for either person in the situation. And the only place for the person on the pedestal to go is to fall.

Just like Anne, I will gently and consistently direct you back to Source, in Love, which is how it is supposed to be, and step right down off of any ‘pedestal’ you wish to create for me.

I will always be there for you, I will always love you.

Remember that this is Now (if we have a past life connection).

Remember that you have a purpose and will find it, when it is organically  the ‘right’ place and ‘right’ time for you in your own spiritual growth. It can’t be rushed.

If I sense you are on the right track, which many times I do, I won’t say a word. I will gently encourage you with my soul and my love and pray for blessings to surround you.

I will never say, ‘Okay first step is THIS and next THAT and check back with me’.

That’s 3D.

If you are on the wrong track, the only thing different is I might ask a question to help you to find your way.

If you are on the WAY wrong track, Ross and I will still love you unconditionally. And we will pray for your lessons to play out, and for you to come home, and stop going in the direction of more painful lessons for you.

This is not one but a handful of people we have seen in all kinds of situations–who come to us (by writing to me)….

I want to make it clear that we are high-level teachers in the sense we work with the energies and the collectives ‘a little more’, and the individuals ‘a little less’–because it is in our ‘assignment’ we have been sent to ‘do’.

I hope this makes sense.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste…


I wanted the Shangi-La sign image for MY part. (he giggles–ed–I sense he enjoys teasing me very much).

(hands folded in front of him–ed)  All is well.

All is well!


Everything is proceeding according to plan.

(raises one finger–ed)  I have to correct Cobra on some minor points:

  • the fairies are not ‘just entering’ they have always been on Gaia surface and the astral and etheric planes.
  • everything is ‘safe’ and has been under my control for a long time (mine and my teams)
  • there is a gentle ‘awakening’ that is happening. We are taking the ‘scenic route’ (slow)
  • all those predictions about money and power have a double-edge and as ‘predictions’ are trying to prolong what is third-dimensional in energy and thought.
  • the MORE you feel that happiness in your heart, that calm, that JOY, that PEACE–the more you will know you are already in the finer vibrations of the ‘higher realms’ as we call it.
  • You will also find things humorous the perhaps in the past you didn’t–for example, while looking up Shasta, Carla was asking me where the entrance to Agartha is?  And we both knew full well I WASN’T going to show her, and we totally cracked up.
(clap clap)  I want it to be SHORT and TO THE POINT!
You are living your life in the perfect way at the perfect time for YOU.
Look at Carla! It took her seven years to get to where she is today. From absolute nothing!
And where you are today, even if you have Ascended, it is not the end!
There is plenty of more ‘growth opportunities and experiences’ for you to explore!
So do!
(clap clap)
I only say this once:  I powerfully love you! You bring us great pleasure in all of your growth, your ‘baby steps’ you are taking in the higher realms.
The only difference between Heaven on Earth and Heaven (above) is that we KNOW about it–and you are ‘finding your way’…
That’s it!
The only difference it you are getting to explore ‘something new’ and ‘having fun with it’, Just like Carla at the Camp shopping area on her way home from work yesterday…
I know you are doing your best, you are exceeding our expectations, and Cobra–like it or not–is unsuccessfully trying to delay ‘the inevitable’.
So enjoy the Higher Realms!  And all life has to offer (points to his chest–ed)  in HERE.
(clap clap!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Asaga speaks – October 29, 2015 through Isabel Henn

The silverplatinum flame

10314575_10151984282166296_81175584067965624_nSource of the picture unknown or the owner of the rights would be named.

My beloved humans, I am Asaga, a Pegasus from AEON, the home of Divine Mother. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am what you know as Unicorn but with wings. Unicorns and Pegasus are of the same family. I am the first and oldest of all Pegasus and I am the child – as soul – and friend of Divine Mother. I am her happiness, that is what my name means and what I do. I make her happy.

Not long ago Divine Mother in her incarnated form asked me if I would be willing to help her attune people to the Unicorn Energy Healing System. I agreed because I want to make other humans happy too and to help them heal themselves. With me all my brothers and sisters, the other…

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My Journal October 20, 2015 – All I need to be and do is Love

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2015, 10:06.26 pm CEST

Last night I had a long talk with Silverstar and my Higher Self. I feel better, a bit physically and also spiritually. I am in balance and I trust again and that shows me that it truly came from the attacks.

I surrendered to Silverstar. I told him I would love him and that I would love nothing else more than him and if I need to stay on Earth to help our children ascend then I would stay as long as necessary. He took me in his arms and said there would be no need for me to stay but that I have to come back as soon as possible to become again my true Self and then go back to Earth and do my next mission. This is what he always tells me when I ask him so…

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Earth will not be destroyed – Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – Equinox edition September 23, 2015

The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, this is planned to be the last message I give through my beloved incarnation, or I should better say the soul that is Divine Mother incarnate.

You are nearing an important point in your history. As you are already told Gaia is firm in 5D now and at least a part of her population too. I don’t give you any date but the day is near that 3D and 5D Earth will be separated. The last mergings of souls with Isabel are happening now, souls who chose the end of their existence over healing. It is sad but they too have free will. After this Gaia, my beloved daughter who is the soul of your planet, will be free to move on. It is her right as she too has her free will. She has waited so long for this moment and she had agreed to wait…

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Wake up call – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 13, 2015


23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, it is time for another message from me through my scribe. The last message I will give through her as she is in the process of going home, back to Sirius, back to AEON where she resides over all the Archangels and Angels. She will ascend a last time in her body.

She is my true incarnation on earth and she has done all she incarnated for. Her missions she had as Isabel are fulfilled and it is time for her to go home. She and I we are truly one, we are one and the same.

There are others who claim to be me but they are only impostors or an alias to protect the true identity. She is not happy about my telling who she is, and agreed only because she knows she is nearly home. It can be only a few days now. She will come back as the Being she is, as I AM, and she will continue her work with a new mission.

Isabel is not better than you, as you are our divine child and of our essence, our love. What she did is not impossible for you, it only means you have to do your work. Release all the old energies, the old pain, your luggage. You can’t take it with you to the higher dimensions. You have to travel light or have to stay in 3 D. Raise your vibrations to that of unconditional love. Nobody can do this for you, you are your own savior.

Is it so hard for you to love? To forgive? To not judge?

Do I ask too much of you, my sweet child?

But this is the Law of the Universe and even I have to respect it. What Isabel did – and she is not alone in this as more of you have done so much releasing – is not impossible, she is bound to the same laws as you and did her own work. It is your willingness to work on your energies, pain, Karma and vibration that hinders you in growing.

I told you so often what it requires at a minimum and I repeat it again:

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow men the same!

Forgive yourself for all you did to you and others and forgive all who did harm to you!

Don’t judge your fellow people that you won’t be judged and don’t judge yourself!

Is it not what my beloved son Jesus told you? What he lived as an example while he was on earth?

 Wake up my beloved child, don’t push the snooze button again or it will be too late for you.

Gaia can’t and won’t wait until eternity that you finally will change your mind and stop damaging her or yourself. Does the Big Bell ring not yet loud enough for you?

What is necessary to stop your slumber?

Tell me, my child.

What is necessary to get you of your trance like sleep, your robotic life?

I will ring the Big Bell again and again and will call you.


I will do this just unto a certain moment and then I will stop because after that moment it will be to late for you to start your soul’s work for this Ascension.

After this you will have to wait for the next opportunity and I can’t tell you when this will happen.

The way to 5D or higher will then be shut for you.

Know my child, that I don’t judge you, some of you are young or baby souls and need many more experiences to grow and evolve. A toddler can’t graduate from University but you my child, my starseed and lightworker, who came to earth to raise vibrations and to help humanity to the light, you are able to graduate.

I don’t judge, but I call you to wake up and to do your homework, your mission for which you incarnated.

I call you to action now. Wake up my beloved child!!! Before it is too late.

I know my words aren’t what you are used to hear from me but remember, your earthly mother had to get you out of your bed too when you slept in and it was time to go to school or work. At one point she had to be determined and this moment has arrived for me now too.

I embrace you with my love, I keep you in my arms however you decide.

My love for you is unconditional, boundless and eternally.

You are my beloved child ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

The Call From Great Spirit Part One by Reiki Doc May 6, 2015

This morning I awoke with a Reiki Symbol I have never seen before, and a sense of urgency.

Here is the video to explain the vision.

https://youtu.be/E8aouPtLMtY (this is the direct link)

Here are the supporting links–please note I drew my picture first before I saw any of the links:

And this also supports the whole message from Great Spirit today.: https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/denouement-of-old-paradigm-patterns-accelerate/
Here are yesterday’s two new Reiki Symbols:
This one, Raising The Consciousness, is drawn left to right with repeating the triangle design, separating them with small dots.
This one is drawn with the mind’s eye–but you are welcome to use your finger or pencil to practice it until you can get the drawing it with your mind part right.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 22.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Eclipse Edition

My Higher Self woke me up about two minutes before the alarm with this message:  I will give you a beautiful happiness of God…and justice.

As I made breakfast, I asked myself, ‘I wonder if all this is one big lie? Everything I do with Spirit could just seem so far fetched?’

I was guided to make tea instead of coffee. I took some Picadilly Breakfast Yogi Tea. There were only three words on the paper at the end of the string– Truth Is Eternal.


So Much Negativity!!

Two of our hardest working–and soon to be highest paid–colleagues and one more sat in the Doctor’s Lounge as I waited for my surgeon. One would think these financially-motivated types would be ‘out of sync’ with the Higher Realms.

One said, out loud, ‘I wonder what the problem is with (names our ward clerk/receptionist/scheduler who works days)? Every time I go up there I get SO MUCH NEGATIVITY!’ The others nodded in agreement. And the same anesthesiologist gave thanks because there were two rooms to run, not much time for a block, and the OB on call anesthesiologist was available to help.

This one, on OB, said, ‘I bury all my feelings and traumatize myself!’ in some other topic, I forget.

And when I warned them that the electronic anesthesia record is coming to our hospital soon?

I got a loud, and very positive, ‘Will you TEACH US?’

(the receptionist judges this one for changing the schedule, to her favor, sometimes without the consent of the person being changed. The receptionist thinks this is selfish. I know the doctor–this one is very ‘fast’ with ‘juggling changes’ and gets a lot of people saying ‘okay’ to her requests but with them not writing them down and forgetting…you see how the ‘negativity’ piles up? Judge not, and let the one who is meant to Judge do all the judging, and be FREE!)

My Favorite Heart Surgeon
Through my claircognizance I realized there is a very good chance this doc will self-destruct in the near future. There have been two near-misses, and some time off due to health concerns, but no signs of slowing down.
I have known this avid Catholic heart surgeon my whole career. He used to assist my old heart surgeon back where I used to work. We both share a devotion to Our Lady, Mother Mary, whom I call Blessed Mother. We both wore her little brown scapular.
He used to have a practice to do sympathectomies for people with sweaty palms. But then he signed up with this group that has sent one of my senior Chief Residents from training to worker’s comp and disability for psychological harassment, another to retire in Hawaii the minute his last kid graduated from college, and a young fresh surgeon out of Ann Arbor to flat out quit after a meltdown from overwork and under pay.
This is because this team manages the acute care surgery needs at three different hospitals. They work all hours of night and day, and the senior partners get the higher-paying vascular cases. (I actually LOVE both of these partners, both have trained me as a surgeon when I was a resident. And one, actually speaks Aramaic, like they did ‘back in the day’…with you-know-who. I see what they do, and kick the judgement part ‘upstairs’, if you know what I mean.)
I think of it as ‘Old School Practice’, sort of a pyramid system, that takes advantage somewhat of the junior partners…
This surgeon not only is always working, he is chronically late. We didn’t get into the O.R. until eight eighteen for a seven-thirty start case. He complained that because he missed a celebrity speaking event his wife organized with a Top Supermodel Contestant to walked off the show due to refusal to wear something too sleazy–that he was ‘in the doghouse’.  Other themes in the day were, ‘and now I fail again’. He travels to do locus tenens heart surgery in Santa Rosa and in Redding. Also he is medical advisor to a Carmelite nun-run retirement home, he is also a medical reviewer for the California State Medical Board…he is literally burning the candle at both ends.
Today, sensing what I did, the surgical technician spoke up, and asked, ‘When are you going to slow down?’ out of concern for this surgeon’s health.  The tech said, ‘My daughter is all grown up. Those years go by fast. You are going to miss those with your little ones too…’
It fell on deaf ears.
You see, this man who is so dearly loved, does not love himself.
He also is financially behind the eight ball, because his brother-in-law invested for him poorly, and all was lost.
He is a beautiful person who is lulled into this ‘comfort zone’ that is misery, and he accepts it.
Have I ever told him I see Our Lady and have since 1992?
How would he take it?
How would he take the truth about the church?
The long-story short is that this man possibly will need some more time in 3D, no matter how much grace is given toward his awakening. He’s just not ‘ripe’ yet to Ascend…

The Fun Neighbors

I asked someone who is OB-GYN I trained with if she was ready for Halloween? Her husband, also an OB-GYN, loves making the house scary for the neighborhood, and many come just to see it. Well, it turns out the orthopedic surgeon in the Doctor’s Lounge is her neighbor too. And they spoke about a common neighbor who has ‘a very nice house’ and ‘is really fun’ and ‘used to be a quarterback for Harvard’.

This couple, the ‘fun’ couple, throw many parties. They have a wall of wine bottles, that is beautiful, like in a restaurant, and have wine boxes all over the house. The estimate by the OB-GYN neighbor is ten thousand bottles. The ortho guy said, ‘If you drink one bottle a day that’s only three-hundred-sixty-five bottles. That’s a long way from your estimate!’  He also has a friend who designed an app that will read the bar code on each bottle, create a file, and tell you which ones to drink next and with what meal (chicken or beef? etc) to get them at the peak flavor for the wine experience.

The ortho shared how when he golfs with the quarterback neighbor, he is the one who says, ‘It’s time to do a shot!’ on the course and makes sure people have their bets on the game and keeps things ‘lively’.  He is the coordinator for FUN!, he confessed.

My home is not in a gated community.  I enjoy it, but it would not meet ‘nice’ by any standards of my fellow doctors and surgeons. My home is half the square footage of theirs. And I know for a fact the OB-GYN is an amazing decorator because I know people who are happy to get her hand-me-downs in furniture each time she redoes her house!

The long-story short is that these people have ‘played’ the system and come out ‘privileged’ and ENJOY IT! For them, this ‘lifestyle’ is security, it is the reward that was delayed from all that study, education, and training…it is like a secret-hand-shake ‘club’ of affluence in that neighborhood, and they LOVE everything about their lives!  Why change? Why wake up? There is no incentive to do so…

Raising Awareness Outside The Bubble
My junior colleague ate lunch with me. He is a new father. I asked about the baby. He says she is getting more social, and he enjoys it very much. Already she is three months old.
He asked me about baby-proofing. I shared what I knew.
He was surprised I only had one? ‘You were so careful to do everything right with the baby-proofing!’ he blurted out. He wanted to know why I didn’t have more?
I started late, and the father left me. I would have loved to have more.’
‘Well, at least you are getting child support from him, to punish him, for leaving you like that.’
“Actually, I am lucky he is not asking for child support from me.’ I shared.  He was young, and wasn’t ready. He is involved, and even coached the basketball team now.
Long story short is this doctor ‘played by the book’–dating, marriage, children after buying a home and is ‘enjoying’ his ‘due reward’ for being part of the system in his Asian culture. I, on the other hand, fit in to NOTHING of that, and yet, I love and support and enjoy my family too. He had an increase in awareness today, however, his ‘comfort zone’ is secure, and I doubt it will create the desire to ‘awaken and work with Spirit’ any time soon.

This Has Been My Angst The Last Few Days

As Ground Crew, a Star Seed who has been putting forth fearless and tremendous efforts at great sacrifice and personal risk to Help Others, I have been running out of steam.

Even with my most faithful followers, I can’t seem to ‘crack’ the hold that money has on them. I try to lead by example. By giving donations to ‘help’ when times are tough in exceptional situations (I will no longer due this as I have to support my family, by the way, so don’t ask.).  I work very hard, and I also ignore my son to be on the computer as much as I am. Yesterday he told me he ‘hates Sundays’ because we ‘do nothing’ and ‘you are always on the computer’.

So I felt this sadness that Gaia is making this incredible gift, with all of Heaven and the Galactics pulling out the stops–to bring all of the inhabitants of Gaia into the New Age ALIVE and together as one…and people are so entrenched into the Matrix, into Money, into Security, into all the examples I have given…that it just won’t work as fast as I would have preferred it to work. It IS unstoppable. But it might take years upon years for this ‘New Renaissance’ to actually happen.

It is progressing slow enough that I want OUT. I want to go HOME. So do many other Light Workers. I know several who have cut way back on their efforts too.

It’s as if Humanity is refusing the GIFT of Ascension, Awakening, and becoming 5D…and it wounds my very heart, deeply…

So I went to the store. I had to get groceries. It was a short day. And in the produce aisle, selecting good things to eat for my family, I felt joy.

I also felt truth…

No one can hold me back from my own 5D experience–no one can slow down Gaia and her Ascension–no one can ‘hold any other Lightworker BACK’–this is Illusion, the last illusion from the Matrix.

And it is GONE.

I release everyone to their own fate, for their highest good.

The reason I bring this up, is not to complain, but to get to YOU who are working so hard to awaken your loved ones…tirelessly giving of your heart, like me.

Let it go.

Seek your JOY.

Dance your dance. Sing your song…for YOU, and you alone.

If anyone wants to join you, go ahead, and let them dance and sing…

I’m opening my present. I really really wanted it. And when it arrives? I’m making sure they take pictures of it as I pull the ribbons open, and tear the paper, and AWAKEN in 5D with my heart–it’s like a ‘sneak preview’ of the ‘coming attractions’ and I am going to imagine it until it arrives. Even if it takes the next fifty years for it to happen.

(for the record, I am 12 D. I am very high vibration. And I love Nature, which is at least 5D, possibly more…Many of you are higher D than you think. Just enjoy the ride, and let others take care of those who are asleep.)

Reiki Tells What Is Hidden

I went into my patient’s aura today and went, ‘WHOA!’ It was a jumble of very low vibration, which I didn’t expect because of the sweet nature I met in pre-op. I noticed a very rapid metabolism of both the anesthesia and pain meds, which was curious. I mentioned it to the daughter, my concern, for potential under medication, and how the patient would need her as her advocate.

It turns out that the energy and the life habits (which I won’t go into and aren’t horrible or anything) MATCH.

I think it’s just a yellow chakra imbalance in a big way…


Carla grew up today.

She went from ‘hoping for a miracle for all’ to a very realistic approach to the Ascension Process overall.

I have not had the time with her to coach her, or to lead. She has come up with this on her own, independent of me. And I join her in wishing for you to let go of the guilt when it comes to your inability to awaken others around you, especially ones you care about.

It is simple science that has to do with the aura and it’s ability to accept a higher vibration–it comes from habitual thought patterns, character, soul development, and karmic debt.


Just leave it to What Is, and accept your gift.

About the money…what both of us ask if for you to simply make a little smiley face whenever you pay a bill. At the restaurant for sure. If possible, at the register at the store, and if you are really brave about it, on your billing slips when you pay by check in the mail.  We want to raise the vibration of the transaction to allow a little Love and Happiness to enter between you who pay and the one who gets the payment.

This is more important than asking you to give money to a cause.

We want you to release from your shackles. No matter how little or how much you owe, you have a smile and a pen and a hand that can put that smile in ink on where your money is going.

This will break the cycle of perpetual debt, and help to increase abundance into your heart. It will take away the fear of ‘lack’ and bring with it the notion that ‘security’ is (points to the sky) guaranteed! Not by NESARA or by any intervention. It is from your own ability to MANIFEST.

We are priming the pump to get that abundance for you flowing.

Now for those of you who are going to run to your bank account and watch for the numbers, you are going to be sorely disappointed. For money does provide you the means to ‘do what you want’ but is not an end in itself. The more the focus on the money, the less it will flow. The more the focus on your heart’s desire–be it a trip to Italy, or a new house, or a Saturday night date at the movies that isn’t on the couch with microwave popcorn and a remote–the more you align your power to manifest with the energies of the universe to help you.

Sometimes things will arrive because of a gift of a friend who has ‘two extra tickets’ and thought of you, right? You get the picture. The Universe has ways to provide outside the ‘system’–yes?

And the more you help others, the more abundance will flow to you–only if it is without expectation of anything in return, it is heart-centered and balanced, and you really want the other to not suffer from their lack.

This is hard to explain for many. And perhaps this will be something to bookmark and revisit.

Either way, Carla opens her heart for you. Carla loves you. Carla is really unhappy ever since we missed the opening in December 2012. The energies have lagged for her. And she tried with all her might to make up for the difference in the hope of sparking a global awakening–somehow–in some way. Through her tireless efforts we have found you, and we thank you for your open hearts and joining the cause.

We are just about at the tipping point. With a little more effort, things that have been hidden, both for good and for shadow, will come to Light. Only the Light will prevail.

So Ebola, elections, and everything else you see in the news comes a close second to the miracle that is at hand–Gaia’s awakening together with her inhabitants.

You have ring-side seats, the very best view in the house…so keep watching! (smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc family


Gaia News Brief 28.9.2014 by Reiki Doc


Today I conserved energy. I slept. Pretty much off and on all day. This is what happens when I work in the night, on a long shift, and I get woken up and stay up from two to six a.m.

First things are exactly that–your first priority. So even though it was a gorgeous day, and the weather perfect, I took a bath, put on my pajamas, and stayed in them all day.

What is the importance of rest?

I can tell you is it WAY more important than meets the eye.  Not only is it important for the physical, so it is for the spiritual in our life. Many times in the Ascension process, I have been hit with the need to sleep, and to take a lot of sleep! The best thing you can do when this hits is to take a nap. Typically, this sleepiness is accompanied by a tingling or buzzing sensation in my body, I lie half-awake, and in about twenty minutes, it’s done and I feel rested.

Last night as I was putting in an epidural–in just seconds–I mentioned to my patient that when I have a good target, and my patient works with me as a team, it’s really fast to get the epidural in.

But when it’s a patient who is like they are riding the bucking bronco with each contraction? Well, it’s a challenge for us both!

In a way, with you and your absorbing and assimilating the energies of Ascension–into all of your bodies–your emotional, your astral, your etheric, your physical, and your mental bodies–you have a similar choice as the mother who is asking for an epidural…

You can hold still, and allow your body to absorb the energies the best it can by meditating or doing something quiet that you enjoy (being a good ‘target’ for any ‘upgrades’ to your system for the day)–OR–you can keep doing whatever you want and need to do without paying any attention to the whole process (and be a ‘moving target’).

Which one is going to have a smoother ‘ride’ up in the Higher Realms with their vibration?

; )

Why Are We Incarnate?

This was one Ross really wanted me to write after he answered the question I asked him, point blank, ‘Ross, WHY are we incarnate in the first place?’ as in ‘How did we end up here like this?!’

He said it was a good question.

Here is his answer:

  • back Home–in Heaven or whatever you wish to call it–all our needs are met
  • everyone loves Creator
  • everyone loves and respects each other
  • the question came up–if beings were ‘blinded’ to Creator, and given the most beautiful and amazing experiences possible, would they choose to Love Creator still?
  • this was initially a short-term study
  • it got out of hand
  • people were taking serious advantage of others in the system
  • Ross and I incarnated to help ‘patch things up’ with the system, to get it back on track
  • Others have joined and incarnated through the ages, all with the same plan
  • many, many of you are here right now on this ‘rescue mission’ too
  • there are those incarnate who came here and got stuck, and there are those who are asleep but here as rescue workers, and there are those who are awake
Long story short, Ross says, ‘everybody thought it would be fun. It’s long past that now. It’s overdue.’
How Ross Helped Me Today
When I am post call, I am pretty much depleted physically and emotionally. Today I spent the day with him–just enjoying his presence and his guidance. We talk. He told me tonight I should have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. (my boy went on his ‘every other weekend’)  So I did, and I enjoyed the soup I never get to eat because I am the only one who likes it.
Comfort food is important in the Ascension and Awakening process. It helps one to ground.
Ross said not to eat salad or lots of vegetables all day. It is too much work to prepare and to clean up after. So I ate lightly, cheese and crackers, a little fruit.  LOL I also ate ice cream from the carton, a whole pint, of this fake stuff called ‘Arctic Freeze’ that only has one hundred fifty calories in the whole pint! It tasted terrible, I bought it for my kid, and he won’t touch it because it’s not ‘right’.
Sometimes when your body is going through a LOT, and believe me, with all these energies opening up on the planet, we are each at our limit to absorb these wonderful blessings–it helps to work with it.
If you crave a comfort food, do it. Not every day, all the time, but when you really sense you need it.
Root vegetables, things that grow in the ground, help to ground your energies.
Drinking lots of water is helpful.
bare feet on the earth and sunshine exposure help too
(smiles) I want to talk to you about my Carla. She is doing beautifully. She is responding to my energy in a wonderful way. Her trust, and her patience with the Ascension process, warm my heart. She knows as a spirit-aware physician, that a lot is going on and that she can’t understand it. Not all of it. She knows she is monitored for her energy and her adjustment through the process. I monitor her very closely.
I also want you to know your energy is being monitored by your teams, your medical ones. Each of you has a host of people who are with you on your mission, much like the coaches and trainers and psychologists surround an Olympic Athlete.
You might not sound like much to you, but to US, each of you is a master at your skill, your mission, why you were sent here and agreed to incarnate in the first place.
We communicate with you with hints and ‘nudges’, and also in your sleep we work with you Big Time. That’s why Carla gets so ‘suddenly sleepy’–it is not narcolepsy! LOL It is ‘Lots Of Big Things Going On Upstairs Where Carla Must Be Present!’ in her spirit form.
You go all kinds of places at night. Only most of you can’t remember it.
You will.
Give it time.
Everyone will.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and his little sleepyhead, Carla, the Reiki Doc who writes to you with her heart and a passion for your well-being that cannot be matched.