Decision – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 31, 2013


You alone decide if you are happy or not, my child, even if you maybe don’t believe me now. Your happyness or every other condition in which you are is based alone on your own decision. All that comes to you is in its nature neutral, it is your decision that makes it a positive or negative appearance for you. There are people who like the rain because it is important for their plants, others like the sun more, because it let their fruits become ripe. You see it lies solely in the consideration of the individual, how he perceives something. Since it is your judgement how you view something, so it is also your own decision how you feel with that. You don’t need any exterior reason to be happy, when you pure and simple decide for this, my child. Can you now see, how simple it really is?

~ Your Divine Mother

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