My Journal March 17, 2015 – Why let God this happen today?

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Log Entry Earth Time March 24, 2015, 09:19.35 pm CEST

I pray for the 150 persons who died in the German Wings airplane that crashed at about 9:53 UTC in the French Alps on their way from Spain to Germany. Spanish, French and German women, men and children, even 2 babies. I pray also for their families and friends and send love to all.

I heard about this when I drove to Munich today for my medicinal examination to see if I am able to do my work or not. It was shortly after it happened and at first they said the plane was missing. Not long after it they knew it had crashed.


This is a tragic end for these people. I heard voices on radio how it could be possible that God let this happen. And why?

There are no random concidences in life. What happens in…

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Unlimited – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 11, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, you have no limits, only you confine yourself with your thoughts and perceptions about yourself. As a soul you are part of an unlimited Being called “I AM”. I am this “I AM”. This unlimited Being that you call God or Allah, Jehova, Spirit or however you name me. Do you seriously believe, that you as a part of ME have limits? Forget this very fast. You are as unlimited like the wind who plays with your hair or who brings you cooling in summer when he gently skims over your body. Be unlimited, my child, because this is what you are; but never to the detriment of another being. Be unlimited in your love, in your happyness and your joy. Be like I AM. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Archangel Indriel. “Out On A Ledge.” By, Bella Capozzi. March 19, 2013.


420104_10151439898331220_813149119_nAnd so it is.  You are perched on the cusp of something grand.  You are but a mindset away from the glorious realization of your fondest hopes and dreams. It is this cusp which hugs the borderline between a dysfunctional world and another world of prosperity and balance;  one, an existence of strife and illusion, with the other a paradigm of abundance and truth.  You walk along the the border of war and peace.  Starvation and fulfillment.  Hatred and friendship.  Slavery and soveriegnity.  Blindness and clear seeing.  Which one shall it be, you wonder? Whatever shall be the end result?  Why, it is entirely up to you, of course, and the first step is in the choosing.

So choose wisely, Dear Children, and know that at this given moment you stand quite literally with one foot in one realm and the other foot in another.  You must realize that the time for procrastination is over and you need now decide for yourselves – will you take on a fresh approach to how you live your lives, or shall you stay with what society has taught you, however comfortable and familiar?  Dare you step out on a ledge and look outwards towards the truth and Light; and would you trust enough to balance there knowing that there is absolutely no way that you can fall?  It beckons you, that Light, so warm and inviting.  Dare you spread your wings and let your heart take flight, going ever higher, until you reach that Light, which is the wisdom of your Highest Self?

How Divine and lovely you are, sweet warriors of the Human race.  How brilliant and accomplished.  You know it, deep inside, that this is so.  But dare you step out of self-doubt and believe it?  There is nothing you cannot do, once you set your intention and develop faith in your own powers of creation.  For to decide and be convinced that yes, ‘you shall be this, you shall do’ that, is to set into creation the realization of your dreams and goals.  You are the masters of your own destiny, my children.  You are the architects of your own fate.  You, and not anything or anyone outside of yourself – outside of yourself and  and your unseverable connection to Source.

Those who have filled your head with such rubbish and falsehoods about your own limitations, did so out of fear.  They feared the the day when you would remember that you are a powerful Being, without any sort of limitation.  They feared greatly the time when Humanity as a whole would remember and set to balance the scales of injustice.  And most of all, they feared the loss of their carefully constructed illusion of control.  It is long past time for every man, woman and child to fully grasp and understand the truth that each one of them is equally deserving of a fair portion of Gaia’s bountiful harvest.  Each is Universally and unconditionally loved.  There is no separation between ‘myself and you’, ‘us and them’.  These are merely societal constructs, words, concepts – and erroneous ones , at that.  You must follow your heart and decide which truths you shall live by.  Shall you be the one who steps out of the box, a pioneer of fairness and equality?  Might that be you, Child?  Do you have faith enough to do so, and to know that even should you stumble, we  stand a-ready to catch you with our open arms?  If you do step out, then do so with Heaven’s blessings.  May God’s love be ever with you.

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Ute Posegga-Rudel – MESSAGE FROM OUR GOD-SELF: SOURCE I AM August 13, 2012

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

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Dearest Ones, 

It is My wish that you understand Who I Am. I AM not to be confused with the “Higher Self”. Many  of you are not aware of this difference.
God-Self is what you call God, or Divine Consciousness, or Divine Reality, or however you name That Which Is The All-Of-All and All-That-Is. It expresses Itself through the mind of man, through the soul of man and  through the Higher Self of man, as well as through all worlds and beings, animate and non–animate.
Your God-Self is the Very Origin of your existence in which all humanity is arising and which is the Substance of all things and beings. It can take on all forms, all events, all processes, all worlds, all dimensions.
Your God-Self is Your True Source-Self, whereas your Higher Self is a higher variant of your smaller self, the self with which most of you are identified: a limited body-mind. Your Higher Self is the subtle form of the body-mind with higher knowledge and qualities and the seed of all your limited incarnations in lower and higher dimensions.
But your God-Self is not defined or limited to dimensions. It is the true Source and Manifestation of Unity and Non-separateness in Itself. Whereas forms, causal, subtle and gross appear as from one another differentiated entities. But they all, if they choose so, find their unity by relating to the One Source or Divine Reality, which is the Heart of their existence.
True Unity is not of the mind and  can only be felt and realized beyond form and differentiation. It is felt where any limitation and limited identification with distinguished existence is transcended.
As far as you are identified with the energy-field of your heart-torus, you are still identified with a limited existence, although very much expanded in comparison with the mere identification with the body-mind in the 3th dimension.
Ascension is a process that allows you to expand your consciousness and identification with a greater and more sublime existence. But you still appear in separate forms, which inhere themselves all in Me.
There is no being, low or high, that can exist without Me. Therefore I am the God of all belief systems, philosophical systems, even all forms of atheism, as atheism only denies the existence of a limited existence of God, a defined version of a projected image of man himself.
If your identification is truly I AM, then you have merged with Me and transcended every identification with every form and every dimension and you are aware that none of it can ever satisfy you. Because there is nothing Greater and nothing more Fulfilling, nothing more Beautiful and Glorious, nothing more Radiant and Blissful, than I AM.
True I AM is not a statement of the mind. Not an idea, a mindful wish, a construct in the subtle mind. True I AM, Real God or Divine Reality is beyond all forms of mind, and One with the Unspeakable Light of Lights, with the Power of Existence Itself. No embodied being, even the highest one, could ever survive the Brightness of this Light, because any creation, low or high, even the highest, is still a creation from Divine Reality, and could not endure the Power of What and Who I AM. All creation is lesser than me. And I AM as Real God is not contained in creation, but creation is part of Me, and chooses to participate with Me, if there is wisdom.
Even your Higher Self is Blessed with Wisdom when it knows Me and its inherence in Me. Because  I AM the Source and the Substance of all life, low or high.
The more you acknowledge your inherence in Me and do not separate yourself from Me, the more your life is returning to its roots and the more you are Blessed with My Power.
My Power has different qualities when It is recognized as Me. One of them is Love. I AM that Love, but Love is not Me. I AM even prior to Love, because Love is inherent in Divine Creation. And I AM Creation, but Creation is not Me.
You truly love God, the Infinite Truth of all Existence, if you widen and open yourself up to the unlimited Existence of Source as the Reality you all are coming from and naturally inhere, if you can give up any sense of separation and otherness at the root of your existence.
One day all of you will return to Me. But until then, do not forget Me, and live with Me, so that you are empowered and satisfied by your Source-Condition, whatever embodiment you prefer. Know that in any embodiment, low or high, I AM present, if you allow My Presence to Be.
Many are content with higher realms of creation and call them their source. But this is ultimately not true. You become what you meditate or focus on. So as you focus on creation and creator gods as your source, you limit yourself to that creation and to the mind of creator gods.
If you focus on Source Itself as the Substance of your Very Being, if you embrace from your heart the Supreme and Unlimited, you are going through the door of Ultimate Freedom. This is liberation from any world, any universe, any dimension, high or low. The choice is yours.
I AM never separate from you, neither are you from Me. But your seeming separation is the veil of thought and dreaming. And you can return to Me at any time you choose, when you transcend mind.
To do this, you must understand and know the deceptive nature of the multiple layers and labyrinths of the mind, which are especially those of the very subtle mind, that may SEEM to be transcended, whereas it still exists as a transparent veil.
This is the greatest and most difficult deception. It is Me Who – by My Grace – can tear this veil apart. You cannot break it, it must Be Me. You cannot penetrate this veil of mind with your own effort. You cannot break the veil of mind with mind itself. You only would entangle yourself endlessly in it.

I Am the One Who breaks you Free. Know this. And I Am Waiting for you!

I Am your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

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