Yeshua ~ Keep Steady Amongst the Turbulence and Ride It Out Into the Calm of Peace and Love ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ April 22, 2013


Note from Fran:  A big huge loving Thank You for all the support, love and healing energy so many of you have given me recently. I have felt it deeply and my heart overflows with your generosity and friendship. I am happy to be returning once again to channeling! Much gratitude to you and to Yeshua, who gives us a message below ♥.


Hello dear ones. I greet you yet again with all the Love in my heart.  I bring you this message today so you can further clear yourselves and proceed further on your chosen path. You have reached a period of deep refinement along your path of ascension and creation.

There comes a time when assessment must be made as to clarity of purpose and intent, dear ones.  You are beginning to see from a much wider perception and so adjustment must be made, as always, and with new acceptance, in order to expand your impact upon your lives and upon the world around you.

Make no mistake that you are proceeding along an ever-expanding awareness of who you are and what you are about and what you can impart on your ever-winding spiral of ascension.

And so it becomes constantly necessary to refine your intentions and purpose and proceed with an ever-expanding heart and openness. What you may no doubt be discovering is that there are many things bubbling to the surface ever still, constantly demanding a closer look and discernment of what is in your heart.

As you clear away the debris covering up your Divine Nature, you may see and feel, alternately, blockages and openings, which constantly alter the picture of your perception of reality, requiring you to repeatedly adjust, and to discern what it is that can clear the way for your expansion.

It may be something that you have visited before, but at a different level. Do not despair. With the clearing of that comes inroads to avenues of perception never seen or perceived before.

You may feel like you are a morphic being, never the same from minute to minute. Yet, have confidence that you are abiding your growth pattern and your mission and be sure to push past any fears that may be brought up about the unknown. The more you let go and surrender to the changes within you and without you, the more clearly you will see your path.

My beloveds, one of the things that you may find yourself faced with right now, is the need to forgive at an even deeper level than ever before. Not just others, but yourself. And as you examine every thought and notion you have, how many times is this need for forgiveness coming up for you, especially with all that seems to be happening around you that feels so opposed to having Peace in this world?

Yes, it may seem at times as if the world is pointing in the wrong direction from Peace. But this also requires you to examine how you are looking at events around you. It can also give you an opportunity to find that Peace and Forgiveness deeper in your heart, does it not?

Be assured that you are going in the right direction, and by continuing upon the Path of Light no matter what happens around you, it just brings more solidly the chance for Peace in this world. Focusing on what is not peaceful just brings you away from all the possibilities of lasting Peace.

And no matter who or what is perpetrating these acts of violence and unrest, they deserve forgiveness as well. For in doing that, you unleash a compassion that can burn away all remnants of hate and violence everywhere. In that burning is caught all deeds and actions and feelings and words that are swirling around inside you and within everyone, past present and future, which is of course only Now.

It just takes courage to turn away from what you don’t want to see anymore in this world and in its place cover it with a lens of Optimism and Hope and Love. Paint your picture over it, like an overlay, of a world filled with so much Love that it chokes out and douses and smothers any remaining ember of diseased thoughts and actions.

Remain steadfast in your purpose to effect a World of Peace and Love. Do not be discouraged. With each spark from your Heart of Pure Love and Forgiveness allows the spread of an unstoppable fire of all-encompassing Love, and devotion to the Truth, of going back to your True Selves. There remains therefore eventually no oxygen left for the remaining sparks of violence, unrest and impurities, to the direction of Peace and Love to fill the world.

Remain vigilant in your purpose to purify your hearts with Love and Compassion and Forgiveness and remain vigilant at spotting any remaining embers of fear and fill them with a deep abiding and encompassing Love and Compassion that can do nothing but spread to all others.

Remain steadfast in feeding your growing inner Spark of Light no matter what you see or hear around you. Make it your priority and your comfort and your assurance that with that comes the Shift of the Ages. You are in the middle of it. While you may feel you are shaking with the vibration of change, stay in your center and allow yourselves to be solid and ever vigilant in your purpose and sight towards a better, brighter world.

You are doing well steadying your “aircraft” in the midst of the turbulence. Keep steady amongst the turbulence and ride it out into the calm of Peace and Love. You do not realize how close you are. For when the dust settles, you will see. In the meantime remain steadfast and true to cultivating your innate Divine Nature in everything you think and do. Nothing else matters, really.

You are my comrades in Peace and Love. Together we forge ahead into a Land of Beauty and Purity not ever perceived before in your lifetime. But you will find, as you glimpse it more and more, that you have indeed been there before. Welcome yourselves back to that beautiful purity and remain ever vigilant in your purpose and intent to do so.

Your ever-loving brother and servant,


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Yeshua: You Are Endowed With Everything That Is Of Creator ~ As Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ March 17, 2013


Hello my dear friends, fellow Lightworkers and Love-gifters. I greet you with much Love and appreciation for all you are doing. You are stepping up to this monumental task of building your New Earth with ease and grace and gratitude, and for this I give you my immense gratitude.

You may wonder why I say “with ease”. Well, dear ones, this journey has certainly not been easy for you, I grant you that, but the ease I speak about is the fluidity you impart to your mission and purpose, and the generosity with which you give of your Love, your Divine Unconditional Love.

Have you noticed that the more Love you give, the more Love you can hold for yourself and others? Have you noticed that you are able to tap more resources and abilities as you commit yourself to the task of imparting Love and creating a world full of it and all the gifts endowed by Creator?

You are endowed with everything that is of Creator of All-That-Is. You are gifted with everything that is Creator. You are uncovering all that you already are, and what a journey it has been.

You will most likely start to notice in the coming days that it is much easier for you to connect with that part of yourself that is the Divine, that is the impartial Reality that is expansive abundance and clarity. You will find thus that the trigger for manifestation is much more accessible, and it will be due to the release of your True Essence illuminated by all the Light and Love you are allowing into your Being.

Yes, dear ones, the clearing you have been so rigorously participating in is beginning to show in the increased glimmer and shine of your Light Bodies. Your soul is becoming integrated and enhanced and much more expanded and present.

My dear ones, you have now a chance to explore such a beautiful world of your making as you activate the creative powers you are inherently endowed with, have always been inherently endowed with. You are consenting to welcome them now, and the speed at which you progress will be heightened because of this consent and openness.

You have my complete and adoring admiration for the willingness and courage with which you have embarked on this task of becoming once again acquainted with the spiritual bounty that is your birthright, something that a short while ago, if you look back, you were only vaguely aware of, if at all.

I watch you as you consciously throw your whole Heart and Soul into your awakening, always with the thought in mind to allow it not only for the sake of yourself, but for others, no matter how daunting it can seem at times. For this sets you apart from all other beings who were not of the privilege to incarnate at this very time and space on this Earth.

What a wondrous journey you have already been on, full of surprises, and yes, consternation at times, and yes, struggle at times. But these are the very things that set you apart, because as you struggle, you also reach deeper and find the courage and wherewithal to continue your journey and mission, and with complete success.

So, in the coming days of increased activity with the approaching Equinox, just as it has always been as you make your way along this path of awakening and ascension, hold true to your sacred intentions to begin a new chapter and then another and another as you make your way up the spiral of achievement of many increments of heightened frequency and dimension, and dear ones, settle into it with Peace in your Heart, for you are the “movers and the shakers “of a Whole New World, and you can be assured of a glorious and momentous outcome.

You always have my Blessing and my Love and my understanding of what you are going through, but focus instead on the wonder and honor that you are of privilege to be a driving force in this mission of renewal of your World and of your lives. Have immense gratitude; this trumps any card of weariness and struggle that naturally occurs in your process.

Please continue to take care of your physical bodies as they undergo this immense transformation as the Light is introduced at greater and greater quantities, as you become the Enlightened Beings that is your destiny and birthright. Breathe in the Light and Love constantly now with the goal of transforming yourselves to ultimate and exquisite Light Beings of Creator as you experience the magnificence of the Higher Realms.

You are farther along than your current perceptions may allow you to know, but before long you will be able to catch up with the true Reality you are uncovering with each breath you take and each willing step you take towards the unknown, away from your created illusion and into your True Selves and your True Essence and existence as One with Creator of All-That-Is.

Take each breath in stride now and surrender to the Truth of your Being, dear ones. I am always at your side and with your Heart in this your Illustrious Awakening.

All my Love is yours,

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are The Guiding Force of A Whole New World ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ March 12, 2013


rainbowcolors.2Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:


Hello dear ones of the Light, as you are and always have been.  We speak to you today of what is on your minds and in your hearts, at least for many of you. You see, we observe you and are with you constantly, monitoring your progress and we often see you struggling with trying to figure everything out, with trying to make sense of things.

You see, not everything can be figured out and put in a nice order. Things are constantly changing as you go from moment to moment and it is where you put your focus as to what will prevail. This may sound simplistic, but it is the art of creation, the rules of manifestation.

Constantly second-guessing oneself puts a monkey wrench in the process, to use a common phrase. It scatters and changes and dilutes the results, and of course can bring your fears into focus and at the forefront of the manifestation process.

We are here to remind you to pay attention to your thoughts at all times, and to observe your fears and let them dissipate in your Loving Light. It does no good to second-guess yourself either, my dear friends. Move forward with trust and faith in your worth and your abilities.

We are always here to guide you, as you know, and we do see your struggles and dilemmas, but we also have complete trust and faith in your ability to move through them by tuning into your Higher Selves and Creator, and with us as your guides as well you will come out the other end with much more understanding and assurances.

We love you and cherish your beautiful hearts and we know that the energies of late are bringing some confusion as you are presented with situations requiring you to acknowledge and let go of even more negative thoughts, experiences and old memories and as you filter them for others as well.

Take heart in the knowledge that you are up against a “wall” of sorts, created by all the leaving of the old and the introduction of the new, but that “wall” is penetrable and moveable and is shifting as we speak. In many ways, it just takes complete surrender and also belief in your abilities to clear the way for yourselves.

Yes, you have come such a long way and what you are experiencing now is a culmination and result of all that hard work. You are formidable Beings, designed to and capable of unscrambling this new frequency into many new possibilities, at your fingertips now.

Please take a moment now, dear ones, to assess your status right now. Are you filled with hope or are you getting discouraged? The energies of late have been daunting, to say the least, but you were made and endowed with the capability to transform them into a living example of courage and hope, into being a part of something so sustainable and wondrous, destined to be the guiding force of a Whole New World in this New Paradigm.

You are etching the form, and filling in the details with colors of the rainbow vibrating at a speed of unequaled proportions. We take it all in with wonder and yearning to see what you will create next. It is something of great proportions, banking on the progress you have made thus far.

You may not see it all clearly right now, but rest assured that what you are creating is monstrous and incredible and we support you every step of the way, as always.

Take in these coming energies of the Equinox with confidence that you will be witnessing more changes as you roll along through this year of significant transformation. It was foretold and it is so.

Your loving brother Yeshua and the Company of Heaven

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Sananda: You Are An Aspect of Creator ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ March 4, 2013




Greetings my dear Soul Beings, keepers of the Christ Consciousness in your very being. I am Sananda at your service, as you are also, to all Beings on Earth and beyond.

It is time to re-orient yourselves into your new Reality, my dear ones. I say re-orient because of course as you know, you are already, as you have always been, magnificent Souls of God Consciousness, of the Divine Consciousness of Creator of All That Is. You are just realizing that identity, and also manifesting that identity, into your Reality more and more as you receive the new energies and re-orient yourselves into what you have always been.

The time is Now to fully orient and experience that essential part of you, dear ones, in everything you do, think and say, for you are the Masters of your Universe, the creators of your Soul’s experiences, as you know already.

The expansion of your energies to date has been immense and you are integrating the incoming energies nicely. We have seen such progress with you as you allow and surrender to receiving the new energies and engulf them and integrate them in each moment.

It is truly a beautiful sight to see, as we observe your pulsing energies glimmer and sparkle as they expand and adapt to the new milieu of energies being presented to you as we speak. Harken to what is being offered, receive what is being offered, with full and present abandon.

My dear Souls, the time is nigh to throw away your concerns with where you are going and to be present with the ride, with the full impact of the ride and the insurgence of Pure Light Energies being offered to you.

I take you in my stride and in my heart and guide you to your new illustrious beginnings, in progress now, the beginnings of what really has always been there for you, but just hidden. You are being exposed more fully to it dear ones: to the Divine totality of your very Being, so majestic and full of the Divine Essence of Creator that your Soul is made of, as it integrates with your physical being and becomes one with it.

Take a moment now to ponder this, dear ones: Do you know that your Soul’s energies are part and parcel of Creator? Do you know that your Soul’s energies are becoming more and more available and accessible and present as you allow and surrender to the new energies being made available to you for your immediate taking and integration? Are you truly and essentially aware of that? Are you open to this Truth? Are you open to this Reality? Are you open to the wonders it will bring you as you accept and allow it to manifest within your very Being?

I trust that many of you are. And I trust that you are also becoming acclimated to it all as if you are trying on a new suit of clothing. It may feel strange at first, but lo and behold, it soon becomes a comfortable part of you.

My dear ones, if you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would be astounded. For now you may be too close, as to “not see the forest for the trees”, to coin a phrase, but that will change as well and your orientation will be much different, much more encompassing and expansive as is our orientation, for you are just like us, and it just takes awareness to develop for it to be more apparent.

For now, suffice to say that you are coming along superbly and it will just take patience and acceptance of the process, for you are well on your way to completion of this next phase of ascension, well on your way to discovering your True Selves, your beautiful Souls, unique unto themselves but also so connected and part of Source.

Can you feel it? Are you beginning to feel it? Are you allowing yourselves to accept it? Excellent!

My dear souls, I congratulate you on coming this far, and I commend you for continuing on this unprecedented journey of ascending in your physical bodies, of coming back to your True Selves as angels and messengers and aspects of Creator,  as we in the Celestial Realm are aspects; we are just waiting for you to fully realize it.

I bid you adieu for now. You have my complete and undying respect and adoration and of course support, as I am always at your service.

I Am Sananda

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Lady Master Nada: You Are Love Incarnate ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ February 18, 2013


LadyMasterNada13Lady Nada:


Hello dear ones, I am Nada, greeting you from a deep place of Love and Compassion for all you who venture on this path of Ascension.

You are the bearers of Love and the forerunners in laying the foundation of Love, Compassion and Service for all mankind. Your very breath holds the element of Service as you draw in the substance of Divine Essence. Just by letting go and acknowledging your existence in the realm of Source brings your essence to a place of Truth within yourself. From there you are able to tap all the Love and deep knowing that is available to you. Just by knowing this, you can swell in Love and offer it up to others.

You have reached a point in your ascension where it is imperative to constantly live within that knowing, within that deep knowing that all that is required of you is to feel deep Unconditional Love for yourself and others. Make no mistake that this is your purpose and your birthright. Nothing else really matters. It is the entirety of your being, my precious bearers of Love.

Consider yourselves whole and complete, able to hold all the Love you desire, all the Love that is available, all the Love that you are deserving and worthy of. And that is key, my dear ones, for you are worthy and deserving of receiving massive, unlimited amounts of Love, increasing each minute.

Make this the basis of your existence, the basis of your thoughts, the basis of your knowing, each and every moment of your life, in each breath that you take. Settle into this knowing. Swim in the richness of it. Catch the wave of it. Be it. Be that Richness of Love in everything you do, every breath you take. Let it consume you, my dear ones.

I offer you this perspective for you are embarking on a new level of understanding of this very thing. You are Love Incarnate. Take your place amongst all Beings of the Celestial and Galactic Realms. You are no different from us; only in degrees of awareness of your innate Divinity.

I love you beyond measure. Creator loves you beyond measure. All you are is based on your acceptance and your embodiment of Love Manifest. Everything comes from that. Nothing is lost and everything is gained by being so.

You are the core of humanity, the heart of humanity, with gifts beyond your complete comprehension at present. These gifts are like seeds in the earth waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow. These are the gifts that will serve humanity as you nurture them, cherish them and offer them freely.

Loving yourself fully and without limits or judgment or parameters is at your disposal at this time. With that you will nourish your actions in complete unconditional selfless service to others, making a shift in all aspects of your life and the lives of those around you. Make no mistake of your impact, dear ones. It is all in the making and it is all in process as you enfold within yourselves as much Love as you can hold and allow it to form the basis for every decision, action and gesture you make.

This is changing the fabric of your life and of your community and of your world. Make no mistake about it. It is seeping into every corner and crevice of your psyche and of your presence and thus seeping into all around you, establishing a new collective presence and consciousness that is full of promise and innovation without any resemblance to the old order.

Make no mistake about it. You are building a world of shining magnificence which has at its core Divine Love and Service. When everything operates from that basis, there is no way your New World cannot possess Abundance, Love and Harmony for all.

Many of you are feeling the effects of this new orientation and you must be commended for carrying the impetus for all others to experience a New World based on Integrity, Truth, and for the Highest Good of All.

My dear ones, I hold you in my Flame of Love and ask that you do the same for others as you discover more of your true essence with each breath you take.

All my love to you, my precious bearers of Love,

Lady Nada

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Mother Mary: You Are Our Wonderful Emissaries of Love and Light ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ February 11, 2013


mothermary4Mother Mary:

Hello dear ones, all of the Light. I gather amongst you today to bring you much Love, and to shed more light and understanding on your precious missions and purpose.

You are Love, you are the Divine, and amongst you walk many who do not yet know this about themselves. It is for you to BE Love and the Divine in complete totality and purpose and to shine ever brighter every day within that reality.

As such you are very important catalysts not only for your own lives, but also for that of others. You may not realize how important you are. Every time you choose to acknowledge and live your Divine nature of Unconditional Love for yourselves and others, you spark greater Light and Love for all around you, causing others to take up the banner and spread it as well.

My precious children of the Light, my precious children of Love: You are making your way steadily and surely up the ladder of dimensions while spreading your Love to all who need it. Do you know how remarkable and important you are?

I hold you in my arms of love and caring, and I comfort you all when you need it and ask for it. I love you beyond measure, and I am most grateful for your presence in this world at this time. For you are making great headway in offering love, acceptance and comfort for others.

That is what we do in the Celestial Realm; we offer our total love and comfort and acceptance of you and with that you are fortified to offer it to others.

You are our wonderful emissaries of Love and Light and you can never be reminded too much of this. My heart is so full of joy and love and gratitude at the knowledge that you are forever holding up this banner of Love and Light for all to see and absorb. It is like a beautiful blanket of tender and sustaining Love that we see you constantly holding and spreading over the world. You are magnificent in this purpose.

Make way in your hearts for even more Love and Light to enter as the days go on. Fill yourselves up with it without limit. With this you will raise the frequency even further and thus allow the masses to lift and be ready for further ascension.

Do not worry your hearts about those who are reluctant to accept what you offer or do not respond well. Just keep up your work and go on about your mission with tolerance and acceptance and understanding that each is proceeding along their path in the perfect way for them. Pay attention to your own heart and allow yourself to accept as much Light and Love as you can hold, my dear ones.

Be at peace in knowing that you are fulfilling your mission by holding as much Light and Love as you are able, constantly transmuting old and negative energy for yourself and all around you at the pace and degree that is appropriate and comfortable for you.

By constantly doing this, you have transmuted much energy into crystalline gold glimmering particles of Light that is becoming the sustaining essence of energy that many can feel in a palpable way. Many can also see it, and dear ones, we can see it so plainly from our perspective.

This is the energy that you are becoming much more acclimated to as you make your way up the spiral of dimensions and increasing frequencies. Your increasingly crystalline bodies are adapting and thriving in this new energy, and for many, the fatigue is diminishing and you are becoming more adaptable to the new milieu of energy you are finding yourselves in.

Hold yourselves tall and strong in this new energy and begin to see the effects of your tireless efforts to transform and re-form your world. It is magnificent to see what you have already done.

Hold fast and true to this steady progress, and do not waiver in your heart-felt endeavors to feel and know your loving Divine essence and to demonstrate it to others, each of you in your own special and unique ways and manner. You are each irreplaceable and valuable contributors to New Earth and it is being built steadily and true upon your lofty dreams and actions to build a world of ever-lasting Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love for all to thrive in and enjoy.

We of the Celestial Realm are forever grateful for your beautiful hearts as you make your way higher and transform all around you to glistening perfection, and we remain by your side throughout this Divine endeavor.

All my love is yours,

Mother Mary

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are The ‘Love Carriers’ ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ February 4, 2013


Lovecarriers.2Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:


Greetings, dear ones. By now many of you are grasping the Truth that the wonders of the Universe are at your fingertips and that the illusion that once seemed real is crumbling into dust through those same fingers. It is that easy, dear ones, as you choose to see and experience everything from your new 5th dimensional perspective, and even higher for some.

Behold the changes that are already subtly etched on your psyche and becoming more indelibly encrypted as you orient yourself only through your Heart and your new perspective gained by the recent energy influxes.

We of the Company of Heaven express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have persevered through these confusing times, through these deepening clearings and subsequent rebuilding and establishing of new clarity and perspective.

Taking steps now onto that newly-laid ground is proving to be very heartening for many of you as you discover new truths and insights as a result of your new expansion.

Take some time now to integrate and get used to your new footing into the ever-changing and ever-heightening New Earth at your fingertips, dear ones. Get used to the new altitude and solidify your footing there so you never need to revisit your old world.

The path is opening and expanding before you, revealing a myriad of possibilities now that you are accepting your existence in this new frequency and vibration. The more you accept it and don’t resist it, the more clear and crystalline everything becomes in your wake.

You are the trail-blazers and the more you adjust to the brighter light, the easier others behind you can adjust and accept and see very clearly what is being laid out as the new norm of existence.

You are no doubt discovering a plethora of new feelings and perspectives and insights as you make your way on this new path laid open by the energies of the last few months. Nothing is the same unless you want it to be. But why would you, dear ones?

Begin to weave these new golden threads, that were formed recently, into the life you know you deserve, into the life that is being revealed to you by accepting and anchoring the basic Truth of your Divine nature. Mingle among your fellow Light Beings of Creator and revel in your new-found perspective.

Take heart in your decision to exist only in your Heart from now on and to explore the many possibilities that you can create from just being there all the time. Let nothing else beckon you. Settle in and endure now, dear ones, and be with us always in your hearts and thoughts. Allow us to show you what you have always known, and then tap more of your essential Truth residing within your Heart and Soul of Divine Love.

You are the ‘Love Carriers’, complete and replete in your mission to illuminate and create what is all about purity of existence. What you hold now at your fingertips can only be described as miraculous and wondrous and only as big and expansive as you make it.

So replenish yourself minute by minute with the Unconditional Divine Love from Creator and thus allow that to be your building materials for your new world in the making. Stand fast and true to your new tools of the trade composed of ever-glistening golden hues of Unconditional Love and Integrity and Balance and Wholeness.

These new tools are finding their way forward in the reflection of Creator that you are increasingly allowing to be your guide as you uncover your roots in that very same Source.

Be Love, Be the Divine, Be the Glow of Creator as you embark on your continued journey steeped in the higher realms and firmly grounded into New Earth. May the Peace that comes with that be your eternal companion and guide, never wavering in your purpose to spread it unequivocally and irrevocably and firmly as you continue to forge your way. We are eternally by your side in this endeavor.

All of our love is yours,

Your loving brother Yeshua, with the Company of Heaven

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are Building Your New Life ~ Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ January 14, 2013


yeshua.buildingnewlife.1Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Hello, dear ones. Much has transpired in your energies and your world of late. In any re-configuration, there is always a lull period where nothing of significance seems to be happening, and then lo and behold, the new energies build on themselves again and again to make an unmistakable opening in how you see the world and in how you perceive yourselves.

In many ways you all have become a blank slate, a clean palette and canvas on which to build the New Earth. You have discarded many things from your old world, many “staples,” shall we say, from which you once built your reality. This is much like purging a pantry of many things no longer deemed good for your well-being; you now have room to re-stock it with new staples for a healthier life-style.

It takes time and energy to build up a new pantry of more healthy and substantial items that will yield healthier “meals” for a finer, lighter way of living. You are building on that new way of living now, and it is reforming as we speak. Your new ingredients include, of course, love, gratitude, hope, harmony, purity, compassion, peace and cooperation.

It takes a bit of re-orientation to not reach for those old staples of separateness, fear, competition and judgment. To turn away from those ingredients is what you have been committed to. Now it is only for you to continue to turn away from the old and to mix the new ingredients in new ways to yield your newly created life.

Your desire for a newly oriented life has always been the key, dear ones, but being bound to old ways of doing things is always a temptation, especially when nothing seems to be shifting as fast as you would like. Stay on course, my dear friends, for we can see the threads of your new life and your New Earth glistening as you re-create a world and a reality based on your new concept of yourselves, that you are full of Divine Love. Determine to allow yourselves to receive more of this Love from Creator, that is always available to you for the taking.

It is human nature to get discouraged, but it is also your strength and your birthright to pick up the new threads of your eternal Divine nature and build from that.

We are constantly around you, breathing in new encouragement and inspiration and support for your new framework from which to create new possibilities, outside the box of the old paradigm, into the new, the structure of which you are laying with such love and care. It may seem invisible at times, but continuing on, it will no doubt become very apparent to you.

You are, each of you, so important in this process. It takes all of you, and it takes all of you digging down deep for a fresh perspective and inspiration. Please continue to see that there is nothing that you cannot build if you stay the course.

Nothing is impossible in this new world of yours. You set the parameters; you set the framework. What do you want to create? What dimension do you want to create from? Do you choose to create from the framework of the 5th dimension and higher where your thoughts can be instantaneously manifested? Any thoughts, dear ones, so choose wisely what you think about and how you view the world.

Do you trust yourselves to create something different than before? Do you trust that you have the creation abilities of Creator? Belief is the key, dear ones. We want to remind you of that; belief in your newfound abilities and belief that you are a Divine Spark of Creator.

It takes constant use of a new muscle to build it up and make it strong and that is where you are in your development, dear ones. Allow yourselves to try out your newfound abilities that the lightening of the energies are making possible. It may feel strange at first and like nothing is happening, but keep building on those new muscles of seeing and doing everything from a place of love, gratitude, harmony, hope, purity, compassion, peace and cooperation, and it will become your constant companion and thus shape everything in a new form and way.

We know you know all this, dear ones, but do you feel it with every fiber of your Being? Are these the building blocks of your every day and moment, your Now moment? Imagine and do everything from the standpoint of being in the 5th dimension or higher and the old ways of duality will drop off much more quickly to be replaced by a much higher, lighter, brighter vibration of Being.

We are forever by your side in this endeavor.

Your loving brother, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven.

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: We Remain By Your Side On Your Illustrious Journey ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ January 4, 2013


light of the worldYeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Hello my dear friends, Light of the World. We come before you today to bring you our Love and encouragement on your continued journey into the Higher Realms.

All around your world awakening is continuing and much is still transpiring below the surface. You have been a major part of that, although all of you may not actually see or experience all that has transpired and all that is bubbling below the surface and below the radar, so to speak.

Our love for you abounds and our respect for you does as well, as you continue refining your energies to accommodate the higher realms. Remember that what you perceive may not always be what is real and part of your new dimensionality. You are making your way steadily and surely.

Now more than ever it is important to pay attention to your thoughts, as the possibility for instant manifestation is now even greater. We ever guide you but it is important that you do not continue along the vein of delving into thoughts or commitments that abide by the old ways of duality.

Your Light Bodies have transformed, your vibrations have risen, and many are tapping into and/or living in the 5th and 6th dimensions already. For others, it is a gradual process, but all have progressed to the extent that their contracts and life plans and intentions and mind-sets have allowed.

Much may still be bubbling below the surface waiting for your acceptance and nurturing. So, steadfastness and determination will keep you on track to the higher realms and as well for the glorious development and unveiling of New Earth.

Peace has to first become a constant dweller in your heart for you to see it manifest outside of you, so please continue on with your diligent meditations and ministrations of your desires for a world full of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Just like a farmer’s field may have many dormant seeds lying beneath the surface, unseeable and seemingly unattainable, with the right nurturing and ministration the Spring will yield an abundance of brand new shoots of delicate vegetation intent on nurturing and feeding the multitudes.

There is still so much Love and Light intent on reaching you at this moment. Continue to take it in and there will be times, if you allow it, where there will be an increased intensity of this Love and Light available to you, enough to forge you ahead on your  continued journey towards enlightenment and the higher dimensions, if you are remaining open and focused on its reception.

We remain your loyal servants throughout this illustrious journey of yours, individually and collectively. What you desire to make of it will be your outcome and benefit with the proper nurturing and focus. “Keep your eye on the ball”, dear ones, and you will continue to experience a glorious opening in the structure of your reality.

Abide not by the construct of your old reality of eons and begin to open your eyes to the twinkling of your new and vibrant Reality in the higher dimensions. We are waiting to see you realize and experience this new reality you are creating but may not yet see in bold print. For it takes a finer subtler gaze to see the fine print that often holds the key and treasure and crux of the entire implementation and manifestation of this new manuscript of your True Reality.

We have so much faith in you and can see clearly the lighted world you are creating for yourselves and others even if it is still coming into focus for some of you as yet.

You have our sincere pledge that we will help you uncover more and more of that beautiful Divine Essence that has always been there and is emerging more and more for many of you. Stay still and wait and watch and listen for it; it is there just waiting for your acknowledgement and your commitment.

We love you deeply with our open hearts, as we nudge you to open yours with ever-increasing degree, our precious Lightworkers and Lightholders. May Peace and Love be your abiding source of contentment and happiness.

We leave you for now with these loving caresses of our undying loyalty, service and protection.

Your loving brother, Yeshua with the Company of Heaven

Thank you, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: Step Into Your Glorious New Light-Filled World ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ December 19, 2012


Yeshua.peacenewselves.3Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings, One and All, my fellow Lightworkers, the Love of my Heart, the Love of our Hearts.  We present you today with another offering about your ascension.

For many it is already happening, and as I have said, it will happen in just the right way and time for each of you, if that remains your choice, and for you reading this, I trust it is.

You are approaching the final hours of duality and lifting splendidly. Many are feeling the effects and settling into opening their hearts and beings to the shift. From here on out it is your own unique journey and we see that many of you are embracing it with fresh eyes and open hearts.

Many of you are having a bit of difficulty letting go as you feel yourselves being swept up with the current of rising energies. Trust yourselves and trust your hearts. You are safe and protected, and you are proceeding according to your life plan and the Divine Plan, which is one and the same in many ways.

Letting go is not an easy thing, because you have been locked up in the realm of duality where you felt you had to maintain control at all times for the sake of your survival. It is not an easy thing to trust and surrender, especially now if the old realm is still making its presence known to you in these final hours.

So we ask you to ask yourselves:  “Would I want to put my all into this in order to reap the highest and fullest outcome?” If the answer is yes, you know what to do.

You are my warriors of Peace and Love, my shining Hearts of Truth. You have come a long way and you are seeing your hard work come to fruition. We cannot tell you enough how proud we are of all of you. You are doing it and you have our constant support all along the rest of your illustrious journey back to Oneness.

Now is the time to let yourselves off the hook for all the things you feel you have left unfinished or would have done differently. For your life in duality was perfect for the lessons it served you. It is time now to let it all go and step into your glorious new Light-filled World of untold possibilities.

We are in awe of your accomplishments, many times in very difficult circumstances. But you pulled out that latent courage and Love that it took each time to push through, and you came out shining like a jewel of such brilliance that it is so very apparent to all Beings in the Higher Realms.

We bow to you, our illustrious friends, our fellow travelers to higher dimensions. We thank you and extend our deepest gratitude for a job well done. May you experience the coming days with such Joy and Wonder.

Your loving brother, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)