Gaia News Brief 3.12.2014 by Reiki Doc

Breaking The Cycle Of Stress

Oh single parents? Nothing strikes fear into the heart more than your kids getting sick when you need to go to work, doesn’t it?  Today Anthony slept well, and woke up with no fever. So I planned on his going to school while I did one short quick case, then I’d pick him up and take him home and to the doctor…

He wanted to go to his grandmother, who is out of the way, and needs an extra twenty minutes for my commute.  This took some negotiation on both parts…I know full well if it had been me I’d have stayed home if I was back in the fourth grade…with single parenting much of the time you ‘make do’.

Fortunately, I was the first to go home on the list, and although I was booked on an eleven o’clock case, the charge nurse was kind, and is also a single mother. She rearranged the cases so after my first, I could go home.

It was the first time in ages I made a personal call in the O.R. It was awkward booking an appointment but what could I do?

I even took the opportunity on the way home to check out an alternate route. This one will save me about ten minutes!

Mouse Update

Yes I still have mice–as companions to the parrot, Harry Bird, and sometimes food to Cecil our ball python who is five years old.

The females give birth every three weeks. As a result, I’ve become good friends with the pet store. I call myself a ‘breeder with love’ because each and every one of these mice enjoy being raised as mice, by their mother, before they go to the pet shop. Harry is happy and we all enjoy the babies.

Today mama gave birth to like, twenty-five babies. But the substrate in the cage was soiled from a leaky water bottle, and needed changing anyhow. It couldn’t wait. So I took all the mice out, except for mom and babies. I gave new substrate and home, and put all but five adults and three fuzzies back in the cage.

I thought mama would be happy with the new arrangement. I’ve done this before…you can imagine my surprise when I found two dead babies in the cage tonight. I fished them out. I gave them the Transition symbol. And I returned them to Gaia, and let the faeries in the garden watch over their bodies.

I was sad.

Sometimes I just can’t figure mice out.

Mama mouse has her reasons–and I trust her judgement. She knows just how much life she can manage. Mother mice do some very strange things-to us with out limited perspective watching it–but somehow mice are a successful animal on the planet, yes?

When you encounter something that upsets you–like a mouse mom killing one of her babies–try to see it from the view of the mouse. Some breeders think these moms know if a baby ‘isn’t right’ and ‘euthanize it’. Others say they are ‘mean’. How can you know the difference? The fact of the matter is that these mice are very inbred, about four generations, and it’s just about the time for something ‘genetic’ to show up. Or, perhaps, two litters happened at once (mom was ready to POP! LOL, I knew it’s her) came at once, and a mom went to the pet shop?

As an aside, I have to share the most precious moment of the day–sorting the mice with my son. I wanted the males only to go to the pet store today, because I knew they wouldn’t affect any babies. So I would lift them up by the tail and look…it’s not always testicles you see, but the distance between where the anus is and the urethra. I also look for the milk line of nipples. Anthony watched INTENTLY so I cheerfully called out to each mouse, ‘Got balls? No? Okay!’ and set it down with the rest. The ones that did went to the shop in a different container. OH man, if you want to make an under-the-weather  nine-year old laugh his head off, all you have to do is that…I bet that’s what he’ll speak about at my funeral fifty years from now…sheesh!

Doctor Mom and the Pediatrician

She was good. I helped her. I gave her the results of my work-up yesterday–deep cough, an asthma equivalent to a wheeze really, For two days. No fever. Clear chest. Pulse ox 98%…

She was like, ‘You have a home pulse ox?!’

I was like, ‘Yeah!’

There were two real LOW points for me. I got the diagnosis. But the clash between my world and hers was never so apparent…

  • first I cancelled MY appointment with his counselor (it’s how counseling works with kids–a double–you go and talk about how the kid is doing separately, and later the kid goes alone  so the kid can heal the fastest) to take him to the doc.
  • I got a text from a colleague asking to switch calls to my benefit–a huge help for me–but I had to negotiate then and there during the doctor visit. I apologized. She had no way to know how serious it is to strike fast to make a call swap work out and seal the deal. I was embarrassed to see that this is what my life has become…me texting on a cell phone while my son’s doctor is talking to us.
  • The thought of Anthony taking breathing treatments at school freaked me out–she wanted a spacer and a puffer every four hours. You try that when you have to register the medicine, fill out a form, give it to a teacher every morning, and take it home with you each night, especially with so many different caregivers (Mana, dad, sitters) involved? You need to have the logistics of a general at your disposal to coordinate that! She countered with, ‘he can just have one at school?’ Dude, he would need one at dad, one at grandma, one at sitter, one here–did you know I have crappy insurance and a spacer alone costs me seventy bucks?! It’s true. I have crappy insurance. The deductible is SO high, that when I went for my colonoscopy the surgery center felt sorry for me and dropped the price in half from twelve hundred to six hundred dollars for my co-pay.
At first she challenged me–because we work for the same health care organization. But I explained I’m not an employee. I’m a 1099 independent contractor, and I have to buy my own insurance for everything. She understood. She gave me one ‘sample’ a full-size inhaler, plus a NOTE signed by her that allows him to take the med into the class with him, just like an epinephrine pen. And also the nebulizer treatments–generic–a whole box, for eight dollars…I was so thankful for her kindness I could cry.
A Gift From Dolores 
I don’t know Dolores Cannon, and I’ve never met her, but I greatly admire her work. She is a pioneer in energy medicine who recently passed.
A symbol was shown to me by a reader about two days ago.  It had just come to her after watching a video on Dolores Cannon! I couldn’t forget it. And the name! Something to do with the balancing karma…but to draw it? These must be drawn in a certain sequence…and all I had was the finished picture. I asked would she mind showing me what order to draw it? She said she would but I know she’s super busy too…so I waited.
I had patience…I also asked just once to make sure the reader knew I was interested. Let’s just call her Archangel Katie..okay?
She gave me the symbol today. I struggled to master it, and I learned it. I gave it to myself.
Then tonight, while I was doing Reiki on Anthony, guess who showed up?
Ross! He congratulated Anthony on making five feet height today. He asked the boy, ‘How does it feel to be almost as tall as your mother?’ Anthony said it felt good. Ross teased him gently and said, ‘You’re not yet as tall as I am, but I want you to take GOOD CARE of your mother. ‘
Anthony started to drift off. (Reiki is GREAT for difficult sleepers. Once I hit Reiki three, he would go out like a light with the energies…)
And I gave the karma symbol to him…with love and gratitude.
Guess who popped up?
DOLORES!  She is the nicest sweetest kindest lady ever. And she helped me heal my boy!!!
You know what? She was so nice, she even acted like she was excited to meet me!
I said, ‘I am just a single mom Dolores! What is there to get excited about meeting me? I’m the one who is excited to meet YOU!!’ and we had a good laugh together.
That was really, really cool.
The Balance
I keep track of things sometimes, as a measure of how well people I work with energetically ‘respond’ to my intervention, and just how much they are waking up.
There is a balance with every heart.
And once you fill it with kindness, it is like priming a pump, and the kindness starts to flow.
Today as I bought supplies for the mice, and promised to bring ‘lots of mice’ to Eric, I thought please give me a discount on my purchase for all these mice I am giving you all the time.
He did.
Eight dollars.
I like 5D.
Anyhow, here is the balance:
  • I am customer for ten years. He works there, and there is an old owner.
  • Five years ago, he buys the shop from retiring owner.
  • Earlier this year, the puppies catch parvovirus–it takes like Three thousand in vet bills to save the ones at the store. Then no more puppies are sold. (To energy heal you must get to the same ‘energy match’ as your person you work upon, so I TALK with people!)
  • Around this time Eric is limping, and complains of intolerable pain for two years in hip and both knees that doctors can’t figure out and it’s stopped his skateboarding.
  • DWR does a Reiki Request for Eric with his full permission.
  • One week later he is totally fine and pain free and starting to skateboard again.
  • I offer Reiki instruction if interested–as it’s got Eric giddy and he says, ‘I want to learn this Eastern thing!’
  • no instruction takes place because there is no request.
  • The mice–back and forth, back and forth, Cecil likes Eric’s mice, and when I have a full cage I bring them to Eric.
  • Today I am comped eight dollars.
  • All this time, Eric is getting more calm, more grounded, more connected to purpose, more connected to source, and more open to Spirit–EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER TAKES A CLASS IN REIKI and that is OKAY…
And now for something completely different…I went to the local metaphysical shop today. I looked through a book by Doreen Virtue on ‘Archangels and Ascended Masters’. I saw Ashtar (he kind of snubber her, and no, his hair is not white–it’s blonde, almost like a towhead). I saw many others.
I want to apologize to you if the Healing Keys seem like we are just flipping randomly through Doreen’s book–we aren’t. And only when Source wills it, do I make a video…because so many of the people are the same as her book it just might seem that way but it’s different. I just had Archangel Katie share with me a Lakshmi card today…
One important character was notably absent.
Because of this I elected not to purchase the book.
You don’t NEED books to learn this stuff. You don’t need CLASSES. What you need is HEART…lots and lots of patience, and a willingness to surrender to your lessons so that your soul grows in its Light. 
Your ANGELS have WAYS of getting you to your TEACHER–whether it’s online, or in face-to-face!!!
Just go with the NUDGES and you will be fine!!!
The Second Half
Ross told me that you needed a break and that beautiful music was your ‘intermission’…
Here is a message from Divine Mother to all those who asked, ‘What about those of us who are barely holding on? How can we survive?! My body aches with these Ascension symptoms! What do I DO?’
  • No soul will be lost.
  • She has complete and total trust in the need for each soul to progress at its own speed–there is NO RUSH.
  • Even if it will take eternity, all souls will ultimately find their way back to merge with Her.
Remember you are loved and cared very deeply about here at Doctors With Reiki. Not just with me and Ross and Anthony…with the whole TEAM and it is growing day by day. Did you know the Divine Healing Code update went out to almost seventy thousand people just as soon as they came out tonight?
So if you feel you just can’t take it any more, why not post a Reiki Request to the group? You will be surprised at the response. Some readers who request ‘tingle for two hours’. Others have loved ones leave the hospital after surgery days ahead of what was planned. People who are facing the loss of a beloved pet find ways to accept the loss, make the most of what time they have left, and to grieve more effectively (and shorter too).
The best way to reach me is to either post on my Facebook page Doctors With Reiki, or private message me on this same page. A full name, a photograph, and a location make it easier and more accurate for the person sending the Reiki to direct it to you. We also can send Reiki healing back in time and also into the future.
So go along with the ride, do your best–angels can do no better!
And keep yourself connected with our community.
I have nothing to say. What were you expecting, a third act?! (joking about the need for a SECOND intermission)
I love you.
Love Is The Solution For Everything.
Even for us (he wraps his arm around me and pulls me closer to him, and we both smile)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Your soul is immortal – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 27, 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I know how much it hurts you to lose a loved one, to lose them through an illusion, that what you call death.

Your religions and societies have taught you through thousands of years that your life will end. That all is over then. Some teach you that you will reincarnate, others say that you only live one single life and that nothing will come after this. With this expectation you attract that what you fear even more and faster to you because you know meanwhile that your thoughts create your reality; that in all truth is but only an illusion, a dream. Change your thoughts and your expectations and your body doesn’t need to die.

Your soul is immortal. She is born out of a Prime Soul and remains as long as until after eternities you will become again ONE with me, when you finally merge again with me.

Your loved ones don’t vanish forever. They just change the dimension, but they remain connected with you forever through your love for each other. You just need to think on them and they will be immediately with you. If you pay attention you might feel or even hear them when they talk to you.

Don’t be sad, but rejoice with them. Many people who are too old or too sick choose this way, because their bodies are too weak for an Ascension in the physical body. They can still ascend when their soul is ready for this. I grant them this easier path to come nearer to me. They will wait for you at the other side and they ask you to rejoice with them because they feel better now. They don’t have any pain and don’t suffer anymore. but are full of joy and love.

My child, soon (I know you don’t like this word) you will have the chance to live forever in the higher dimensions. You and your fellow men are in the final stretch. I don’t give any dates but you are so close to it. Please keep up a bit more, it is nearly accomplished. Ascension is individual and happens in your heart. I bathe you in my light and my love, they help you to open your heart even more. Go into your sacred heart space, my child, and stay there in balance and your love. Know that all is well, that all will be well. Stay fearless, because my plan for you and your planet Earth is fulfilling just now.

I love you so much, my little one. I am with you, I am on Earth and help you with my energies through these times. I embrace you and hold you tight. Trust your soul, your heart and trust also your guides, Angels and me, your Mother. I don’t leave you alone. I love you infinite and limitless. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Deine Seele ist unsterblich – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 27.April 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, ich weiß, wie sehr es dich schmerzt einen geliebten Menschen zu verlieren; zu verlieren durch eine Illusion, das was du den Tod nennst.

Deine Religionen und Gesellschaften haben dich über Jahrtausende gelehrt, dass dein Leben enden wird. Dass dann alles vorbei ist. Einige lehren dich, dass du wiedergeboren wirst, andere sagen, du lebst ein einziges Mal und danach kommt nichts mehr. Mit dieser Erwartung ziehst du das, was du fürchtest noch mehr und schneller zu dir heran, denn du weißt ja inzwischen, deine Gedanke erschaffen deine Wirklichkeit, die aber in aller Wahrheit nur eine Illusion ist, ein Traum. Ändere deine Gedanken und Erwartungen und dein Körper muss nicht sterben.

Deine Seele ist unsterblich. Sie wird aus einer Urseele geboren und bleibt erhalten bis du eines Tages nach Ewigkeiten wieder Eins wirst mit mir, wieder aufgehst in mir.

Deine Lieben verschwinden nicht für immer. Sie wechslen nur die Dimension, aber sie bleiben durch eure Liebe für immer mit dir verbunden. Du musst nur an sie denken und sie sind sofort bei dir. Wenn du aufmerksam bist, kannst du sie fühlen oder sogar hören wie sie zu dir sprechen.

Sei nicht traurig, sondern freue dich mit ihnen. Viele Menschen, die zu alt oder zu krank sind, wählen diesen Weg, da ihr Körper zu schwach ist für die Strapazen eines Aufstieges im physischen Körper. Sie können trotzdem aufsteigen, wenn ihre Seele soweit ist. Es ist ein leichterer Weg, den ich ihnen gewähre um einen Schritt näher zu mir zu kommen. Sie werden auf dich warten auf der anderen Seite und sie bitten dich, dich mit ihnen zu freuen, denn es geht ihnen nun besser. Sie haben keine Schmerzen mehr und leiden nicht, sondern sind fröhlich und voller Liebe.

Mein Kind, schon bald (ich weiß du magst dieses Wort nicht) hast du die Chance für immer in den höheren Dimensionen zu leben. Du und deine Mitmenschen, ihr befindet euch auf der Zielgeraden. Ich gebe keine Daten, aber du bist so kurz davor. Halte noch ein wenig durch, es ist fast geschafft. Der Aufstieg ist individuell und findet in deinem Herzen statt. Ich bade dich in meinem Licht und meiner Liebe. Sie helfen dir dein Herz noch weiter zu öffnen. Geh in dein geheiligtes Herzzentrum, mein Kind, und bleibe dort in Balance und deiner Liebe. Wisse, dass alles gut ist und gut wird. Bleibe furchtlos, denn mein Plan für dich und deinen Planeten Erde geht gerade in Erfüllung.

Ich liebe dich so sehr, mein Kleines. Ich bin bei dir, ich bin auf der Erde und helfe dir mit meinen Energien durch diese Zeit. Ich umarme dich und halte dich fest. Vertraue deiner Seele, deinem Herzen und vertraue auch deinen Führern, Engeln und mir, deiner Mutter. Ich lasse dich nicht alleine. Ich liebe dich unendlich und grenzenlos. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Stay in balance – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn March 15, 2014


(Translated from original language german)

My child, I ask you to stay in balance and in your heart. This is just now so important. Stay calm and unruffled in all that is happening. Observe but don’t engage in what happens around you. In this you stay in your beautiful high vibrations and can thereby help your fellow people staying calm. Let your light shine brightly around yourself and send your wonderful warm love into all hearts and into all events. You know you aren’t alone, all Angels and Archangels are with you and ready to help you when you ask them. Know that all is well, because I know already the wonderful outcome of my divine plan for you. Hold on still a bit, especially in the energies that are now getting even stronger and more intense. I know you are groaning so often under them but they are necessary to bring forward all these transformations. Trust your heart and your Higher Self, they know exactly what to do. I love you so much, my child, I love you indescribable and wrap you into my boundless eternal love. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Bleibe in Balance – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 15.März 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, ich bitte dich, bleibe in Balance und in deinem Herzen. Dies ist gerade jetzt so wichtig. Bleibe ruhig und gelassen in allem was geschieht. Beobachte, aber engagiere dich nicht in dem was um dich herum geschieht. So bleibst du in den schönen hohen Schwingungen und du kannst damit deinen Mitmenschen helfen ruhig zu bleiben. Lass dein Licht um dich herum leuchten und sende deine so schöne warme Liebe in alle Herzen und in alle Ereignisse. Du weißt, du bist nicht allein, alle Engel und Erzengel stehen bereit dir zu helfen, wenn du sie rufst. Wisse, alles ist gut, denn ich kenne bereits den wundervollen Ausgang meines göttlichen Planes für euch. Halte noch ein wenig aus, gerade in den Energien, die jetzt noch stärker und intensiver werden. Ich weiß, du stöhnst so oft unter ihnen, aber sie sind notwendig, um die ganzen Transformationen voran zu bringen. Vertraue deinem Herzen und deinem Höheren Selbst, sie wissen genau was zu tun ist. Ich liebe dich so sehr, mein Kind, ich liebe dich unbeschreiblich und ich hülle dich ein in meine grenzenlose ewige Liebe. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Inside as well as outside – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn March 04, 2014


(Translated from original language german)

My child, stay in balance. This is very important. Don’t let what might happen in your outside bring you out of your inner balance. Stay calm and relaxed and your inner peace will be transferred to your exterior. Your inner peace and serenity settle like a balm to your near and far.

You can therefore even affect your weather so that it returns more and more back into balance and thus also the extreme weather phenomena decrease or even disappear. You know “as the inner – so the outer”.

Your inner peace and balance have a much greater impact, even on a global scale, than you thought before. With your thoughts, words and deeds you are creating your world. I have to remind you again.

Do not talk about disasters or “bad” weather. Talk about beautiful, pleasant things and this will manifest itself more and more into your life. The more you concentrate, however, on disasters and unpredictable weather, the more you create them also. Are you not my co-creator ?

When I have created and born you as a soul, I thought in love, light and beauty. And this you became, my beloved child. I see your true nature, I see through all the layers which you still have built around you. Let go of them, you need no longer to protect yourself with them. They no longer serve you, they only hide your true nature and your true beauty.

Let thy glorious light be seen and shine bright to my delight. I love you just the way you are, inside as well as outside. My beautiful lightfilled child.~

Your Divine Mother

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Im Innen wie im Außen – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 4.März 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, bleibe in Balance. Dies ist sehr wichtig. Lass dich nicht von dem was vielleicht in deinem Äußeren geschieht aus deinem inneren Gleichgewicht bringen. Bleibe ruhig und gelassen und deine innere Ruhe wird sich auf dein Äußeres übertragen. Deine innere Ruhe und Gelassenheit legt sich wie Balsam auf deine nähere und weitere Umgebung.

Du kannst damit sogar dein Wetter so beeinflussen, dass es mehr und mehr in Balance zurückkehrt und damit auch die extremen Wetterphänomene abnehmen oder sogar ganz verschwinden. Du weißt doch “so wie Innen – so im Außen”.

Deine innere Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit hat einen sehr viel größeren Einfluss, auch global gesehen, als du bisher dachtest. Mit deinen Gedanken, Worten und Taten erschaffst du deine Welt. Ich muss dich noch einmal daran erinnern.

Sprich nicht über Katastrophen oder “schlechtes” Wetter. Sprich von schönen, angenehmen Dingen und dies wird sich mehr und mehr in deinem Leben manifestieren. Je mehr du dich jedoch auf Katastrophen und Wetterkapriolen konzentrierst, um so mehr erschaffst du auch davon. Bist du nicht mein Mit-Schöpfer?

Als ich dich erschaffen und geboren habe als Seele, habe ich in Liebe, Licht und Schönheit gedacht. Und dies bist du auch geworden, mein geliebtes Kind. Ich sehe dein wahres Wesen, ich sehe durch all die Schichten hindurch, die du noch um dich aufgebaut hast. Lass sie los, du musst dich nicht mehr damit schützen. Sie dienen dir nicht mehr, sie verstecken nur dein wahres Wesen und deine wahre Schönheit.

Lass dein herrliches Licht sichtbar werden und hell scheinen zu meiner Freude. Ich liebe dich so wie du bist, im Innen, wie im Außen. Mein wunderschönes lichtvolles Kind. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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The Golden Middle – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 29, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, find the balance and stay in it. Your emotions will still for a while deflect like a pendulum, but will find more and more in the middle. You will see that the deflection will become smaller and smaller and then come to rest in the middle. Stay there. It is the “Golden Middle” like you say so often. But don’t quarrel with yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly immediately. Look at your emotions and let go what you don’t like. Just simple; don’t think anymore about them. Give them to me, I will transmute them with my silverplatinum flame into love and give them back to you in this form. My love will fill your heart and let it come to rest. I love you so much, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Die Goldene Mitte – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 29.Juli 2013


Mein Kind, finde die Balance und bleibe in ihr. Deine Emotionen werden noch eine Weile ausschlagen wie ein Pendel, aber sich mehr und mehr in der Mitte finden. Du wirst sehen, dass der Ausschlag des Pendels immer kleiner wird und dann in der Mitte zur Ruhe kommt. Bleibe dort. Es ist die “Goldene Mitte”, wie Du so oft sagst. Hadere aber nicht mit dir, wenn es nicht gleich gelingt. Schau die Emotionen an und was dir nicht gefällt, lass los. Ganz einfach; denke nicht mehr darüber nach. Gib sie mir, ich werde sie mit meiner silberplatinum Flamme umwandeln in Liebe und sie dir in dieser Form zurückgeben. Meine Liebe wird dein Herz füllen und es zur Ruhe kommen lassen. Ich liebe dich so sehr, mein Kind. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Balance – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 16, 2013


Keep your balance, my child. You don’t help yourself when you let yourself bring out of your tranquility through anger, displeasure, supposedly injustices and other things. You know after all that it is only illusion, not reality. Should you are loosing your balance go into your heart space and find the love there. Breathe deep and in the knowing of the illusionary features of the disturbances gain distance to them. Observe, but don’t engage yourself. Let all go and be again the love that you are. Just now it is so important that you stay calm and in balance. Your fellow people need a center of tranquility that will calm themselves. I know you can do it. I count on you, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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