Gaia News Brief 31.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Ross’s Gift To Me

This morning, we went (with our Light Bodies, not the three D ones) to the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. We went to the room first, it was beautiful, and we had room service for the night we arrived. It was a suite, and I enjoyed the view immensely from the balcony.

We had breakfast the next day, at the same table, at the same restaurant, where Frank made me cry and leave the table. I was nervous, but Ross steadied me. I remember he had two slices of bacon, which I thought was odd for him to be so human. I’ve never seen him really eat, and so here he was, on vacation, with me, in Hawaii. I could taste the Kona coffee and the guava juice.

After the meal, Ross handed me a box. Inside was a beautiful, dazzling bracelet, not made of things from Earth. It had all different kinds of flowers that shone like diamonds…he celebrated with me my facing my fears.

We went swimming in the ocean, and rented a cabana for two, those chaise lounges with the umbrella on it.

Over the week we did outrigger canoe, we walked to the chapel, we went to Hana and had a picnic by the seven pools. We went to see Ulalena.

I was so happy, one morning I went to the beach and collected sea shells and rocks an a dried up starfish, and put together a tray for Ross. I smiled with my whole heart, and gave him breakfast in bed–I woke him up.

His reaction surprised me.  I saw him get up, and go to the shower, and go in. It was like, a wall shower, grey tile. I heard him crying, with big sobs, for some time. I saw him get on his knees, and thank Father God for answering his prayer.

I didn’t understand what Ross was doing, although I respected him enough to give him his privacy. He came out with a red nose and eyes, and toweled himself off, hopped back in bed, and enjoyed his breakfast, without mentioning what happened. He was very loving, and relaxed, and happy.

(I know for a fact that when we were officially reintroduced in early December or so last year, he cried very much too. As a matter of fact, he was not able to function, and Ashtar let him take three days off just to spend time being close to me. Today’s tears reminded me of that time.)

That same day, we went to the pool. I was shaking with fear from the bad memories with Frank–that’s all he liked to do–sit in a cabana and get a tan by the pool. Ross showed me our cabana…inside was a HUGE book of sudoku and a pen for me! And also, a little chess board. We played chess that afternoon.

It took some coaxing for him to get me in the pool. It took a lot of trust on my part. But we had lunch at the very same gazebo bar that Frank and I first had lunch when we arrived on that vacation in 2003.  It was surprisingly happy and light to be there with Ross.  He later made arrangements for us to get couples massage side by side, and at sunset, we ate at that same place, but he held me, and we watched the sunset together, while we had a dinner of little appetizers. I also could taste some pina colada type drink with lots of coconut in it.

I am a conscious channel. I used to need to lie down and nap to experience these kind of ‘travel’. Now, I can attend to my things at hand in 3D, and go to 5D with Ross, with amazingly detailed perceptions.  Ross WAS there, he interacted with me, and I was genuinely surprised at how close we grew.  The time span was about one week–in 5D–over about one hour in 3D…

To Decree or Not To Decree? That is the Question

Someone angelic sent me this:

I must confess, I am not a big ‘command and demand’ decree-er.  There was something in the energy of this that troubled me to my core. I wasn’t sure why.

I don’t think Lady Gaia would like this approach at all.

She is highly independent, and knows her place. To Command or Decree would be to take the place of her Divine Father and Divine Mother, who together create ONE soul, the Prime Creator of All That Is.

Command also is a sticky point because it implies a lack of free will.

This is going to sound really mean and nasty, but it must be said–people who say decrees like this, and then go ignore the hungry, or cut someone off in traffic, or think only of themselves and their money are the worst kind of hypocrites. Gaia would be very upset to see that people SAY this kind of bullshit and expect it to HAPPEN– without changing their hearts one bit.

She would cheerfully ‘invite’ these people with Her warmest blessings to continue their journey in another 3D alternate reality…

Let’s take the intent of the decree–and edit it to enhance the changes that must take place WITHIN OUR HEARTS to thus usher in the New Golden Era.

Without Heart CHANGES–we are still stuck in status quo, no matter how much we clean pollution, reduce, reuse, and recycle…it is the collective awakening of the heart centers that will help us reach the ‘tipping point’ for the changes to be seen in our world as we know it and experience it.

The Decree-less Promise To Mother Earth and Lady Gaia Sophia:

I humbly ask with my heart…that the weather on Surface Gaia be restored to the original plan.

I humbly ask with my heart…for all the waters on Surface Gaia to be restored to their original pristine condition.

I humbly ask with my heart…for my heart and all others to awaken to the sacredness of all Life.

I humbly ask with my heart…to experience my connection to All That Is, and how WE are One.

I humbly ask with my heart…for the veil to lift, and for all beings to remain the sovereign entities they are, with Free Will and Love and Respect for all others.

I humbly ask with my heart…for the air, the earth, and the sky to be restored to their original pristine condition.

I humbly ask with my heart…for all souls on Gaia to honor her generosity and kindness with Divine Peace 24/7, 365…

I humbly ask with my heart…to be guided to make changes in my life, starting today, to love and respect all animals as if they were my beloved fur babies–no matter what kind of animals they are.

I humbly ask with my heart…to be so filled with Love and Respect for others that nothing can come out but Love and Respect for them–and I ask for THEIR hearts to be so filled with Love and Respect for me that nothing may come out except their Love and Respect for me.

I humbly ask with my heart…to take action to feed the hungry, even if it is sharing what little I have for my own loved ones and myself.

I humbly ask with my heart…to ensure the safety for all living beings on Surface Gaia, including the plants, wildlife, trees, visitors from Other Realms, as well as humanity.

I humbly ask with my heart…to live my life based on love, sharing, caring, mutual respect, and a willingness to drop my old ways and embrace those of 5D in everything I do…

False Prophets

The Decoys
Several people are under the assumption they ARE the incarnation of certain Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings. This has a two-fold benefit–it protects the one who actually IS this being incarnated, much like bridesmaids protect a bride from abduction in ancient times by looking like her–yes?–AND by giving valuable spiritual lessons to those who believe this is who they are.

How Will You Know Who IS A Decoy And Who Is The Real Thing?
Ask for DISCERNMENT and practice this skill every day.
FEEL what RESONATES with you.

When I walked up the driveway to Mark’s parent’s home to meet Barbara Matthias, by the time I got to the front porch I was hit with the claircognizance–SHE IS SEEING BLESSED MOTHER!

I just KNEW.

You will too.

How To Recognize Ego and Dishonest Motivation For False Prophets
They want money.
They want you to sign on to something
They want you to only do it their way–and condemn all others
They enjoy ‘fame’–you can sense it
Their messages are not clear and concise–they are confusing
They get you to ‘buy in’ and be ‘indignant’ over some ‘conspiracy’ angle on something they say
They don’t do anything for anybody or if they do, it’s only for friends–they want something in return

Watching CNN In The Doctor’s Lounge

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s better than CSI that plays all the time in there…

I saw one rocket explode on takeoff, without hurting anybody. I thought–‘chalk one up for the Galactics!’.   Something very wrong must have been on that payload. How do I know it was the Galactics and not a Psy Ops?  No one got hurt.

Ebola and Obama–some doctor opened for a press conference for Obama. He’d survived Ebola.  Obama talked on and on about ‘saving lives’ and ‘these brave souls who went out there to help’. He made an appeal to all physicians  to ‘rise to the occasion’ and risk their lives, and be away from their home and family, to ‘fight this monster’…

I looked at the doc sitting next to me, and asked, ‘Are you sure about this? Didn’t he just make life more difficult for us recently with the Affordable Care Act?’

My Chinese associate said, ‘The guy who sells his serum for antibodies doesn’t need money. He can say,  I want your house–he doesn’t need money to be very rich!’

You see, even the most asleep, the most financially motivated in that doctors lounge that day, were able to see holes in the ‘story’ that is being given by the press–and soon they will see the truth behind who really runs our government, where our taxes really go, and why they want us to be in fear all the time to give up our rights in exchange for those in power ‘solving’ our problems for us.

(CLEARS his throat)
I took Carla to Maui today in order to heal us. Not that I say ‘her’. To heal BOTH of us.
I was very deeply moved by the kindness Carla showed to me by planning this surprise. She never was like that, in any of her incarnations with me, so full of heart, so intent on wanting MY happiness…she has grown so much, that limping (Carla limps–she has foot pain right now, it is resolving with new shoes–the others were too tight and not supportive), and limited as she has been in 3D–her HEART is WIDE OPEN and better than it ever has been.
I got my wish.
I got my wish for Carla to be normal, and healthy, as a Galactic citizen in every way. That is why I thanked Our Heavenly Father for it.
Soon you will be having all kinds of experiences, on both sides, ours ‘up here’, and yours where you are, as you grow, and heal, and become loving family –intact and together–whole–as One–with each other again.
It is beautiful, and fresh, and all-inspiring.
My news is that the announcement is DONE!  The ‘end times’ are behind us, albeit energetically. We are undergoing a major shift in the next few weeks. I ask you to ‘pardon our dust’ as the changes take place, subtly, as if nothing is happening except for this new feeling you have in your hearts.
Carla was at my side at a meeting yesterday morning. In Council. She sat at my left. Although she attends these in her sleeping, this is the first I let her remember.
Carla saw the teams give their reports about their many assignments, and about its completion.
We did it.
All of us working together.
Thank you.
Aloha and Mahalo,
Ross and Carla