SaLuSa 6. 12. 2013 by MADAD

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There are so many questions within your mind right now, and we know you wish them to be answered. The answers are already in your heart Dear Ones, all of them, and the moment when you will clearly hear them is quickly approaching with your finishing change. Remember no one can provide answers for you, we all can only show you the way that leads to this knowing, because it is always you who decide when is the perfect moment for receiving the answer and with acceptance of that experience of knowing you gain the most from the understanding that is there, hidden within each experience. So when you still feel that your mind is occupied with so many questions, simply ask yourself what do you need to do to be ready, to be prepared to move into the New and with certainty the answer will come and leave you with no doubts about what should be done. At that moment of your own realization, most of the answers will be revealed through your heart, and you will be no longer held back and when you decide to finish all that is necessary, it is always upon your free will choice.

The experience of free will is maybe one of the last issues that your need to fully understand, and understanding always comes when you completely accept this experience as the one that is carrying valuable wisdom for you and do not deny it for one, two or thousands reasons that could be attached to it, depending on your current mood, situation or on any other matter that influence your state of mind. But once you have found out that acceptance of each lesson is giving you the strength to forgive, forget and let go, there is no reason why you should wait any longer to do the same with all experiences that might still hold the wisdom inside, including the free will. This choice of experiencing free will was among the main reasons for your decision to be incarnated here on Mother Earth as most of you wished to understand everything that is connected with it.

Throughout your awakening process, many of you saw and felt energy of some of your prior life experiences, and these were all shown to you to accept them as they were without feeling of hate, shame, guilt or judgment for yourself or the others involved. And this is what you should do also with your current life experience, because now the lesson of free will choice is intensified to its maximum potential of learning for all of you. Are you ready to accept it and move into the New and when your answer is YES, we are ready too.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I feel how you all are moving into that acceptance and understanding of this lesson. Remember no guilt or shame exists where Love and Light is present, there is only understanding of each other being expressions of Creation with the right to choose which way to follow. Those who chose to close their experiences of free will and duality choices have already accepted this lesson while reading this message and are ready to receive the wisdom that will carry them into the reality where there is only one choice to follow.

Channeller: MADAD



SaLuSa 3. 12. 2013 by MADAD

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Do you feel our call Dear Ones, the call that we are sending out within our energy to help you finish your transformation and reach the higher reality of your choice. You might feel as being physically lifted, especially when falling asleep when you are fully relaxed and your mind is completely quiet, that means that you, as consciousness within your current form, are ready for the movement, but your bodies need the change to be fully completed as you will be returning to them with much higher frequencies. Feel how the energy of your higher reality is intensifying within you and your body is able to receive more and more as the change is being finished. Intensity of this feeling is in great alignment with your choice and desire to be connected with us, as your family and all that you perceive as your higher reality, and you might be surprised of the power of your own intention and wish.

These moments are here for you to perfectly align with all higher energies that flowing within and around you, and the Angelic Realm is so very close to you now as never before, because they are helping to all of you, according your wish, to reach the door that are already open for you to step into the next experience. You can see their signs everywhere and you can feel their energy gently surrounding you all the time, leaving the usual worries behind and giving you more energy to focus on all that is now important. Importance of some things is clearly visible to you, and all of you that chose to move further are not able to ignore them, as the energy that you all now immersed in is very powerful and literally pushing you into the perfect point from where you can complete all that is necessary to complete prior your final upliftment.

You all will be amazed by the power that the final phase of your transformation will carry, and we know that you already sense something great and never before experienced is “in the air”. Accept and surrender into this knowing and feel the movement higher, on the wings that your own energy have created for you to be able to exist again within pure Love and Light. Even your physical body starts to feel lighter with no evidence of weight loss and that is because you do not have to carry all the previously unresolved issues anymore within your being. You are truly being uplifted and sometimes might get the feeling of your feet not touching the ground. Enjoy every single experience that you are now getting through because you will remember them for very long time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we all are enjoying the feeling that your fulfillment of your wishes is creating, and we are endlessly happy to be part of them. Together we are creating powerful alliance of Love and Light to be spread into the whole Universe and helping to uplift every single Soul within.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 29. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Energy is rising on each level of existence – in the core of your planet, on the surface, within you and all the life forms coexisting together with you and around the planet – and it is creating a perfect condition for the long awaited upliftment as a whole. You surely feel this energy filling your whole body leaving you doubtless that something is happening. This energy might remind you of the feelings you had when you were awakening and the energy started to flow within and started the process of your change. This time, the energy that is flowing into your beings now, is closing your preparations for the movement higher, and you surely feel it as being more delicate and gentle because you are now able to sense and feel so very much more, and this higher vibration that is carrying all that is necessary for finishing your change, have full spectrum of higher energy patterns. These patterns easily enter the bodies of those who are ready to join their multidimensional realities of existence, and they are absorbing complete information within.

Those who chose to move with less speed can absorb information one by one until they have received them all and are ready for the change that these energy patterns are enabling you to do. With accepting them as they enter within, you are allowing them to merge with your very cells of your body and completely change them and release all the old energy patterns that once created your physical existence. They are no more needed to be present within your being, as you have worked on your clearing with such determination and intensity, that you have sent this information to the Creation Forces with very strong and clear confirmation of your readiness to step into the higher level of existence. So this energy you now feel is representing your fulfilled wish for your movement, and with understanding the basic principles of life within higher realities, you are ready to follow your desire and complete this part of your journey.

The next part of your journey is already in the right place for each and every one of you, and with no more illusion that would block your vision you clearly see it and follow it without any hesitation. Those who cannot see it at this moment of their evolution are getting and will still get all the help from their Guides that will show them their chosen path bit by bit, and even if they choose not to follow this guidance now, they will clearly see the signs when they are ready to leave the current vibration level and step into the next level of experiences. It is with certainty that no Soul will wish to stay on the same level longer than is necessary, because we are all carrying the desire to explore and learn within and when the time comes, every Soul is ready to move after absolving all the necessary experiences and gaining the respective understanding from them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel your energy quickly rising as you feel your wish is about to manifest. Feel the vibrating energy within your bodies and allow it to complete the changes. In no time you will recognize the difference that this energy have created and know that all the surprises that you are expecting to happen will quickly follow.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 26. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite.

Everyone is carrying the own version of truth, because we see it as complex package of information and experiences and feelings that are guiding us to the fulfillment of our desires. Desire is another word that might create confusion within your changing mind, and we understand it as expression of Soul that is connecting everyone to the needed experiences. We know that your society as it existed for so many centuries tried to push and limit desires of the people, but now you are free to step out of these limits that still exist and let your desires to fully grow and lead you into the truth about self. Knowing the truth about self is creating more power within and giving you so many different possibilities and showing you which one to choose, that would make your journey and learning complete. And please remember no one else can let you know the truth but yourself, as all the information have to resonate with you in order to become truth. On the other hand, if some information do not resonate perfectly with you and someone is telling you that they feel it is the truth, there is no reason for doubts as they are representing the truth for them and guide them into further knowing.

The more you are tuning into the higher vibrations the more you can feel the resonance of each information that you hear or read. There are so many information about our coming and about all that should happen before and after, and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes they are purposely being spread to create confusion, but we ask you to let it through your heart and clearly feel if they are carrying the loving energy and resonate with you. You all are able to feel this resonance, but sometimes mind is trying to be stronger and tell you something that it is not able to recognize at all. Mind is helping you manifest your choices, and that is its purpose of existence. Your heart is there for you to see your own truth, and when both working in harmony and each is doing that action that was created for, you are seeing the true wonders of life. Help your mind relax with the best way that each of you certainly already find out for yourself, and the mind will surrender into the role that it was created for and you will surely feel it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you express your desires so freely as they are making you happy, because they carry the perfect energy pattern for your movement into the higher world of existence, where showing your true desires is supported and understand and it is build in into basics of our societies that we live in.

Channeller: MADAD

SaLuSa 22. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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This time of your year was usually time when you started thinking of others with more loving way and you experienced less stressful moments until you again started new year with hopes and wishes that slowly vanished as the year passed by. This end of the year for many of you will not be the same, and we know that you already feel it. There is no desire within you to give usual gifts and to expect such gifts in return. You have realized that the greatest gift you can give to all of your current family members and all others is your Love, unconditionally flowing to their hearts and helping them on their own way. Many of you feel that there is no longer the need existing to attach to the old way of celebrating Light being present within and around you. Those who are ready will celebrate and express thanks in the new way with stepping into their higher realities and with sending even more Love to all that are ready to receive it, and they will open many more possibilities for others to choose from.

With these possibilities present within collective mind of all Humanity, those who will awaken or will finish their process of awakening, later in your time, will choose for them the best way and add their own desires to it according their life purpose so everyone will experience a unique way of ascension. All will feel very strong guiding power within that will direct them into fulfillment of their own choices and desires. There will be no need to follow others until this would be their choice of experience, and all people will feel immense power that the freedom will carry, and it will bring that great understanding that no one else is responsible for life experiences but the oneself, and the blame put on others will no longer be present and no longer will create hate and anger between people. Harmony and peace will prevail within and also on the outside world that will be pulled into the collective experience of higher reality with the strong will of all Humanity.

This process of collective change requires some of your time as you already know, yet all the necessary changes begun many years ago, and they are now being sped up due to your increased power of your wish to see the world, that gave you so many precious experiences that were turned to the wisdom, being free and balanced and united. With your own upliftment, others can find their path and their own way easily, as the energy of Love is creating that needed attraction towards that what is being searched for, the same way as you are attracted to all higher energies. It is the Creator’s wish to experience such powerful change within this world and following change of all the greater parts of the whole creation that we all exist in. Remember that you are part of the Creator, and you carry this wish within and give it your own desire and choice that is equal to your free will and create the path which will lead you to the experience of ultimate Oneness with the Creation Force.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I wish that you realize the power of your choice to share the Love with all others. You can lift them from their own creation of suffering just with smile or loving thoughts or words you are sending towards them. You will not help them being attached to their own feelings, but you will help them with feeling of Love that is present all around because you cannot save them, it is upon themselves to find their own way and place within All That Is.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 19. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Are you ready to be immersed into deeper feeling of Love that will immediately surround your being when you step into your higher reality. This Love energy is changing you now, and the more you let it in the more you will be attracted to your new experiences. Letting in Love means to look at yourself the way you truly are and accept all that is creating whole being with understanding that the love for yourself and others is giving you. Every part of your body, every memory and thought are creating unity with your Soul, your consciousness that have wished for the physical form and situations to experience during this life to perfectly lead you into the point of where you are now. This Love is giving you deeper insight of your experiences and gaining more wisdom of them and when this understanding comes, you can let the though experiences with corresponding memories and thoughts let go and free yourself completely for The New.

Feel how the energy of the word “New” resonates within you. Many of you have experienced higher realities before, but never experienced or never attached your consciousness to this kind of Ascension, so you all feel immense attraction towards living it all through. Everything new is always creating such attraction for all of us, as we know that it always brings us more wisdom and knowing that we would not reach without deeply and completely experience our choices. These last moments of living only within old reality are here for you to do this and ponder on those choices that are still somehow holding on within your mind and finally let them go with great understanding that you are now all capable of. Sense the freedom that is following closely after, and we know that you no longer will save this work for later time. We know that lower vibration experiences are sometimes very harsh and have created strong feelings of sadness and many other feelings that are denying presence of Love, but we are always with you and sending you so very much Love to make you even stronger for turning all of your experiences into wisdom.

With your final clearing also Mother Earth is ready to let go of the lower vibration energy from her body and this way she will greatly support your movement in your higher reality. She also feels the energy rising from within and it is being experienced on the surface, and we see her body glowing with wonderful pure Light of your joined Love. Feel the Oneness with her, because she will be part of your reality until you all will feel it is time for you to move somewhere else and for her to welcome other Souls for shared new experiences.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you all experience peaceful state of mind, because your heart is now speaking to all of you and is giving you the needed information for your movement higher. Do ask your heart because it is the best source of answers, as there is everything you need to know at this moment, and the amount of information is rapidly increasing so perfectly aligned with the speed that you walk or run towards The New.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 15. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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The more you are getting yourselves ready for entering your higher reality, the more you are experiencing its powerful energies and letting go of time boundaries. Sometimes you might experience people and things moving faster than usual, when you are just awaken from sleep or deep meditation where you have connected to flow of time within the higher reality. This can give you a very good picture of how the life gently flows without rush and chase that you are so very much used to now and slowing down only when your busy day is finished. It is for you to show you that with entering “no time” zone of the higher realities you will naturally slow down and enjoy everything as long as you will wish to. There is no need to worry that you will be late for some other experience because the point of life is to deeply experience everything that you chose to and then enter another experience when you have fully completed the previous one. And the knowing that you simply cannot be late for your own life experiences is and will help you to adjust to this great change.

We often remind you to trust yourself, as with it comes more confidence in everything that you do, and all urgent questions are answered with your own wisdom, and all that is necessary is understood without causing confusion in your mind and with your own answers trust in yourself is again increasing. This can be described as a circle of trust and wisdom and if you look closely to any other matter, you will find out that the life experience have many circles in it. We see it as the basics for our understanding of Creation because circle is the primal shape that you can find everywhere, starting with the flow of energy, then our cells, our planets, our Galaxies – the shape of the circle is clearly visible, and you experience life also in circles and when you are ready to move on , you are creating another circle of experience for yourself with attracting higher experience to your current circle and creating that what you call Vesica Piscis . These two circles are merged enough for you to create a bridge into another circle of experiences, and being consciously aware of this transition is the most wonderful experience.

Do watch for these circles in your own life, and they will help you to clear and let go of all that you do not need. Sometimes you experience something over and over again, and you wonder what is it that you do not understand or do not accept when this situation is still occurring, and you will find out that sometimes it is necessary to step out of that circle and look onto it from a different perspective, from a higher perspective that is always available to you at this moment of your transformation. And then after you have accepted the wisdom that was coming from a certain recurring situation you can leave it behind for good, and it will be transformed into a pure knowledge that will be added to collective wisdom that all others can learn from when they are ready to do so. This way it will be much easier for them to enter into the New and the power of your collective choice will immensely increase.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we all feel so very close to you all. We are watching you with happiness, as you are so joyously stepping into the circle of universal knowledge and finding out that fear and worries are no longer present within you. Your power of love is increasing and when you imagine it being a circle around your body, you are protecting yourself from other unwanted energy circles to enter your Light.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 12. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Do you feel the intense changes in your bodies Dear Ones? They are being completed these days and when your body absorb and adjust to higher frequencies that are sent to you at this moment, your consciousness will be free to experience the chosen higher reality without overwhelming your body, as it needs to process all the experiences and share it with others. Many of you already visited and experienced their higher reality in their astral bodies and remember only few blissful moments of it. These visits were also preparations for your final moment of Ascension process into the higher reality. You will remember every detail and every feeling of your higher reality experiences and it will make you even more powerful than you are now. The flow of time and its meaning will definitely change and you will be completely aware of your connections within higher reality of existence. Every single ability will improve with it, and you will simply be present in the Now within both realities. Your body will function as powerful Light instrument that will receive pure higher frequencies and transform them into the ones that all others can absorb easily. The frequency will intensify until all of you that chose to ascend will be able to do so.

With your change comes also the change of your society and the way that Humanity is looking on the planet they are living on and on the other planets in Solar System and Galaxy. Your own knowing and the knowing that is being shared through you is helping to “open the eyes “ and see the truth about your place in the Universe. Do not underestimate your knowledge and understanding as the truth about Creation is simple and all those who are awakened to their hearts knowing are aware of it. There are many ways that this truth can be expressed and each and every one of you has his or hers own version of this understanding, but the basic principle always stays unchanged. We are here to experience. We are here to experience all the possibilities that we are attracted to create, because inside of each Soul is that strong desire to always search for more. This desire also has driven your own search and growth into the Light, and only with your presence at the place you are currently in, you are igniting the spark within others for their desire to change into the transmuting flame that will allow them to fulfill their purpose of existence within this reality.

Feel again all the changes that are happening and accept them as part of your great desire to move on. We are helping you to align with higher frequencies, as our forms are used to them, and we are very happy that you wish to receive them all the time, although they are sometimes making your bodies more tired. We are carefully and lovingly watching over all those that wish to be connected to us and receive our energies directly. We are also collectively sending our energies to all of you as we feel the time of our general acceptance is approaching very fast.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am very happy to share my energy with all of you. These are very blissful moments and I know that many of you want to share your own energies with all others. Do it freely and without any worries that they are not powerful enough to help others. You have grown into the Light, and let it flow to those who need it just with one thought that is reaching all. Thoughts are becoming your powerful tool for reaching and fulfilling your goals and desires that you have set for yourself in this lifetime. This is the time of your life and we wish you to realize how beautiful it is.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 8. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Your Sun is sending you very intense energy patterns that are about to finish your basic transformational process into the beings of Light. Once you have absorbed these energies within, your bodies will be ready to receive and accept all that your consciousness will experience. Sun is the gateway to other dimensions of reality and that what you see as sun flares are powerful energy transfers from higher frequencies sent to your planet and to all of her inhabitants. You can feel this pure energy of the Sun when you stand quietly without movement on the sunshine, it is warm and loving touch of the Love that is sent to you and helps your bodies to change to the ones that are able to receive all the higher frequencies that are being sent at this moment. Do feel the response of your own body to this Light, and welcome these higher energies as all necessary patterns are included within them for your successful transformation.

At this moment, everything old is being swept away and dissolved into the immense Light that is surrounding you, so you might experience some thoughts or memories to be occurring frequently within your mind and it might seem to you that they are not leaving although you have accepted them and let them go. Your mind needs some moments to process all the changes that are happening, and please know these old thoughts are cleared and gone, and you do not need to focus on them anymore, just send them Love and Light and feel that they are not coming from your heart and your mind will also let them go, because your mind was for very long time programmed to function the way of being the “programmer” of your reality and sometimes it still holds onto the things or issues that used to be so attractive to you. Do express love to your Self and your mind and feel the Love spreading all over your being.

Allow the Love to completely heal you, and do not have any doubt that it is not powerful enough to do so. Love is the most powerful creative Force in this Universe, and when you express fearless intention to it, you will experience her immense, yet gentle power flowing into you and carrying you into your own higher reality. Do not hold back these feelings that Love is creating within you as so many people are waiting to feel them and are ready to be also awakened into the higher knowledge of Creation. Share the Love everywhere you go and know that without asking for more, Love will always and endlessly flow through you and will keep you in harmony with all her expressions, no matter which form they are currently carrying.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and also feel the Love so very powerfully being present within my own form that I carry now. Realize that just one thought of Love can give you such intense energy that it will stay with you for the whole day, and this way you can share this beautiful feeling with all others. Feeling of the Love that is ever present all around and within you is what you should focus on. We Love you.

Channeller: MADAD


SaLuSa 5. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Listen to what your feelings are telling you in the language of Love and Light and you will exactly know what you have to do, what will happen as next in the process of your transformation. Your heart is receiving myriads of information, so it is quite busy these days and you might feel pressure in this area of your body. If you ask yourself something, the answer is already there, sometimes sooner than you are able to finish your question, because your heart is connected to the wisdom of All That Is and all the answers you might need for your transformation and movement into the higher reality is available to you. You just need to be aware of the new flow of knowing into your beings that is corresponding with your very own process of Ascension. We remind you that no two beings are having the exact same process, so it is wise to rather listen than trying to compare and doubt if you have made all the necessary steps towards your upliftment. Therefore focus on your inner wisdom, and you will surely not miss anything that is important in your evolution. It is always assured and you are guided to experience all that will help you to always raise yourselves.

We are encouraging you to practice to always ask your heart first, as the answer received is your own and resonates with you very strongly, and it gives you the feeling of trust in your abilities and leaving no place for doubts, which I know none of you want to experience anymore, because this is the time of your awakening to the higher way of existence, that includes everything that you can possibly imagine within the meaning of this word. And know there is so very much more to the existence that you cannot feel right now, but some already experienced the true essence of higher expression of energies that will surround all of you so very soon. It is time to move into these energies for all those that decide to do so and bring them to the others that are about to be awaken or just started their search. Feel the power that is spreading from your heart into the whole being, and do what you feel that is necessary to finish your preparations, as then you will be lifted again and will only feel peace and love flowing to and through you, and you would have absolutely no desire to engage into something of lower vibrations that do not match your own, and people around you will feel your calmness and happiness, and you will inspire those who chose to leave the old even more, to search for all that will help them to do so.

We are always with you, and we know that our presence and energy is helping you to go through all the necessary changes within you. We are experiencing great joy over our connection and it is such a wonderful and powerful influence to our “work” that we came here to do, and we know that this connection will lead us all into fulfillment of our desires. We are not leaving you for a moment alone because as many of you know we are more than just visitors from Stars, that came here to observe evolution of another planet and her beings. We are to unite with you in Love and Light and so many of us will be joined in the same life path and create beautiful experiences everywhere we will be.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am happy that you feel that your journey is starting to be so peaceful and loving all the time, and this leads to experience of peace and love everywhere and it is that what we all are wishing for.

Channeller: MADAD