Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Your Ascent with the Light is Building ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ October 8, 2012

Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:

Hello Dear Ones. We come before you today to give you more news of your enlightenment.

So much is being said and touted about the energy downloads of late, and indeed an increase is building as we speak. So much is there for you to absorb and welcome. Please welcome it now with your full hearts, dear ones.

Never in your history has this much Light been offered to you and you are receiving it well. It may be taking some adjustments in your lifestyles and your energy, but it is so well worth it. For this is the beginning of so much you could never have imagined was possible.

It was portended to be so and you are now in the midst of an opening of proportions requiring an acceptance and a trust that you are well into being able to handle with much grace.

Take some moments now to consider your progress. Look into your hearts, dear beloveds. What is shining there? Are you feeling the energies of yourselves as well as others? Are you feeling the energies of the Universe? Are you feeling and sensing the Love that is building throughout all mankind, throughout all the Universes? Excellent. You are beginning to sense the Oneness of hearts and minds of all Creation.

Imagine if you will that the pulsing of energy you are now feeling penetrate your cells and bodies, physical and light bodies alike, is the heartbeat of All-That-Is. Feel the rhythm, feel the power, feel the symmetry, the synchronicity and the wondrous sensation of the expansion of Light within and around you.

Make this your Reality from now on, this new perspective that is building within you, as the Light and Love pervades your cells and bodies. You are experiencing an epiphany and a symphony of wondrous sounds and colors so vivid and intoxicating. Dance with it, flow with it and consider it your norm from now on.

Allow yourselves to take in and integrate more and more Light and Love into your cells over the coming days. Imagine that you have no limits to what your cells can hold, and open them up like loving arms waiting to accept a pure and innocent baby so full of promise and potential for a glorious new life. Don’t hold back; accept this new life fully, this new life that is being made possible by your acceptance and full embrace of your destined ascension.

Please take care to monitor your energy levels and your physical stamina during these days of opening. It may take some adjustment of your expectations of yourself to allow for the Light to fully integrate. It is well worth it. You may find your priorities have changed and your goals different for yourself. It is all a part of your transformation.

Now more than ever, we have not left your side as you navigate this climb of your ascension, and while it is not really always clear to you what is happening, you are welcoming a new you, which of course is not really new, for it is the true you, emerging and integrating, finally allowed to shine brighter than ever.

Nurture this new you and get to know it as you continue on your journey of enlightenment. Savor the nuances and new thoughts and feelings that go with it. Spend even more time in quiet and meditation to allow this new you to blossom and grow. You are almost there, dear ones. We are waiting to greet you.

Your abiding friends in peace and love,

I am Sananda, with Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. We salute you and commend you on your progress and are always by your side for assistance.

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Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Bring Yourselves Higher ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ September 23, 2012


Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:


Hello, dearly beloveds, we come before you today with more help in embracing your ascension process. We are your guides, and the work is up to you.

We wish to speak to you today of the increments you are indeed achieving in the raising of your frequencies moment by moment. There are many things that enhance it and there are many things that can deter from it.

Consider now what your focus is in the moment, dear Ones. Where does your focus lie right now? Is it what you would label as a loved-based thought? Is it clouded by concerns for survival or residue from still lingering fears and limiting beliefs of your true essence?

You are not your experiences. You are not your fears. You are not what the media tries to indoctrinate you with as the norm. You are so much more than that, dear Ones.

Be that pulse of energy you feel within, what you feel building within you as you pay more attention to your heart’s thoughts and your heart’s desires.

That connects you with the Divine essence of everyone. Yes, it brings you to the new consciousness of New Earth, not what was the old framework or vestiges of what you are successfully breaking away from.

The mind-sets of what you used to rely on as your identity and as your reality are crumbling. Don’t give them any more thought or energy. Break away, dear Ones and you shall emerge more solidly into the new paradigm.

It is like taking a simple step over into the Reality you are creating. It is what you give your focus to. It is what you allow yourself to experience from now on.

There will be a series of opportunities from now on when the energies will be most optimal to raise your frequencies to what will match the 5th dimensional frequencies that you will soon be swimming in regularly.

As you keep stepping up your frequency, you will become more and more acclimated to this higher, lighter dimension. It will require you to now look at what you are doing to enhance that way of Being or not.

Are you doing what is conducive to allowing the higher frequencies to thrive and survive within you? Each moment is a choice to be completely in and within Love for yourselves and others, or to be distracted by old thought patterns and modes of thinking that have nothing to do with your new life.

Pay attention to the remaining beliefs you are holding on to, to the remaining old thought patterns and fears that still linger. Watch them, observe them, welcome them and accept them as a part of you, something that once served a purpose, and illuminate them and see the gift in them, and then watch as they become encased with Light and Love and become transmuted. Feel the relief and release as you let go of those energies to be replaced by the higher perspective of them.

Feel this new energy within you thus expand, and focus on this Lightness of Being. Let this be your new norm until you feel the need to welcome heavier energy to emerge and release in the same way as before.

As we have said, there will be intervals of opportunities, portals if you will, when the energies are most optimal for the lifting from these heavier energies. They correspond with your dates of 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12. Each can be seen as a step-up like an elevator leading to your Ascension.

The jumps will become deeper and higher, so that is why it is necessary for you to from now on pay attention to your priorities. Choose activities and thoughts that will lead you to the higher frequencies and discard one-by-one those thoughts and activities that just keep you still dropped down in what you were used to doing in your 3rd dimensional world.

Please mark our words carefully, and allow yourselves to continue soaring into the higher vibration of Love in, within, and around you. It is the only place that will bring you forward to Ascension.

We are forever by your side and at your service.

I am Sananda, with Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Earth Council.


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Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda ~ Let There Be Light Bodies! ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ August 2, 2012

Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda:

Greetings, beautiful Souls that you are! I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, together with Lord Sananda, here to bring you, with Love, more information for the successful continuation of your Ascension Process.

Many of you are feeling light-headed with feelings of pressure around your heart. Do not despair. This is good news.  You are progressing nicely.

It is necessary for your heart to expand in this process; increments of energy are constantly being downloaded to those who accept it fully, to expand and upgrade your hearts, and the combination of heart pressure or even palpitations along with a feeling of light-headedness is part of the process.

Do not fear it, but allow it. The Light quotient in your Light Bodies is increasing steadily.

You are such brave Souls. You are such cherished Souls. You are magnificent beyond all words. Please keep allowing this process, for there will be great rewards in the end.

Now it is necessary to take some time to ponder some more questions. Yes, we have more questions for you. Take a look at yourselves now from a perspective of your Light Bodies. Identify yourselves with your Light Bodies. Are you able to connect and identify with this true essence of yourselves? This will take some practice. And it is always helpful to do this in meditation. Eventually you will find yourselves very comfortable in it and with it.

It is like in the movie “Cocoon”, which many of you saw long ago, in the scene where the Beings who have come to Earth are by the pool and they zip out of their earth body suits and you see their shining bright magnificent Light Bodies. Like the Beings in that scene, on the outside with the “covering” of your earth body suits, you look and appear like the physical bodies you see in the mirror. But step out of that layer of “covering” and you see massive Light. This is building as we speak. Play with this image a while, dear friends. It will delight you and start to feel more familiar.

Oh, our dear friends, you have so much to look forward to as you become more and more infiltrated with Light, as your Light Bodies become more apparent to you and others, as you become more and more aware of your Divine nature, and as you become more and more aware of your Oneness with all. 

It will take your breath away as you start to step out of the limitations of duality and” lose” the hologram of your present existence in exchange for your actual existence and your complete acceptance and knowledge of your Divinity.

Take some moments now to feel your Light Body. Is there tingling in your body? Allow it; go with it. Don’t fight it. Allow those sensations to be there, even if they feel strange.

Do you feel like you could just “lift” off at times? This is good.  Allow that elongated sensation of your energy, but at the same time, ground firmly into Mother Earth, to the core, while reaching up to the Galactic Sun. Allow that column of Light to get longer and taller. Rest within it in security and wonder at the new sensations.

Let that column of Light go with you wherever you go, not just in meditations.

You are progressing nicely. Now, look again at your thoughts. What are they composed of these days? Check and see if you are still harboring any resentment or anger or judgment. It is diminishing, isn’t it? Excellent!

So in its place is more Love for yourselves, is it not? And more Love for others? Do you feel more tolerance of everyone’s differences? Do you have more of an endearing feeling for other’s eccentricities? Good, excellent!

You have come a long way, and it just gets better and faster, so hang on! We have given you a lot to feel and think about and practice, so we leave you now with these gifts from us and we will be back with more assistance in your Ascension process.

We send you much abiding Love and Light from the Spiritual and Galactic Realms, our precious sisters and brothers.

Until we speak again, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Earth Council, with Lord Sananda. All our Love to you, dear Ones.

Thank you to Mira and Lord Sananda.

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Mira the Pleiadian ~ Readiness is Key ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 30, 2012

Mira the Pleiadian:

Greetings, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council.

I greet you with much anticipated news of the developments for your highest awakening. Every moment we come closer to the tipping point of what is needed for the Light to prevail and Higher Consciousness to reign in the majority of the population on planet Earth.

We are so close, dear friends.  Much is waiting to transpire. You are so close to meeting your Galactic friends. Many of you have reached out and many are waiting for contact.

The atmosphere in your hearts approaches the necessary climate for this meeting. We have contacted many of you in your dream state and we have contacted many of you in your waking state. You are feeling us closer. You are accepting us more. You are eagerly awaiting further contact.

Please keep your hearts open and your desires focused on the reunion with us. Your prayers and mass meditations are tipping the scales towards the needed Light quotient for a peaceful and exciting reunion.

It is never more important than it is now to keep focusing on your own awakening and on your own connection with Source. There is no substitute for daily meditation and connection with the Great Central Sun and with Mother Earth. You are helping to lift Her higher as you lift in consciousness.

All eyes are on you, dear friends and inhabitants of Earth. What will you do with the coming days? Will you focus on increasing the Light within your own selves as well as into Earth and all around you?

Are you anticipating movement around you as far as Disclosure without paying attention to your readiness? Are you ready? Are you helping others be ready? Look closer, now, dear comrades. Look to your heart. Is it open and ready to accept our contact with you? Are you looking around you to see what you can do to help others be ready?

You have come so far. Keep accepting the Light and send it to every heart that needs to be more open to the changes that you are so eagerly anticipating. Are you completely ready yourselves?

Our dear Family of the Light, we have worked so hard with you to bring this new era about. Please keep progressing in the Light. Please keep sending Light to every Being who needs it. Please keep sending Light and welcoming Love to your sisters and brothers of the Galactic Family.

The time is now, dear friends. Muster all your strength and courage to be ready for the changes. Nothing will be completely the same. Time is speeding up and every minute is necessary to focus on the Light, to focus on your dreams and visions for New Earth.

I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and I eagerly await our reunion.

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Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda: Open Your New-Born Eyes ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 24, 2012


Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda:

Greetings, Lightworkers and all Beings of Light. We come before you today, together as a team again to bring you more assistance in your Ascension process.

By now you are feeling and sensing many changes and many new feelings that can only be described as a lightness, as a knowing and as an expansion. You may feel tingling and sensations in your chakras around your head. They may still be giving you headaches or feelings of pressure, but knowing this is part of your ascension process will help you tolerate it more.

Your DNA has received a lot of work over these past days and weeks. The old connections that were once dormant are being re-connected and activated. Memories are also surfacing. Your inner vision is expanded and re-vitalized. You are becoming Galactic Beings in the sense that you are realizing that you are One with us. The Foggy feeling of our connection is diminishing.

Try out your new Light Bodies more and more in your day. When you look at things, see them from an expanded view. Glimpse them from the outer Auras of them. Get comfortable with that.

By now the Joy of being in the Now is starting to motivate you to be in it more. Assessing experiences in your world of duality is becoming more of a curiosity and a view from the perspective of many new aspects of your experience with it. By this we mean that you are starting to see the holographic nature of it. Allow this. This will help in your Ascension process.

Be of this Joy all the time and embark on your experiences with fresh eyes, like a newborn baby just coming into its new World after being in the Womb. There are many new wonders for newborn babies to explore. Approach your days with this attitude, as if everything is new and accept everything, even all the new sensations of light-sparks around you and changes in perception.

Beloveds, old friends of the Light, you are beginning to see our World, what we operate in. We are so close to you. Do you feel us? Do you hear us? Do you accept us? Feel our Love and our intense desire to be re-united with you.

All around the World, as more are waking up, they are glimpsing the New World. It is just a whisper away, just a glimpse away. It just takes maneuvering of your perspective. A slight turn to the left or right in your physical world yields an entirely different view of something. So it is in the Multi-Dimensional Realm you are opening up to and the 5th Density to which you and Earth are returning; a slight turn of perspective, of openness to the unknown will color your World entirely differently.

Please take these notions into your consciousness and allow them to sit and sift there. You are well on your way to Ascension. dear Ones.

We shall return with more “food for thought”.  Until then, know we are always at your service.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Sananda.

Thank you to Mira and Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda ~ Be Your Multi-Dimensional Selves ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 18, 2012


Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda ~


Greetings, Lightworkers and Light Beings alike.

We come before you today to speak of progress, progress in your Light Bodies and progress on your World, on Mother Earth.

Many facets of your Being are coming alive as we speak. As you plug into the Great Central Sun, many parts of you that were once dormant are coming alive. It may be a little difficult for you to discern completely, but take our word that it is happening.

You are moving away from duality more and more and accepting your Multi-Dimensional Selves as a vital part of your Being.

Take a moment now to ponder these questions, as we pose them to you: What are your priorities? Are you getting pulled into old ways of thinking still? Are you still focused on survival? Or are you learning to let go and trust that you are so much more than your physical bodies in duality and dare to venture out into the unknown?

What is in store for you are many wonders there. Can you let go and trust that you are becoming expanded and full of possibilities? Do you place your faith in your Higher Self and Source? Are you feeling the connection between your Soul Star and the Great Central Sun?

Do you bathe in that Column of Light coming from the Great Central Sun through all your Chakras above your body and within it and below it into the core of Earth? Do you feel the power? Are you beginning to grasp new thoughts and feelings that have to do with your expanded Self, with your connection to others and with all Beings in the Cosmos, sentient and insentient?

As you begin to envelop the Light and allow yourselves to feel the full power of it, you will begin to have thoughts of a much higher vibration, and to see things of a much higher vibration. Are you beginning to fathom the connection between you and the Spiritual and Galactic Realms? Are you feeling less separate from it all?

Please ponder and embrace these questions. Please increase your time in meditation as a conduit of this Divine Light coming from the Great Central Sun and spread it through your Heart and down into the Earth and back up again, in a constant loop between Earth and the Great Central Sun, spreading it out to all who need it.

You will soon not be able to decipher such a solid line between Earth and yourselves, between the Central Sun and yourselves, and between you and others. Feel this, see this, experience this, and embrace it.

Imagine yourselves swimming in a milieu of energy, like in an ocean of energy, where all particles are not separate. You are swimming and pulsing your positive energy out to blend with others’ positive energy. Imagine that. It is becoming easier for you to imagine this, is it not? It is because of your growth as Light Beings, dear Ones.

The more Light and Unconditional Love you spread out from yourselves, the more you are protected. Allow only positive energy to enter your Being and dispense from your Being, as you feel yourselves in a large bubble of protection.

You are discovering wonders that you didn’t let yourselves discover before when you were so entrenched in duality. You are stepping out into the wider World of Energy and Light and yes, Love. Your DNA is now allowing you to encompass what you were not able to encompass before. You are receiving light-coded particles of information and utilizing it and applying it.

Your memories of how you once were when you were fully connected to Source are surfacing, and your powers of creation are becoming stronger. Use them to create your new World and let go of the old. It is time.

Many of you are seeing us; many of you are connecting with us. It will be easier to hear and connect with and see us as you become more fully on-line and more integrated with your Higher Selves and with Source, with Creator, in the passing days. You will be receiving much more guidance and help and protection. Just ask for it, dear Ones.

Step out of your “body suits” more and more in your meditations and experience the Lightness of Being. Allow it to extend to your waking moments.  Allow your Multi-Dimensional Selves to co-habit with you. Try it out. Become integrated with your Higher Self, with Source and with all your Selves.

Your clearing of all the old programs of duality is allowing you to do this. Let go and experience what it is like to live in Love and Light all the time, with guidance and information and knowing being available to you all the time. Expect it and experience it, dear Ones. It is time.

Make no mistake about it; you are ascending. It will just take more clearing of the fears you have of fully experiencing a departure from duality into your Multi-Dimensional Selves, into your Divine Selves with so many capabilities and abilities and powers of creation.

Drop the “sand-bags”, so to speak, that are keeping your “balloon” of Ascension from lifting higher, the “sand-bags” of fear, of old belief systems that limit you, of being pulled into judgment and anger and into disbelief of your Divine nature. Allow them to disconnect and allow your “balloon” of Ascension to rise higher, dear Ones: It is time. 

We are at your service always,

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)