Angel 101: Working With Light by Reiki Doc March 17, 2015

Welcome to the Divine Healing Codes ‘Primer’.

This is a scientific explanation of the nature behind their ability to work.  They need practice, and this is because it takes a certain amount of energy that you generate with your heart to go WITH the Divine Healing Codes and their energy which is supplied by Divine Mother.

They are very, very high energy.

For more research on the ability of the heart to generate energy–which is outside the scope of this topic–I refer you to the institute of HeartMath

Right now, for the visual, I am going to talk about Light.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

White Light, a form of Visible Light, has the ability to be split apart into a ‘spectrum’ (rainbow) and be measured. This is a diagram of a spectrophotometer, a device that measures how much of Light is absorbed. It is used in chemistry and also by extension, in quality control for manufacture of certain products.

Please forgive me as I stress something very important to this discussion:  not all light can be seen with the human eye.   We already know this about certain animals, who cannot see certain colors within the visible spectrum. Some see shades of brown instead of orange and green. Others see in ‘black and white’…

Again, not all light is visible with the human eye.  Much Much MORE of the Light (electromagnetic energy) is INVISIBLE.

Can it be felt, the invisible Light?


Infrared Light is warm, and can supply heat, for example, the light shining on french fries to keep them warm often is infrared.

Too much UV light? That gets a sunburn to your skin! The entire sunscreen industry is built on the ability to block ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B light.

Too much X-rays? It can cause cancer, and possibly, depending on the exposure, burns too.

So for those of you who are visual, in this last diagram I make the point that our entire WORLD as we navigate it with our two eyes,  is a very narrow portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. And further, that we can measure the energy waves we can’t see:

  • low level gamma rays can be measured with a Geiger counter
  • X-rays are measured in the field of Radiology with all the imaging equipment
  • there are detectors for UV, visible, and Infrared light
  • depending on the frequency–cell phones, television, and radio ‘pick up’ broadcast signals.
Every high school physics students ‘meets’ ROY G BIV–the memory guide to the colors of the rainbow. The longer wavelength colors bend less through a prism (are refracted is the proper term for it) than the shorter wavelength colors.
There is more energy transmitted with a shorter wavelength, higher frequency (more wavelengths per unit of measure) Light.
The horizontal line demonstrates the wavelength, the letter ‘a’ designates the amplitude of the wave.
Quantum energy has wavelengths the size of atoms, actually, even SMALLER…
The quantum energy with Reiki has not been able to be measured yet; however, it can be FELT.
Although there is no machine ‘detector’ for Reiki, both the healers and the recipients ‘sense’ that ‘something is going on’ while Reiki is being given….the palms of the hands of the Reiki Practitioner feel warm, and there is a sense of ‘energy flowing’…
The client often senses a ‘sensation’ while receiving Reiki too.
Reiki can be sent across distance and time, and still be felt!
This is because it is a form of quantum energy, which is non-local. Scientists have long studied how the events on one molecule, at a great distance, can have effects on a different molecule being measured far away.
Even their THOUGHTS can influence the outcome of these experiments…this is called the ‘Observer Effect’.
So…there are some things we can measure…for example, the penetration of sunlight in clear sea water…and some things we can’t.
But they can be felt.
Here is something else that can be ‘sensed’ by our ears…the energy of sound, which is also in waveforms…due to the pressure waves that travel through sound, solid, and air…with the following diagrams your eyes can ‘see’ the waveforms of what the ears hear without your even thinking about it.
This is why we get the nice stereo equipment, and pay the extra money for the movie theater with a good sound system.
There is a whole world dedicated to the energy of sound–foley operators in filmmaking, musicians, actors…sound brings us pleasure in so many ways…
What if we take sound, and do this?
What if instead of traveling in a line, it travels in another dimension we can’t see?  Anyone who has ever lived in a tall apartment will tell you that sound carries very well UP as well as from side to side. All sound waves are actually spherical…and if you add the element of Time perhaps in reality the total picture look something like this?
And if we take Visible Light and represent the spectrum two dimensionally,  we get a gorgeous vector like this:
Look how the colors of the invisible on the outer edge–radio waves–come in to infrared–still not visible, pass through the visible spectrum, and then again into the invisible ultraviolet with the gamma rays at the very center. (there is a little bar at the nine o’clock position which matches the one at the top to help you appreciate the vector diagram)…
Well if that is one way to show the electromagnetic spectrum, then perhaps, what kind of energy is shown with this diagram?
Could this be a representation of how humans are capable of sending, transmitting, and receiving with their Consciousness, the highest energy form of Light of all?
Something even stronger perhaps, than Reiki?
I don’t know.  I can’t prove anything. But I can get you to understand that the energy in the Divine Healing Codes is extremely high vibration. As the energies of Gaia Surface increase, then more and more are given because like keys unlocking a lock–more and more of them are going to work and be ‘activated’….because Divine Mother plus Archangel Raphael are going to send some of their healing energy to combine with your energy (with the limit of possibly something that is written into the Life Contract as a ‘lesson’)–to work with the Divine Healing Codes.
I have seen them work instantly. I have also seen Reiki instantly heal a cut, a burn, and a bruise when I have had small accidents in the kitchen and I apply my hand to the wound. This is known in Reiki communities to happen, but we don’t talk about it much…
After having success with the Divine Healing Codes initially, sometimes things come back, but this again is all the more reason to keep at it. When the heart energy is strong and unwavering, the Codes will work as they are intended…all the way.
You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner–or Reiki Master–to use these codes.
A Reiki practitioner has the ‘head start’ of being taught in their Reiki Training how to work with ‘energy’…that’s all.
So try your best, meditate, and ask you guides for their loving support as you face illness in yourself and others.
The Divine Healing Codes are here for YOU.
They are from Heaven.
and THIS is the conclusion of the topic, Angel 101:  Working With Light
Was it helpful? (big smile)
It was both a joy and a pleasure to make this ‘primer’ for you.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 29.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

The Holiday Season Has Commenced At My Local Coffee Shop!

I got my soy chai latte in a bright RED cup with an artsy rendition of a Christmas Tree on it!

Also at our local crafts supply store–we had a school project, more later on that–Halloween was OUT, and Thanksgiving supplies were thirty percent off, and all the trimmings for Christmas were up and ready!

How did this year ever go by so fast???

Why I Enjoy Celebrating Halloween

My mother confided to me that she has discovered her inner child, and has decorated the entry way table with some pumpkin and spider and bat ‘theme’ items. She is very excited about it.

She also shared that when I was at home, she was a little envious of my ability to ‘go all out’ and celebrate like I did, even when I was a little child.  I would make ghosts of cotton balls, tissue, and dental floss, paint faces on them, and hang them all over the house. My dolls became wrapped in toilet paper to become mummies. I listened to those Haunted House records with scary noises in them, and sound effects, over and over. I read a book called, ‘Halloween, Here’s How’ and it showed how to make papier mache Frankenstein heads on a balloon, then how to make the makeup and put on the head with a little rubber cement for makeup artists. I saw how to do the makeup for the different ‘monsters’, and enjoyed being creative.

For Trick Or Treat, I was a witch every year until I was six, then a hobo a few years, then a vampire for more years, and then a zombie where I rimmed my eyes in red lip liner and painted pupils and irises on my eye lids. My dream come true was to work the Campus Life Haunted House, a non-denominational Youth For Christ organization I was also doing weekly meetings, trips, and bible study with in high school, along with my friends. This was a big production with costumes and makeup done professionally.

Mother always shared how Halloween and All Soul’s Day was never scary back in Italy. She grew up playing in the cemetery because her best friend’s father worked there. They picked roses and enjoyed the quiet throughout the year. But on All Saint’s Day–or All Soul’s–I forget which–the families all took picnics to eat lunch with their loved ones at the family graves. It was happy. Mom got sugar skulls and cookies shaped like bones. It was fun for all ages, and very Light.

Put it all together, and I feel Halloween in our culture is the one day we can be something we are NOT, anything we wish, and be creative.

I don’t enjoy it as much anymore because it is too commercialized–instead of making dummies by stuffing old clothes with tee-shirts and making them do scary things in the yard, now people just buy scary things to put in the yard. Things that nine times out of ten also need lots of batteries!

For some cultures, Halloween is the celebration of New Year.  It is when the Veil is the thinnest between our world and The Other Side. The Ancient Hawaiians believe they originally came from the Pleiades, and their New Year is at this time too. So it’s not all pagans and Wiccans.  I suppose there are some ‘dark’ ones out there too…and I understand the decision on some families to ‘have alternate celebrations’.

You see, the Dark ones hide, and do a lot more than just this holiday coming up. Dr. Kevin Annett will clue you in on all the details, and who is behind it, and just how pervasive these horrors truly are. So if you think ‘something funny is going on’ with Halloween, you might just want to take that concern ‘to the next level’ and really look into it. I am glad I invested the time to educate myself on this issue. I have changed my buying of many products, and entertainment practices, to keep from supporting those who are of this ‘kind’.

Next time you see a circle with a star in it, count the points on top. One point = Wicca = good witch. This is because the star represents the human body, much like the Da Vinci work of art I think that is called The Universal Man.

Two points up? That star is ‘no bueno’. It represents the horns of Baphomet, and all that goes with it for people who worship that. They also, in their ‘religion’ turn crosses upside down, and turned backwards an ancient Hindu sign–creating the swastika.

Sometimes I see all the jeep type vehicles with the spare tire on the back. The tires are always ‘two points up’ in the center. I know those who built it did it that way on purpose. I won’t say anything more than that. I have my intuition, and a friend who is the son of an executive for a major automobile company.  I just wish with all my heart everyone who drives those would wake the heck up, and turn it ‘right’ so it’s in harmony with Life, and Light, and Nature again–to ONE point up.

Thank you.

On Medical Miracles

I got one the other day. A patient had ovarian cancer. And as the case started, long before incision, I felt a very strong ‘nudge’ to use my Vogel crystal. A Divine Healing Code also came through. I used it.  A very different kind of energy from Reiki–something very focused and insistent–flowed through me to her. Then it stopped.

When the surgeons opened up, the eleven centimeter mass they were supposed to resect wasn’t there.

They did the other parts of the surgery, remarking how ‘good a response’ this patient had to her chemo.

I didn’t say anything. I can’t prove anything one way, or the other. I’ll never know for sure.

But it happened.

A different lady got her ‘miracle’ by her surgeon being late. I had done her anesthesia the last time, and she had liked it. So she spoke to me of her pain, and suffering. With time, she got to tell me her whole story, and I listened, carefully to her every word.

She wanted relief. She wanted a cure. It’s been eight years now.

Yet in the same breath, she will say she was ‘overdoing it’, with her working seven days a week, and one day when she stood up, she couldn’t walk and needed crutches. There was epidural injection, multiple back surgeries, now this…

I don’t know when or how her cure will take place. I did all I could with energy and healing. What I can tell you, is that there is a lesson her body is trying to teach–SLOW DOWN!–and it took this for it to happen. So, in what is most likely a life lesson included in the ‘curriculum’ for this beautiful lady, energy work would be very nice to try. For two reasons–nothing else is giving relief–plus–it would be good for her to stop viewing the body as ‘something to battle’ and perhaps find more balance overall…

The last is a miracle, a little girl I know at the school, who took gymnastics with my son. The teacher explained to me the child had experienced a stroke, very young, and had to learn to do everything all over again. You couldn’t tell by looking. But he said her parents are very protective of her. She seems normal in every way, even to my trained eye. I always admire her in my heart when I see her. She must have the bravest, strongest soul in town to take on something like that–and conquer it–without batting an eye.

The Project

Why is it that children’s school projects are always more work for the parents?

This one, due to family birthdays, my work schedule, and basketball practice, kept the ‘calendar’ (timeline of activities to do for this assignment) a little challenging…tonight was THE night, and it’s due Thursday.

I have ‘virgo rising’ in my astrological chart.  This gives me the ability to SEE in my mind, and create EXACTLY what I want.  I am very artistic and also skillful at both work and home when I concentrate and use this skill.

So at the craft store, I asked my son, ‘What are you going to do?’  He is only nine, but I could see a lack of focus and grasp of the assignment. He just wanted it to be ‘cool’ and ‘have fun’ and ‘get a good grade on it’.  He’d DONE the research and written the report.

This is where I had to step in. At the store, I also bought a reminder of Ross with the word LOVE on it.

Ross was working with me. And our son. He wanted me to be kind, even though it was late at night, and a huge project, on top of dinner (in the crock pot), dishes, laundry, pets, and needing to get the kid ready for tomorrow.  The reminder was right there. And when I calmed down, and relaxed, Ross told our boy he had a gift for me, because he saw I was trying. He was going to give me five thousand views on my blog (it’s going to hit a lifetime half-million page views today).

Ross even said HE wished he could ‘make a project’ too, like this one we were making, to me. And I felt his sincerity.

The project is Skara Brae. And it’s dug into the earth. We made the whole village. We sketched out the layout on the back of a cake cardboard. Then we cut and glued gray/brown styrofoam onto it to make the ‘buildings’. To achieve the sunken effect, we cut and glued burlap at the edges of the walls, and onto the cardboard. We have two paper towel roll ‘tunnels’ between the buildings. And there is sand glued to the floors of the homes. On top of the burlap, with hot glue, we added lots and lots of reindeer moss, EVERYWHERE.

It was only them my boy said, ‘now it’s starting to look like Scotland!’

H couldn’t see it, until I showed him, in the final stages of assembly–what I SAW in my mind’s eye. And that is okay. We made little clay beds, and fire pits, and dressers. I had bought the clay without any reason why for the last project. It never got used. Here is was now, just in time!

Did I get my gift from Ross? No. I screwed up. I got cranky because my boy was overtired, and I had a sink full of dishes, and the ants had invaded the cupboards today. I am so sick of ants! I don’t spray, because I am concerned about the chemicals. But on a lighter note, Ross showed me when I first got out of bed, one big rat, in his hand, hanging by the tail. He had caught it, and set the traps, in his dimension.  I looked at the house, and no rats were in my traps here. I think he spared me one, by taking it on his side.

I am grateful.


Carla is learning her lessons, and it is to show you we are human, same as you.  Although we are a little more experienced in ways of spirit, and in healing with energy than most who are here on Gaia surface, there is still a lot left to learn!

Love is the solution for everything.

Carla made good memories tonight, and that is what parenting is all about. Unfortunately, today she was rushed, and didn’t have time for herself, to ‘fill her cup’ so she could be present for herself and others.

Part of what destroyed the evening is that her son–our boy mind you–is out of touch with his body. He lets out these horrible farts, and as a mother, Carla knows those always precede a big number two. She has watched him grow and cleaned many a diaper in her time!

So she asks Anthony, do you need to use the toilet? when he does this behavior. And every night, on schedule, he says, ‘No, I am OKAY’.

Then about five minutes later, he has to run, because he realizes it is time for him to ‘go’, and he sits on the toilet for twenty minutes, reading and doing his homework, and not being available to help with the evening chores. Dinner is late sometimes because of this habit.

He trumps her planning, her schedule, and her ‘flow’ of energy. He also pushes back the time for going to bed, which is not good for someone who has to wake up at four in the morning and spend a long day taking care of sick patients, yes?

So that is her dilemma–how to get her son in tune with his rhythms in his body, how not to fight it but to work with it, how to eat for health and vitality, and how to get the rest he needs to grow strong and healthy, and ALSO get his homework done.

Tonight, they had to skip feeding the animals (Carla fed them earlier this morning, when she woke up after last night’s late shift) They also had to skip Anthony’s shower.  She cleaned the dishes in a hurry, but took the time to tuck him in, and WIND DOWN after a long day. She enjoyed washing her hair and taking a nice shower once he was asleep.

Writing is her pleasure.

Can you tell?

I don’t like to write. That’s why I never did. And I still don’t. I just leave all my writing to her (smiles big and warm).

More is coming! I want you to be ready for the news I have to say, when I talk with you–next time tomorrow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla and our family