A Message From Our Lady: April 7, 2015 by Reiki Doc April 7, 2015

Dear Children,

It is with great heart today that I come to you with full confidence in everything that is happening in our midst! For up ‘here’ and down ‘there’ (where you inhabit) approach (she shows a gesture like two hands coming together and interlacing the fingers).

It is difficult to reach my scribe. I have wanted to speak to you since Easter. And there is always something which arrives. She has her distractions, due to her life circumstance. There is work. There is parenting. There are family ties to her extended family. And so we wait, patiently, for the chance to arrive for me to speak to MY family, all of you, who read these words.

Even now, the floor squeaks, there is request from her son and her mother for my scribe to interact, interact, interact.  Everyone is wanting the attention of the Lightworker.  And there is no chance for her to say, although her heart is screaming in silence, ‘please be quiet! let me be! I want to connect to Higher Things! The vibration that is right for me!!!’

“I want a little respite from the density of the third dimension and the collective; I want to shine for a moment with my Heavenly Mother, and breathe FREE!’

And so it is for the Lightworkers, who are ‘on’ 24/7 when they are not asleep in their beds–giving, giving, giving in everything they do.

For us, it is as natural as breathing! For this is the way that life is for us! We are here 24/7, 365 days a year of your Earth Time, always ‘ON’, always praying, always sending our Light to support those who are in the stages of the awakening process.

So what does this mean for you, sweet hearts?

What kind of future does one have to look forward to, when one is weary of the ways of duality and the third dimension?


Freedom to think.

Freedom to act.

Freedom to follow the call in what is right for you.

There are no social ‘norms’ or ‘customs’ to entrap you; for the ways have been worked out for all eternity to have life, and love, and pleasure as well as to accomplish much in the ways of spirit both for yourself and others!

People will understand if you need to take some time for yourself, and they will encourage it, for you to take all the time that you need to explore and to learn, if also many lifetimes to partake in it!

We are not much different from you, as you were once like us before you became incarnate.

And all of you shall REMEMBER the ways of that life in a short time.

As we are going through the changes, I want you to reflect on your purpose–even if your shoes are pointed to the next task, and the family climbs on you like a mother opossum…wanting you to carry them energetically to ‘the next place’. Although it is also your right to say, ‘Get off of me! I won’t carry you!’ with LOVE as your strength you shall make it and carry them to the joining point where all the forces on Earth and also in Heaven are aimed directly at them, to make the Awakening to Spirit, Truth, and Love a direct possibility for them, a very likely outcome of the situation, although nothing is forced upon them in any way.

It is like when the DJ turns the music up, and it has a beat, and the lights dim, and the flashing lights with the music make you just want to get up and dance with the crowd, your loving family, at the wedding.

It is like the hora, at a Jewish celebration of marriage–the joining of two hearts!–where everyone young and old, together will dance in circles while holding hands with great love and abandonment to the energy of joy and happiness!

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone will have their place!

Everyone will be satisfied in their hearts for having done the work in order to make this happen!

There is nothing more to say, except that freedom, true freedom of the higher realms, is right around the corner. Can you feel it?  And our love for you is very bright.  (I sense this warm glow in my chest right now–ed)

We wait with joyful expectation to join you on your adventures to the Higher Realms!

Everyone is at their stations, and ready, to welcome you back up to your true Nature, your true Reality, your true LIFE!

That is all I have to say to you.

With all my love and appreciation for your following these words, and taking them to your heart, and reflecting on them…(she does gassho–presses hands together in blessing–, and bows, and backs silently away–ed)

I love you.

Mother Mary

all rights are to Reiki Doc. Permission is given to share only in its entirety this message along with the original link to this page.




A Message From Our Lady by Reiki Doc November 27, 2014

My Beloved Children,

I am with you. I am with you today in love, and gratitude for your helpfulness to my son and all of my family in our task to awaken those who have been quite deeply asleep…it is a joy together with my heart and those of my own here in the Higher Realms to announce to you that all is well!

We have succeeded in our efforts.

It will take some time for the mention of what IS to ‘trickle down’ into the conscious awareness of ‘everyday’…but it happened and all is for the best! (she smiles and claps her hands with delight)

I had strongest faith in you, and in all of your abilities. And as you awaken further you shall grow in confidence in spirit by leaps and bounds! There is no limit to what is possible when you are both grounded/anchored to Source both in Creator and in our beloved Gaia. You are like lightning rods of possibility! (shows a flash of inspiration going through a human and deep through roots down into the earth)

How are you?

How have you fared throughout the journey to get here where most of us are today?

For all your aches and pains, you will be healed. I want you to follow the ‘nudges’ and ideas you get ‘out of the blue’, for this is how angels interact with us when we are incarnate. And follow it through. If it works and you find relief, great! If not, why not accept that this is tried and not helping, and have confidence that perhaps the next is going to work for you? For example, we have all of Reiki, both the old and the Holy Fire and the Karuna, which are ‘the classics’…we have the newer Reiki healing symbols. We have the Divine Healing Codes from a team of incredible healers–Archangel Raphael, Merlin, Koothoomi, Divine Mother herself…and me…Mother Mary…just a tiny little bit! Then there are the Archangel Healing Keys and Attunements!

I want you to find what you are most comfortable with, what suits you, and try to work with it. For example, there is art, as a powerful means of expression.

In the future, all healing will be accomplished with codes (as frequencies) of combinations of sound and light. It is powerful and painless to say the least! (she shows our current medicine healing as barbaric).

I like the flower essences myself, and that is what I used when I was incarnate to heal my son and Joseph–plants, lots and lots of plants, and ancient knowledge of how they work to heal the sick. I was hardly ever sick, and filled with vitality! That was my way, in my time, when I was on Gaia.

Now I will direct you every so gently, if you will allow me, to what kind of healing works with you. (she offers her hand for you to hold it and walk with her). But only if you permit it…there are crystals, and chanting, and sound healing, Native American tradition, ‘conventional medicine’ like Carla does–which is getting a much-needed upgrade mind you and SOMEBODY is going to have to help with this! (laughs gently)…you get the idea.

(Puts her hands on her knees and bends to look us in the eye, and speaks quietly) I am VERY proud of you and all your accomplishments. It was no small task together for us to get where we are today. (opens her arms WIDE and stands up)  My LOVE is brimming to overflowing in my cup! I am that happy, and that pleased–in no way surprised for I expected this from every one of you!–and filled to the absolute maximum with love and gratitude to each of you in my heart.

Thank you for listening to me.

You didn’t have to, but you listened. (she gestures how there are lots of distractions out there trying to get our attention).

Thank you ever so much.

I look forward to working with you. (rings unseen chimes and smiles mysteriously–I love her energy and her sense of humor and encouragement–ed)


And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. Enjoy your home and family, even if your heart is the only one you have–I am in there, too–so for those of you who are ‘alone’ today in body, in spirit you have the best companion that Joseph ever had, me! And know that there are angels watching over you, and my son who loves you with everything he has…and also I thank Carla for her writing this today for me. She loves me deeply, and I can count on her when I need anything done like this. Thank you for your prayer, Carla, (I prayed for her to be loud and for me to ‘get it right’–ed), for your love, and for your enthusiasm not just with me but what you share with everyone! I love you.

(c:  I have tears. She showed me how much it meant to her the other day, when I shared at the table with some doctors in the dining room at lunch, how I was in an abusive marriage, I didn’t know what to do, I trusted Her, and she saved my life. Someone asked, ‘where did you go? How did you leave?’ and I said, ‘I went to medical school and became a doctor.’ and the person smiled and said, ‘THAT works!’  That’s how close I am to Her. She saved my life, literally, and she did it so gently and with so much Love that I never looked back or realized just what danger I had been in until now…my Love for Her saved me. And that is why I am here to talk with your today, and give hope–to you from Her.)

Goodbye, for just a while,

Mother Mary
Mother of Jesus
Wife of Joseph

Who loves YOU like my own family…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

This message may be shared as long as it is in its entirety with all credit given to me who transcribed it for Her.