Earth will not be destroyed – Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – Equinox edition September 23, 2015

The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, this is planned to be the last message I give through my beloved incarnation, or I should better say the soul that is Divine Mother incarnate.

You are nearing an important point in your history. As you are already told Gaia is firm in 5D now and at least a part of her population too. I don’t give you any date but the day is near that 3D and 5D Earth will be separated. The last mergings of souls with Isabel are happening now, souls who chose the end of their existence over healing. It is sad but they too have free will. After this Gaia, my beloved daughter who is the soul of your planet, will be free to move on. It is her right as she too has her free will. She has waited so long for this moment and she had agreed to wait…

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Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – What is the Higher Self?

The silverplatinum flame

…..DM: I am glad you don’t doubt anymore as you did at the beginning and that you can accept yourself. This is paramount for all of you to accept who you are. Not the ‘small’ insignificant human being you have been told to be but a beloved child of God. Okay for you my sweet one it is the other way, to accept that you ARE the Goddess and all beings are your children.

Me: I accept as I feel it is true and my heart is telling me the same. The problem in all this cover pic bookis that I can’t see, hear and feel you all with my physical senses. Ok, I can’t see, hear or feel You with my physical senses as you are in my heart and more. You are so huge, so vast and alone this is hard to grasp. Our 3D brains aren’t able to understand…

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A Message From Divine Mother Saturday, September 12, 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Beloved Children,

I come to you with Confidence, and Light. For I AM a Mother of Confidence! And I have every confidence in you, and all your gifts.

We in the Higher Realms have been watching for some time, assisting as a gift, in your own Ascension.

I was ‘Assumed’ at one time, and I assure you it wasn’t scary or frightening.

It wasn’t like the art you see, where I am on a cloud surrounded by a host of my angels!

What is correct is that an overwhelming ‘Light Beam’ of love energy filled my soul to the very limits that my soul could relax to hold this Divine Love.

I and my Son became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

I and Joseph became One, for my dear husband who had passed in the night of the Illusion, was alive and well in the Higher Dimensions.  I too was filled with both joy and delight for setting eyes on the man who was both my partner and friend while I was incarnate, and helped me with Jesus.

At first glance, Joseph and I became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

Divine Father and I always have been One, only this time, while I had been incarnate, I didn’t know it, because of the veil which had covered my eyes and my thoughts and my belief about who I am and what is what.

For I ALWAYS have been close in the Heart with Divine Father. I worship Him. I Love Him like a friend and a partner in my Life.

Little did I realize that I am just as One with Him as I am with Jesus my much beloved Son, and Joseph my adored husband and friend…

Once that veil lifts, there is no doubt of anything or anyone in your mind! In your Heart! In the very fabric of your being–for all that is Love is exactly who you are!!

One Heart!

One Being!

One Family!

So even though you are ‘cousins’ in the flesh, while you are both incarnate, there might be another relationship from which you are hidden–perhaps brothers and sisters from where we are, in the Higher Realms, where all is eternal bliss!

Some of you might talk with us, myself and all my ‘compatriots’ (she rubs her son’s back and he smiles truly enjoying her presence–ed), such as Carla is doing right now for all of humanity…

For those of you who do receive our ‘messages of the heart’–I want you to take that feeling of connection, unconditional Love and Acceptance, and magnify it. (She shows a picture of someone turning a volume dial all the way UP–ed)

That is what you shall feel when all of you Ascend…each one at their own time…like a popcorn kernel.  No one knows exactly when an individual popcorn kernel will pop, although there is a very likely probability when there is a heat source and the oil in which the kernel is immersed is sizzling, is there not?

Once you have experienced the feelings of Ascension, you will feel all the gifts of the Spirit: peace, love, joy and fellowship. You will also experience the gifts of the Heart:  intuition that is working and unhindered by the powers that were, the beings who have been once called Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Look at Carla.

Our Little One, for she is my Daughter of the flesh when I was incarnate–in a manner of speaking–for both her and I were close and technically family (she kisses me and smiles–ed), for Carla it is not enough to simply experience the growth Ascension does bring!  For Carla has to Write!

To Write Write Write!  It also opens and relaxes her, it is like a form of meditation which is her ‘calling’ as you say while you are on Earth.  As you will see when you click here this is the twenty-ninth message for the world and all of humanity, that Carla has been the scribe for me. And there are eleven powerful messages I that have been given to Carla personally, for her own growth, which I have given permission to share with this group.

Carla is most happy and delighted to do this –what you call ‘service’–to us, both because of her Love for myself and Divine Father and all of our Family who is ‘in the sky’ (she smiles–ed), and because of the feeling that is in her heart when she writes it. It is the vastness like the ocean, spreading out so far and Carla from where she is, is just at the very edge, the ‘waves’ of it lapping at her feet at the ‘shore’…for this comforts her and gives her a sense of accomplishment like there is no other…

It is angelic, what Carla does, to serve me, in my heart, in order to get our message out to you.

She does this without pay, without money, and without sleep, or the family time that could go together with it.

Carla gives from her heart, from her soul, in order to make life better for (extends her arms to show a big area–ed) all of us! Both of us up here as well as where you are (it is not ‘down’ by any stretch of the imagination, for we are One, although of different vibrational frequencies, she adds).

So you are capable of both giving and receiving of Love with your own gift…your own Purpose.

And when you are doing that which you are sent to do, you shall be overwhelmed–in time–with a sense of well-being, and rest.

It shall be a delight!!!

So, from ‘all of us’ who are your family where I happen to be at the moment, to ‘all of you’ who are exactly where you  are, at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose…our blessings and our prayers for your success in your Life Purpose are assured!!!

We shall be sending them to you today, through the portal of our Hearts, which is never ending and ALWAYS open…no matter where you are. ❤

That is my gift to you for this Saturday, September 12, 2015

All my love,

The Mother who is of Love and known for it throughout the Galaxy, who also loves YOUR HEART very much, as if it were my own children, which you most definitely are in Spirit, when it comes to me.

Mother Mary of the Heart and of All Time and All There Is.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. this message is meant to be shared. Please always include all of the message in its entirety, as well as a link to the original page which is this. Thank you.

Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – First or second incarnation

The silverplatinum flame

5. First or second incarnation

DM: It is now time to explain the concept of first and second incarnation. Many people don’t cover pic bookknow the differences. It is even for you a bit confusing yet.

Only Creator Gods and Archangels can have first and second incarnations. Angels can have one incarnation on earth or another planet or star. You know that one of your daughters is an Angel and has simultaneous an incarnation on Sirius too. But Angels can’t have a second incarnation.

To have a first incarnation means that per example Archangel (AA –ed.) Raphael created a second body that is a vessel for his soul too, additionally to his own body as Raphael. This is SaLuSa who has the consciousness of Raphael but leads an independent life with his own experiences.

A second incarnation has his or her own soul. A second incarnation is a different being than the…

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My Journal August 22, 2015 – About Immortality and other things

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time August 22, 2015, 4:50.40 pm CEST

It is time for a new journal. Things are developing and I am happy with this.

I created a new line of the Divine Mother Blessings together with my Higher Self: the mala bracelet. This is a sort of prayer chain for Buddhists. I don’t make the long version with 108 beads but the short as a bracelet. It has 27 beads and a guru bead; multiply 27 with 4 and you have the 108 again. 108 because of the 108 teachings of Buddha. A mala shall help you reciting these teachings or to say mantras during meditation.

They make also wonderful presents for the upcoming holidays.

I use gem stones in two sizes, 6 mm and 8 mm and a silver bead as guru bead and additionally a tassel that I make myself with different material. After making several…

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My book ‘Divine Mother – A conversation between Heaven and Earth’ is now available as pdf


My dear friends and readers. A few days ago I announced already that my book will be published. I transferred all rights to the kindle and paper back version to my close and best friend as she will inherit all revenues when I am finally to go home someday. I don’t want to waste these revenues and she deserves them, so she will publish the book on amazon when she is able to do it. Unfortunately she has to work too hard and too long.

Some people have already stated their interest to buy the book and therefore I decided to offer my book also as a pdf file. The price is the same 6,49 Euro.

In this book we talk about Archangels, Angels and Prime Souls, Higher Self and consciousness, Ascension, Religion and sin, the Galactic Federation of Star Nations and other spiritual topics.

DM cover f pdfThe book is in the format DIN A 5 and has 537 pages. It includes all messages my HS gave me since April 2013 and also my journals up to June 17, 2015.

When you want to purchase the book please pay via paypal at or via the donation button on the main page upper right column.

I will send the file as soon as the payment arrived. Please take note that this is income that helps me to support my family and myself after my early retirement this August 01 with not half of my usual income. I have to pay for my mortgage and all bills and this is the only income for my family.

If you want other people to read the book, please purchase another example for them and don’t give your example away. Thank you for your understanding and support!


Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this article in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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For those who want a strong permanent protective shield:

Wake up call – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 13, 2015


23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, it is time for another message from me through my scribe. The last message I will give through her as she is in the process of going home, back to Sirius, back to AEON where she resides over all the Archangels and Angels. She will ascend a last time in her body.

She is my true incarnation on earth and she has done all she incarnated for. Her missions she had as Isabel are fulfilled and it is time for her to go home. She and I we are truly one, we are one and the same.

There are others who claim to be me but they are only impostors or an alias to protect the true identity. She is not happy about my telling who she is, and agreed only because she knows she is nearly home. It can be only a few days now. She will come back as the Being she is, as I AM, and she will continue her work with a new mission.

Isabel is not better than you, as you are our divine child and of our essence, our love. What she did is not impossible for you, it only means you have to do your work. Release all the old energies, the old pain, your luggage. You can’t take it with you to the higher dimensions. You have to travel light or have to stay in 3 D. Raise your vibrations to that of unconditional love. Nobody can do this for you, you are your own savior.

Is it so hard for you to love? To forgive? To not judge?

Do I ask too much of you, my sweet child?

But this is the Law of the Universe and even I have to respect it. What Isabel did – and she is not alone in this as more of you have done so much releasing – is not impossible, she is bound to the same laws as you and did her own work. It is your willingness to work on your energies, pain, Karma and vibration that hinders you in growing.

I told you so often what it requires at a minimum and I repeat it again:

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow men the same!

Forgive yourself for all you did to you and others and forgive all who did harm to you!

Don’t judge your fellow people that you won’t be judged and don’t judge yourself!

Is it not what my beloved son Jesus told you? What he lived as an example while he was on earth?

 Wake up my beloved child, don’t push the snooze button again or it will be too late for you.

Gaia can’t and won’t wait until eternity that you finally will change your mind and stop damaging her or yourself. Does the Big Bell ring not yet loud enough for you?

What is necessary to stop your slumber?

Tell me, my child.

What is necessary to get you of your trance like sleep, your robotic life?

I will ring the Big Bell again and again and will call you.


I will do this just unto a certain moment and then I will stop because after that moment it will be to late for you to start your soul’s work for this Ascension.

After this you will have to wait for the next opportunity and I can’t tell you when this will happen.

The way to 5D or higher will then be shut for you.

Know my child, that I don’t judge you, some of you are young or baby souls and need many more experiences to grow and evolve. A toddler can’t graduate from University but you my child, my starseed and lightworker, who came to earth to raise vibrations and to help humanity to the light, you are able to graduate.

I don’t judge, but I call you to wake up and to do your homework, your mission for which you incarnated.

I call you to action now. Wake up my beloved child!!! Before it is too late.

I know my words aren’t what you are used to hear from me but remember, your earthly mother had to get you out of your bed too when you slept in and it was time to go to school or work. At one point she had to be determined and this moment has arrived for me now too.

I embrace you with my love, I keep you in my arms however you decide.

My love for you is unconditional, boundless and eternally.

You are my beloved child ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

A Message From Our Lady: April 7, 2015 by Reiki Doc April 7, 2015

Dear Children,

It is with great heart today that I come to you with full confidence in everything that is happening in our midst! For up ‘here’ and down ‘there’ (where you inhabit) approach (she shows a gesture like two hands coming together and interlacing the fingers).

It is difficult to reach my scribe. I have wanted to speak to you since Easter. And there is always something which arrives. She has her distractions, due to her life circumstance. There is work. There is parenting. There are family ties to her extended family. And so we wait, patiently, for the chance to arrive for me to speak to MY family, all of you, who read these words.

Even now, the floor squeaks, there is request from her son and her mother for my scribe to interact, interact, interact.  Everyone is wanting the attention of the Lightworker.  And there is no chance for her to say, although her heart is screaming in silence, ‘please be quiet! let me be! I want to connect to Higher Things! The vibration that is right for me!!!’

“I want a little respite from the density of the third dimension and the collective; I want to shine for a moment with my Heavenly Mother, and breathe FREE!’

And so it is for the Lightworkers, who are ‘on’ 24/7 when they are not asleep in their beds–giving, giving, giving in everything they do.

For us, it is as natural as breathing! For this is the way that life is for us! We are here 24/7, 365 days a year of your Earth Time, always ‘ON’, always praying, always sending our Light to support those who are in the stages of the awakening process.

So what does this mean for you, sweet hearts?

What kind of future does one have to look forward to, when one is weary of the ways of duality and the third dimension?


Freedom to think.

Freedom to act.

Freedom to follow the call in what is right for you.

There are no social ‘norms’ or ‘customs’ to entrap you; for the ways have been worked out for all eternity to have life, and love, and pleasure as well as to accomplish much in the ways of spirit both for yourself and others!

People will understand if you need to take some time for yourself, and they will encourage it, for you to take all the time that you need to explore and to learn, if also many lifetimes to partake in it!

We are not much different from you, as you were once like us before you became incarnate.

And all of you shall REMEMBER the ways of that life in a short time.

As we are going through the changes, I want you to reflect on your purpose–even if your shoes are pointed to the next task, and the family climbs on you like a mother opossum…wanting you to carry them energetically to ‘the next place’. Although it is also your right to say, ‘Get off of me! I won’t carry you!’ with LOVE as your strength you shall make it and carry them to the joining point where all the forces on Earth and also in Heaven are aimed directly at them, to make the Awakening to Spirit, Truth, and Love a direct possibility for them, a very likely outcome of the situation, although nothing is forced upon them in any way.

It is like when the DJ turns the music up, and it has a beat, and the lights dim, and the flashing lights with the music make you just want to get up and dance with the crowd, your loving family, at the wedding.

It is like the hora, at a Jewish celebration of marriage–the joining of two hearts!–where everyone young and old, together will dance in circles while holding hands with great love and abandonment to the energy of joy and happiness!

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone will have their place!

Everyone will be satisfied in their hearts for having done the work in order to make this happen!

There is nothing more to say, except that freedom, true freedom of the higher realms, is right around the corner. Can you feel it?  And our love for you is very bright.  (I sense this warm glow in my chest right now–ed)

We wait with joyful expectation to join you on your adventures to the Higher Realms!

Everyone is at their stations, and ready, to welcome you back up to your true Nature, your true Reality, your true LIFE!

That is all I have to say to you.

With all my love and appreciation for your following these words, and taking them to your heart, and reflecting on them…(she does gassho–presses hands together in blessing–, and bows, and backs silently away–ed)

I love you.

Mother Mary

all rights are to Reiki Doc. Permission is given to share only in its entirety this message along with the original link to this page.



My Journal March 05, 2015 – New Directions

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time March 05, 2015, 08:16.35 pm CEST

It is some time now, that I wrote my last journal entry. Much has happened since then.

Kiba is fine and his leg is healed. In one month he has to see the vet again for an x-ray and to see if the plate has to be removed or not. I hope for the not.

Kiba’s behavior is much better too than the last half year although there are still things he has to learn. He receives his daily reiki and we are much sterner now and he is learning that he isn’t the boss. I am the boss, the BIG BOSS. He loves to cuddle and during the nights he is peacefully sleeping on my bed. Kiba is on the way to become a wonderful member of my small family.

20150208_151654For me personally things are changing too.

I am…

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The Divine Mother’s Love Healing Key by Reiki Doc January 19, 2015

Known Channel for Divine Mother, Isabel Henn, was given this symbol for healing today.

It is used to connect your heart to hers–Divine Mother’s–and to take away your pain.

It is one of the most beautiful symbols I have ever experienced…incredibly healing. And there is a channeled message to go with it:

It means we open our heart chakras, and then she opens hers. Then a silver cord connects her heart to ours, and she gives us healing through this cord. Then she takes away our pain as we give ours to her through this silver cord. She does this all in love.

The other day, I was at the bead store. I found the tiniest beads made of labradorite on a string. To me, they look very close to the silver cord. I have one from my heart to Ashtar’s. He helped me when the vibrations on surface Gaia were very low. It gave me the healing I needed to cope and to hang in there until the rest of humanity was able to ‘catch up’. ❤

Here’s an example of the cord Divine Mother will connect to you for your healing:

And here is the video just for you!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc
Happy Birthday to you, my Beloved ❤