There is nothing you need to know from external sources, you have it all inside of you – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn November 09, 2015

The silverplatinum flame

SaLuSa (1)

I want to share a conversation I had today with SaLuSa concerning seemingly new messages from him and that developed into a message.

Me: My beloved SaLuSa, I have a question, would you please answer them for me?

SaLuSa: Of course my love, it is long ago that I gave you a message.

Me: Yes, I looked for this and saw it was in November 2012, three years ago. I started to receive messages from my Higher Self in April 2013 and since then I had to stop chenneling you and the others. I miss it somehow.

SaLuSa: I know my beloved but it would have been too much for you. You had already so much stress with your job and channeling us too would have created more stress for your body as it means more energy work for you. You know this is the reason why you aren’t allowed…

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My Journal October 20, 2014 – Some thoughts about disinformation, sun and unity

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2014, 09:45.05 pm CEST

It is again time for a new update.

Kiba who is still wild and bold learns to behave. Slowly but he does. After biting me in my left wrist that it was bleeding over two weeks ago I followed the advice of a dog trainer. I bought a long leash (2 m) for the house only. Everywhere he goes he has to drag the leash behind him. He is still fast but we can stop him now just in treading on the leash, no more running after him to catch him when he has stolen something or when he chases the cats. This leash is priceless.

20141018_004503He realizes now that he isn’t the Boss here. Since some days he reduces the biting and increases the licking part. Kiba is much kinder now and teething too as he is four and…

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Gaia News Brief 6.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

A Strange Day

One of the posts I put up, of an entire body mitten to be worn when Mercury is retrograde–had the most shares out of anything I have ever posted on the FB page Doctors With Reiki.

I think this is a good point to bring up a difficult to explain topic that is worth mentioning. Let me see if I can put it into words:

  • energetically, we are very close to the point of enough people awakening enough to see changes across the globe. As it is now, there is a significant amount of change, only it is just under the radar. If you know where to look, you can see signs of it.
  • there are solar flares and planetary influences right now that are causing havoc with our energy systems. Rest, adequate nutrition, and daily relaxation through hobby or meditation are key to withstand these and assimilate them properly into our energy system. They are for our good, but a little hard on the system.
  • Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart are pulling out all the stops right now. This is time for their version of a ‘Hail –insert whoever they worship’s name here–Pass’.
  • Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart also have elaborate technology to bombard us with waveforms that are disruptive to our well-being, things way worse than chemtrails, that we can’t see or measure, but they still work, and those are most likely on full force aimed at us too.
  • Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest at heart control the commercial news. They are doing their tried and true ‘say it until they believe it’ methodology. They are also distracting us with ‘entertainment’ that is scientifically designed to affect us using sophisticated neurolinguistic techniques.
  • I know the Light is at the advantage because I see small signs of victory everywhere I look–the gas prices keep dropping (less middle men ‘manipulations’), people are opening their hearts more and more–both online and in person, and my own spiritual connection and guidance I am given on a daily basis.
Here is the proof–the ‘spin’ is on these three pieces which I suspect as having a component of disinformation in them and they all came out recently:
  1. Montague Keen inside sources say he works for both sides. Discernment is key. Everything has a little legitimate info in it, but it is mixed with a little ‘disinfo’ to make the whole thing be rejected as ‘not valid’. In this one, they discuss a frightening virus, the ley lines project (which may or may not be connected to the Light), and a really scary physical attack Veronica sustained–all of which could plausibly be true. However, the LOVE energy, of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, is lacking. click here  I do not doubt for one minute that the dark do ritual every day. I am sure that part is totally true. It’s nothing new–they have done so for ages. (for more on this look up the work of Kevin Annett)
  2. Allen Rowland a convert story–and also use of the Red Pill analogy. Yes, many of the things in this link are true. And many of the ‘facts’ are conveniently twisted, sound plausible, and appease the MIND. It is like seeing the truth, but not on a deeper level, so you STOP searching because this author has done ‘all the work’ for you. If you want the REAL story, the REAL ‘Red Pill’, you take this:  Red Pill A  and Red Pill B. These are the two that woke me up, and I read every single word of them over several days.
  3. Mary Magdalen Channeling Natalie Glasson is thought to be a pure channel. I read this post with interest. And then I started to feel sorry for Mary Magdalen again…the message got to the part where ‘Fear Is Love’ and I freaked out. I literally started going ‘Full Alarms–Red Flag Alert!’ because the Illuminati teach that white is black, and black is white.   I actually went to the highest available intel source I could, both in 3D and with my consciousness, and spirit was surprisingly quiet on this. My concerns were taken seriously, but they had to all go back to their councils and meeting rooms to work this one out.
This is one of my favorite Bible verses:
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.  1 John 4:18
My Fear
I owe Mary Magdalen an apology. She meant well. She happened to choose a channel, who is of the school of thought that the longer and more complex the channeled message, the better it is.  Two of us, myself and the one I contacted, couldn’t understand the message. Confusion is always a tip off that disinfo might be taking place, even with the pure heart of the sweet and kind channel Mary Magdalen used.
But in sending this–and Mary Magdalen is wise and has a plan–I went completely BALLISTIC.   I cursed. I swore. I was inconsolable.
Any time you put in a nickel’s worth of stimulus, and a quarter’s worth of reaction comes out, chances are it is something that person has to work on–mentally, emotionally, spiritually–and in my case, it was all THREE.
I put out like, twenty dollars in change–KABOOM.
And Mary Magdalen was right, my volcano exploded.
(But at least I am more funny than she is–and have a better sense of humor! LOL)
My fear is that the resistance movement will stall out and fail after I’ve invested so much of my resources–my time, energy, and treasure–into the Liberation of Gaia.
My fear is that what happened to Ross and me on our FIRST mission, will in some way repeat itself.
The opposition is formidable, and has stalled Ascension most recently as 1996. They opened a portal in the Congo, and that was it.
Right now, there is work to do some Isis Portal by another ‘team’–and I fear history is going to repeat itself.
So I prayed to Creator. I said what I was afraid of. And I–can’t take the Catholic out of the girl–said five Hail Marys to show that I meant my word.
Long story short–when I had a massage last week, I asked for deep tissue work to ‘get the knots out’. To be honest, it really hurt, the deep massage. And it got to a point where all I could do was concentrate on breathing OUT all the tension that had accumulated in those areas of the deep body work that was being done. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, although I knew it was for my highest good to release all I had been carrying around, it was a struggle. But ever since, I have felt good in those areas and been more loose ever since.
Natalie and Mary Magdalen got it right.  Even if they were wordy. Here is my ‘take’ on it, the ‘study notes’:
  • You are a powder keg of bottled up fear from your many, many, many past life experiences including this one.
  • Many painful things, as a soul, are buried in the Consciousness, much like a traumatic experience represses itself in the subconscious in this life.
  • I have had molest as a child, at the hands of five people at the same time–it was a group who attacked me– when I was four. I thought at the time I was going to die, and clearly thought, ‘so this is what it is like to be dead?‘ before I passed out from the pain.
  • This memory buried until I was twenty-six.
  • I have learned to allow the subconscious to heal itself–and to function with it–by making it the analogy to a cat coughing up a fur ball.  (I added a video if you are not familiar with cats)
  • remember that our guides, angels, and deceased loved ones do their best to soothe us during this difficult process to bring the buried energy ‘memories’ or ‘patterns’ to the surface to prepare us for life in the higher dimensions. Difficult as it may seem while you go through it, it is a ‘good thing’.
  • This process happens on its own with very little warning, and can return from time to time as more things that need to be cleared come up.
  • ask for help. Ross asked Divine Mother today, for a special healing for me, for this reason. I confided all that was on my heart, and she listened, as this acknowledgement of my deep fear in this whole Ascension for the planet and every body on it has come up. Your help doesn’t have to be incarnate–just ask in meditation or as you so feel guided to do–for help. It will arrive.
  • They will NOT do the work for you, but they will be like a doula,  to help you in your efforts.
I hope this is clear and welcome assistance to you. I sense many of us are going to go through similar changes.
I also got put into a Light Box for most of the day, in spirit. In 3D,  I lay in bed, and rested, and held a Hooty Heatable Owl I had warmed in the microwave, while I slept. Mine is the turquoise one. to see a Hooty
Carla had a rough day. She is correct about her assessment of the situation and the energies. (waves hands around as if trying to clear the air of smoke). There is a lot going on ‘down there’!
Don’t think we haven’t got a handle on it. WE do.
Mary Magdalen, Carla’s Higher Self, and Carla had a very difficult time on this lesson. They have earned a well-deserved rest.
I stayed out of it.
I wasn’t going to deal with it. It is like watching your kid get an i.v. or a shot. You know it is something that is right for them, but as someone close to your heart, when they scream on a soul level, your heart sinks down to your feet, and you cry silent tears inside.
They didn’t have to restrain me. I watched in real time as everything happened.
Carla has the ability to self-right herself more quickly after something blindsides her–as with this message from our dear and beloved Natalie Glasson did to Carla today.  She is almost like a cat, my mate, and is learning to fall always right side up, no matter what gets thrown at her, or how she finds herself falling in her energy to a lower vibration.
Her energy signal is more clear, and resolute, toward the eventual victory to the Light Forces on Gaia.
Just for today, the two of us, worked on the grids–taking hold of the new one–and disentangled it from the old Matrix. We shook it with all our might, and you can expect ‘chunks’ of the old reality to start falling away like broken mirrors in a maze in the dark at the amusement park. You will find holes in it enough to quickly find your way to the end of the challenge that the maze presents.
We also gave a healthy blast of healing to a flu shot clinic, creating a second vortex at the facility where she works (Carla is on call tonight).
WE gave the Divine Healing Codes to optimize nutrition to every vending machine at the cafeteria, and by intent, blessed ALL vending machines worldwide.
Finally, we put the Violet Flame into the ATM at work, directing it all the way home back to the corrupt Fiat monetary world banking system, to bring awareness for all.
This is what she found, at the ATM, and also prayed for these three individuals–she asks you to join us in our blessing for abundance and prosperity for these people who work at the hospital who are unknown to us, and also to any of you who might be in the same situation:
October 4, 2014, 8:18 am    sixty dollar withdrawal.  remaining balance $1,645.68
October 5, 2014,  6:29 am    forty dollar withdrawal.  remaining balance $4,867.21
October 3, 2014   7:01 pm    twenty dollar withdrawal.  remaining balance $123.09
Dear Heavenly Father,
I offer this prayer on behalf of all who live paycheck to paycheck. For their struggles, dear Father, ease their suffering. For their endurance and hope, strengthen it. Allow the tyranny of financial struggles to haunt them no more.
May the abundance and prosperity of the cosmos be in their hearts.
And may the awakening, as difficult as it is individually, hasten, so as to invite us to the banquet of abundance and prosperity for all.
People do not know this, but in the Higher Realms we do not need to go shopping. Not once.  Getting what you need, from a meal to a house, is a simple and straightforward as making a cup of tea with an electric kettle.
Please open their hearts, and allow them to let go of the ‘treasures’ the illusion does give, in order to usher in the ability to manifest with their hearts, as we do at home, where I live, in the Higher Vibrations or ‘higher realms’ as it is often referred to.
Lady Gaia joins us, is asking for the homeless to be welcomed to their new homes, if they seek an end to the nomadic existence.
Lady Gaia asks for all food to be of the highest nutritional value, and available to all of her children in her heart.
WE ask for all needs to be met simply and efficiently, in the shortest possible time, for all who inhabit the Earth–no political boundaries or religious factions.
In this we pray…
Shalom, Peace, Paix, Paz, etc.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and the adorable Carla the Reiki Doc who is as precious to me when she is angry and cursing, as she is when she is loving and gentle with her whole heart.
Our poor Mary Magdalen got a workout today! But she held up well despite the onslaught, and the lava didn’t cause anyone that much harm as Volcano Carla exploded one last time…