Magatha from Agartha ~~The 5D vibration in which you now abide, will now actually transfer~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 29/09/2012

Greetings, beloved Brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha, of the Agarthan civilization and I thank you for this opportunity to step forward. I bring  great tidings to all of you, dwelling on this beloved Gaia, a planet we share together with you, the surface world population.

What might not seem transparant for you is gradually taking its rightful place. The changes and innovations have almost been locked into their actual places in order from them to get fully activated into your reality. Afore-mentioned places pertain to specific worldwide places spread over the entire globe, namely on the crust of our beloved Gaia and in specific energy points. The first and striking changes will come to pass in those areas where the climax is the biggest as it is in those areas where the involved energies are the strongest leading to fundamental changes. No one country will be skipped over ; all countries will be divided in those specific areas where it will all emerge.
These energetic areas are divided by the well known energetic leylines on Gaia’s crust ; it is there that all are waiting for them to proceed to full activation. This will result in huge proportions of loosened energies which will duly be felt. But don’t worry, my friends and brethren, you are already familiar with them since the time of Atlantis and you will be able to cope with them. You have evolved this far already after having undergone intense changes these past months and still are undergoing them, that you will be fully ready in time for this. The whole process towards Ascension has taken its toll on you and took up much of your time, but that was necessary. All has to proceed peacefully, step by step, and not in a hurry. It must pass and succeed and so it will unfold by Divine Decree!
Ascension itself will too unfold as a gradual process and will certainly not be a sudden change overnight. It requires time and the necessary steps involved must be taken, so expect it all to unfold gradually. Those of you that are duly ready and have prepared themselves will evolve in resonance with the vibration and with the state of consciousness of Mother Earth ; but it is impossible to link a specific date to that. The portal of Ascension is not ready and done in a day, but rather involves a gradual process in phases, granting all the time that is required for all to flow along on their own pace. Be at ease, those who operate from their heart, from Love and are duly preoccupied with their own spiritual evolution, having a heartfelt yearning for Ascension, will definitely be amongst those that will reach that higher state of consciousness that will be fully established globally for all innovative souls amongst you who have chosen this path.
We can honestly say that we, of the Agarthan civilization, can tangibly feel for sure the enlightenment and the innovations amongst your population. It is far more pleasing for us to feel this and it opens the way for us to come to the forefront of your world pretty soon. The more Love and enlightenment there is, the more we can become visible and make contact with you. The moment that Mother Earth has fully gone through Her Ascension process, allowing you to follow in Her footsteps, we will most certainly be the ones to establish contacts with you, as we are so close to you. We may as well state that we will be ones of the first to contact you, and we like to invite you all to visit our cities of Light.
The actual cooperation will than duly begin for which we are overjoyed! We are able to feel anything quite efficiently and we assent to the fact that you are all well underway. There’s no stopping you now so be at peace for your Ascension is upcoming. The final countdown has now begun, just like you we also feel the ticking of the clock as is proverbially said on your world. We come ever closer, all of us, up until the point where we too shall relive this Ascension process, together with you. We are One with Mother Earth and with you, for we are you. The only difference is that we have already reached the level of vibration that you all are due to achieve now. Get used to the Love that your hearts will begin to accept, to feel and to radiate as this will become your permanent state of being, forever and for all eternity!
We are the Agarthans, for which I, Magatha, function as the spokesperson speaking at this time through this scribe. We greet you all most cordially and we remain at your service, never doubt that!

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Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intense changes are having place, you are almost there ~~ 24/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, beloved brethren of Earth, this is Magatha of Agartha speaking to you. We apologize as it has been a while now since our last channeling was shared. This is due to the fact that much is transpiring and our beloved channeler had to personally undergo enormous shifts. It’s all good news though for the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth.
It is becoming quite obvious that many humans are now also experiencing these intense energies and shifts which take their toll on them. The physical body is under a lot of stress nowadays as it progresses one big step upward towards Ascension, undergoing umpteen changes in the process. The lightcodes, which we mentioned briefly in an earlier channeling, are doing their work now with regards to the execution and the manifestation of the lightbody and the physical body has to adjust constantly to this and must evolve to a state that’s much higher than this 3rd dimensional density. The physical body is blossoming into a beautiful shining sphere of light consisting of pure light energy and love ; in short, more into the original state of being.
Do not misinterpret what has just been said as you will not, all of a sudden, at the moment of Ascension turn into a light sphere or an orb which is the form of most of the higher light energies such as for instance planets and stars. Afore-mentioned transformation into a star or a light sphere implies lots of evolutionary processes which, as you already know, is an infinite evolution in the eternity of the Higher Realms. You haven’t reached that stage yet, it will await you in a much further phase of your evolution. What you can duly expect now is that you, as well as your physical body, will undergo a huge change on your evolutionary way to that original light source that you are in essence. You may expect to see your physical body becoming more and more ethereal, lighter in substance, less heavy in weight and density. Moreover, your physical body will radiate more light but will nevertheless consist of a visible light contour which in essence is the inner light expanding outside of your physical body. Behold the first signs of these emerging lights as they begin to reveal themselves to you. It is paramount that you meditate each day to the extent that it’s possible. This will improve your perceptions and grant you a crystal clear vision on yourself as well as on the changes your physical body is undergoing.


There are various ways to behold those visible signs depending on your present state of consciousness. What you might try out is intently staring at your reflection in a mirror and noticing how your aura and lightbodies are expanding and becoming more visible to you. They converge in one point, in one Self. You can see your aura and lightbodies through your third eye chakra, your inner eye. With practice it will become all so much clearer. A further method is to stare intently at yourself or close your eyes and try to behold those visible signs in a meditative state, Or go to your inner self and make contact with your Higher Self and contemplate your inner light, your beautiful expansion of your divine spark of love. This makes you unique, one of a kind, exceptional, your own characteristic feature of who you really are. That’s how we can distinguish every soul: we look at their inner light and colour. Remark how your etheric self and your energetic waves follow you with every movement you make. My channeler has experienced this many times already : when she walks she sees the colours/energies splash off of her, following her in all her movements. Try to observe it, beginning with 1 body part, let’s take your arm as an example. Move this arm sideways, slowly and than faster meanwhile beholding how something impalpable follows that movement. This is you! Can’t seem to get it right yet? Keep on trying, you will succeed in time as the speed of evolution differs from one soul to the next.
What we also want to discuss with you are the immense changes taking place worldwide. Beloved Gaia has started to free Herself gradually from the illusion, that’s why She has to shake off all illusory aspects from Her beloved Self. This implies many efforts and requires lots of energy on Her part so we assist Her in this process from our underground civilizations. You are already in the know that the pole caps on your South – and North poles are melting resulting in the fact that the entrance to our underground civilizations becomes more and more visible. This does not mean that everyone will see us, as this is naturally dependent on the state of consciousness of every soul. We are here, that’s for sure, you will begin to see and feel us. Our arrival and presence on the Earth’s surface draws closer and very soon we will be able to introduce ourselves to you and intermingle with you. We are just awaiting the final removals of the very last negative energies in order to emerge once again and show ourselves to you.
Our numbers are much higher than you can conceive : not just our civilizations were kept secret by us but also those of many other civilizations dwelling in the Inner Earth and on the surface of the Earth albeit that they are residing in another frequency field than yours. For many amongst you, we and the others, are invisible to you. However, the time has now come in which the planet as a whole will reach a higher frequency level that is equal to the one on which we reside, resulting in the fact that we will become visible to you. We will be most pleased to welcome you all and we will assist you whenever we can. We, the Agarthans and I, Magatha, send you our heartfelt greetings.
NOTE from Méline: I can recommend you to watch the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” on It is a movie about the energies emanating from your physical body, it can give you a clearder view.  You are all free. Love Méline.
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