My dear friends all over the world, regardless of religion. I wish you a happy Easter deep out of my heart.

Easter is not so much the cruxifiction of a great Being of Light, but the meaning behind it. That we all are immortal infinite Beings of Light ourselves. He showed us through his death, his resurrection and his own Ascension some years later.

Through Ascension we all leave the narrowness of illusion, a hologramm constructed to serve the development of our souls. Through Ascension we regain our immortality in our human bodies that first ever happened in Creation.

Our Divine Mother and Divine Father love us unmeasured and in all eternity and they agreed that their beloved son Jesus died at the cross and resurrect after that to show us the way to our own immortality, through non-judgement, forgiveness and unconditional love to all living beings including the soul of our earth, beloved Gaia.

This has nothing to do with earth religions but with the rising Christ Consciousness that is beyond all beliefs and religions and is unconditional love itself.

In this my beloved brothers and sisters, I wish you all a happy Easter. I love you all like the Divine Mother loves you all, unconditionally and in all eternity.



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