Power of Dragon Empowerment attunement now available

In August 2014, shortly after I received the attunement to the Unicorn Energy Healing System, I asked my beloved Dragon Lady Ifegena if she could attune me to their energies and she joyously did.

Lady Ifegena, the daughter of the Dragon King Bireto, is my old Dragon friend from Sirius. I am her rider and we are very close. I reconnected with her in 2008 after I read the book Eragon from Christopher Paolini. She had her own voice in the book as Saphira and she continued to talk with me when the book was finished. I called her Saphira as she is blue too and she is a very gentle but also a powerful and magical being. Lady Ifegena is the mother of the Golden Dragon Epirose who hatched on December 21, 2012. Epirose whose name means Divinity is the Dragon keeper for the new Golden Age of Gaia.

For those who want to know more read here and under the category EnnKa – this is my sirian name – on my blog Sirian Heaven Since eons earth has had no guardian Dragon, since we Dragons had to leave the earth – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa from Sirius December 21, 2012

SaphiraPicture source unknown or I would give credit to the artist.

This attunement was channeled by Hari Andri Winarso and can help you to:

  • connect with the power of the dragon spirit
  • promote energies of health, vitality and vibrancy
  • increase magical insight, prowess, longevity, healing powers
  • bring clatity of knowledge and infinite wisdom
  • bring success, prosperity, good luck
  • increase strength, corage, willpower, confidence and balance
  • undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation
  • protect ~ removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds
  • accelerate the transfer of spiritual knowledge from dragons

Energy exchange for this attunement is 30 Euro.

Payment is via paypal (directly at paypal or via the donation button on the main page right column above). My paypal address is hillybilly1@gmx.de

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

There are no prerequisites for the attunement into this system.
Knowledge about energy working is beneficial, of course.
The attunement into the Power of Dragon Empowerment is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement as a call in attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.


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Since eons earth has had no guardian Dragon, since we Dragons had to leave the earth – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa from Sirius December 21, 2012


My beloved beings of earth, I had already announced it to you in a previous message. Today on your solstice, my daughter Epirose hatched from her egg. Epirose is a golden Dragon and, once she is fully grown, she will be the guardian of the new earth. Since eons earth has had no guardian dragon, since we dragons had to leave the earth.

My daughter is a symbol of the return of the Divine Feminine, which already lives for decades undetected among you. My daughter was honored by the Divine Mother who chose my daughter’s name; in your language it means Divinity. She is still small and weak, but she will grow and get all the skills she will need for her task. Epirose will once become a great and powerful dragon lady and continue the tradition on your beloved earth.

Drache gold 1

The first dragons have already arrived on the new earth and help with their energies in building the new society. They will live in peaceful neighborhood with you people.

We still send our energies to the old 3D Earth to help get out all the last low and negative energies. We will continue this work to support the people who remain there.

I convey to you the greetings and love of the Dragon Realm and I send my boundless and infinite love to you. I am Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

EnnKa from Sirius

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We are neither snakes nor lizards – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa October 08, 2012

My beloved friend EnnKa asked me today to tell more about us Dragons. She is a bit curious because she can’t remember me and it is surely interesting enough for mankind to take this as topic for a message.

We Dragons are age-old Beings from a higher Dimension. Some of us are numerous thousands of years old. They are very wise and highly respected. There aren’t very much only a few thousand of our kind. Because we are now immortal there is no neccessity to reproduce steadily. It is reserved for Prime Creator to decide when an egg will be laid and who is allowed to lay that egg and what color it will have. The color of the egg specifies the color of the hatched young Dragon. The egg of my daughter Epirose is golden, therefore she will be also golden.

Dragons have many colors from green, over blue to red, brown, black, yellow, violet and very very seldom golden. We aren’t multi-colored but single-colored, at most our claws and part of our scales have varied hues.

In size there are different variations from small nearly dwarfish Dragons through middle sizes to big Dragons like me. Common to all Dragons is the ability to fly. Some are not so good but others excellent. We have four feet with sharp claws like those of raptors, which we can move separately. We aren’t toxic, but can breathe fire when we are full-grown.

Please don’t mistake us for reptilians. We are neither snakes nor lizards. Our body temperature is warm and our scaly skin is dry and warm too. Our wings are soft and sensitive. If we are not cautious, we can hurt ourselves.

We dragons love the warmth and a sunbath serves us as nourishment as well as for relaxation. We don’t need to eat but we like clear water for drinking or bathing. Like all highly evolved beings, we can nourish ourselves through sunlight alone. Therefore you don’t need to fear we could see you or your gregarious animals as our food. We don’t kill, not even when we are attacked. We are very strong and the ability to defend ourselves without causing harm to our attacker. Aren’t we known as magical creatures?

The greatest part of us lives on Sirius A. There we have been very cordially enrolled after our expulsion from Earth and live peacefully together with the inhabitants. We are friends and neighbors and some of us have a special connection to the elves. We feel an affinity for them like they to us. We can sense which elf matches us with his energy and nature. This connection usually will be established in the youth of an elf. EnnKa is my elf since many many years. When we both fly together, she on my back, our consciousness merges to one and she can steer me alone through her thoughts, through her intentions. Even, when we aren’t together we talk telepathically. Great distances cannot restrict that, because I submit her this message telepathically too.

As we seldom have offspring, we care intensely for the eggs and the young Dragons. We take care of them very carefully until they are grown enough to take care of themselves. This is indeed no diffcult task for us, because we don’t have to look for food neither do we have to fear attackers. Most of the Sirians are highly evolved Beings and even those who live in the forth Dimension wouldn’t risk to come too near to our nest or to a young Dragon. In earlier times there have been such attempts until we made unmistakingly clear that we guard our children. Today this fact is known overall and we use the time to play more with our children and then to teach them how to fly. It is a nice time.

I hope that you, my beloved people of Earth, fear us now lesser as you know more about us, our appearance and our lifestyle.

I send you my love and the greetings of the Dragon Realm. I am Lady Ifegena from Sirius.

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Wir sind weder Schlangen noch Echsen – Lady Ifegena vom Reich der Drachen durch EnnKa 08.Oktober 2012

Meine geliebte Freundin EnnKa bat mich heute mehr über uns Drachen zu erzählen. Da sie sich nicht an mich erinnern kann, ist sie ein wenig neugierig und es ist sicher für die Menschheit interessant genug, dies als Thema einer Botschaft zu nehmen.

Wir Drachen sind uralte Wesen aus einer höheren Dimension. Einige von uns sind viele, viele Tausende von Jahren alt. Sie sind sehr weise und hochgeachtet. Wir sind nicht viele, nur ein paar Tausend unserer Art, da wir inzwischen unsterblich sind, besteht für uns keine Notwendigkeit uns stetig fortzupflanzen. So ist es Urschöpfer vorbehalten, wann ein Ei gelegt werden darf, wer dieses Ei legen darf und welche Farbe es besitzt. Die Farbe des Eies bestimmt die Farbe des ausgeschlüpften Jungdrachen. Das Ei meiner Tochter Epirose ist golden, daher wird sie ebenfalls goldfarbig sein. Drachen gibt es in vielen Farben von grün, über blau, rot, braun, schwarz, gelb, violett und sehr sehr selten golden. Bunt sind wir nicht, sondern einfarbig, höchstens sind unsere Klauen und Teile unserer Schuppen in unterschiedlichen Tönungen.

Von der Größe her, gibt es unterschiedliche Variationen, kleine, fast zwergenhafte Drachen über eine mittlere Größe bis hin zu Großdrachen, wie ich selbst einer bin. Allen Drachen gemeinsam ist die Fähigkeit zu fliegen. Einige weniger gut, andere jedoch ausgezeichnet. Wir haben vier Füße mit spitzen Klauen ähnlich wie die von Raubvögeln, die wir einzeln bewegen können. Wir sind nicht giftig, können aber, nachdem wir ausgewachsen sind, Feuer speien.

Bitte verwechselt uns nicht mit Reptilien. Wir sind weder Schlangen noch Echsen. Unsere Körpertemperatur ist gleichmäßig warm und unsere schuppige Haut ist trocken und warm. Unsere Flügel sind weich und empfindlich. Wir können uns dort verletzen, wenn wir nicht achtgeben.

Wir Drachen lieben die Wärme und ein Sonnenbad dient uns zur Nahrungsaufnahme und ebenso der Entspannung. Wir müssen nichts essen, mögen aber klares Wasser zum trinken oder um darin zu baden. Wie alle höherentwickelte Wesen können wir uns rein von Sonnenlicht ernähren. Ihr müßt also keine Angst haben, wir würden euch oder eure Herdentiere als Nahrung ansehen. Wir töten nicht, nicht einmal, wenn wir angegriffen werden. Wir haben große Energien und Fähigkeiten uns zu wehren, ohne dem Angreifer ein Leid anzutun. Sind wir nicht als magische Geschöpfe bekannt?

Der größte Anteil von uns lebt auf Sirius A. Wir wurden nach unserer Vertreibung von der Erde dort sehr herzlich aufgenommen und leben mit den dortigen Bewohnern friedlich zusammen. Wir sind Freunde und Nachbarn und einige von uns haben eine besondere Verbindung zu den Elfen. Wir fühlen uns zu ihnen hingezogen, wie sie zu uns. Wir können spüren, welcher Elf durch seine Energie und sein Wesen zu uns paßt. Diese Verbindung wird in der Regel in der Jugend der Elfen hergestellt. EnnKa ist Meine Elfe, seit vielen vielen Jahren. Wenn wir beide zusammen fliegen, sie auf meinem Rücken, verschmelzen unsere Bewußtsein zu einem und sie kann mich rein durch ihre Gedanken steuern, durch ihre Absichten. Auch wenn wir nicht zusammen sind, unterhalten wir uns telepathisch. Große Entfernungen können dies nicht begrenzen, da ich ihr diese Botschaft ebenfalls telepathisch übermittle.

Da wir nur selten Nachwuchs bekommen, kümmern wir uns sehr intensiv um die Eier und die jungen Drachen. Wir hüten sie sehr sorgsam, bis sie groß genug sind und alleine für sich sorgen können. Eine schwere Aufgabe ist dies allerdings nicht, da wir weder für Nahrung sorgen müssen, noch Angreifer zu befürchten haben. Die meisten Sirianer sind hochentwickelte Wesen und selbst diejenigen, die in der 4. Dimension leben, würden es nicht wagen unserem Nest oder einem Jungdrachen zu nahe zu kommen. In früheren Zeiten gab es derartige Versuche, bis wir unmißverständlich klar machten, daß wir unsere Kinder beschützen. Heute ist diese Tatsache überall bekannt und wir nutzen die Zeit mehr mit den Kindern zu spielen und ihnen dann das Fliegen beizubringen. Es ist eine schöne Zeit.

Ich hoffe, daß Ihr, meine geliebten Menschen der Erde nun weniger Angst vor uns habt, da Ihr nun mehr über uns wißt, über unser Aussehen und unsere Lebensweise.

Ich sende euch meine Liebe und die Grüße des Drachenreiches. Ich bin Lady Ifegena vom Sirius.

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The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa September 29, 2012

My beloved people of Earth, I want to talk to you again today. Last time I told you that I have laid a golden egg, and that it is female. The Mother Goddess has chosen a beautiful name for my daughter. She will be called Epirose, that is Sirian meaning Divinity. My daughter is thriving, but needs a little more time to hatch, it will be late in the year when humanity ascends. Epirose will be the guardian of the new human society. This is Prime Creator’s will for you, as in earlier times, a certain dragon was selected as the guardian of your planet and humanity. It is a great honor for me that my daughter was assigned to that.

We have increased the amount of energy that we send to Earth once again. You make such great progress in your development, so that our energies can not hurt you. Your bodies continue to transform and can accommodate more and more energies than ever before. We are watching this very closely and adjust our energies at the time. We love you so much my loved ones and it gives us so much pleasure to see, as your light is getting stronger. Your consciousness is evolving and love is the dominant power on your beautiful planet.

The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you, even longingly, as you know that the Dragons once lived on Earth. It was a tactical advantage of the dark side to have us dispelled from Earth, so that we could not keep them from harming and oppressing you. When they dispelled us, your guardians and protectors, they had the door open and they could carry on their undisturbed dark game with you. Those days have come but to an end since the light and love have won on a broad front. With Epirose Earth and its humanity will get back their guardian. Just please forget the stories and tales of evil Dragons. They are an invention of the dark side in order to apply you against us and to ultimately dispell us from Earth. Few eggs and Dragons were saved and it took a long time for us to recover.

My daughter and other Dragons can only return to the earth when they are welcome, if you have no more fear of us. In your own interest, you should put your fear of us away, even the fear of all the other creatures that you know only from your tales and legends: trolls, fairies, gnomes, dwarves, and elves … Where the elves provide the largest group of humanoids on Sirius and in the old days visited the earth with their ships regularly and have been in contact with you. Today elves live as Starseeds among you in human form. They are helping you to enhance the light and love on earth.

All your fable and fairy tale creatures have really lived on earth or visited her regularly. The dark side has transformed the knowledge into stories and their own misdeeds attributed to us. The truth will be revealed in the end and not only we dragons, but also the other creatures, we are already looking forward to a great future together with you. To a peaceful coexistence like in bygone times.

As always, I bring you the greetings and love of the Dragon Realm. I am Lady Ifegena, the blue dragon lady from Sirius.

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A Golden Egg – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa, August 18, 2012

My beloved people of Earth, today I want to speak to you again. After a long break, it is possible for me today to speak to you. I am very happy because I am bringing you good news.

Recently, I could lay an egg. A Golden Egg. It is the symbol of the coming Golden Age. Dragon eggs are rarely laid and a Golden Egg is very rare and even we can not remember when the last Golden Egg was laid.

My daughter is going to hatch around the time of Ascension. In the higher dimensions, we are already previously aware that our offspring is male or female. My daughter also stands for the return of the Divine Feminine. Another symbol, because the Divine Feminine, the Creator Goddess of our Universe, lives already undetected for many years among you. She will give the name to my daughter. This is a great honor for me.

All members of the Dragon Realm, whose ruler is my beloved father, are happy about the positive developments on Earth. So many negative energies were released and removed from Earth. Your consciousness is expanding and more and more people are waking up. This is also due to the love and light energies, which are lead to an increasing extent to Earth. This is only possible because your body now can receive and transmute a lot more energies.

We also see that your fear for us is getting smaller; that you question the stories of evil dragons and goblins. You begin to doubt whether these tales of trolls, elves, gnomes, dwarves, and so many other mystical creatures really are just fairy tales. You are going to see us after your Ascension, because all these Beings previously to you only known as fairy tale characters  will be returning to Earth. The Earth, which was also a home for us, until we were driven away by the dark forces. The Earth was my home too, because there I was hatched out of my blue egg very very many thousands of years ago. Those were happy days when we lived together in peaceful coexistence with humans and all creatures from all realms. Only the dark forces have sown discord and destruction, and we were expelled from the Earth.

We Dragons will however only return to Earth when people no longer see ourselves as evil, bloodthirsty creatures. We love you and want to live in a true partnership, as neighbors, together with you on this beautiful gem of the universe. My daughter, who is to hatch at the end of this year from her Golden Egg, gives us great hope that this Earth again may be our common home in the future.

I am Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm and bring you the greetings of my father and the whole Dragon Empire.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

EnnKa from Sirius

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The Earth was our common home – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa June 10, 2012

People of Earth, I speak to you today from the Dragon Realm. We strengthen our energies now. Your bodies are now able to absorb ever increasing energy.

We combine our efforts with the other Realms. The Earth Elementals, Air Elementals, and the world of Fairies, Goblins and Trolls intensify our efforts. All of us are still invisible to you, but we exist. We live in the fifth Dimension and beyond. All our Realms were persecuted by the dark forces and wrongly accused of having committed acts against you people. Acts committed by the forces of darkness itself. Trolls and Goblins, the Dwarves also have always wanted only good for the people . This also includes us Dragons. We are in the eastern parts of the world known as a lucky charm. In China, we are still revered today. The knowledge of our positive attitude towards you is there still in existence. Humans and Dragons lived together and we helped each other, depending on what it was. But we were more the protectors of the people. The Earth was our common home.

I am telling you all this so that you lose the fear of us. We want to live together again with you, not as pets, but like good neighbors. For we love Earth  and we miss her.

I am Lady Ifegena and bring greetings from the Dragon Realm.

We will have a lot of fun together – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa June 2, 2012

Loved Ones of Earth. I would like to speak to you again today. It is my pleasure to sent the word to you through my old friend EnnKa .

We Dragons are regarded as evil and bloodthirsty creatures, which you must fear. So it was taught to you for millennia. There was a time in which we have lived peacefully alongside you, as the vibrations were not as tight. Then different times had begun. The dark side had taken dominion over Earth and began to hunt and kill us. To avoid this, we had to left Earth, and we had to look for a new home. The consciousness of our existence has been transformed into fables and fairy tales. At the same time you have been led to believe that you ought to fear us.

We Dragons are powerful Beings, but we are well disposed towards people. We have a very old memory and we can well remember the times of our peaceful coexistence on Earth. We love the people and it is our desire to return to Earth. We already send our energies to you and just waiting for a change of your consciousness to become even more active to help.

Do not be afraid of us. We will do nothing to you. Make yourself familiar with the idea that we are not a fearsome creature, no mythical creatures. Besides us, there are so many other Beings that only you know from your fairy tales: fairies, unicorns, mer people, trolls, goblins, elves. They all really do exist and after your Ascension into the 5th Dimension you can see them. They will return to Earth and live side by side with you.

We can now help you only from the distance, as soon as we can once again live among you, we will be able to actively support you in building a new society. We will have a lot of fun together. My friend loves it to fly with me through the air, on her homeworld Sirius. You’ll sure love it too my beloved people of Earth.

I am Lady Ifegena and bring you the greetings of the Dragon Realm.

Life in the universe is very diverse – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa, April 28, 2012

People of Earth. With pleasure, we look out of the Dragon realm to Earth and see how everything develops. The darkness fades and the world shines brightly in the universe. Your frequencies are very much higher than they were a decade ago.

Love is spreading over the world and your tolerance for the difference is increasing. Thereby you and we are only different in appearance. Our being, our nature is the same. We are all One with All-That-Is. Lookout, race and appearance are only the expression of individuality. As soon as mankind has understood this correctly once, people of Earth will be peaceful and tolerant towards other Beings and themselves. This will greatly contribute to peace on your beautiful planet. And it will help you to meet with different types of Beings from the universes.

There are many advanced Beings on other planets and stars, who, for you, have a completely foreign appearance. Life in the universe is very diverse. We Dragons also belong to that. We are benevolent Beings who one day will perhaps come back to Gaia to live peacefully with her inhabitants. Until then, we can support you only from afar with our love and our mighty Dragon energies.

I am Lady Ifegena and offer you the love and greetings from the Dragon Realm.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

Das Leben im Universum ist sehr vielfältig – Lady Ifegena aus dem Reich der Drachen durch EnnKa 28.04.2012

Menschen der Erde. Mit Freude schauen wir aus dem Reich der Drachen auf die Erde und sehen wie sich alles entwickelt. Die Dunkelheit schwindet und die Erde erstrahlt hell im Universum. Eure Frequenzen sind schon sehr viel höher als noch vor einer Dekade.

Liebe verbreitet sich über eure Welt und die Toleranz gegenüber der Andersartigkeit nimmt zu. Dabei seid Ihr und sind wir nur im Äußeren anders. Unser Wesen, unsere Natur ist gleich. Wir sind Alle Eins mit Allem-was-ist. Aussehen, Rasse und Erscheinung dienen nur dem Ausdruck der Individualität. Sobald die Menschheit dies erst einmal richtig verstanden hat, werden Menschen der Erde anderen Wesen und sich selbst gegenüber friedlich und tolerant entgegen gehen. Dies wird enorm zum Frieden auf eurem wunderschönen Planeten beitragen. Und es wird euch helfen mit andersartigen Wesen aus den Universen zusammenzutreffen.

Es gibt viele hochentwickelte Wesen auf anderen Planeten und Sternen, die eine für euch vollkommen fremde Erscheinungsform haben. Das Leben im Universum ist sehr vielfältig. Auch wir Drachen gehören dazu. Wir sind euch wohlwollende Wesen, die eines Tages vielleicht zu Gaia zurückkehren werden, um friedlich mit ihren Bewohnern zu leben. Bis dahin können wir euch nur aus der Ferne mit unserer Liebe und unseren mächtigen Drachenenergien unterstützen.

Ich bin Lady Ifegena und entbiete euch die Liebe und Grüße aus dem Reich der Drachen.

Danke Lady Ifegena