It is my Divine Will that you will all ascend with Gaia and you can not escape that – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn ~ April 17, 2013


My beloved Humans, my children, it is I, your Mother. I am the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine and the Creator of all that is. I have not only created your universe but countless uni- and omniverses. Nothing is above me, but all is in ME. You are I and you are all divine aspects of my SELF.

Today I want to speak to you through this scribe who has willingly been at my disposal.

My heart is heavy and I suffer with you. What happened a few days ago has been an act of barbarism, an act of abuse of power the dark mights have exercised to stir up fear in you. The “Mighty of the World” know exactly that they have given away their power to you and try with all that remain to them to get it back.

I appeal to you my exceedingly beloved Beings, my children and grandchildren, stay strong and in your love, that is the strongest power in the entire creation. Don’t fall for this maneuver and stay calm and unperturbed in your higher vibrations. You mourn and are horrified – because you are a part of my body, my Being, I mourn with you – but stay calm with it and in your center. Be the Master of your emotions and vibrations. You don’t help anybody when you let yourself be thrown out of your balance by this deed. It would only be harder for you to regain your balance. Stay in your love, because love is what you are made of.

I am among yourselves because I am incarnated on this wonderful planet. Only a few know this and it will not be revealed yet under which name I live. Soon I will become One with her again, then I can take my seat back in AEON that I have left to be able to live and work incarnated among you.

It is my Divine Will that you will all ascend with Gaia and you can’t escape that. The only question is when it will be for every single one of you. This lies but only substantiated in you alone. It is alone your decision. My beloved Angels, Archangels, Masters and your galactic families work without respite to make your decision to come true. They help you, but they can’t do the work for you. Only you alone can work on raising your vibrations and holding them. That you are not without help, there are uncounted Angels, Masters and stellan highdimensional Beings at your side.

My beloved aspects, don’t forget who you are!

You are divine wonderful souls, created and born out of my Self. Born out of my body. As you are born from your terrestrial mother, I have carried to full term and born the Prime Souls, out of which all of you and all other beings in Creation are made from, with the exception of my Archangels and Angels. You are my children and my grandchildren, not only spoken of figurative but in the purest sense of the word.

Do you believe that you could move mountains? I know that you can do it. And I know also that you all, one after the other will ascend. Not all in this life but most of you. Be and live the unconditional love you are made of. Believe in the “Divine” in yourselves, trust us and in who and what you are. Stay unperturbed by outer events on your way back to me and your Divine Father. Nobody and nothing can then keep you away from creating a new wonderful world on this jewel of the universe. You have my full support, because it is my most intimate wish to get much nearer to you. To see you where you belong to rightfully, namely in the higher dimensions out of the illusion. I see you already there, it is happening just in the NOW.

My beloved beautiful children, I love you! I love you so much, that I have yielded myself into this divinely conceived plan just to be safe that it will come true. Believe me it looks good already. So please stay in your balance and your higher vibrations and concentrate fully on spreading your love and shining your light so wonderful that all shadows and darkness will be dissolved. Where there is light there can last no darkness and even the shadows will become lesser until they too will be gone completely.

I spread my neverending and limitless love on and around you like a coat. Soon it will be clearer for you how all is unfolding. Oh yes, I can hear you moan about this word, unloved from you but I can and want not to give you a date. The expectations I would arouse in you with that would only entail much more delays. Nobody wants that, least of all I myself, because I long for my home, like a lot of starseeds and wanderers from other planets or stars partly far out of this universe. Stay strong, together we will master it. It is already in the air like spring, there, where my beloved incarnation lives. The snow in the mountains where she lives peripheral begins to melt and such the resistance of the dark side and the darkness itself will melt too. Winter has been long for her but now it is warm there too. Spring will not only sprout hopes but also so much more.

Let yourselves be surprised and taken into my arms. Until soon at home.


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Shake off the shackles of your religions and customs and remember your divine Being – Prime Creator through Isabel Henn March 7, 2013


My dearly beloved children, since long I speak to my channel about this and that. Some years ago she heard my calling, deep in her heart and she answered me, and thus laid the foundations for the development of her telepathic abilities. I have spoken to her in her whole lifetime in this incarnation, but she could not hear me, although she was looking for me. Her longing for me has permeated her nature and made her looking for me until she found myself in her heart. I was always there, but the entrance was buried. Her soul has sung after she had found me. Isabel, as she is named in this incarnation could find me only by going inside, into her sacred heart center. Outside of that I’m hard to find directly. Only through nature. But not in the separation through illusion.

Why am I telling you this? Because there are still so many people who are looking for me outside of their own. You have to go inside to find me. I’m there. In your heart, in your sacred heart center. Hear my voice there. It’s there. I speak with all of you, for you are all One with me. My beloved children, your souls are born from prime souls as such one was just born yesterday by my beloved Lady Mary. A beautiful prime soul who will split in thousands of souls to inhabit planets and stars. Baby souls who must learn their first steps to ascend from one dimension to the next. Each individual soul at their own pace, not one soul is forced, but she has all the time it needs to do so.

Therefore do not worry about your family or friends whose souls still want or need to learn more lessons to develop. The bond of love that unites you with these souls, will be retained also in your so glorious and wonderful future as a being of the 5th Dimension or higher and tie you further on to them. Nothing is lost, even if you don’t can see that now.

Allow your soul to go on, to experience a new dimension and to create a new world and to see. Open your eyes, my beloved. Recognize what you see and let it happen. I know how difficult it is sometimes for you. The illusion seems to still exercise its power over you, but it’s just your mind that refuses to recognize what is real; the reality behind the curtain that has been raised. Look out and see your new earth that you have created with your dreams and go inward to find me, there. I’m there in each one of you. You’re a part of me. Young souls or born eons ago. As part of my Self you are my co-creators, you have all the skills that you need to do so. They are in you, maybe a little buried, maybe even openly lying. Use the tools I have given to you. Use them wisely and for the good of all creation.

Lady Mary is my beloved Twin Flame in this universe, and an incarnation of my so exceedingly beloved Mother Goddess, my Divine Feminine, which is also incarnated in your universe, on your earth. She is the Prime Mother, my beloved wife and mother of all my Archangels and countless prime souls. Very few know of her existence, this is important to protect her. I await her return soon. This will precede wide-ranging events that will change your life. You will finally be able to live the life that was always intended by us for you, a life in abundance, freedom, and unconditional love. Your consciousness will expand and you will remember that what you are: Divine Beings created in our image. You are born out of my divine sperm, born out of my Divine Twin Flame. It does not matter if you are male or female, black, yellow or white, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim or without religion, heterosexual or homosexual. As our children you are ALL of the same value and loved equally from us. Nothing will ever change this.

Shake off the shackles of your religions and morals and remember your divine being. You are love, born out of the deepest unconditional love. Be and live that love and become again the gods that you are in truth.

I bless you and envelop you in my infinite deep love for you.

Your father, Prime Creator.


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Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ February 22 – March 01, 2013 Received by, Julie Miller

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ February 22 – March 01, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller
February 22, 2013

The expression of the feminine aspect of each dear soul that moves in and around the bountiful Earth that is called home was the primary spark of your creation. Her energy is primal and filled with awesome power and this force speaks clearly as the feminine form or aspect of God – she is known by many as the ultimate divine being as well as the main foundation for all the knowledge that is available for you to acquire. The Divine Mother has much to offer each dear soul, man or woman – within her is an unspeakable healing force that comforts, nurtures, supports, guides and loves firmly yet so gently.
When you make the conscious choice to connect to the Divine Mother dear ones you are bringing yourself into receiving the guidance to deliver yourself from the tight grasp of many delusions. Through her consistency, love and patience she will guide you to certain processes that will allow you to release all discordant energy and any misunderstandings you may have picked up along your journey. It is essential dear ones to release all heavy, low energy as this energy can create blockages and stagnation. When you open yourself to her loving energies you begin to express yourself in a kinder and gentler way that will be well received by those that are closest to you. Through her guidance she will bring into you new concepts on furthering your development of patience which is always needed at every turn of your journey. Trust in her energy dear ones. Her energy will never weaken you, but strengthen you – her energy will help you find the balance that is so needed for each of you to achieve and maintain. The Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God loves each of you and will answer your call when you are in the middle of any personal crisis. Allow her to show you the way to newer solutions that are not only a benefit to you, but carry great light energy that is of benefit to all of mankind. When you allow her into your life, be prepared for great changes to begin taking place. 
When she brings you under her wing she will take you down a wondrous path of self-discovery that will fill your heart and soul with natural beauty, great wisdom and unconditional love that you will learn to find within yourself and in your surrounding global community. It is well noticed dear ones that this feature of God doesn’t receive as much attention on a consistent basis. Even though there are more dear souls beginning to wake to the call of God’s Divine Light – old beliefs still need to be removed and replaced with newer more efficient ways of being that are filled with Light and Love stemming from the heart. We encourage each of you to not overlook the benefit of bringing this divine source and spark into your daily spiritual exercise that has impressive regenerative powers. 
It is important dear ones when applying the teachings of the masters and other deities and guides that you understand both the feminine and masculine aspects of their teachings. To only apply one mode will create and imbalance and balance is crucial. Upon surrender to the Divine Mother you will discover your whole self becoming necessary vessels to demonstrate and express the natural flow of infinite love and intelligence that is highly needed for your ability to know and understand what it is to feel bliss as well as to access the purest of wisdom. The Divine Mother’s frequency is one that we urge each of you to reach more often. 
There are still quite a few dear souls who do not know how to experience the energy and vibration of the Divine Mother. It is quite simple dear ones. All you really need to do is increase your ability to express appreciation to the primary source of not only your life but all life and offering commitment and devotion that will be pure and unwavering. As you bring praise to the Divine Mother you are opening up to the energies of the Universe and allowing the grand Universe to be your ultimate educator. Try and remember dear ones, all that you possess as talents, gifts, skills, etc. were given as divine gifts from the creative and feminine side of God. The Divine Mother loves each of you and through the gifts she has bestowed upon each of you she is able to work with you each time you access her quiet strength and dynamic yet loving energy. Regardless if you are man or woman, she is with you. 
Becoming more appreciative will create an energetic connection that will propel each of you with the wisdom of your environment and through intelligent signals that you will keenly be able to recognize as your awareness of the world around you increases for the highest of good. It is imperative dear ones to be able to have value for what you have and for other people, without attaining the understanding of the importance of value, your ability to interact effectively and articulately will decrease your capability to grow and develop appropriately. Understand dear ones that when you express appreciation you are justifying the Divine Mother and her goodness that is moving around you and through you. When you demonstrate a lack of appreciation you illustrate the immaturity level of your being and that your connection to the Divine Source is weak. It is through the connection with God that you are able to enforce the purity of your heart. 
Remember dear ones when you apply appreciation you are working from positive action. It does require constant diligent application of maintaining the appreciation of the guidance you receive from the Divine Mother and being able to follow her direction. It is essential dear ones to make room in your busy schedule to re-evaluate your decisions and where your path is heading. When you are ready, pray to God using choice words speak of your need to learn more in order for you to gain more knowledge so you may continue progressing forward and to observe ALL of Him and learn to recognize your own transgressions. The Divine Mother will help guide you dear ones towards the path to redeem yourself from any wrong doings you may have done or any that have been done onto you. When you are ready to accept this part of yourself dear in full truth and honesty this very act tells God how sincere you truly are and how appreciative you are for all the guidance you have received through Him and from the feminine aspect of Him that you have come to love and appreciate as the Divine Mother. 
When you demonstrate yourself in an unappreciative manner you are in fact dear ones weakening the connection you have with God, it becomes less pure. Take a moment each day to speak of your gratitude through prayer, meditation or other means of communication you might use when speaking to God. The more you illustrate appreciation and gratitude the more you become centered and open the flow of abundance and joy. Showing thankfulness increases the value you have for yourself, for the many choices you make and all actions you exercise. Congratulate yourself for the many things you have done and for the successes you have achieved. It does not matter if what you have achieved is small, what matters dear ones is that you are able to show yourself unconditional love and compassion which will help increase a more positive flow of actions from you in all that you do each and every day. 
Replace all your fears and worries with thank you. Through your challenges you are provided many opportunities for positive growth. Stop seeing only the negative and see there is both and all is to be appreciated because all provides knowledge. Do not fear asking for directions from God. God will show you mercy as God does love each of you. 
As you learn to express yourself from the close work you do with the Divine Mother remember dear ones you are still responsible for all your actions and words. The many gifts you have been given dear ones we encourage each of you to bring each gift into a positive progression of energy. Learn to reinforce your own feelings when you give thanks for the gifts you have been given. As you become more comfortable showing gratitude you will create an abundance of joy that will lead you into a sense of deep fulfillment and understanding on a profound level that you are indeed unlimited. 
Recognize within yourself dear ones that you are combined with both male and female energies. Make peace with these energies and learn to bring them into balance. Invoke the loving nature of the Divine Mother to assist you with this and feel your connection to the source of life become stronger. Even with the Divine Mother guiding you, it is imperative to remember she cannot make the choices that she guides you to. You are blessed with the ability to make conscious choices and we understand dear ones that you appreciate the value of great effort and the rewards focused effort provides that is filled with pure love. We understand as well the great effort you apply to discipline yourself along this journey and we applaud how far you have come. Never lose sight of what you are aiming for or of the goodness of your own Self. You are the Light and the Love of God and there is so much waiting for you – reach dear ones with the purity of your whole heart and believe without any doubt that you are paving the way to your own greatness with every step you take. 
And so it is, 
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Since eons earth has had no guardian Dragon, since we Dragons had to leave the earth – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa from Sirius December 21, 2012


My beloved beings of earth, I had already announced it to you in a previous message. Today on your solstice, my daughter Epirose hatched from her egg. Epirose is a golden Dragon and, once she is fully grown, she will be the guardian of the new earth. Since eons earth has had no guardian dragon, since we dragons had to leave the earth.

My daughter is a symbol of the return of the Divine Feminine, which already lives for decades undetected among you. My daughter was honored by the Divine Mother who chose my daughter’s name; in your language it means Divinity. She is still small and weak, but she will grow and get all the skills she will need for her task. Epirose will once become a great and powerful dragon lady and continue the tradition on your beloved earth.

Drache gold 1

The first dragons have already arrived on the new earth and help with their energies in building the new society. They will live in peaceful neighborhood with you people.

We still send our energies to the old 3D Earth to help get out all the last low and negative energies. We will continue this work to support the people who remain there.

I convey to you the greetings and love of the Dragon Realm and I send my boundless and infinite love to you. I am Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

EnnKa from Sirius

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Love does not want to be incarcerated or be imprisoned in a golden cage – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn, September 27, 2012

My beloved children, I know that my last message is causing some issues and troubles, but we are very similar to you in many ways. We are like you created by Prime Creator as his own image and therefore we also have sexual feelings and energies. Only they are shared and experienced in a purer and more loving way in our dimensions.

With us never would another Being be forced to have sex or despised and persecuted because of his preferences. We love unconditionally with all the variations and preferences. Nothing is considered improper or prohibited. This distinguishes our sex from your sex in the 3rd Dimension. As we all share our love freely with everyone, there is no jealousy. It does not matter simply, if we have sex with our Twin Flame or other Beings. No one would make his partner allegations because of it or to separate from him/her. Nor is it a breach of trust, because we do not swear eternal fidelity. We love it. We are not the property of our partner, but an equal and free, and yet connected so beautifully with our Twin Flame. We are One, One soul and One energetic heart, with which we can feel how our Twin Flame is, what she/he feels and vice versa.

You like to call it an open partnership, but you do not live it anyway, because secretly everybody wants that his partner is faithful to him. This brings you a lot of pain. Even more, if you ask to be faithful to each other. Wars and murders arise therefrom. Whole families are thus destroyed. Why? Love does not want to be incarcerated or be imprisoned in a golden cage. Love, unconditional love wants to be shared. Without fear of what the partner says, we know this very well. We enjoy sharing our love and without fear and reproach, without a breach of trust. We enjoy the gift, the gift of Prime Creator. Just as it should be. As Prime Creator wants for us and has it established so. And how well he himself enjoys with pleasure. As his Twin Flame I know that very well. And as the Divine Feminine it is my concern, my children, to bring this attitude to love and sex closer to you. What’s the big deal if two people give love to each other, even if they are not conjoint, but living with different partners? Tell me. Why do you destroy your lives and families by jealousy? Love, true unconditional love but wants to be freely shared. Without conditions, without taboos

Please think about it my beloved children. Think about how you want to experience this wonderful gift of Prime Creator in your new higher developed society. It’s worth thinking about. I want so much for you that you can drop false modesty, taboos and prohibitions, and enjoy it more. I love you so much, and since time is getting shorter and shorter until Ascension of Gaia, and your own Ascension, please begin soon to rethink your ideas and live more as future higher dimensional Beings.

Love and sex are there to be shared, and spent and not be held back and saved up. Love and sex are always sacred, no matter with whom it is shared, but only on condition that one does not force anyone or cause hurt. However, that would that not occur in a higher dimension to no one, because we know that we are all One, and we would be violating only ourselves. You have to learn some things on your way to a more advanced society. We of the higher realms will help you with that, if you ask us for it.

And as Divine Feminine, as Mothergoddess, love and sex is my particular concern, because it falls within my department. My beloved children, be ye sure of my eternal and indescribable love. Call me and I’ll help you with all my angels. I am Lady Maria your Divine Mother.

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James Tyberonn DIVINE FEMININE: THE HEART OF THE DOVE Archangel Metatron 16 August 2012


Archangel Metatron

via James Tyberonn

” It should not be surprising to understand that Atlanteans occupied certain areas of Texas, for its lands were along the land bridge that connected Poseida to the Yucatan. Sea levels were much lower then you see. We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two. Within that area then termed the Hill Country of Texas is a very special energy. One that will be awakened into the Feminine Balance, brought in by the Divine Hathor. This then in that termed the Hathorian Eclipse, in November of 2012. It is indeed the most important date remaining before that of the 12-12-12. It is indeed the 12-12-12 that is the ascending portion of that you call the Ascension.”


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you once and always in unconditional love. And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the ‘Heart of the Dove’.

On the winter solstice of 2009, the ‘Heart of the Dove’ was activated into parity field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it joined with the Head of the Dove in the in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger.


In 2012 , in the Hathorian Eclipse, an awakening will occur !

Masters, we tell you that quickening changes are occurring throughout the planet, and among the most relevant is the balancing of the planetary energies. Areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate, overly dictorial are being immersed in a softening energy. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the ‘Return of the Dove’, for indeed the Dove brings in a gentle nurturing, that termed feminine, and thus the balance of the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony bequeaths symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet.

Feminine Balance


But let us be clear, while the influx of feminine energy is necessary to achieve energetic equity on the planet, do not misinterpret that feminine energy is better than masculine, rather it is what is needed to balance the current overage of masculine.

You see LeMuria was out of balance in an overage of feminine energies, and masculine flows were fluxed into at that time to achieve parity. So we tell you Dear Ones, the desired energy of the planet is one of balance, neither male nor female, but of balance.


In truth the ushering of the Crystalline Age raises the planet within that termed the 12 dimensions to an accessible field of non gender in non- duality. You see crystalline energy is zero field.


As such certain nodes on the planet are now being activated for this purpose. These will serve as influx portals to bring the balancing frequencial fields into synergy for the crystallization of the planet. You must understand that the Unified Crystalline Field is the epitome of balance, indeed it is a non dual, non-polarity frequency, and it is zero field. Thus these ‘feminine’ nodes will bring in an enormous influx of that termed feminine energies. Certain nodes will be the major facilitators, and indeed will disseminate this energy globally.


Heart of the Dove

One such primary node exists within the ‘Hill Country’ of Texas. Called Enchanted Rock, it is a unique and potent energy source that is being activated in the fore described role of planetary balance. It serves as the capstone of the Hill Country vortex.


Enchanted Rock is closely connected to the Sacred Goddess Energy, and to the Emerald Crystal of Atlantis. This we will speak more of later in this essay.

So understand that Enchanted Rock is indeed the epicenter of a powerful vortex-portal complex that is being vaulted in mega status in what is termed the ‘Return of the Dove’. It can be said that Enchanted Rock is the Heart of the Dove’, for it is intricately involved in softening and balancing the energy within this critically important area of the Americas.


The Dove Energy is feminine, but better said, it is nurturing and balanced. You humans assign genders to attributes that in higher dimensions are not gendered at all.


Parity Calibration of Gender

We tell you that those seekers who visit and do ceremony on Enchanted Rock are capable of balancing their fields into parity calibration within its unique inner field. That is to say, those overly masculine in frequency as well as those overly feminine in frequency can achieve harmonic stasis and proportion within the immediate vortex of Enchanted Rock.


Now, Enchanted Rock is natural sacred geometry. It is a half-sphere dome, not unlike a massive version of what caps many of your sacred geometric churches in Europe. However it is a dome that covers a full square mile and is composed of unique violet-pink granite that is over 1 billion years old, as such it is among the oldest domes on the earth.


How could it not be sacred? We tell you it is a living Cathedral, with a mission!


The Heart of Texas

The hill country region is in itself a very unique area in the ‘heart’ of south central Texas. As the channel has told you, this specially coded land is a somewhat triangulated region of approximately 200 miles on each side. This encompassed region has a uniquely condensed energy field, much much higher in frequency than the surrounding area. Sensitives in the area can easily discern the subtle nuances in the energy which creates a sense of well being. This field is plastically fed by a webbing of hydrolines and a major telluric ley line that traverses from the Yucatan into San Antonio and Austin as it encircles Enchanted Rock and the waters of New Braunfels. It can be said that every river and stream within the aquifer fed area is in fact a hydro ‘ley’ line.

Masters, such energy fields exists in pockets all over the world. They are indeed special, they are alive, and they are absolutely involved in the ongoing graduation of the planet. The ‘Return of the Dove’ Vortex in the hill country of Texas, as we have said is under a special mission of balancing energies. But in fact it does more than just that. Indeed it has for millennia been directly related to the higher quality of life and sense of well being of the triangulated ‘hill-country’ region.


Hydro Lines Enhance Well-Being

It is this very energy that has drawn intellectuals, artists and free thinkers to this area. It is why the area is noted for its quality of life, universities, artists and musicians. The harmonic frequency of this energy field is uniquely conducive to creativity, especially music. Are not Austin, Kerrville and Luckenbach renowned for their music venues and festivals? Is San Antonio not recognized for its culture and artistic expression in the area you refer to as the ‘Riverwalk’?


Indeed the water that flows throughout San Antonio is very beneficial, it is charged from the earthen spring-pools of a potent ley-energy aquifer. It creates a plasmic field that brings a joy and tranquility. It is why the area is considered so ‘charming’ in your vernacular.


You see, this water is exceptionally ionic and carries an electromagnetic charge that is very beneficial for both the physical and etheric bodies. The aquifer charging zones, or springs, found in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin are exceptionally powerful and healing. Yet they also promote exuberance and well being.


Atlantis in Texas

The indigenous have always recognized subtle energies of the living earth. And so the Native Americans of southwest Texas were well aware of the energy of Enchanted Rock. They recognized and held the lavender granite rock in awe as did the Atlanteans before them.


Yes, we said Atlantean. The fact that trhe land areas of Texas were habited by the Atlanteans should not be too surprising to you, there is indeed logic to it.

You see, this part of Texas was along the land bridge that connected Atlantis to the Yucatan, sea levels being much lower before the demise. Even then the Enchanted Rock was recognized as a natural amplifier, and thus the leys that ran thru the Pyramids of the aquifer enhanced Yucatan were connected to the aquifer enhanced areas of the hill country.


The cave labyrinths below the Yucatan still in fact connect into the hill country as well as the areas of Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Shasta, Arkansas and Sedona.

We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two.

Additional there is a massive underground chasm containing a Temple complex with a smaller version of the Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine near the area of the sacred spring waters of New Braunfels. It is still somewhat accesible through the cave networking within this unique area.


Crystalline Structures & Leylines

Your geologists have correctly told you that Enchanted Rock is actually the obtrusive portion of a massive, ancient lava (magma) flow. The greatest part of Enchanted Rock is actually below the surface. And when magma is held under, it solidifies more slowly into coarse-grained rocks with larger, visible crystals. These are intrusive, or plutonic, rocks of which granite is the most common example. Some of the finest examples of crystals, such as quartz, topaz and tourmaline are formed from chemicals that have been dissolved in solutions within rock cavities. Here, they have both space and time to grow. Enchanted Rock is, in a sense, a massive grouping of crystals, and it most certainly contains hollow pockets of prolific quartz crystals


Now, the electrics you refer to as ley energy, (leylines) are a great part of the dynamic of Enchanted Rock. In this area, the ley energies are intertwined with the more feminine hydro line ley energies. This effects the manner in which they are absorbed, amplified and conducted by the mineralogy and shape of the physiographics of Enchanted Rock.


Granite, as the channel has explained, contains a high concentration of quartz. This mineral compound is quite unique and is known to be a transmitter, receiver, amplifier and conductor of current. Very few materials can match the energy transmission of vitreous quartz, especially in the ultra-violet and infrared ranges. We tell you that quartz also stores energy and high dimensional light. Quartz is capable of converting energy to electricity.


Granite domes, conical and pyramidal shaped mountains also have this property of energy conductivity and storage. The conical shape influences the manner in which the energy is conducted.


Natural Capacitor

Now, the differentiating characteristic of Enchanted Rock is that it is a natural capacitor. Granite enhances this ability. The domed shape of this living stone allows the dual charges and integrates them in microbalance. It is capable of infusing beneficial electromagnetic and light energy to all who go there. This transference occurs in very low amperage, suitable for human physiology in such a way that the body physical is balanced and restored. This charging is congruous, evenly distributed throughout the body physical. The etheric body, the Chakric system, is also balanced and robustly so.


The geometrics of this area are spherical, thus the balance, but a tetrahedron and hexagonal matrix are enclosed within the sphere.


This region of the United States particularly benefits from this balancing vortex. It is emerging into greater potency in preparation for the planetary ascension. The ‘Return of the Dove’ has the role of bringing higher dimensional feminine energy into an area that has had an imbalance over the past 500 years.

Enchanted Rock is in essence a satellite of the Emerald Energy of the Divine Feminine. In the scope of North America this energy is being fed into Sedona, Monterey, Santa Fe, Shasta and Tahoe in the west, and Atlanta, New York and Carolina in the East.

Enchanted Rock is connected globally and hemispherical in this role. It is the manifold apex of numerous triangulated fields on a massive scale that includes Uluru, The Tor, Table Mountain, Samaipata and Sinai.


Your last four years, 2009-2012 brought in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger, the Dove is intricate to this activation. It is the Hathorian Total Eclipse phase of 2012 that will complete this balancing.


I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is.


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The Mother Goddess:

I AM your Mother, your Divine Mother Goddess, The-All-That-Is, I AM everything and Beyond.
My  children, as I AM your Mother you understand that your whole existence depends on Me, because I AM the One, the Substance from which you are created.
Therefore I am your body and all your body processes, I AM your thoughts and your emotions, I AM your intelligence and I AM your sleep and forgetfulness,  and I AM your awakening.
I AM Love, and I AM Consciousness, brain-based and beyond brain, I AM all beings and things. All inheres, breathes, comes into existence and  changes because I AM.
And the same it is with everything that disappears, it disappears because this is My Maya and My Great Play.
I AM Joy and I am sadness, all forms are Mine. I have as many names as there are beings who Love Me. I am Stillness and Overwhelming Bliss.
I AM the Source and Substance of All and I AM the One Who has returned to your planet,  Who is available again now to you. Because without Me there is no Unity, and no Joy, no Ecstasy and no real satisfaction.
I, the  Goddess, have returned, that is, you, my children, begin to understand that everything IS indeed spiritual energy!
This is the end of the desert of mere dry mental and projected existence. This is the beginning of the Juice of Life flowing in your blood again, with your conscious awareness, because there is only Energy, there is Only Light.
I AM found in your heart as the for ever existing Force of Life and the Fullness of Being-ness. The mere mental projection of the world has been coming to an end with My Return.
I AM the All-Force in every living being, and to which degree this force is lived, recognized and accepted, to that degree I AM recognized as your Divine Mother.
My Return IS the major event in your time, because it is Me Who makes everything full again. I AM interested in the heart-happiness and abundance of my children, as I am now Showing My Radiant Side.
By fully allowing My Presence into your life, you are blessed beyond measure and everything, you desire, will fall into place. Like mighty ocean waves, My Fullness and Opulence Is overwhelming now more and more  the minds and  structures which try to exclude My Existence and My Powerful Move.
Who is not with Me now will be swept away by My Waves and will be transported to realms where they learn to recognize Me. My Realms are everywhere and everything, they are in consciousness and awareness, and they are in ‘places’ and in space and time.
Your Space of life is now opening to the true Powers of what I AM, and As you recognize Me, I AM All for your benefit and your happiness. Because there is no greater Bliss than living in My Light and in the Womb of My Love.
When you recognize Me you will discover that My Power is also yours, and as much as you understand this, you will also understand, that you have no independent existence, but that you are utterly dependent on Me, as all your parts are of Me. When you understand this, by using your higher  intelligence, all My treasures are yours.
I Am the Deep Waters underneath your existence and I Am directly seated in the Well of your heart. With Me you never fail, because you understand that there is Only One Existence and therefore you will cease to judge.
Your world will change to the degree as you know Me, internally and externally. There is no difference! I AM the Power you must use to bring the change about. There is no change without My Powers, because the eon of separation in the dream of mind has come to an end. It is you who must prove this by living from now on with Me.
There is no move, neither in your governments nor in your financial world without Me. And your New World only can emerge with Me! It cannot occur in your shady dreams of separateness, and the time to put the cart before the horse is over! The time to expect changes without Me is over! I AM the Horse and I AM back! And I AM Radiant Divine Mother Consciousness!
You Are not separate from Me, because there is only Me. Understand this and if you are wise you will live Me, you will allow Me to Live you.
My Blessings are already yours.



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