Gaia News Brief 5.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

A Healer For The Healer

Last night, I went to see someone whose name was like Haniel, for a massage. I like a deep massage, to get the tension and knots out of my muscles.

I asked if he was from Hawaii? The name like Haniel was very almost Hawaiian–Hanani.

It is the name of a Spanish warrior–he was mixed Hawaiian, Filipino, and Spanish from Spain.

I introduced myself as an energy healer, a Reiki Master, and I said in addition to my tissue work, if he wanted to do energy work on me too, I was okay with it.

He was surprised! He isn’t trained in it, but many people tell him they feel it. He thinks it’s from his Mixed Martial Art Fighting he used to do. Or was it that other thing where people like, fight–whatever it was, I once gave anesthesia to a patient who was a pro at that. He was gorgeous, super good shape, and had a disease I could catch if I got a needle stick from him.

And Hanani also worked two jobs. He went to bed at two a.m., and woke up at six a.m. He did this, massage, then for a major bank in some department where they research what happened  when things go wrong–hard to understand never mind explain but something very behind the scenes.

I was honest, since he could feel my sore tight muscles, and I said what I did for a living and why those muscle groups hurt. Heads are heavy, and I work with them every day to put breathing tubes in and mask patients. I stand a lot. And I move patients from gurney to OR table and back. I push the gurney to the recovery room too.

Hanani could do incredible energy work without realizing it. And I achieved a very deep state of relaxation…he did a good job with the rest, too.

When it was the end, he took care to make sure I got his attention and he would be waiting for me with the water. He wanted a nice tip. From the doctor. I am intuitive enough to figure that out,  no matter how polite and sincere he seemed to be.

I thought, my GOD, this poor man, working such long hours–for what? I know how much at El Fancy Schmantzy day spa the massage therapists make–you pay two hundred an hour for fifty minute massage and access to day spa to El Fancy; the person who massaged you gets perhaps twenty an hour, with no benefits. My ex was a massage therapist. That’s how I know.

I tipped him thirty-five dollars.

When is this financial slavery–having to hold down more than one job to make ends meet–going to end?

Sit Down Carla

I was enjoying my one day off, my morning really, before my boy came back from a birthday celebration with his other side of the family. Ross told me to sit in the old glider rocker from when I had our son. I did.

He showed me a picture. It was our home. I was serving dinner, and minding the toddler, our girl, Alexandra. Ross had that same happy, content, mystified look on his face as I did my work in the kitchen. I see that look sometimes even here in my home. He just stands in the dining room and looks into the kitchen with this funny smile, as I go do my thing getting dinner ready. I feel Ross’ happiness even now.

Well in this vision, Ross sat at the head of the table, and all of the every day normal things were going on, and it was a beautiful picture of balance and harmony and bliss. I teased Ross, giving him a little sass just so he would know that even though I was doing all these things I was the Essene well-trained spiritual powerhouse I was, no matter HOW it may look at the moment.

It was bliss.

Ross shared that this was the night before I gave birth to our son, whom he gave away, because of political concerns he agreed to keep the bloodline ‘safe’ by having another family raise him, and tell me he died at birth.

Ross said it was the best day he ever had of his entire existence, that day, that dinner, that moment he shared with me right then…and he wished with all his heart he could have had just one more day like that…and he was so sorry for what he did to me, to us, to destroy forever that love and trust that our family once shared.

I started crying too. I held his head in my arms, and rocked him. I told him that everything happens for the best, and here we are now, together. And I wished we could have had that one more night with our family back then too, for I loved it very much, all of it. And if I had to go through the loss to get to now, it was worth it. I didn’t blame him. I understood, And I wanted him to know I had forgiven him without a doubt, forever.

We weren’t alone in this meditation. I knew we were monitored. But to my surprise, it was by three tall thin beings with very elongated heads who were not our skin color, more of an olive, brown, reptile like skin with big eyes–Anunaki.

They were crying too. They were the initial guardians who were assigned to earth. Then they ‘fell’ of whatever you want to call it–got into ‘money and power’. Ross and I were part of the ‘lets set things right’ team. That mission failed miserably.  Since then, the leader Anunaki became good. Their minions here on earth aren’t so nice.

I am HORRIFIED of them. I started to panic. I rock in fetal position and hit myself in their presence, trying to make them go away. I reminded everyone I have a restraining order against them–they are not to come near me. Through a glass wall, I showed them my many, many scars on my person, from their choices, and that I don’t want the healing to become off-track by any interactions with them.

They had gifts for me. Many. I didn’t want to accept them. I didn’t trust the gifts. I knew these three were contrite, more or less. But I didn’t want reminders. I asked my higher self to scan the gifts, and agreed to take one, the one that was the darkest color. A rectangle black the size of a cell phone in a case.

It was their history. They wanted their story, complete with the ending with them turning good, for our posterity to know.

I thanked them. And I also pointed to the middle one and said, ‘That one does not know what Love is. I forgive you all. Completely. And when the time comes, this one in the middle–I pointed–will be asked to forgive. It is only at that time when the forgiveness takes place that he will understand what Love really is. ‘ (the middle one still had extreme love of money, and was hiding it. Loved power, too, I sensed it)

Then in a flash, I realized how silly this all is, my having the glass and the restraining order–the one on the left, and the one on the right, were good.  No matter what happened between us, we are Ohana in some way like it or not. So I ran to them, threw my arms around their necks, and said how sorry I was everything had happened. I will excuse myself to concentrate on my own healing, but I wished them all blessings and good luck on their new missions, and encouraged them to remember me in their meditations and their growth.

Then Ross said I needed to change the sheets on the beds back in 3D! I am not the best housekeeper, and he said it would help our boy’s self-esteem if I made the beds really nice for us when he came home. Not just the boy’s room, but mine too. So I did. And it looked nice.


Mana Patrice (a hybrid name my boy came up with, ‘mama’ and ‘nana’ combined) turned sixty. It was a BIG birthday.  She came with her grandson to pick me up. We drove quite a ways to Laguna Beach, for lunch. There was a wait for a table.  So we stopped by some little art stores.

She doesn’t know who Ross is. Just that I am in a relationship. Well, when we went to the Russian Traditions store, there was his face! on the nesting dolls! I was like, cool! She owns an internet business, and she spoke with the owner of the store. Did you know that people won’t ship to Brazil because people say ‘it never arrived’? Like all the time? They want refunds.

And some places they won’t ship, because there is no insurance for it–it’s strange how some countries, Russia is one, are like that.

We got a beautiful table, ate lunch, and relaxed. Except for the Time Share part.  They have two, and she offered to give us one. Its not the way we travel–the advance planning and keeping track of points, the requesting a time slot–all would be stress for me. Even through it’s only a service fee every year. I declined…they had offered to sell it to me before, and I asked my mom, who said, ‘it’s a bad business deal right now’. Dad bought one in Palm Springs, and our points expire, we pay fees, once when I took mom, we got bed bugs–it was a nightmare.

After that I gave Mana my gifts.  Her grandson had given her two pandora charms–Ross picked out the four leaf clover one–and our boy picked the Angels Baseball. That was yesterday and she thought that was everything.

Today I gave her a pink gold  heart. This is a big birthday for a woman who whenever the boy gets sick, watches him all day, so I can work. She is driving me to my medical procedure this month. We are joined by our love of this child we share as mom and Mana.

I also gave her my letter with my confession about the lawyers, and the ceramic handprint ornament for her bedroom wall.

She forgave me for everything.

She said if she had been in my place she would have done the same thing.

I was bawling. I was so thankful we could put the past behind us, together, forever.

And I saw, that I am her daughter she never had. My love for her son, brought her the grandson she always wanted, and me.  She was so excited for her birthday.

Then they wanted to show me one last store, the garden shop. I like little ceramic mushroom ornaments, and she has given me some. I found a sky blue one with white blotches on it, like clouds.

My eye caught a plate. It was ceramic and on a stand to hold it on display. It had beautiful paint, and said, SHALOM both in English and in Hebrew. My eyes grew WIDE with delight! Ross! (we were both Jewish AND Essene). I bought them both. And I shared how my ‘friend’ is Jewish…

Then I saw two cards–Bells Will Ring and Happily Ever After. Then one more as I walked out the door caught my eye, ‘I LOVE YOU…’

Picture Day

He had the haircut, and now he needed a shirt. We went to a mall and ate at the food court. I had thai, and my son had mexican. Then the search began. Ross was helping us, guiding both of us. Our boy hears him just like me.

We went to the Macy’s Men’s Store. And found shirts at seventy percent off. But they were hard to try on. I had to teach for the first time about the pins, and the collar stays.

Our son is also the reincarnation of my Nanu Filippo–and oddly enough, as we searched, the SAME STYLE of shirts that once looked good on my grandfather, looked good on my kid.

Short sleeve dress shirts. In the same colors and styles. The long sleeves looked terrible on him.

Even more fascinating, a mannequin by the dressing room, was the same height and build as Ross!

Anyhow, everything went fine except I was ready to go home long before ‘the shirt’ was found.

When I got home I was upset and cranky. The air conditioner costs a fortune. It was cool out. I wanted to turn it off. My boy likes the house like a refrigerator, and that costs me way lots of money. Then I got upset over how much I have to do tomorrow–take him to my mom (to see cousins too), then work.

I complained to my son how I am not angry with him, I just am feeling guilty that I can’t be just a mom, or just a doctor, or just a healer like I am here. I feel stretched and unable to give it my best.

So I tucked him in, and pulled out my computer. I wanted to WRITE. When you are a writer, you HAVE TO WRITE. It’s like needing a glass of water. It’s a physical NEED. Why, I don’t know, but after the day with Mana and the shopping and watering the plants and feeding animals, I wanted some ‘me’ time.

I pulled a Hawaiian Mana Card (mana in Hawaiian means ‘life force’) and pulled ‘ANO ‘ANO. It means ‘seed’ and represents intention. The card is all about manifesting. As Serge King says, ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’.

Then my boy had a nightmare. He kept hearing his Mana calling to him by name, over and over and over. He wanted me to lie with him. So I did.

I had the chance to ‘do over’, and to BE a mom, just for tonight. I could always write my whole life. But tonight, just for now, he’s a nine-year old kid, my son, and he needs his mom. That won’t last forever…


Carla has just about covered everything in a powerful three-part article for you. The first is about the generosity in the face of extreme lack, about a healer who once assaulted people for ‘sport’. The healing won out–(smiles knowingly)–and the professional career in MMA didn’t work out. It is all for the highest good.  She also makes the point that even healers need healing, and it would be good to incorporate some practice in addition to the daily self-reiki and meditation, to help with your own spiritual advancement.

In the next, Carla gains not only an ally and friend, but today both women saw the power of Creator in how we weave our lives–they are now mother and daughter, officially, in agreement with one another. The air is clear. Carla realizes that a human relationship with family–is worth more than any treasure in her house which could be of value to her. It is with joy she gave her treasure to someone who would cherish it as deeply as her. And her mother, Patrice, realized that she was sent two hearts to console her, to surprise her, and to cherish her, when her sons and husband instead watched sports while ‘celebrating’ her Big Birthday at home with Italian takeout and not really paying that much attention to her, the woman to both ran the home and supported the family for her entire career!

Finally, Carla is working on her own power to manifest in 5D. Carla pops neatly in and out of it, as displayed by the anunaki meditation, and our own moving forward together from our past. With her son, it ended on a higher note than perhaps it would have had the ‘ANO ‘ANO card and the ‘nightmare’ had not been sent.

So pay attention to what comes your way–it is in fact, ‘lessons’ of great worth and beauty and value to the soul. Always remember the tears that Carla shed at the beautiful Cliff restaurant at Laguna Beach, tears from her heart, at the wanting forgiveness and then the joy at being given it completely. The soul acts like this. All of them do. Every time when they are learning a new lesson, and everything is going right on one of the harder assignments, at its completion.

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday, and I want you to honor your families and your loved ones, just for the day. They are some of the best teachers who have been sent to you by Creator, to assist you to learn the most important lessons for this life, and for those beyond.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the beautiful, if sleepy, Carla
Your Reiki Doc Unit
(we are interchangeable–winks)

Gaia News Brief 3.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Very Loving

I didn’t write about this part with Archangel Raziel yesterday. It wasn’t until Archangel Lauren, who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel, mentioned to me that Raziel commented on how we two–Lauren and myself–are so very ‘loving and and wise and quick to understand’ and it had to kind of work its way through my subconscious.

Loving? Loving?

Then I remembered. I cried a lot with Raziel when I first met him yesterday. I cried because I need to tell people I love them. And here he is, someone I never knew who existed because of the veil of forgetfulness in 3D, who is someone I LOVE and all this time has passed and I never even once had the opportunity to say anything about how much I care about him…and for ALL those other people who are my Star Family who I never knew were related–the same thing for them too!!!

I was inconsolable.

He said, ‘they KNOW! they KNOW! they know YOU and they LOVE YOU! and they UNDERSTAND…’

But I said, ‘I didn’t have the chance to tell all these people I care about–that I love them because I didn’t even know they were THERE!!!’ and cried harder…

Ross showed up, and somehow they adjusted something with my energy, and soon I was content and calm again. I knew I had made my point. It was heard. And we moved on with the conversation.

I think this is going to be a real big deal when the Ground Crew awakens, and realizes that the amnesia they took on willingly in order to complete their missions, has a price in tears. For what’s joyful to one, at the reunion of the Star Family, can be sorrow over ‘what could have been’ for another. I think this is because we don’t see The Whole Picture yet, only parts, as the Illusion is falling apart with chunks here and there but not the whole thing. And I think it’s important to communicate as such.

Communicating Fear

Today I went in the garden even though it was over ninety degrees. The chard had almost melted to the ground, and I emergency watered all the plants. I gave reiki to the chard (aim at the roots) and I also did the Margaret Mc Cormick Divine Peace Healing ‘command’ to point to them and say ‘Change It’ so spirit would know I wanted them healed. They did perk up, I checked on them tonight…

Anyhow, Ross said I didn’t have to go into the sunshine to get the aura-clearing effects. I was fine on the porch swing. But gung-ho Lightworker that I am, I went and sat cross legged in the grass in the back yard in the heat to get direct sunlight on me.

My peace was disrupted when I heard a bark. I was eye to eye about three paces with a boxer or pit bull. The dog was not on a leash, and the owner, five paces away from the dog, had a frisbee in hand.

The dog looked at me, began to bark, and when I went to stand up, came closer to me.

Please take your dog. I’m scared of it.

I stood like a rabbit as I waited for the man to come take the dog. He introduced himself as Cameron, and shook my hand. His hand was rough from hard work. I could tell he was sorry, by his aura. I said, I’m Carla, and this is my garden that I grow. And we both smiled.

When I went back inside, I realized, ‘that’s how it’s supposed to work!’ No anger. No accusations. Just communication in real time, hearts open, and acceptance that they weren’t trying to do anything more than play. It just was unexpected to run into each other like that. And we are still friendly neighbors now too.


For the first time ever, I shared with my son’s counselor (I have to go once a week too, so she can help him best–I give the adult version of his life’s concerns to her)…anyway I shared with her that life with his father is a nightmare I never know will end.

Those were powerful words. She asked more, about how? I explained politely that I have to always be careful what I say. I can’t make a request and have him honor it, even if it is something I think is in the best interest of our son. It’s like he wants his own world with him, with all his own rules, and own everything, with no phone contact allowed to me, when our son is at his dad’s house.

I looked at her, quizzically, and asked, ‘why can’t he see that we are our son’s world? And it is better for it to be consistent in both? The boy is pre-diabetic, and the father is in denial. I am a doctor, and I know what these labs mean. He won’t listen! He feeds him pizza and pasta or else he starves him. There is no milk in the house. What kind of father is that?!’

And I experienced the tremendous power of being understood.

In this she now is able to help both of us.  It feels REALLY good to get this off my heart, and out into the air.


Today I did the biggest thing I have ever done. I came clean on a lie I have had on my heart for nine years. I wrote to our son’s paternal grandmother, whom I am close with, probably closer than my own mom.

It was the hardest letter I ever wrote.

I shared how the lawyer wouldn’t let me give her the clay imprints we had made together for her mothers day, present from me, when my boy was only two months old. It had been a day of peace, where we were both trying to establish a relationship as family even though the father and I were not together. It was hard because my ex confessed to me, that over a lunch at Hof’s Hut, his mother had once advised him to break up with me because of my age. He needed to have a chance to have a family, and I was forty. She was only looking out for him. But he didn’t want to break up with me. He loved me very much, and shared how happy he was to be with me.

Well he left. And we two women were picking up the pieces and making the best of  it. She wanted the art I had being made for her to match her new bedroom remodel, and looked forward to hanging it on the wall as her treasure.

I shared in this letter that I wrote today that not only was their lawyer the former law partner of my firm of two lawyers, but she also used to BABYSIT for one of my lawyers! I told her I lied and said her clay art with the baby prints broke, but it had been in my house all this time, and I couldn’t live another day with this lie.

I also told her that my lawyer asked me to write prescriptions for sleeping pills, Lunesta, for her the whole time I was her client, and out of fear for the well-being of the baby in the lawsuit, I did what she asked. I did a quick exam on her, and kept records, just to make it official enough. But it was not right of her to put me in that position like she did.

I looked through the old box, saw the clay art, and wondered why there was white cord to hand the decoration, when she had ordered black, and why it was round instead of square?

Then I remembered–I had so much fear at the discovery of my lie, that I threw away her gift back when I got the notice I was being sued by the father. This one was mine. The extra one I bought for me, with the hand and the foot. The one on my wall has both feet. I hope she doesn’t remember, and just thinks it is the one we ordered for her. I filled out the sticker for the back with the birth date and time and weight and length. She wasn’t there for it. I didn’t want the father anywhere around at the time.

I gave birth like an animal in hiding, fearing for her life, because the father felt he had a right to be there at the birth, in the delivery room, even though he was no longer romantically involved or even friends with me. I couldn’t have done that. I told him firmly, that as long as the child was inside my body, and I was working to get it out, only boyfriends could be present. People who are supportive tof me. And not him the way he was. I asked him for that privacy during my pain and my labor. He wouldn’t give it. He actually called all the hospitals in the area, trying to hunt me down.  Fortunately, my privacy at the hospital was respected, and I gave birth in peace.

When it comes right down to it, I am so thankful to have this beautiful woman in my life, who loves her grandson as much as I do…and the lessons of forgiveness I have learned from her, just in putting the lawsuit behind us, are so valuable to my development as a soul.

It is not worth it to have that art in my home, not even on display. It is not helping anybody.

Being so afraid you do stupid things to cover up your tracks is really not something you want to have on your vibration. It is clear now, and day after tomorrow, I plan to give this beautiful gift to her, as a gift to show we have put the past behind us, and really are family now.


I recently got added to a list on Twitter under a term like this. I was in good company–I saw posts from many physicians and healers I admire–only to be ridiculed by this individual who made the list.

It hurt.

I gave thanks in my heart for this person having done it.  I wanted to see how I come across, not just to those who enjoy my work, but to others who might not ‘get it’ too.

I followed her –I pressed the ‘follow’ button to be able to see the feed.  I like to keep my finger on the pulse so to speak, to know what is going on with people like her.

So I was waiting for my boy at the counselor for his hour, and I went into meditation. I found her. I waved. (I can go on a soul level and talk with the living–at least their higher self–much like I do with my mediumship).

I sat cross-legged on the ground near her. I showed her my hands–they were empty, and I wasn’t going to hurt her.

She had a lot of questions, and was very defensive, frankly, rude and hurtful to me. I started to cry as my Love and Kindness was not ‘reaching her’ the way I had hoped it would do. Ross stepped in, and he had a serious look on his face.

She recognized him, stepped back in shock and fear, and asked, ‘Am I dying?!’

He said no. He explained I was his wife, and that I have been trying to work on a project to raise the vibration on Gaia surface. Then we asked about her experience with her disease, and the cure? We saw and felt the emotions in addition to the physical post-surgical change. Ross politely showed her what her body would look like in 5D. Everything back, normal and healthy, actually, looking a little younger too.

She couldn’t believe it! She was overcome with happiness to see her body whole, as if nothing had happened.

Ross explained to her that I am trying to raise the vibrations enough, so that everyone will experience the health benefits of the higher dimensions, where there is no aging or disease and everyone enjoys perfect health. But with her work she is doing on the website, it is lowering the vibration so much that is it making my work a little more difficult for me to do.  Would she mind thinking about it, her actions, and how they affect others, please?

She listened.

I came back and gave her a flower lei, in spirit. I told her I am not angry that she made me cry, she can make me cry again, if she needs to, I would never get back at her in any way. That I accept her as she is, in her development, and if she wants to make the going rough for me, I will keep at it, and I am confident I can overcome the negativity like hers too, So keep learning your lessons and exercising your Free Will I said from my heart.

Ross says she will have a change of heart and become a strong worker for good, to give it time. Sometimes those most opposed to change are the ones who could benefit from them the most.


There are a lot of lessons in this article. I want you to digest them slowly. Take what you can, and go over it often. I would bookmark this page, and go back to it several times. There is a lot in it that is good for you, in the heart (he taps his heart).

I want you to be heart-centered now in all that you do. It is the only way to the energy of 5D, the healing that shall take place is going to astound you…but only if you make it a priority to raise your vibration higher (shows hand gesture) as much as you can. Commit to this process. It doesn’t have to be ‘cram for a final exam’ like in high school or college. Just commit to getting rid of the things energetically you don’t need any more (like Carla with her lie to the grandmother), to avoiding that which lowers the vibration, and doing more activities to raise it up (like Carla in the sun for about ten minutes, grounding on Gaia and sunning her chakras at one time).

I love you. I love each and every one of you in my heart. You are beautiful and perfect and special. I can to this, because I have the love of unconditional acceptance and belief in YOU, my Beloved Ones, my brothers and sisters, who are on this journey, our adventure, with me and with my twin soul Carla.

Together we shall make it UP! (points to the sky)

I shall sign off for now, for Carla is sleepy. It really is a tremendous service that she does for those who align with her energy.

Aloha and mahalos,

The Reiki Doc Twins, Ross and Carla (honey you don’t mind that I used that name for myself too?)

of course not, Ross. I rather like it!

My Journal September 24, 2014

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time September 24, 2014, 07:39.30 pm CEST

Nearly two weeks are gone since I wrote my last journal but things had to be done. I was working on a grid and in this busy.

And I had to work on something I have caused unintentionally. I mentioned something thoughtlessness to a very close friend and caused so much pain in her.

When I learned about this I was totally disheartened and so sad and sorry. I, who knew about what had caused so much pain in her past, have caused more pain.

I was crying and felt her pain in myself. I was down.

Silverstar told me I would need to forgive myself first and complete when I would ask for her forgiveness for this. It was very hard for me as I thought this was unforgivable for myself but he was right. How could I ask…

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Gaia News Brief 23.9.2014 by Reiki Doc

Forgiveness A:

I got woke up all night on my call shift. You know, the combination of a nervous nurse and an anxious patient in the middle of the night is not good for my sleep. I get called for Every Little Thing. It is very difficult at times to remain professional and courteous due to the interruptions.

Where I work for OB anesthesia, typically the nurses like to ‘stack’ epidurals on me when they wake me up. I get called for one, but I end up doing one more, another more–by the time the paperwork is done, it’s an hour apiece–electronic charting, my anesthesia record, and the actual procedure.

Well, one of these calls was from a nurse who had given the right drug, but the wrong route and dose on postpartum. She wanted a verbal order from me. I said, no, because it wasn’t right, and I didn’t want to give an order for something I didn’t want the patient to get.

It’s toradol (ketorolac). I read a paper that said i.v. in lactating moms isn’t so good because the baby kidney is at risk. So I always write for a tablet to take by mouth, ten mg, every six hours, like the paper said. But most others anesthesia providers, and I used to just like them, give it thirty mg i.v. every six hours.

I wanted to sleep. But immediately after hanging up and going to bed, the nervous nurse called. And I knew although I treated it fine on the phone, I had to go upstairs and show my face. So I did. And the blood pressure was fine. But I treated the numbers–baby was good.

Then I saw the nurse who did the medication error. It’s a huge deal, lots of paperwork. She’s older. And it’s not that big of a mistake. So I wrote a verbal for her. I watched out for her.

Then I remembered, the one time, on the new pumps, a labor nurse caught me switching the rate and the volume by accident on my epidural pump. I did one hundred fifty cc an hour for a total volume of fifteen ml. She caught me right away, pointed it out, and I was humiliated and thankful all at once, and changed it from the entry sequence on the old pump–which caused the number switch–to the correct way which is just the opposite order on the new pump.

Medicine is at a crossroads. Human error is a known factor in all systems. Yet at my old work, there was a zero tolerance for error–one mistake and you’re fired. This goes against all quality assurance literature where you want people to experience a culture of safety, and to report near misses too, to help fix the systems errors.

At one place, they have the residents wearing google glasses, so one can monitor everything the resident looks at during the case. What the student sees, shows up on a monitor, remotely. It seems so cold and inhuman.

No wonder why there is attraction to the complimentary medicine specialties…

Forgiveness B

One teacher has it out for my son. He didn’t want to let the older kids use his basketball he brought to school. on the playground in the morning before class. She called him, in front of the others, ‘selfish’–both in English and in Spanish.

Later, he explained to me, how he’s seen three basketballs get lost by being thrown over the fence that day–and that is why he said no to when the big kids wanted to ‘borrow’ it.

I am working very hard for forgiveness for that teacher.

She has a vibration that is very 3D. I am sure with the energy upgrades round the planet, she is getting increasingly aware of the new energies. They just might not be all that comfortable for her.

(Similarly, I saw Andy Bojarski post that there were THREE people who were suicidal who contacted him recently.)

Let me explain what is happening:

  • If you are a Lightworker, how do you feel when you go into a really loud bar and you feel that vibration from the people and the place? Does it make you uncomfortable?
  • Usually a difference of one dimension brings quite a bit of discomfort to both parties, both the higher (or faster) vibration being, and the lower (or slower) vibration one.
  • For very low vibration people, the presence of the Higher Realms to them is like fingernails scratching on a blackboard–super uncomfortable.
  • Why is this so? Because the Light drives the Shadows to the surface–so someone whose life is built up on ‘little white lies’ which aren’t so little, and self-deception, and denial–are going to have to suddenly come to terms with it.
  • By contrast, someone who has been clearing and releasing steadily over the last two years or so, will have less ‘weight’ to bring with them to the Higher Dimensions, and will enjoy a smooth ride.
Will You Come And Get Me?
This is a story of reincarnation of dogs.
My neighbor had a dog, Sundance, whom I gave the Transition symbol to at the end.
She cried every day after he was gone.  Actually, she cried before, when the vet asked her about his quality of life? She had been force-feeding him, due to his loss of weight. She got upset because she hadn’t thought about it. She prayed and asked God, ‘if you can please spare him this, do so. But if that is not your Will, please make it unmistakeable to me–totally clear–that it is his time for him to go.’
Two days later, he started bleeding from the nose and mouth due to a tumor. They brought him to the vet, and that was it.
Her husband started looking for a new dog. She wasn’t ready. One day, months later, he insisted she come up and look at the computer.  She saw the one. And they drove to San Diego to get it. They took him home.
Her husband that night before had a dream of Sundance, who said to him, ‘will you come for me?’
Well, another dog in the neighborhood was aggressive to children about three weeks ago, so the owner called the pound, and the dog was picked up. But according to my friend, it was the sweetest dog, who had been ‘cooped up in a crate’ and ‘the kids were not good to it’. So she did a lot of talking and got the dog out of the kill shelter.  Her phone battery died three times that day she was working to find someone to just let it stay the night so it wouldn’t get euthanized. She knew her own dog would attack it, if she let it spend the night at her house.
Finally, she got Roger to take it.
Roger took the dog to the park, and played, where it was very well behaved with both dogs and children. He noticed the dog was scratching it’s belly–so he took it to the vet. It had a bacterial infection, and it cost three-hundred-forty-seven dollars in vet bills and medications. Roger was going to let the dog sleep in the garage. But he brought it upstairs. He felt really close to the dog. And when the dog lay in the living room in his old dog Sammy’s spot, he took notice.
When the dog lay in Sammy’s side of the bed, just like Sammy used to, Roger decided to keep this dog for his own.  Roger is filled with joy over his new dog, and is very thankful for the chances that let him to his home.
My friend says that this new dog, Murphy, bit and clawed and scratched its way to get to her to get to Roger. They both think it is Sammy come back to him, just like Sundance came back to her.
I am going to keep it very simply for today.
I am happy.
Today with Carla was one of the best days I have ever had. She is confident, cheerful, pushing forward the cause with the Twin Flame Heart Mudra video –by the way thank you Lisa for sharing that with us–the results are quite favorable and many feel a power surge when they form their hands in this position for meditative prayer on the closeness and connection of your Twin Soul.
In her meditation today, I took Carla back to our first honeymoon, the one when I was incarnate. It was a happy time, and to be honest, if Carla had her way she would remain in that time forever.
This time, I threw in some talking dolphins when we were at the beach swimming.
You should have heard Carla making a fuss about the dolphins–Ross! THEY ARE TALKING!!! DID YOU SEE THIS???
There were about twelve, and they came, nose up, and I asked Carla to talk to them. And the dolphins, higher beings that they are, talked back. Carla was so delighted she practically ran across the water to make sure I saw them.
Anything is possible in 5D. Anything.
Even dolphins that can carry an intelligent conversation with you.
I will sign off for both of us, now, so Carla can get some sleep.
There is no one calling her out of her bed tonight! (winks)
Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc, your brother and sister in the Higher Realms.

Gaia News Brief 20.9.2014 by Reiki Doc

Mediumship In The Operating Room

Twice this week the subject of ghosts has come up. The first was on Wednesday, when the patient and their family disclosed that the house they live in is haunted. They shared with joy how they ‘knew their ghost’ and its ways.

The other caregivers looked stricken.

So I disclosed right in pre-op holding, how I grew up with a ghost too. I never saw it. Or felt it. But we knew it was there. One night when mom and dad had gone to bed, the last on in had forgotten to turn off the light.

It was an  old-fashioned one where the switch was at the bottom of the light fixture up on the wall as a sconce-type lamp right next to the door.

No one wanted to get out of bed. It was winter and it was cold.

My father said, ‘Ghost? Turn off the light!’

And it went OFF!

Startled, but not afraid, father said, ‘Ghost? Turn ON the light!’

And it went ON!

From that time forward, we let the ghost be, and went on with our lives as a family.

Then the surgeon shared that at a hospital about fifteen minutes away, there is a room that is haunted!

Someone whispers to the patient in the middle of the night, ‘Get out of my bed!’

This has happened twice to two different patients of his, at least, those who chose to share it with him.


We have reached a point in the global Ascension Project that there are some who are ‘more advanced’ in the process and others who are ‘less advanced’.

Once Ascended, we are with the ‘veil’ lifted up, and our intuition is on ‘steroids’–we are fully telepathic, claircognizant, and able to self heal. I understand that there is possibility of teleportation and being able to fly, too.

Just like ghosts, these abilities are somewhat frightening to others…and those who are able to do them  in all their excitement, need to be mindful not to ‘show off’.

Why is this so?

Because the one with the higher vibration must always keep in mind that their behaviors and interactions with others have the possibility to SLOW DOWN the development of another who is of lower vibration than them.

And THAT is not cool.

Here is an example:

  • during colonoscopy yesterday, the technician brings up a subject of ghosts–out of the blue
  • I closely monitor the reaction of the gastroenterologist and the nurse present, spiritually, as well as I monitor the patient’s vital signs. I am taking it all in.
  • I am also checking with spirit, for guidance as to disclose about myself or not–what is for the Highest Good?
  • Given the ‘all clear’ from spirit, I share that I see ghosts too, and I have my whole life.
  • Nurse says, ‘You are like the Long Island Medium, then?’
  • I say, with good eye contact, ‘Yes I am, but I like to do anesthesia for a living.’
  • Technician visibly relaxes, and shares her mother is a ‘medium’
  • We pause. I monitor the reaction of the gastroenterologist–who says nothing. Like his training, he is taking data IN.
  • From this point on, the discussion becomes driven by the questions of the GI physician and the nurse.
  • (Please note there are conversations in the OR, about anything, while we work, and it is safe)
  • ‘What about Bad Ghosts?’ the GI doc asks?
  • ‘Tell them to Go Away!” I smile. ‘We have Free Will. They must listen. It’s the Rules.’
  • ‘The rules of WHAT?’ the GI doc counters.
  • ‘The rules of Heaven.’ I calmly explain.
  • ‘What about the people who have been RAPED by ghosts?’ the nurse asks, sharing that she has heard of it.
  • ‘Long story short, tell them to leave, and they go. I once woke up to an ugly non-human lizard thing looking at me. I told it to get the hell out of my room, and it left.’ I shared
  • ‘So WHAT ABOUT THE BEHEADINGS?!’ the gastroenterologist asks?
  • I liken the PreBirth Contract to the Buddhist teaching that ‘we each have a flag on our shoulder’–we can’t see it, but it’s there and some advanced souls can see it. I don’t know the colors, but one is for dying in your sleep after a long life, another is illness, another is a sudden traumatic death. ‘Perhaps those people signed up for the red flag death?’
  • ‘BUT WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT?’ He asked, astonished.
  • I very gently explained the laws of karma, and that in the case of someone who lived a not-so-great life in the past, this is one quick way to settle that karmic debt, with a huge payback. (there is also another class of soul called ‘An Awakener’, who chooses a horrible situation to raise the consciousness of others in the process of what happens to them–this is advanced, and I chose not to share it)
  • as the case ended, the gastroenterologist said, ‘I have a lot to start thinking about’ and the nurse smiled.
  • In recovery room I felt a hand on my arm, It was the technician–‘THANK YOU for having that conversation!’
  • I smiled, and said, ‘Any time. By the way, this is me–I showed my FB page–I am internationally known for bringing Spirit back into the healing paradigm again. ‘ She was super excited to learn my ‘secret’, and promised to ‘sign up’ and follow the page.
The goal is to only feed the awakening spirit when it opens it’s mouth and asks for verification/truth/Light usually in the form of answering their questions.
Just like with feeding food spoon by spoon, you can’t force this natural process. Sometimes the information gets all over the place–just like food–but somehow enough gets in to where it is needed for the soul being ‘fed’ truth and Light–to grow.
Be patient, hold your Vibration open, and be gently available with a smile to assist.
Yoga Breathing
My son had an emotional outburst at school two days ago. It was of the intensity of his suicide-threat ones in the past. He told me he even went into his backpack and hit himself on the head with his flashlight when no one was looking.
I was devastated. All this counseling and effort and Reiki and changing how I do things didn’t work.
Yesterday I went to the school, partially annoyed because he asked to call me and they didn’t let him.
But I knew that I needed to ‘get their side of the story’ for the counselor. I go there too, once a week, just to give her the data about his behavior so she can work with him.
The administrator told me the story, from a ‘me versus him’ perspective, being mindful that I am the mom. But her story was very 3D.
The teacher, showed me her email she had written, and also gave her side of the story. She was defensive.
I diffused that…I shared my father was a teacher, I know she is experienced, I see it.
She told him that some people when they get disappointed they get REALLY emotional. And that’s okay. She said she wanted him to get back to class after he washes his face to get rid of the tears.
He went in and out of class three times, and once she saw him at the backpack. She also saw the head and he shared what he had done, and it ‘didn’t look that bad’. No medical intervention was needed.
Then he started to go into the strange breathing thing he does when he is upset.
It is frightening.
It frightened her.
And she told him to do yoga breathing.
And it worked!
The whole time I felt her spiritual strength and agility, as she is an avid yoga person; I knew he is in good hands.
I thanked God they saw the scary outburst, and that together with the counselor, we will handle it.
My Day With Archangel Sandalphon
I was badly shaken after the combination of learning the name of Ross’ Significant Other in a past life–from that person in this life who is my very close friend–and my boy having his issues.
That’s why Sandalphon showed up and gave his key.
He told me that even when things look like excrement from your perspective, in the middle there might be a STAR from the perspective of a place you have never seen–like where he sits.
There is always the hidden jewel of ‘wisdom to be found’ he says, right now.
So I let go. I went to work. And did the clairvoyant medium colonoscopy as described above.
Then my case got canceled, the eleven o’clock one. But I had to come back at one.
I wasn’t sure what to do? I wanted to sleep in the car but I brought the roadster. There was no back seat.
So I went for a walk.
I walked to a strip mall. Ross said to go to the grocery store and ‘get something to drink’.
On the way, I booked an appointment for massage. I saw a dress shop, and I need something for a Gala Fundraiser tonight. I got a Vanilla Chai Protein Drink, which I knew on some level would be most of my lunch.
I bought three dresses and met a wonderful manager of the store. She helped me find the cuts that would enhance my  silhouette. She called it the ‘va va voom’. I also bought two sweaters, at buy one get one half off. We get winter here in Los Angeles, and we wear sweaters instead of tee shirts.
Then I got my massage. If you get the hint–it was MORE than just the massage therapist working on me–I got guidance from Sandalphon to deeply relax. And I did.
I also bought the ‘stress buster’ option. At the start of the treatment, as I lay face down, I heard something crack open, and she held something under my nose and said, ‘Take three big breaths!’
I laughed inwardly–that’s what I always say to my patients before I induce their anesthesia.
One the way to work I noticed the Voluspa company headquarters. I had never seen it before, or even cared. As I drove by I thought–stupid expensive overrated candles! After all, I have my new aromatherapy diffuser, right?
Well, that reaction in me always is the opposite of what turns out. I said I would never be a surgeon–guess what happened? Categorical surgery residency for two years! I said I would NEVER be a single mom–here I am! LOL
So on leaving the treatment area, I saw a beautiful candle in a tin named ‘Laguna’.
Ahhhh! The Vortex!  I took a sniff, and I had to have it.
I waited the last case for a surgeon to come back from his office. It was nice, the team–a different one–and the cutest patient with only one tooth on bottom, so adorable and old. It was a joy for me to take care of him.
I ate a little soup at one thirty. I got clearance from the main OR to go home. And I went to the school.
Sandalphon also had me go to the crystal store with my boy (he’s turning out to be a shaman), and to have a sandwich place for dinner, and have a quiet night.
I also, in that day, with his and Ross’ guidance, I made peace with the one who had unintentionally set me back in spirit, and as a result, gave me this lesson of Sandalphon, and healing with his guidance to assist, that I share now with you.
Mother I am proud of you how you handled this. I know you were troubled, just as the two of us deeply were in a tailspin. We have self-righted.
Thank you for giving us the space and time that is necessary for us, the two of us who are twins, Carla and me, your children, to look forward to the life we have on the journey ahead.
Our reunion has been talked about for centuries, both up here and on Gaia.
It is time for us to ready for what comes next.
For all of us–including you who read these words.
I don’t know when exactly, but at the time I am coming to take my Carla into my loving arms, and hold her very close.
I want to let her know her mission is complete, and that only love and fellowship will come to her now. No more struggle. No more loss. No more pain.
(taps the ground) Right here on Gaia surface!
And that is for everyone who has ever lived on Earth, past or present–this message is for you as well–a time of no more suffering, abandonment, or harm is due to arrive.
(waves his hands) I know what the papers say about the headlines and the beheadings–Heaven is coming to Earth. And all of what sells the papers is going away. Soon. Mind you, this is a Galactic ‘soon’ which could stretch out to years of your earth time! But in Heaven where we are from, time stands still, so who can say what time is what? (he’s joking).
Everything is on a crash heading and course for a grand awakening. Look at what Carla wrote today for the O.R. Five years ago, would you have ever imagined such a thing possible? Now in the past month, she has disclosed/monitored the subject three times in a clinical setting!
I will sign off for both of us now,
Carla and Ross, the loving Illuminated Twin Flame couple, at Doctors With Reiki
P.S. Gypsy Jean, your candle lighting message helped us magnificently. Thank you. (he kisses your head) Peace.

Gaia News Brief 17.9.2014 by Reiki Doc

A Day Of Forgiveness:

I stopped by the school early to pick up my boy. The temperature was one hundred eight degrees Fahrenheit, and it was too hot for him to play after school.

I also stopped by early to see the teacher, and let her know I couldn’t make it this week to Back To School Night, but I am interested and I care.

Because class wasn’t over, I asked each of the administrative staff to buy an iced coffee or beverage of their choice, since I was going there myself until class got out? My treat! One wanted ice water.

I ran into the teacher who in a.m. daycare before school told my boy Santa was One Big Lie–and crushed him emotionally–one holiday at a time–all the way down to the Leprechauns for St. Patricks and the Tooth Fairy. She was one of the ones who led him to such emotional distress he threatened suicide.

I hugged her and forgave her and asked her if she wanted a coffee?, even before she had a chance to say, ‘I’m sorry’. I made sure to give her lots of Reiki when I hugged, and I sensed her vibration was very low, but not without chance of improvement.

Then the third grade teacher came by, the one who made my son’s life a living hell, and is so mean that a little third-grader Madeline has refused to go to school all week. How do I know? I saw her on the chair by the admin desk and listened to the call as she frantically tried to reach the mother to get her daughter to go to that class. The girl was smart–and followed her instinct.  It turns out there has been a long line of complaints against that teacher, and bless the child’s heart for staying true to herself!

Anyway, I hugged the teacher from South Africa, the runner, the one who labeled my boy ‘defiant’ and ‘spoiled’, when no one before ever had, words that drove deep to his heart, and led him to threaten ending his life. She is too thin, and did not tolerate his weight on weekly running and class excursions. She made him ‘hurry up!’ and he felt awful because he was in no shape to do these things.

I forgave. I offered coffee. I smiled.

It is the only thing to do.

At the coffee shop, I saw two priests in strange garb–Orthodox Catholic. I asked humbly for a blessing. I always ask for one. It turns out they were Koptic. One is BK. The other is Michael from Corona. And…they both knew my boss!

They asked me do I go to church? I said, I used to, but I researched the very high level of the Roman Catholic Church, and found out what goes on, and haven’t gone since. They said I am like gold–always of value to God–and can return any time.

I hugged them too, made sure they knew my name, and waved goodbye after I got my icy cold beverages for the school.

My son loved his the most, a cream base chocolate frappuccino with no coffee. He hadn’t had one since June, and today was the day for it.


Out of the blue, a quick moving storm arrived. The temperature dropped one degree at a time until it hit ninety nine degrees, then the big drops started to land.

I love rain.

It’s been forever, but I went out in the rain in my clothes–shoes off! they take forever to dry!–and enjoyed being one with Nature.

I encouraged my son, who enjoyed it too, our feet hot on the pavement and the cool rain falling from above.

At the first thunder, he went inside.  I filmed it, and enjoyed the water just a bit more, then I grabbed a beach towel from the car, and came in.

That moment of being in the elements was priceless and I shall always remember it.


My neighbor is an electrician. He came home from a long day at work. He climbs in attics and on a day like this it is brutal. I welcomed him, and asked about his day.

I meant it.

I also asked him for his advice–many plugs in my home were not working. And the circuit breakers were all lined up. Could he see if this is a little job or a big job where I have to call insurance please?

He saw one breaker was broken, and didn’t re-set. He walked all the way to his truck, got a new one, and switched it out, for free.

He has helped with a new plug for the Christmas Lights, a new thermostat, put up my front porch light that looks really nice that I bought…with so many things.

I am lucky to have a neighbor like him. His mother lives with him–they are Persian and escaped in the late seventies to here.

I asked them my dumb question–on a day like today–hotter than ANYTHING I’ve ever seen here…what’s hotter–Iran or California?

They both laughed and said IRAN!!! But it’s a dry heat, not humid, like here…

My Sanctuary

Ross showed me to place my meditation pillow–it’s real Buddhist style–and all my tarot-like cards in the empty closet in my room. It is so empty and peaceful. I really like the thought of having a place to meditate and go just for me.

My swing, my porch swing I built in May has been my place like that, where I go, just to be.

I never expected or dreamed of anything more. I meditate anywhere, anytime, even in a busy Grand Central Station I could…LOL

But a little corner, just for that?

I really like it, very much.

selfie in the rain ❤
A Note From Ross
Thank you for your warm response to the Security Reiki symbol. I am noting people using it. It is making readings on the energies that I monitor on my ship. I can trace the path of ‘enlightenment’ and a lively little pulse came forth from that!
More shall be coming.
There IS life after finding your Twin Soul!
That is just when the fun is beginning!
There is a whole new world of happiness for you, just like Carla, and her dancing with sheer and total delight with the raindrops.
I encourage you to try it–something so refreshing and out of the blue–no matter what it is–break your routine–if only just a little bit.
Enjoy being alive! Just like Carla did this afternoon. And pray.
Enjoy. And pray (that is my word for ‘meditate’). And BE who you ARE. Namaste.
(he wants me to sign it this way)
Carla and Ross
(Ross says I want Carla to get top billing on this one.) Okay Ross! You got it : )

Your path to Ascension – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 05, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, there are some few points on which you should work if you too want to ascend.

Love yourself unconditional and love such all other beings in my creation. Forgive yourself for all that you have done to yourself and others and forgive all who have done this to you. Don’t judge yourself for supposed flaws, weaknesses and other things and also don’t judge any other being in my creation. Know, that you are ONE with all that is in creation. There is only ONE of us, what you do to another, you always do to yourself too.

When you live this way, you can’t escape your Ascension into a higher dimension, my child. Then it can happen faster as you think. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Forgive – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 23, 2013


Forgive yourself my child. You are perfect as you are. You are making experiences as an incarnated Being. You cannot sin. Therefore forgive yourself your “debt”. But forgive also the others their “debt”. Every Being is acting in the belief of doing right. No matter if out of love or out of lack of love. Forgive and your bundle will become very much lighter. Unburden your load and your whole life will become easier. ~ Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.



My dear friends all over the world, regardless of religion. I wish you a happy Easter deep out of my heart.

Easter is not so much the cruxifiction of a great Being of Light, but the meaning behind it. That we all are immortal infinite Beings of Light ourselves. He showed us through his death, his resurrection and his own Ascension some years later.

Through Ascension we all leave the narrowness of illusion, a hologramm constructed to serve the development of our souls. Through Ascension we regain our immortality in our human bodies that first ever happened in Creation.

Our Divine Mother and Divine Father love us unmeasured and in all eternity and they agreed that their beloved son Jesus died at the cross and resurrect after that to show us the way to our own immortality, through non-judgement, forgiveness and unconditional love to all living beings including the soul of our earth, beloved Gaia.

This has nothing to do with earth religions but with the rising Christ Consciousness that is beyond all beliefs and religions and is unconditional love itself.

In this my beloved brothers and sisters, I wish you all a happy Easter. I love you all like the Divine Mother loves you all, unconditionally and in all eternity.



Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Mother Mary ~ Planting The Seeds Of Forgiveness. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. October 21, 2012

Good day to you, My Children, and I bring to you the warmest blessings from the heart of All That Is.  Be of lightness, be of joy.  Be of one heart and mind on this most auspicious day – a day which many of you have chosen to be a day of change and noticeable  progress.  Such a beautiful endeavor, and one in which I foresee you as being markedly successful.  But I shan’t go on indefinitely in relaying my thoughts, as I shall keep this missive brief and simple. ❤

So, I see that you wish to take this day and live your lives as though you had already arrived at your 5th dimensional place of enlightenment.  And I agree that indeed, for so very many of you this has been your state of mind and heart for a very long while.  Do spread the word.  Do entice one and all to join in with you and experience the tranquility and freedom that this way of being brings.  Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, I wish to challenge you to take a thorough and honest evaluation of your own hearts.  Examine where you stand at this point, the way you feel about your brothers and sisters – the way you honestly feel.  And see if there are no hidden areas in need of clearing. ❤

I bring this to your attention because I see that within so many there still lie areas of unforgiveness.  Forgiveness is one of the more challenging characteristics to fully and completely grasp and employ while living on a planet with such a dense vibration, and most especially when you are still expected to function and perform within it’s ailing societies.  This is the area I see and feel needs a slight dusting off, so to speak.   You see, you cannot fully ascend until you have learned to forgive, and until you master it and experience it genuinely.  It is imperative that you forgive those you feel have harmed you.  It is crucial that you sincerely forgive yourself.  You are so hard on one another and so critical of your own actions, and there is no need for this at all.  No one of you is superior to the other.  You must seek to understand this and accept that each of you are on a unique journey, each one of equal importance.  ❤

To nurse a grudge is to practice self-sabotage.  Release your angers and resentments now, Dear Children, as to keep the pain alive is  to continually rip the scab off a wound which is struggling to heal.  You are mistaken in thinking that to hold on to past hurts and ideals is somehow a sign of strength and conviction, because it is not.  I assure you it is not.  The greatest show of strength is solidarity.  Brother helping brother.  It is in the understanding that you each traverse your chosen path and that your end-goal is one and the same.  It is peace.  ❤

So on this day of change I ask you think upon my words and to take positive action.  Go inside your heart and find those festering wounds and call to the Angels for healing and resolution.  Always, always trust the voices of your heart, as the heart carries no false ego.  Plant within your healing heart the seeds of an open mind, and nurture them.  Water them and see yourself blossom.  I say that the most merciful gift you can give yourself is to let go of negative and self-destructive patterns.  The greatest gift that I can give to you is of my love;  unbiased, limitless, and always forgiving.  Practice this not only today, but every day.  Be ever conscious of your words, actions and intent.  Let us work on this now, shall we? ❤

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.