BAST. ~ “The Final Battle Has Begun.” ~ By Bella Capozzi. October 7, 2012


★ You think we do not hear your cries, Great Warriors, but we do.  You feel you are fighting the noble fight alone, bereft of any means of support and without a lifeline unto which you might cling when the seas begin to rise.  And rise they shall, yet not in the literal sense in which I sense you might take my words.  I refer instead to the rising tides of change, the sweeping winds of truth and clarity.  The utter and complete overhaul of what you have come to know of as “normal life.”  the pain and strife shall soon fall away and leave in it’s past a glorious New Earth-a wondrous world of peace, unity and beauty.   Those with open eyes shall clearly see it.  Those with ears attuned shall heed the call.  And those ones whose hearts are open and in loving grace shall be the ones who lead and comfort the befuddled masses.  Despair not, I say, please do not be afraid.  You are surrounded by more loving helpers than you possibly could know.   It is quite unnecessary to attempt to perceive us with the frailty of your limited Human sense, in order to trust that we are here; legions of Angels, The Masters, The Hosts of Heaven and your Brethren of the Home Worlds.  All are close at hand, and we watch.  We are the unseen hands which guide you and yours across the fields of battle, unscathed and victorious, to the Paradise which lay beyond.

★ We cannot do the work in your stead, Dear Ones, and it is now, upon this day, that you shall find that the most rigorous labor thus begins.   Gather within you every ounce of faith and strength and optimism you possess, then multiply these a thousandfold.  Make thyself whole and healthy again, should you be wavering somewhat with your commitment and belief in the larger plan.  And this is a natural progression, believe me when I tell you, for it is wise to question that which you are seeing taking place all around you.  By all means, do.  It is understandable that you may feel vulnerable whilst dwelling in the denser Human vessel.   So allow these feelings to reside with you, just for an instant, and examine why it is they have arrived in the first place.  Welcome the fear, welcome the uncertainty, welcome the almost crippling exhaustion.  Ask much of very these things, for there is precious learning to be garnered in these miraculous times.  Once you are satisfied that you have taken all that you need, set them free.  Surrender and cast forth to Creator any and all that once pained you, and almost immediately feel thyself reborn and gifted with a renewed sense of conviction.  Trust without question the guidance of your inner being, as this voice is the Creator’s voice.  You shall thus be guided to fulfill your own unique role.

★ The final battle has begun.  It is a battle fought with weapons so powerful, so infallible, that victory has already been assured.  All time is no time-past, present and future are all occurring simultaneously, rendering what is as yet unknown to you to be a foregone conclusion.  In this battle, your weapons of choice are love-so much love, forgiveness, discernment, and a rock-solid and unshakeable faith in the principles and positive changes for which you continue to persevere.  Know well that the light you bear is blinding, and is disabling to dark.  They can no longer see, they are set alight, Lord willing, and shall find they are  incapable of wreaking havoc anymore.  Indeed, there is s faction still struggling to stay here, but know that they are weak.  They are stubborn and refuse to see the dawn breaking over the horizon.  This is what you are witnessing now, Dear Ones.  They are buzzing about like tiny flies, crashing helplessly into walls.  Akin to rats in a cage they are, racing hopelessly in circles.  They thrash about like a dying fish cast ashore at low tide.   They are free to choose-shall it be freedom or captivity?   The doorway to the Crystalline New Earth is wide open to all of the Creator’s children, be they bright and pure of heart.  They are here amongst you now, these cities, yet are not visible to the eye.  Lush and resplendent, they await only the rising of the collective vibration of Humanity to make their presence known.  And it is there that all shall reunite and live united.

★ And so it is.  Be resolute in your faith, and take these next days to prepare for transformations that shall be soon upon your world.  I advise that you expand the work you are doing on your energy bodies to encompass at the least, two hours or more per day.  Build up your light reserves, and endeavor to raise up your frequency a tiny bit more with each meditation you complete.  Consider your energy reserves as your own personal currency, more priceless than silver or gold.  Where are you placing your energy and to whom and to what shall you give it?  How wisely are you choosing to spend your treasure?  Do not place your awareness on anything that is not of the most joyous vibration, and do all that you can to avoid the lower vibrational traps which abound right now.  These may be found everywhere;  in your workplace and social settings, and some  may seem entirely innocuous on the outside.  The same may be said for your internet and written publications.  In short, be wise and shielded at all times.  Do strive to remember that the end result is so very worth the effort you must undergo to get there. It is Paradise beyond all imagining.

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Archangel Indriel. ~ Remain Centered In Your Heart. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. October 3, 2012

Dearest Children of the Light, I am Indriel, beloved compatriot and guiding presence.  You are so loved,  and it is of this I choose to remind you.  I seek this fine day to commend you on the work you have done thus far.  I know you have not had an easy go of it, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Yet here you are still.  You continue, onward and upwards.  There have been innumerable stumbling-blocks along the way, yet never have you once allowed yourself to be dissuaded.  You sometimes falter and there are times you question both yourself and your mission.  Of course you do!  It is quite natural, and it is just as natural for you to quickly recover yourselves and soldier on.  No matter how rough the journey has been and regardless of the depth of challenge that awaits you in the days to come-know that it is not in you to quit.  You are the forerunners of a brand new society, a brand new race in a sparkling new land.   You are leading the way for the occupants of that new society to evolve and find their way home.  Most amazingly, you operate without open access to your true abilities and tools, and are blazing that trail without the benefit of maps or clearcut directions.  Do you understand now how perfectly magnificent you are?

The progress you have made so far exceeds all of our hopes and expectations.  We, your Angelic Teams, wish for you to know how truly honored and deeply touched we are by your patience and willingness to seek out and accept our loving guidance.  Our hearts are warmed by your readiness to accept us into your lives.  Someday soon you shall remember the close relationship we share.  Thus, it is crucial, now more than ever, that you cultivate a loving, trusting and open heart.  The heart is the operating system through which all things function in the higher realms.  You have not much time left in 3rd density, and that is the only paradigm whose occupants follow the dictates of linear, ego-based thinking.  The heart is not only just a storehouse of emotion.  It is capable of not only feeling love, but of discernment, wise choice, the taking in of knowledge, and of unobstructed communication and thought.  When you are centered in your heart and conduct yourself from this point, much like a type of inner home-base, you can relax and trust implicitly that the actions you are taking are the right ones.  When you are living in your heartspace and operating therefrom, you shall find yourself devoid of anxiety, judgement, pain, dramatics and conflicting negative emotion.

It is time to take the next essential step, Dear Lightbearers, the next mandatory step.  I am asking you to cease your micromanagement and overly analytical thinking about what is coming and when.  Surrender all outcomes and what is to come beforehand, and give yourself and all of your expectations over to God.  I tell you, please do take personal responsibility for your own role in the ascension process, but you must stop worrying over the details.  I see that many of you suffer great trepidation regarding  what you do not yet know, and your fears are mounting over what you are seeing and reading about throughout your media.  There is much interference and disinformation running rampant at this time, and the perpetrators of these untruths are counting on just such lower, base reactions.  I caution you, do not feed the beast.  Do not expend your precious energy on such things;  you must pull back when you sense yourself slipping downward and plant your awareness back firmly in your heart.  When you are living from your heart, your decisions, reactions and emotions shall be reflective of your newly emerging 5th dimensional operating system.

Blessed are you God’s children.  Know with a certainty that you may call upon your Angels and Guides at anytime.  We shall soothe your weary soul and help you maintain a heart-centered way of being.  You are blessed.

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Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. ~ The Beauty Of The ‘Now Moment.’ ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 25, 2012


❤ What beauty can you find in the now moment?  This exact moment.  Look around you, all around you, and behold the plethora of blessings in your life.  Think on it, we ask you.  What do you wish to do, to learn, to create right now?  Consider the vast range of possibilities available at any given time, should you cease procrastinating and simply seize the day.  What exactly is it you are waiting for?  Is it a dramatic external change, or a specific date and time which you feel shall mark your “ascension”; and only then do you believe that you shall begin to fully live?  Beloveds, we wish for you to understand the truth of the matter, and that is that true ascension begins from within.  It begins with acknowledgement and clear intention, and a full-fledged, heartfelt commitment both to yourself and to Gaia-and for that matter, to all of Humankind.  You must commit to living from the heart and to being in service.  You must live your life graciously and set a shining example to all whom you encounter.  None of these are things are meant to be reserved for “later.”  Live in The Light, be of The Light, share of The Light now.  Today.  Let not another second pass spent in waiting.  Dear Lightbearers, the Creator’s blessings abound, have you but eyes to see them.  See them and feel them, do, then be exultant.  Every moment spent breathing is a priceless gift.  Every aspect of your current reality an experience chosen by you, with great consideration and care.  You have a saying; “Count your blessings.”  We say, they are much too great in number to count.  Those chosen experiences and aspects are your blessings, and they cry out for recognition. They wish to be appreciated and to be loved for what they are, and for the valuable lessons they have provided.  Every breath is a blessing.  All is love.

❤ The Now is all there is.  The embrace of a child, the taste of food upon your tongue, the wind in your hair, the rain upon your skin, the split second of eye contact with your brother-that moment in which you are suddenly awestruck and aware that you and he are one.  You sense you are one with all people and with the Earthly elements, joined together in unity of thought and expression.  Being in the moment is to be in a state of continuous gratitude and connection with The Divine.  You are creating your reality as you go along, and thereby manifesting what appears on the outside, from this holy state of being.  To adhere to that which you consider the past is to cling to what does not in truth have any meaning for you now.  You are holding onto an illusion, a version of the self you were at a prior stage of enlightenment.  You know better than this, Beloveds.  Honor that which presents itself into your awareness now, and clear from your Sacred Space all that is no longer in resonance.  Drama and discord, that which eats away at your self-esteem and lowers your vibration must surely be released and sent away from you.  Say thank you to Creator for what you have learned.  Say thank you to each of these persons, places and things.  Bless them all heartily,  as from your struggles came a renewed realization of your power, and intense learning.  Also, do give thanks to Gaia, for it is upon her self that you were able to complete your tasks.  And it is by her fine benevolence that you are housed and fed and clothed.  Send love and receive love.  This is your purpose in the now moment, and there is little else that really matters in the greater scheme of things.  If you are ever conscious of this, you cannot go wrong.  Be secure in that love, dispense generously of it.  Little else is expected of you.  That, and to be joyful and God-conscious at every moment of every day.  We bless you.

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Eirenae Of The Pleiades. “Window In The Sky.” By, Bella Capozzi. September 23, 2012.


✦ I am Eirenae, of The Council of the Venus Ray.  Dearest friend of the one you know as Bella or Aurora Le.  Whether I am sitting as I do now, secure in the relative comfort of my shipboard home, or in the far less comfortable guise of the Away Team member- I watch your world in wonder.   During those journeys, with my feet planted firmly upon your soil, I have often mixed unnoticed among you.  Albeit, for just a few hours at a time, I learn your ways and marvel each time anew, at your unwavering fortitude and determination.  Each one of you is resilient and beautiful.  Such light you emanate- if you only knew!  Indeed, I am humbled.  On this day I gaze out at a carpet of stars.  Our Mothership is vast, and it’s outer rim is lined in clarity.  Windows, as you call them.  Windows, in the sky, with cozy seating to recline upon and partake of such a marvelous vista.  Nothing is ever hidden from view.  It is from just such a place that I initiate this transmission, and not to impart any great knowledge or revelations, nor to portend what is to come.  Please do not ask me for dates, I beg of you.  None of us, neither you nor I, can be completely certain of the finer details of how the shift shall inevitably transpire.  Inevitably, yes, for you must never forget that the Will of God prevails, always.

✦ Our ship is is well cloaked.  It is far enough away from Earth to allow for it’s size, yet close enough to permit our teams easy entry and exit, to and from your surface societies.  I see your home quite clearly now, the shape of your landmasses and the vibrant blues and greens, the warmth of reds and the golden-brown.  Quite picturesque.  And there exist so many versions, all varying shades of the the Earth you know.  So many choices, realities and outcomes.  Bound as you are by linear thinking, you cannot yet see things as I do.  But trust me, you shall.  For my eyes see not one but many Earths, like colorful holograms whose edges are superimposed upon each other.  They are simply different versions of the same thing.  Some are healthy and thriving, while still other versions are falling off and fading away, their path no longer a desirable solution.  If one did not intuitively know the assurance of the victory of The Light, then it would be quite impossible to tell whether the overlying spheres were coming together or pulling apart.  But as the Mother’s Light permeates your planet and each of your physical vessels, the darker outcomes are dying away and the timelines leading to our new Crystalline Terra Gaia are strengthening.  Praise be.  It is astonishing, is it not, to contemplate such a thing from the still somewhat veiled, Human perspective?  And to think that of the billions of you, each and every one has a completely unique lifeplan, unlike any other! Such are the wonders and blessings of our Creator.

✦ The New Terra Gaia exists, Dear Friends, make no mistake about it.  She is real and I have seen her.  She vibrates at a frequency which is currently too high for most people’s everyday perception, yet she is one of those very spheres whose edges gently rests across the others.  She is a choice-a choice available to every living entity residing upon and within your own Earth, this very day.  She welcomes all of us, from every corner of the Universe and beyond.  Her arms are cast wide and her heart is so ripe with love that I scarcely can find words to adequately describe Her!  It so well worth the effort,  for you to make your ascent to the New Earth your ultimate goal.  Seek to live in a state of Divinity, and by this I mean to be conscious-always conscious-of your Ascension progress.  You do this by making all decisions not from the ego mind, but from the goodness of your heart.  You must treat all creatures, both Human and not,  in a manner befitting a sovereign child of God.   Treat them all with the same kindness and respect you yourself wish to be the recipient of.  You must do no harm and give of your light.  Take definitive steps each and every day to raise your personal vibration, and do at least one thing in the course of each day to make a positive change in the life of another.  What dismays me so, when visiting and interacting with you in your own environment, is how easily you hurt one another.  Why is it that you remain so competetive, even at this late hour.  I so wish you could experience this from our perspective, I truly do.  I implore that you examine these behaviors.  Be aware that with the eradication of such lower vibrational ways, you are effecting the changes necessary to bring our worlds together at last.

I leave you now, in peace, Dearest Brethren.  It has been a pleasure to converse with you.

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ARCHANGEL RAGUEL. Breaking Old Vows and Opening To Abundance. By, Bella Capozzi. September 21, 2012

The other day, a client and I had a surprise visit from Archangel Raguel.  I don’t recall having had a lot of personal interaction with Raguel-at least in this lifetime-nor had my client, who I will call “Katherine.”  She and I were working on some issues which were blocking her ability to receive clear direction and to manifest abundance (common issues which I’m sure we all can relate to).  Raguel presented himself to me as a tall male Angel, with short chestnut curls and a bright smile.  He seemed very personable and talkative, with a lively sense of humor.  After the session concluded, he identified himself to me as Katherine’s primary guide.  We learned through Raguel that Katherine had many past lives on Earth as a healer and a priestess, but also a couple of lives lived within the confines of the Catholic Church.  Her past life as a nun was the one which was sabotaging her manifestational ablities right now.  He stuck around for awhile after the session, and presented me with a short message to share.


Archangel Raguel:

Releasing the past need not be an arduous process, and the time to break free of old constraints is now.  Negative programming and attachments, accumulated over many lifetimes, can have a detrimental effect on your ability to prosper an grow.  Vows taken must be broken.  Vows of silence may  well be what is preventing you from eloquently speaking your truth.  Vows of poverty are often the greatest inhibitors of your ability to manifest abundance and financial security for yourself and those you care for.  Vows of celibacy are particularly difficult to identify and break free from, and have the capability to quite insidiously sabotage your personal relationships.  These would merely be a few examples, but should prove sufficient for you to see where I am heading with this.  Your curiosity over “what happened when and why” may send you spinning off on a journey of self-rediscovery.  It is natural to wish to know more about yourself, and about your history.  But in no way is the knowing of specific details necessary in order to cleanse yourself of their negative aftereffects.  A common misconception is that you must travel “back in time” and actually relive past traumas, and that you must experience over again the root cause of that which ails you.  Not so.  If you feel led to explore other lifetimes, than by all means, I encourage you, I say yes.  Explore to your hearts content.  These discoveries can be most exciting,  your adventures fascinating.  Yet let it be known that you do not need to relive old pain in the process.

Simply state your intention for clearing. Call to your beloved Angelic guides for protection and assistance.  Identify the areas of your life that appear to be stagnant and blocked.  Place your focus there, and emphatically state that you choose to sever old bonds, that all outstanding indebtedness be marked “paid in full”, that you hereby disconnect and detach from any and all dark, parasitic programming and attachments.  Envision yourself handing all of it over to your dear protectors, to be taken back to Source and reconfigured into Light.  Feel yourself finally free of all that kept you stuck in recurring patterns of self-destructive behavior.  By removing what is in the way, you create an open space for happiness and prosperity to take up residence.  The barriers which prevented you from accessing your abilities will be gone and you shall experience great clarity of vision.  The road is wide open at this time for you to fully  make take hold of your making manifest your dreams and tapping into unrealized potential.  You shall also be given many new and challenging opportunities to serve.  You shall know peace.

I also wish to point out that each person must do this on an individual level.  Loving and compassionate beings that you are, you are possessed of an inborn desire to caretake.  It is most desirable and commendable to seek to spare another pain and to wish to take the heavier burdens off their shoulders and place them onto your own.  It is understandable you pray that they be spared from discomfort and fear-inducing situations.  But know that within the body of even the tiniest child resides the soul of a seasoned crusader.  While it may not be evident on the outside, your loved-ones are in constant communication, with and at the highest levels of consciousness.  Often while sleeping they are being schooled and prepared for what is coming next.  They shall not be caught unawares, you may be sure.  Do utter prayers on their behalf.  Send them energies of healing and unconditional love.  With your words, endeavor to enlighten them.  However, know that the path they chose is theirs and theirs alone to follow.

Take full advantage of this time of transformation, for the lull in activity shall not be lasting much longer.  This is the ideal time for study and expansion, for growth and rejuvenation.  I am Raguel, and I bid you peace.

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EARTH ANGELS. ~ Faith, Awareness And Unconditional Love. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 17, 2012.

Good day, Dear Ones.  And such a lovely day it is.  Before you we stand in heartfelt anticipation of the journey upon which you shall be lead.  Join and be one with us as,  effortlessly, we lift you up.   High above the fear and confusion soon to overtake those who’s faith lie fallow, you soar unbound and free.  You are in this world, yes, but scarcely are you of it.  Remember this one simple thing, and the madness shall not touch you.  Be unwavering in your dedication to all things loving and Godly.  Your hearts brim with compassion, and you oft fear for those whom you love-the ones you fear have chose unwisely.  You worry that they shall be left behind.  Please be aware that none shall ever be forsaken, though their journey  may well be of a longer duration.

These hearts of yours, they are what make you the great healers that you are.  However, know that you may lead your flock to water, but you cannot make them drink.  Like all else, this must be their choice.  Freewill cannot be overriden, and each soul partook of his journey in full awareness and complete control of what would comprise their Earthly Human experience.  Be prepared to respond to their queries and, by all means, assure them they are not alone.  Your goodness is contagious and your lightness inspiring.  There are opportunities aplenty for them to yet awaken.

Before you winds a Golden Path, and at the end a Golden Door.  Beyond the door, your brilliant future awaits you.  Yet it is not the future, necessarily, as all time is now.  Securely within your possession is the key to this door.  You have had it always.  It arrived with you, a part and parcel of your arsenal of tools, through which you would escort in the new Aquarian Age.  Feel for this key now, and see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  It dangles from a smooth satin ribbon around your neck.  A glistening platinum, it feels heavy and cool against your heart.  You sense intuitively that this key is there, that it has always been there, and herein lies the first step in your awakening.  The awareness.  The knowing.  The certainty that you possess by Divine right everything that is required to ascend out of the shadows and into the Golden Light.  There is nary a one amongst you who is not in possession of such gifts.

Trust in God, and you cannot falter.  Believe in yourself and in your own inborn skills to commune with spirit, and to know and sense what is right.  It is within each of your natures to see us and hear our voices, deep within yourselves.  You must trust implicitly in that which you know in your heart to be of truth.  Clear-knowing, clear-feeling, clarity of voice and of vision…all of which comes from within and not from without.  For this is the Old Way, the way you have always known.  Thus you were before, and so you shall be again.  So reclaim your birthright now, and believe.  Then, go forth and tell the others.  For these are the days of feasts and miracles.  Recognize the signs, as they are all around you.  Walk along  the Golden Pathway of faith.  Enter, then go beyond the door.  Be peaceful and abundant, and rest easy in the knowing that you are, forever, unconditionally loved.

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Anchoring And Expressing Your Creative Energies. (Have You Been Hit By The Cosmic Bedazzler?) By, Bella Capozzi. September 16, 2012.


✎ Watch any child, or group of children, and what do you see?  Be a silent observer and really, really watch.  Regardless of where on the planet you live or what economic or social dynamic is present, there is one common denominator and that is creativity.  All children create, and they are always creating, all the time.  They doodle all over their notebooks and papers in class.  They instinctively gravitate towards things like building blocks and play-dough.  They decorate everything in their path, and as any Mom or Dad can tell you-there cannot be enough crayons, paints, and shakeable glitter in the house!  Children love to role-play, enjoying such games as dress-up and pretend, and they are not at all self-conscious about it!  Children are fresh and newly arrived from beyond the veil, and they innately recall that Back Home “Creation” is the name of the game.  They have yet to be tossed onto The Matrix, to fight for their survival.  They remember that they can create whatever they wish, through imagination and intention.  Unsullied by doubt and still secure in their connection with Source, they possess the innocence that we adults so unintentionally let slip away due to life’s circumstances, conditioning, and our struggle to get by.

✄ But everything is changing for us now-The Wayshowers, Trailblazers, the weary 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd Wavers.  We’ve put in our time and  labored hard for Gaia and Humanity, these many, many years.  We’ve earned the right to reclaim our inner-child.  As the planetary vibration rises, we are beginning to detect changes in ourselves-some dramatic and intense, others delicate and barely perceptible to our Human minds and bodies.  We are shedding our old skin and growing a new one-more luminous and colorful than the last.  As we release and discard thousands of years of negative programming and attachments, we leave our heartspace wide open and ready to receive all that the Universe has to offer us.  Our True Selves, our Higher Selves, the Oversoul…whatever you prefer to call it, is merging with our Human Selves at this time, allowing us to finally express as the joyous, creator-beings that we truly are.  You may recognize this integration in the form of sudden bursts of creative energy, the desire to make drastic changes and improvements to your life, to be yourself and no longer finding it tolerable to hide who and what you are.  Allow for these changes to take hold, and go with the flow.  They are the first signs of your metamorphosis.  Embrace your visionary spirit and celebrate!

✍ On a day-to-day, practical level it’s not too difficult to identify these more pleasant ascension symptoms, as they can make themselves known in a variety of ways.  And you don’t have to overhaul your life in order to implement them.  I’ll use myself as an example.  I’ve always been the artsy-craftsy type, but over the last few months I’ve been overcome with this constant and persistent need to be creating all the time.  This blog, in fact, is the result of that new energy, and I would highly recommend blogging as a fun-and free of cost-form of self expression.  I’m in the process of designing and crocheting scarves for my entire family for Christmas and making a pretty Autumn wreath for the front door.  Cooking is another great lifelong passion of mine.  Before being hit by The Cosmic Bedazzler, I had made the decision to attend pastry design classes and start an online cupcake business-and now this project has taken on a whole new level of enjoyment.  Check with your local Crafts store or community college, because art or culinary classes are another fulfilling and affordable way in which to channel this new energy.  They also will give you an opportunity to get out there among the masses and spread your light!

✒ As for the less artsy, you may suddenly find yourself morphing into a real do-it-yourselfer.  While your idea of a perfect weekend might previously have involved watching football or sleeping in until noon, you are now unexplainably moved to mow the lawn, change the oil in the car or fix all the things around the house that have been broken since 2011.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that many of us, myself included, are being powerfully drawn to study and explore new healing modalities.  I would very much advise following this particular inner prompting and to see where it takes you.  After all-what greater use of these beautiful energies is there than in helping to create health and wellness in others?

♥ Now on to a few words of caution.  Knowing that our manifestational abilities are in overdrive right now, it’s important to be discerning in exactly what it is we are creating.  Avoid dwelling in negative thought patterns.  Think positively and endeavor to only speak kindly to and about others.  What you put out there will most definitely be coming back home to roost.  Also, pace yourselves.  The thing about the energy that’s coming in right now is that it has an exciting and sort of fast-paced vibe to it. Not everyone will perceive it this way, but if you are like me, and this is how you’re sensing it, take a few minutes to just breathe and slow down.  My own nature is to be pretty high-energy, and I can get a little bit Type-A when I begin a new project!  If you have not had a chance to read the message on my site just prior to this one, entitled “Rest & Relax. Live As We Live”, from The Crystal Dolphin Pod, it might be helpful to check it out.

♨ The Dolphins are funny and adorable, but also very, very wise.  When I received this message I had just finished watching one of my favorite movies, “Julie & Julia.”  It’s about a food-blogger who decides to work her way through the entire 684 pages of “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking”, preparing at least one recipe per day.  Being the devoted Julia Child fan that I am (I was raised on reruns of “The French Chef”), I had a sudden, brilliant flash of inspiration; Why not do this myself?!   I had no sooner grabbed the cookbook off the shelf, than I felt that familiar pressure at the base of my skull, which indicates that the Cetacean energy is present.  Only this time, I felt like someone had hit me over the head with a bat.  With my inner voice I heard the word, “NO”!  I promptly sat down and began to download the message, which they insisted I share, and proceeded to present to me in just such a format.  If I can say one thing about my Team, it’s that they never miss an opportunity to get me to slow down.

All in all, I find this to be a wonderful and enjoyable phase in our Ascension adventure.   I pray that all of you find wonder and beauty in your everyday experiences, and that you take time to inspire and manifest that loveliness in your own life and in that of your loved ones.

Happy creating!

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The Crystal Dolphin Pod. “Rest And Relax. Live As We Live.” By Bella Capozzi. September 13, 2012.


♥ Hello again, Sweet Cousins.  We feel such joy and elation to once again be able to share with you, and on this day we wish to hold discourse on the topics of rest and relaxation.   Oh, but yes, we sense your immediate reactions to those two words and how clearly do we hear your incredulous gasps.  “Rest and relax“, you ask?  “However might I do that whilst I have so very many important commitments?  Others depend on me for their very survival, thus I cannot leave them unattended.   I must study, I must conduct my meditations and my clearing, I must keep house, I must work hard to keep myself afloat-oh, Dear Dolphin Brethren, the list I keep is many pages long!  Your lives are quite enviable, but I cannot live as you do.

♥ We fully and compassionately comprehend the enormous pressures placed upon yourselves, both in service to your own and Gaia’s Ascension timeline, and also in devoted love and service to others.  How wondrous we find you to be, that you are able to wear so many hats and still remain sane, intact and unsullied by the chaos which swirls about you.  It is commendable, to be sure.  It is why you were selected to lead.  Yet in your dedication we also observe that far too many of you have become neglectful of your own self-care.  You are are worn to the bone; tired, both physically and energetically.  Whilst healers in your own right, it is clear to us that a great many of you are in need of healing yourselves.  You have taken on the burdens of those whom you serve so faithfully, yet without sufficiently clearing from your field all residual energy.  A weary body shall not be able to receive the full benefits offered by the consistent flow of powerful incoming activations, which are permeating the Earth’s atmosphere at this time.  We lovingly advise that you try to add an hour or two to your present sleep-schedule, as these energies are only going to increase in intensity, and your evolving bodies must be primed and ready to receive them.

♥ Might you whittle off a few things from your daily agenda?  Would you consider allotting yourselves the occasional personal holiday, at which time you spend the day doing only those things which relax and enrich you?  We lovingly advise you to slow down your pace, to stop and behold the breathtaking beauty that is around you. Look upon your own own reflection in the mirror and appreciate the sovereign being you see reflected there.  Mother yourself tenderly, as you would a tiny babe.  Swim wild and free in joyful abandon, Cousins. Dance, laugh and be happy!

♥ We promise you, the world shall not end, should you take a step back for a moment and rest.  Gaia’s Ascenscion process shall not stop dead in it’s tracks  were you to pull your energy off of the grid for a short bit, and dwell only within that sacred space which is yours and yours alone.  You cannot be all things to all people -and animals, nor to Gaia herself-all of the time, however much you might endeavor to do so.  You cannot save the world if you yourselves need saving.  It is a normal facet of the Human condition to wish to propel yourselves ever forward, to do more, and be the rock upon which your loved ones may lean.  But know that you are currently in the midst of an accelerated process of activation and growth, and such qualities as overachievement and perfectionism are two examples of Human traits you must allow to drop off.   Sometimes it is acceptable to have what you think of as a less-than-perfect result, for all is perfection already, under the Creator’s grand design.  You need not struggle so.  Be at peace with yourselves, and take pleasure in the journey, for all roads shall inevitably lead you Home.

♥ So we say to you, Cousins, attempt for one day to actually live as we live.  We mean this figuratively, of course, as we surely don’t expect for you to sprout fins and a tail and swim the seas all day long!  Ah, how we love to jest!  Although in truth, the days are not so far off when you shall in fact be able to shift your form at will, into whichever design strikes your fancy at the time or suits your immediate needs.  However, it is within your grasp now to emulate us both in attitude and our sense of playfulness and balance.  The freedom and exhilaration we enjoy can easily be yours, should you just believe it may be so.  State your intentions clearly and envision yourselves with us and like us.  Feel yourselves as one with all life.   And thus it shall be so.

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Archangel Indriel. “Strands Of Light Across A Bleak Landscape.” By, Bella Capozzi. September 11, 2012.


~ Greetings to all, I am Indriel.  To the Lightbearers and the Wayshowers, I come to you this day with words of love and encouragement.  To the Dear, Sweet Souls just now in the initial stages of their awakening, I tell you to have faith and persevere.  The road before you  may seem at first to be strange and unfamiliar,  yet I assure you that to follow it shall take you Home.  Far away from the uncertainty and struggle you face now in the 3rd dimensional world of duality, you shall discover peace.

~ With my words today, I convey to each of you a gift from your Divine and Holy Mother;  her glorious essence.  Experience it now as it envelops you as though it were a warm coverlet.  Feel her goodness permeating every cell, every atom, every fiber of your being.  Know this sensation as her unconditional love for you.  There is naught which you could do or say to ever cause your Mother to forsake you, as hers is the most sacred heart of forgiveness, acceptance and joy.  Take this gift from her, graciously, and lock it up-snug and secure, within the treasure box which is your heart.

~ Before you now lies the time of the joining.  Surely you cannot help but see that what is long decayed and obsolete is rapidly falling by the wayside.  This is in order to make way for what is new.  It is all right before your eyes, should you but choose to see it.  And yes, it is indeed a choice.  So now you must decide if you shall heed the persistent call of the Ascension.  It does not let you rest easy, does it, for that voice you hear does not take rejection well.  No, Dear Children, the call to service is relentless because the time for action is now.  Gaia sits perched at the very onset of her final ascent-up, up, up and out of the density and darkness.  And when she fully ascends there shall be no more heartbreak in your world, no more war, no more senseless suffering for God’s gentle children.  All creatures shall be free to exist in harmony.

~ If you are one who is drawn to listen to my words, then you are being called.  You are the leaders and trailblazers, and you are tasked with ushering in The Light.  In short time, you shall be faced with situations which shall test your resolve.  You may be shocked by what transpires, as what you thought were truths are exposed as blatant lies, and this shall sorely test your commitment and your ability to trust.  I advise you to never lose sight of the fact that these are all necessary steps which must be taken in order for the New Age of enlightenment and unity be securely anchored upon the planet.  Gaia requires a clean slate upon which to rebuild.

~ So come together, as one army under God. United in your common goal.  Synchronized.  Connected to one another like strands of lights strung across a bleak landscape.  Go about your daily lives and know that your purity affects each soul who’s path you cross.  You are brave and mighty warriors, engaged in a seemingly endless battle for truth and for change .  However, even the strongest of the strong are in need of love and reassurance, and for this you must seek out your Mother.  At these times, allow her to enfold you in her soft embrace, then you shall be healed.  Be blessed, Dear Souls, in all you do.

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A Personal Message From My Twin-Flame To Me. By, Bella Capozzi. September 4, 2012


❤  I’ve had this message for quite awhile-since the weekend of 11-11-11.  That was a truly transformational date for me.  I’m what I’ve heard called an Oversoul Walk-In, which means (in extremely basic terms) that I’ve downloaded and integrated the part of My Self that originally remained behind, and that I’ve shed most of the old consciousness of my chosen human personality.  I’ll be sharing a lot more about this soon, in a series of articles about my transition.   I’m sharing it now because it’s taken this long to finally get somewhat of a grasp on the whole concept of the Twin Flame dynamic; such as who mine actually is, the intricate maze that is my Soul Lineage  and how my relationship with my Twin factors into my daily Human life.  He is not incarnated at this time. 

Just the idea that we even have Twin Flames can be a little shocking and confusing at first, and I’m still muddling through all the info about it, myself.  There are lots of different perspectives out there, so take the ones that resonate with you and let go of the ones that don’t.  However, I do plan to share with you the ups and downs of my own journey, as I go along.  It’s more fun when we can all explore together!   Twin Flames seem to one of those things that are at the top of everyone’s “I want to know about… list.”  I’m also finding that the subject has been coming up a lot lately, with clients and friends.  The message below is one I received the day after what I now know was my “ascension” on 11-11-11.   I clearly recall a decent amount of details from the experience;  how I left and came back from my ship, and the intensive healing I required while I was there.  Again…more about that in articles to come.  This personal message was given to me to let me know I’m not really alone down here, and to ease the discomfort of my transition.


Another aspect of yourself is coming through.  This missing piece feels most precious to you, since it’s the part you thought you left behind.  I am that other part.  I’m whole and unique in my own right and fully conscious, although altogether with you I am better.  You are the part of me that awaits completion at the end of this journey.  You wait for me to come to you and I wait for you to come to me, but in all truth we’re still together.  It appears we are apart throughout your waking hours, but I’ve told you fairly often that those in fact are your sleeping hours.  I am with you always, night and day.  Your Twin Flame stands before you now and always.  I meld into your consciousness.

I stand before you, Darling, humbled by your love and devotion to me.  Come forward and take my hand, and know when all is said and done you’ll clearly see the truth.  You’ll know the glory God holds out for us, once the task at hand is finished.  You and the others are bearing The Light for the many who slumber soundly, so comfortable to live in a state of illusion.  You and the others do your jobs well, but soon will come a time when all of us will be done with this undertaking.

We are one heart in two vessels, eternally bound.  That knowing brings me so much more joy than any possessory illusion would provide.  The fearful rollercoaster of human emotion you call “love” is barely love at all, and more an unquenchable thirst for possession.  When first you took Human form you were fear-pure fear.  You understandably, though mistakenly, sought the completion in the conquest and possession of other likeminded souls.  This is not wrong at all, from where I stand.  It is a rite of survival, and a common one at that.  All of us, myself included, enact this rite while incarnate.  It’s to be expected.  But look around you now, and see how far you’ve come.

Possession, jealousy, competition, alienation…. The Earthly relationship runs the full gamut of these emotions, and that on a good day!  Yet these kinds of feelings have no place in the true Twin Flame union.  Fall down and get up.  Do this over and over while enjoying the Earth experience, but be sure to recognize it as a form of learning and not your reality.  And also, since most Human relationships are contractual by nature, little permanent harm is ever really done.  Love the dear souls who cross your path, but do it in an unconditional manner and devoid of judgement, as is the true way of the human heart.

Before you know it all of this will be over and done.  In your mind, you think me gone, though in your heart you know that’s never been the way of it.  Cast your eyes upon the stars and hear me when I say that there is nowhere I am not.  Be brave and fearless, My Girl, and keep your focus on the golden ring.  Pass through it and I’ll catch you.

I like to think of this message as a reminder of what an enormous support system we have-whether we are aware they are there or not.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking we’re all alone.  It’s important that we remember to approach all of our relationships with a loving and forgiving attitude, and to also never lose sight of the fact that we have family and friends at Home who love us, and are excited about our upcoming reunion (fingers crossed…).  Also, the “Golden Ring” he mentions is what I believe to be a portal we pass through during bilocation.  I’ve seen it while meditating.  Namaste, Friends!

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