SaLuSa – “Torpedoes of Love” – May 17, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar


Gabriel – Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui



In response to the opening of a great portal, recently, an immense amount of Light outpoured over the Earth, triggering a series of small events still not perceived by humanity due to the particularity of them. These small events were triggered within your media that were invaded by the Light and the representatives of these large corporations are now in a great dilemma: to continue with the censorship imposed by the dark ones, who no longer has the authority of before any more or start in small steps, transmissions that will begin to alert the public about what is happening on Mother Earth and on the Solar System.


It is known by many that Earth’s ascension will bring other great effects on the entire Universe. You, the souls that are there, were conducted by armies of warring angels that led you to show you what you would have to develop on Earth. So, you have landed 26,000 years driven by this Legion of blessed beings. Now, my dear ones, that the task is being completed with great merits, you will have all your memories established, little by little and you’ll see and recognize as indeed you are.


Allow, in this moment, that this Light anchor into your heart, thus causing the expansion of consciousness in order to lead you to the Akashic records hall. Amidst this storm of light, storms that are just the beginning of the great wave of light and love that will bathe the entire Earth in the very near future, this will raise the veil completely and it will give you the key to time and space. Before all this imminent, focus even more your energies of Light to the mainstream media which is at a standstill due to the fear of exposing the truth that was kept from the people for thousands of years.


Send your torpedoes of Light, dear ones, trust that they will achieve in full the great communicators. From the Queen’s House the first information can comes, in domino effect. It will begin to bring in concrete and tangible way, as say those who are the neediest of material evidence, the scrolls that will be rolled before mankind. Dear ones, also consider that these beings, most of them, who are responsible by media communications are just puppets that were used in extremely inhumane manner when they had their programmed minds so they couldn’t waver in settled planes from the dark ones. Allow your hearts to be filled with love and send your light torpedoes them all in order to break all psychics barriers that imprison them, preventing them from coming with the truth about the facts on Mother Earth and on the Universe.


The Solar System is expanding and there are many portals opening now in all parts of the Earth to carry powerful beings from other Universes that by free choice wanted to come to Earth and give their contributions in love at this point that all Cosmos is going by. It is a time of expansion, expansion of love in all levels of existence. You, dear beings, blessed by this moment and by allowing yourselves to be the drivers of this wonderful light that is bathing the Earth at this time. Remember that only love can bring you back home, only love will lead you in the enlightened way and without hesitation. Also remember the forgiveness. Remember that being of pure love when he was in your midst was a great example of that (Jesus). He, in his loving majesty, taught you forgiveness and love by all, leading you to redemption by the noble and powerful gesture of love and forgiveness. Allow the old energies go, let forgiveness comes to your hearts. Oh, dear ones, you are such powerful beings and your concentration on the Divine Power would take you away from any uncomfortable situation, even that ones by thinking that you can not forgive others for some offense.


Dear ones, I am very grateful by once again talk to you and give you my love and gratitude for the work done by all. Do not feel incapable, do not feel inferior, do not feel different from us in any way or feel that it’s difficult to contact us. You were recently informed by Ashtar that you’d be contacted and this is happening, although many may doubt this, know that it’s true because you can feel our presence around to hug you constantly. By opening your hearts to it, indeed, you’ll be able to experience things even greater, worthy of what you really are and deserve.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and among the Pleiadian fleet that assists Mother Earth and sends love and light to allied friends that are on her, I also send my blessings on behalf of the whole body of beings who wish to see the ascension of Gaia and of all Universe in peaceful and harmonious way.


Be in Peace,


Be in the Light.


Gabriel – Gratitude, dear SaLuSa!



Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.


The Group – “In a quantum way, you are being taken to high vibration worlds” – May 01, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel – Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original de “O Grupo”, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui



Once completed this new phase to which you are all coming, you will be brought to a more expanded awareness state. You may, naturally, remember your other existences when here on Earth, as well as other planets in the Universe. This new phase to which you have now entered a few days ago, where the flow of light quickened and raised you further, allows some points to be worked into your spiritual bodies. It’s a slow process, but not less efficient.


Quickly, you are brought to your natural state of being, beings of expanded consciousness and with crystalline bodies. There is an impatience of some who naturally wish to see the whole process already completed. We say that if all what you are experiencing in a high energy level was more rapidly, it would be too much for the ability of your bodies. Give time until the whole process completes without further problems to your physical and astral bodies.


A bell jar, that’s the word that fits with your current situation. You are in a bell jar of light and being worked slowly. This occurs by the ability of each, we say, occurs by the ability to suport certain amounts of light in yout bodies. Be patient in this process. Relax and let the more subtle energies work for you moving quickly to higher dimension without you simply perceive. Oh, yes, that is what’s happening !


In a quantum way, you are being taken to high vibration worlds and delivered to 3D reality so quickly that you can’t even imagine and realize that. From that  come the strange sensation you are experiencing. Disorientation is one of them, isn’t it my friends ? This is the preparation, you are being taken to get used to the subtle energies.


We summarize that your awakening is underway and will suddenly take place for everyone. Although your bodies have to be worked more slowly and subtly, your conscience in One is reconnecting to the Source in a short time, in this case for some it will be a shock and for others it will be a great and wonderful experience of meeting with their divine side. Those who are still asleep, and even then, having their bodies worked with the current light flow on Earth, will experience the awakening of consciousness, which is a small inconvenience, as this will come against what were always aligned: A world in linear and deadly line. There will be, for these, an internal revolution, as with expanded awareness and having access to many interior information, will cause a collision with other information they have always been fed as real and genuine.


We conclude that love and acceptance will bring more love and Positive Flow, giving the possibility of smooth and rewarding timeless travels. When in a state of denial, there will be more internal chaos and disorientation as the timeless travel must occur within this expansion of consciousness.


The decision whether such travel will have turbulence or not is up to you. If during this process of reconnecting with the Source, accept yourselves peacefully and open yourselves to the truth that is to come, you will be enabling the acceleration of the process under way in your bodies. But if, instead, deny what you are feeling, thinking as something elusive, something that is merely a hallucination, you wll be delaying the process of working on your bodies, a process that will provide access to higher dimensions.


Understand that your awakening of consciousness will enable the acceleration of the increase in your bodies that are preparing your vehicles of light for the direct access to Higher Spheres. We say this for the awakening of consciousness peacefully.


The awakening of consciousness of non-peaceful manner would be a denial of the state in which you are experiencing, as you will have access to detailed information of the history of your planet as well as the creation of the Universe. This, for many, will come as a ray of Light to wake you for this and if these still stuck in three-dimensional concepts, will get in deep conflict.

Expansion of consciousness and subtilization of the bodies are different situations that will lead to a common point: to the higher spheres. Expansion of consciousness in denial will slows the crystallization of bodies. Expansion of consciousness in acceptance will accelerate subtilization bodies, rapidly leading to Ascension in Body, as you expected.


Now do you understand why, in many cases, is having a lot of discomfort in your bodies ? Are You accepting this new state of consciousness ? Not itself your state of consciousness, but the new state of consciousness of the planet, the subtle vibrations that are now required and anchored by your beautiful world. State of denial is simply refusing this expansion, is to deny leaving the old behind, is to deny leaving the old ways, is to deny letting go of all that which, for a long time, you were attached.


While the Supreme Energy puts you in a position of  inward decision, is when you have to decide and accept the expansion of consciousness, which requires abandoning all the old paradigm, so that does not happen the discomforts mentioned.


The Group.


Gabriel: Gratitude.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.

Mother Mary – “Heavenly Bath” – April 23, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel – Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original da Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui


Beloved children, renewed by the Light that falls from the Heaven over your heads now, I beseech you , in this blessed moment, that you deliver, my children, any feeling, any force, contrary to the sublime power of Love. Join the opportunity now, at this time, given by heavenly forces, responsible for this corner of the Universe, that send their Cosmic Light Soldiers to collect all the negative forces that  detach from your bodies now. Yes, dear beloveds, each one of you at this time, are having your bodies purified in the Light of God that never fails, precise and sublime.


Allowed, oh beloved children, that this heavenly love wash over you and let you feel the peace and freedom, because, dear beloveds, you are free beings, loved by all of us, freedmen and pure, because this is your nature and don’t let your mind dictates something different. It always tries to put you in a state of sorrow and pain.


Understand, oh dear ones, and allow that any incitement from it goes, naturally, in the same way that came, without any direct action of your being. Let the Love, only Love, be your motto and nothing more than that dictates your path. Love one another, as the Master taught us, receive from the Highest this refreshing and purifying bath that is aligning your chakras, putting you in direct connection with the Source, not only because I speak unto you at this time, but because each of you, in your own way, feel the energy running through your body.


I thank you on behalf of the greater Light.


I bless you, I shower you with My Light, I leave you now, pouring over you all My Blessing,


Because I am Mary, your Mother.


Gabriel – Thank you, Mother…


Note: This message was given at the end of meditation: “Planetary Conjunction II “ performed in our conference room. Audio in Portuguese.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

Ashtar Command – “Parallel Realities” – March 26, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar


Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do Comando Ashtar, postada anteriormente em português, Aqui

Gabriel: Dear Family from the Stars! I make a sincere request. I really want to talk about the incident with the plane (MH -370 Malaysia Airlines flight), I want to write about the truth of the events. I have seen many posts and channellers talking about what really would happened …
Ashtar Command: Continue followig your heart ! This is what we always say, Gabriel. There is no right and wrong, what is there is what is there and as you know, there are anomalies and such situation is something like that… Do not be discouraged or discredit that we are in contact with you. The work must continue and evidences already are more than clear about what indeed happened. Feel it in your heart: the answer is there.
We do not choose the channels that work with us ! You are who choose us by a sincere desire to serve the Light. You, my dear, like many others that collaborates, they chose themselves and gave the green light so we could get in touch with you to the work.
We are, rather, by your side, as you allow us to. And do not get flustered or enter the waiting game of “what will it happen ” or ” I wonder what is going to happen ” …
A question and posture like these preclude, naturally, you to receive the true reality corresponding to your frequency. We do not feel offended when you get mad at us, quite the contrary ! We come happy because this shows, somehow, you have real and genuine interest in communicating with us.
And as we know about your heart, this leads to open the door wider. Yes, the plane is in Agartha, as it exploded. Both are real, into what you want it to be. What you choose for yourself ?
The point of the question is, my dear Gabriel, that you are afraid to expose yourself, dear. Fear of attacks … Dear, if you are where you are, you are very subject to this.
Let them judge and do whatever they want. Just like those people who judge you have the right to be as they are and to express what they feel like true or not, you have the same right. You will be surprised with what is, indeed, happening in your world, you will literally get “mouth open”. You still don’t have a clue …
We mean that what your heart decides, will be decided. But we want to be well clear: We are with you as your team is and we are with your team as you are. You, together, form a Momentum of hope and are taking it with lots of love and strength. What wait from us, but applause?
Proceed, dear ! Do your work and don’t you worry with critical. Your heart says now that it’s in Agartha; then so be it.
We are from Ashtar Command and we are under the ocean, watching the wreckage of the plane, as in Agartha, in festivities with survivors … Where you want to be?
Peace and Light.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original “Questão aos Seres Celestiais / EU Superior – Ficar em Paz em meio ao caos”, postada anteriormente em português, Aqui

Gabriel : Hello, friends, I will share with you the answer to a question I did yesterday to Heavenly Beings. I was a little anxious because I had something to solve and couldn’t forget it, all the time, even when I tried to put aside the issue, a feeling of ” having to solve” appeared in my mind. Then I asked:
“Friends, why I can’t stay in peace with these situations ?”
Answer: Gabriel, while you think you can control things, that you can lead things, that you can fix things  you will wear yourself. There is nothing you can do, but to stay in peace with yourself. All these things that happen around you are necessary vicissitudes so that you can simply do not identify yourself with them. The energy you call God is the Supreme Commander of All, you can not simply wish to keep things on track when He is the one who commands.
Your inner peace depends entirely from that: Leave things happen without you get emotionally involved with them, with the idea that you can resolve such situation or calm down exalted tempers. Everyone goes through proof, Gabriel, especially in this transitional phase where you are. Every situation, every disharmony, every person who disrespects you or act in dissonance with love is an opportunity for you to remain in peace, not accepting the imposition of vicissitude to come by anyone, naturally by that one who is in lower vibration.
He (Jesus ) said unto you: “It’s necessary chaos to come, but poor of that man by who it comes” – “It is necessary that there are vicissitudes, but poor of who they have to come” because it will be the signal that you don’t watched over properly.
Allow that  chaos and disharmony exist, pure and simply, but do not mind about it, do not get anxious wondering how resolve or allay some discussion or disharmony. You can not do anything, you can not change the world or people. Each of the situations happen for a reason  and that reason shouldn’t be fed by you by giving your worried attention.
The only way to help is keeping yourself in peace. You came to Earth as well as many others, unique and exclusively to prove that is possible be in contrast of your Being without getting lost. Come to prove that the light remains untouchable amid the darkness of ignorance, to prove that live in the light and in peace is the best choice.
Just Be who you are. In the realms where duality dominates, there will always have chaos, contrasts, accentuated disputes by who knows more and who is more right. The mission of the stellar souls who carry with themselves the power of order and discipline is be purely in connection with the Within Supreme Source and do not disconnect from that, resisting the seductive attraction of the idea of chaos.
When disconnect yourself completely from that, when leave the Supreme Power to command the order of things and events, you will be in peace, because will take away the burden of responsibility that you judge having, by thinking that the situations have to be resolved by you, by thinking that the order has to be established by you.
An elegant posture of love, harmony, no emotional involvement in conflicting situations will give  you the power to the situation to be resolved simply by your presence, do you know why? Because being in this state of mind, you will be directly connected with the Supreme Source and it will work through you. Ie, it’s the Energy that will do what has to be done, not you (your dual personality).
This goes for everyone who reads these words.
Gabriel: Can I know who you are?
I am you in the future. I am Your part that is in “this side”.
Gabriel: Absolutely I won’t get emotionally involved any more, always when it seems to going to happen, I’ll come to read what said to me. Thank you!
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

SaLuSa – “Signs of a new time” – February 24, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

SaLuSa (1)

Signs are given, all the time, that the new is taking place and you who are on Earth at this time, are witnessing the birth of the new, right under your feet. You are at the vanguard, leading the Light and guiding as you can, knowing that you are always bathed by new energies that, day after day, have accelerated your awakening.
Thousands of human beings, taken by desire for freedom, are being assisted by higher beings who are constantly orienting and guiding them in better decisions among protests worldwide. Your communication media have tried at all costs to welch the minds of men who are still in a soft impasse, but it’s known that the light that is sweeping the Earth is to guide them increasingly and nothing can change the focus of the souls of the Earth, the focus of FREEDOM .
The commitment of warrior souls, as Snowden, is one more gas on other souls who are awakening now and see the courage and determination of beings who came to Earth at this time to bring freedom, even if it costs their lives. All beloved beings who came to this quadrant in the past and were killed by the darkness forces are again involved now, giving their share of help, help that has brought from deep sleep many asleep beings.
The witness around the world will become frequent, and more and more people will take courage and come to public to witness atrocities committed by the dark ones, as the 9/11. It’s naturally expected that many who were dressed for a long time as ” Wolves ” show them up from the Light
The work is far greater than you can imagine and dear souls engaged themselves to take on this role, under the risk of deviating themselves from the path, but you will be able to see that many of them got successful and you may see it in their actions hereafter. Mother Earth is surrounded by thousands of galactic fleets that are here to witness the great jump in consciousness. Thousands of beings everywhere are here to support you during this period, and is given to every soul of Earth one more force so they can untie the ending nodes that still keeps you stuck on Earth.
Continue to anchor Light in your hearts, supporting the souls that are in their awakening process. Wait and let them stand up with their own forces, however remain beside them, donating all Light and support in this important moment. The Return of the Goddess to your hearts also bring an immense light that soften every load that was placed in your being by the dark Ones. The Light of the Goddess will guide you definitely out of the quarantine regime, leading you to a state of deep  peace.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the count at “zero” indicates that the planned events before the World Games are about to start and you can have a blurb with manifestations around the world, where the power of people is growing, moving the energies of freedom and justice.
Be in Peace,
Be in the Light.
Gabriel : Thank you, SaLuSa.
Note: My friends, that count mentioned by SaLuSa refers to this post: Here
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

Mother Mary – “Bless your pain” – February 14, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original de Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Gabriel: Mother, I feel Your loving Presence … I also feel pain in my heart…
Mother Mary: Write,  son, write to all…
Beloved Children,
May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.
Beloved children, the Earth is going through her transformation, bringing even more her form of existence, bringing with her their new children, beloved, renewed in body and soul. Labor pains are difficult, however there is a glare that makes you realize just ahead, where the pain of transformation can’t be even felt thanks to the light that invades your eyes, resting in your heart, manifesting there the genuine peace and bringing the cozy comfort, as HE said to you “Come to me you who are weary and burdened, for I will give you rest … “
Dear ones, you are having all your bodies completely renovated and it requires a lot of patience and selflessness in the process which is developing. Manifest, often in arguments and critiques the pain you face, denying the Goodness of God in your lives, hiding to look at yourselves and acknowledge you as blessed beings, children of the beloved Father in Heaven, who has endowed you with all strength and light that you might go through all the possible tests that would raise the Earth from pain and agony. Yes, beloved, decided for yourselves that you wanted to experience this moment, admitting in yourselves the trials, when supported, would give you all the power to raise the masses with your light, thus causing the surprise element  that the dark brothers didm’t expect : the sacrifice with love.
My children, my beloved ones, understand:  the pain you feel at some moment is your starting point for the higher realms of consciousness, it was your constant companion and nearly always show the door to light. Bless it all the time and understand that it’s your sister who is leaving you in these times. It’s leaving to let you rejoin the Magnanimous Source of Love; faithful to its purpose of discipline souls who wished to have it as a constant companion, now returns to the Light again, thanks to your rise in consciousness, because it also is a consciousness and your elevation gave it the opportunity of continuous elevation.
Dear children, remain centered in My Love for you and in the promise I made to humanity. Never I left  you, I’ll never turn away from you until that all souls of this Realm have reached this Light. Call, therefore your guides and mentors to assist you in these times where the inner storms make them be felt. There is a need to collect you in yourselves, going deeper in your feelings, understanding that the pain and confusion that you feel within you, this period is to unveil a new form of existence.
The need of the old baggage left behind, as the pessimism in the days ahead. Believe, therefore, that the promises of the Creator are already manifest and as well as th mariners feel  the swing of the sea, you are feeling the balance of the new energies that are causing you to lean you to new stoppges.
It’s comforting to you to know that you are being assisted by a Light Squadron that is to surround the Earth as a large army of love. They, the Men from Space are here to join hands with you all at this time that is fast approaching. Many generations wait for this moment, many of you were witnesses of bygone eras and now await the fulfillment of promises. Strong hearts as you are, you inclined to the Good and you are taking with you more souls, showing  them, through your inclination, the path to be followed.
This moral authority is only given to determined souls like you, which ye have seen with your own eyes the rise of various Realms, long before  yoy were present on Earth. Therefore, dear ones, realize that your inclinations today has more power than yesterday. Realize that decisions you take today can influence many souls who are in your field of vibration. Your responsibility is very great, because you are responsible for the New Age
Know that you are being supported and, regardless of what side you desire to take your energies. Me, as your Mother, will obey my promise to only see erfection in each one of you, always .
My children, let me bless you, pouring over each one of you now my blessings, involving each one at this moment with an energy of peace and love, giving you the assurance that the time has come where this generation will witness the changing  of realms.
Beloved ones, I leave you now pouring upon you all my blessings and involving everyone in my Cloak of protection, because I AM Mary, Your Mother.
Gabriel: Thank you, dear Mother …

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

SaLuSa – “You are walking to the unveiling of the veil” – January 23, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

SaLuSa (1)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui
Gabriel: SaLuSa why do I feel that you are choosing to stay silent more than normal , in my opinion?
SaLuSa: There are many things that are going on at this time on Mother Earth and beyond her. We are at a critical moment, where very serious and important decisions are being taken. Mankind has reached its most important moment during all this path and it asks a little more of our attention.
Many souls,  at these time, are ready for the big jump forward, and they know they can’t  take with them nothing more but their momentum conquered in Mother Earth , which is patience and love. They are showing the way for other souls who begin their path back home . It is a blessed path and the momentum generated by the missionary has enabled us to get closer to all.
Every being that vibrates in Light and Love opens an  unquestionable powerful vibrational field that attracts and raises the souls around them, as even changes the landscape around, giving an air of gentleness and peace. Dear ones, to remain in a state of love and inner peace you enable that other souls achieve your way, you show them the door to be opened in the midst of so many others that are shown as true and that they are nothing more than illusions.
Many of you  are now particularly being brought into a reflection state of where all you have stored inside you is becoming increasingly clear to you. Even if it causes you any pain, trust that it’s for your good, and you are being cleansed and freed completely.
How you are accustomed to say, one small dirt under the carpet doesn’t  hurt but nowadays , nothing will stay hidden, everything will be exposed and everyone will know. The law is very clear and the New Age will bring the truth in  a  hoisted  flag on a tall mast and the new energies are caring to take away and expose the dirt under the carpet so it be viewed and cleaned, even if those responsible for it are struggling to try to prevent it to become exposed.
During this process it’s not given to us much to interfere. Yes, we are connected with you at all times by a thousandth of thought, but we look at you and cheer for you can lovingly understand what ‘s going on with you now. Not only  you who are experiencing this new pulsating energy in the universe. We here in the position we ‘re also are going through a process, each within their framework.
The population of Earth is safe in internal level and 70% of people already accept us as their family and that we come in peace. But this is still something to be worked with care. Many who believe they are ready to contact us yet need to cauterize some interior issues for the idea of contact be purely implanted and this doesn’t bring fear at the opportune moment.
In these times, everyone goes through hard times and even those already experienced with these energies feel the vibrate and rattle inside. It ‘s common to see many beings that were apparently balanced jumping forward in an uncontrolled frenzy. Consider that each one is in their special time and that no soul will stop being affected by the wave of change that is sweeping all at internal level and calling them to a state of liberation from the old ways.
The security we have that everything is going well is what animates us and makes us very happy at this crucial moment which you are all going through. Although your mind all the time tries to prove that nothing is happening, you are  sure that there is something very big to be moved and the curtains are about to be raised. During this process it’s inevitable to encounter an internal conflict in which your Divine Self, like a butterfly going out of the cocoon to fly, is showing that it’s stronger and that is to win the battle. Naturally breaking the rind can be painful, but nothing compared to the feeling of freedom that you are beginning to experience.
Many of you, as Lightworkers, are in fact frightened by the energy movement and how they are shaping the new reality. It is indeed essential to to take care of your wellbeing and take a rest as possible, reflecting and greeting the new energy that is constantly bathe you, taking you to a new world that is being born underneath the curtains. When they are lifted, you shall be amazed and grateful that we alerted you all about everything that was being prepared.
The news that you are seeing are just the beginning of changes in Mother Earth who is preparing for the population for the new that will rises. Her children need to be ready for that when they are called to take action, be secure and confident. So please remain calm and allow this energy wave do the cleaning that has to be taken, even if it’s a bit painful for you. In the end, everything is for your highest good.
Harmonize yourself, dear ones. Feel the new that is emerging and that is to lift those that have been determined so far, sustaining Faith in the Creator and supporting what you SELF  was dictating internally, secure and peaceful, knowing that the love of God is certainly moving you to a new sphere, this one that can already be felt and even touched by those who are more connected with their Higher SELF, because love is so present on Earth today that can be even  touched.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and very touched by this moment, I am giving my hug in each of this now, as a spokesman of the Galactic Federation, I greet you all and I confess that I am very, very pleased with the possibility of a brief exhibition.
Be in Peace,
Be in the Light.
Gabriel: I am very grateful, dear SaLuSa.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

Mother Mary – “The Perfection of God” – December 8, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original da Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português, AQUI
Message Melody:
Beloved Children, may the love blessings bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.
The departure of this plan, my children, it’s never easy. Always we have to leave good works behind. It’s not easy for two reasons: first, because we have this task of being the example of the Perfection of God wherever we go, for all people; the second is to keep us in this perfection, ever, to the first be fulfilled.
These are difficult tasks, by the fact ye are always wrapped at discordant energies, it isn’t really an easy task, but it is, indeed possible. Remember that I was on Earth to well defend what proposed me to: to sustain the Perfection of God. So I know that all my children have the same condition as me. I keep them in my love and in my Perfection, in order to be that perfection and light sustaining that I was.
I remember one day, when little Jesus was running around, on a stone street where we lived, he felt and hurt his knee. As a mother, at that moment, for a moment, I was a little anxious by running and helping him, but then, I stood up, blessing that stone in the way of my son, it’s the Perfection of God manifested there, so I could hold the Light and Goodness of God in all things
Dear Children, we were normal human beings like you, we never wished that we were considered as Gods or much less, your saviors. We want you to, before, consider you as your own saviors and upholders of the way, we want you to support this Divine Perfection, because it’s through this support that you will be able to leave the dormant state .
See the Perfection in everything, dear children, love everything that happens to you. Be blessers of your way, be manifested blessing in a body, be the Perfection of God manifested among the people who still don’t accept the Divine Perfection in their hearts. This, I know, is not an easy task, but I succeeded and held, why couldn’t you ?
People like you are the ones that others need to look, so they will be moved by hope. Many of you feel that your gestures aren’t seen or followed. Often, the people who mistreat you, who criticize you more are those who admire you most, by the people you are. Do not feel offended by anyone and anything, stay sustaining the Faith and the Perfection of God in yourselves, projecting it on the outside and perfecting your Future, which is nothing more than the manifestation of your inner will.
Dear Children, I leave you now, spilling my blessings over you and involving you all in My mantle of protection, because I AM Mary, your Mother.
Gabriel : Thank you, my sweet Mother.
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.

SaLuSa – “Hope and Discernment ” – December 02, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Leitores do português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa postada anteriormente em português, AQUI

Gabriel: Dear friends, at the time that SaLuSa approached of me to give this message, I was listening to this melody. I hope you enjoy reading the message while listening to that:

SaLuSa: “Hope is the last one to die”, you usually say this beautiful phrase sometimes.Oh yes, dear  ones, you are beings of wonderful energy, full of Hope and Faith And Faith inside you never dies, because you are moved by the power of your I AM. So, you are all the time being tested in situations where your Faith in God is ridiculed by those who own  independent opinions.
Even that such situations one time or another try to bring you down, you persist in unshakable Faith, knowing that it will bring your success in a not too far future. The Faith is your fuel that doesn’t let you fall in dismay. The Faith is what allows the smile on your face and joy in your hearts.
Continue your way, being sure that you are doing well, do not give up from what so  strongly says  your hear, lovingly follow what we give as witness of a family that knows your history, do not abandon your path, but persist with encouragement and honor, reminding constantly the teachings of that kind being that was in you bodily environment… ” Blessed are those who haven’t see but have believed … ”  – ” Blessed are ye when, for my sake, shall revile you, and persecute you, and lying, said falsely all kinds of evil against you. May you rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven: for so they persecuted the prophets which lived before you “
Beloved, being remained firm until this moment demonstrates thissecurity that thrills to any being. May always follow the direct impulse of your heart, respecting your brothers who don’t  listen to the same music as you, knowing that each one have their time and that, in the end, internally, all souls hear the same melody and sooner or later, end giving up into love.
Your path is now being written by your own Intenal Christ residing in you. He is preparing the way, the way of a return to your natural state, sublime and perfect, dispelling the ideas of inferiority that has long echoed by means of distorted teachings .
Oh, I know, dear ones, many of you who read my words at this point are wondering… “But there are so many mismatches, there are so many misinformation that I don’t know who to believe in … “
Well, dear ones, it is known by you that there are numerous information sources coming from different places, as well as there is in them opportunities for exercising your inner discernment, to know that everything has a divine purpose. There are various information, yes, and you may filter them with your heart, always following the generated impulse by it to point out which way you shall go.
Believe what it tells you, because it tells you indeed will be the Truth actually . It is also known that there are forces among you who work to confuse you, and often try to impersonate by us, giving messages that cause confusion and fear. Dear ones, there is no other way to know if are us from the Galactic Federation who are talking to you or if are beings who try to look like us, or even if this information is just coming from the writer’s mind, and if not, more instead, only through your heart that you can identify it all.
Take a break before reading and ask to the inner power to guide you. Attempt to see if the information contained in the text / message make you feel good, if brings you a sense of peace and hope, or leave you distressed and sad. Dear  ones, the Master who walked among you warned you all about this when he said : “You will know the tree by its fruits … “
In the end, my dear brothers, all is in of the greater Plan, sooner or later and  you’ll know that it was a great learning experience for you and for us.
So the Supreme Love of Cosmos involves you at this time, increasing your Faith and security in what you know, internally, the Truth is. All souls on Earth are ready for the great moment, regardless of which step they are now, because the brightness of the light will reach the most remote corner and there shall be light.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are just waiting for the Creator’s authorization so we can begin another stage of the planes determined by Him and put in motion, together with the Ascended Masters, and we, in communion with you.
There is much work to be done and this first is to be developed in your consciousness so that you may be able for the next.
Be in peace,Be in the light.
Gabriel : Thank you, dear SaLuSa.
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch