My Journal January 13, 2015 – Save yourself!

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time January 13, 2014, 06:15.47 pm CEST

When you think it can’t go worse, IT WILL!

It started last week Wednesday when Kiba broke his lower right hind leg. He played with my son and jumped to catch an old sock. Unfortunately he lost balance and fell on his back. At first he didn’t move but screamed in pain. We were afraid he broke his spine but then could see that he moved at least one leg, the other was retracted to his body.

We all (4 people) carried Kiba to the veterinary clinic. They made an x-ray and told us that the leg was broken and that Kiba had to stay there for a surgery. This was done the next day and we could bring our puppy back home.

20150109_015004Kiba’s leg is healing and he needs less pain medication. Also due to such wonderful healing energies…

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