Divine Mother My Journal November 16, 2015 – Some thoughts about consciousness, soul and Creation

The silverplatinum flame

Log Entry Earth Time November 16, 2015, 09:35.15 pm CET

I feel much better today. My new bracelet the ‘Obsidian Healing’ is assisting me in releasing more and more old energies and even my back pain is much better. This pain must have been the result from old energies and also karma release pain memories how I was told. I can move better now and this in only two weeks, usually I need months for this.

Obsidian Healing

This bracelet is available to order.

Every day during meditation or calm time I am working on this old baggage, I am looking what is coming up and let it go. I give it to my diamond flame for transmutation and I feel lighter. I am pondering about my feelings and thoughts.

Yesterday I felt tempted to post my last journal on the wall of the one who keeps stating she would be SaLuSa’s…

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A Message From Divine Mother Saturday, September 12, 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Beloved Children,

I come to you with Confidence, and Light. For I AM a Mother of Confidence! And I have every confidence in you, and all your gifts.

We in the Higher Realms have been watching for some time, assisting as a gift, in your own Ascension.

I was ‘Assumed’ at one time, and I assure you it wasn’t scary or frightening.

It wasn’t like the art you see, where I am on a cloud surrounded by a host of my angels!

What is correct is that an overwhelming ‘Light Beam’ of love energy filled my soul to the very limits that my soul could relax to hold this Divine Love.

I and my Son became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

I and Joseph became One, for my dear husband who had passed in the night of the Illusion, was alive and well in the Higher Dimensions.  I too was filled with both joy and delight for setting eyes on the man who was both my partner and friend while I was incarnate, and helped me with Jesus.

At first glance, Joseph and I became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

Divine Father and I always have been One, only this time, while I had been incarnate, I didn’t know it, because of the veil which had covered my eyes and my thoughts and my belief about who I am and what is what.

For I ALWAYS have been close in the Heart with Divine Father. I worship Him. I Love Him like a friend and a partner in my Life.

Little did I realize that I am just as One with Him as I am with Jesus my much beloved Son, and Joseph my adored husband and friend…

Once that veil lifts, there is no doubt of anything or anyone in your mind! In your Heart! In the very fabric of your being–for all that is Love is exactly who you are!!

One Heart!

One Being!

One Family!

So even though you are ‘cousins’ in the flesh, while you are both incarnate, there might be another relationship from which you are hidden–perhaps brothers and sisters from where we are, in the Higher Realms, where all is eternal bliss!

Some of you might talk with us, myself and all my ‘compatriots’ (she rubs her son’s back and he smiles truly enjoying her presence–ed), such as Carla is doing right now for all of humanity…

For those of you who do receive our ‘messages of the heart’–I want you to take that feeling of connection, unconditional Love and Acceptance, and magnify it. (She shows a picture of someone turning a volume dial all the way UP–ed)

That is what you shall feel when all of you Ascend…each one at their own time…like a popcorn kernel.  No one knows exactly when an individual popcorn kernel will pop, although there is a very likely probability when there is a heat source and the oil in which the kernel is immersed is sizzling, is there not?

Once you have experienced the feelings of Ascension, you will feel all the gifts of the Spirit: peace, love, joy and fellowship. You will also experience the gifts of the Heart:  intuition that is working and unhindered by the powers that were, the beings who have been once called Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Look at Carla.

Our Little One, for she is my Daughter of the flesh when I was incarnate–in a manner of speaking–for both her and I were close and technically family (she kisses me and smiles–ed), for Carla it is not enough to simply experience the growth Ascension does bring!  For Carla has to Write!

To Write Write Write!  It also opens and relaxes her, it is like a form of meditation which is her ‘calling’ as you say while you are on Earth.  As you will see when you click here this is the twenty-ninth message for the world and all of humanity, that Carla has been the scribe for me. And there are eleven powerful messages I that have been given to Carla personally, for her own growth, which I have given permission to share with this group.

Carla is most happy and delighted to do this –what you call ‘service’–to us, both because of her Love for myself and Divine Father and all of our Family who is ‘in the sky’ (she smiles–ed), and because of the feeling that is in her heart when she writes it. It is the vastness like the ocean, spreading out so far and Carla from where she is, is just at the very edge, the ‘waves’ of it lapping at her feet at the ‘shore’…for this comforts her and gives her a sense of accomplishment like there is no other…

It is angelic, what Carla does, to serve me, in my heart, in order to get our message out to you.

She does this without pay, without money, and without sleep, or the family time that could go together with it.

Carla gives from her heart, from her soul, in order to make life better for (extends her arms to show a big area–ed) all of us! Both of us up here as well as where you are (it is not ‘down’ by any stretch of the imagination, for we are One, although of different vibrational frequencies, she adds).

So you are capable of both giving and receiving of Love with your own gift…your own Purpose.

And when you are doing that which you are sent to do, you shall be overwhelmed–in time–with a sense of well-being, and rest.

It shall be a delight!!!

So, from ‘all of us’ who are your family where I happen to be at the moment, to ‘all of you’ who are exactly where you  are, at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose…our blessings and our prayers for your success in your Life Purpose are assured!!!

We shall be sending them to you today, through the portal of our Hearts, which is never ending and ALWAYS open…no matter where you are. ❤

That is my gift to you for this Saturday, September 12, 2015

All my love,

The Mother who is of Love and known for it throughout the Galaxy, who also loves YOUR HEART very much, as if it were my own children, which you most definitely are in Spirit, when it comes to me.

Mother Mary of the Heart and of All Time and All There Is.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. this message is meant to be shared. Please always include all of the message in its entirety, as well as a link to the original page which is this. Thank you.


A Message From Our Lady: April 7, 2015 by Reiki Doc April 7, 2015

Dear Children,

It is with great heart today that I come to you with full confidence in everything that is happening in our midst! For up ‘here’ and down ‘there’ (where you inhabit) approach (she shows a gesture like two hands coming together and interlacing the fingers).

It is difficult to reach my scribe. I have wanted to speak to you since Easter. And there is always something which arrives. She has her distractions, due to her life circumstance. There is work. There is parenting. There are family ties to her extended family. And so we wait, patiently, for the chance to arrive for me to speak to MY family, all of you, who read these words.

Even now, the floor squeaks, there is request from her son and her mother for my scribe to interact, interact, interact.  Everyone is wanting the attention of the Lightworker.  And there is no chance for her to say, although her heart is screaming in silence, ‘please be quiet! let me be! I want to connect to Higher Things! The vibration that is right for me!!!’

“I want a little respite from the density of the third dimension and the collective; I want to shine for a moment with my Heavenly Mother, and breathe FREE!’

And so it is for the Lightworkers, who are ‘on’ 24/7 when they are not asleep in their beds–giving, giving, giving in everything they do.

For us, it is as natural as breathing! For this is the way that life is for us! We are here 24/7, 365 days a year of your Earth Time, always ‘ON’, always praying, always sending our Light to support those who are in the stages of the awakening process.

So what does this mean for you, sweet hearts?

What kind of future does one have to look forward to, when one is weary of the ways of duality and the third dimension?


Freedom to think.

Freedom to act.

Freedom to follow the call in what is right for you.

There are no social ‘norms’ or ‘customs’ to entrap you; for the ways have been worked out for all eternity to have life, and love, and pleasure as well as to accomplish much in the ways of spirit both for yourself and others!

People will understand if you need to take some time for yourself, and they will encourage it, for you to take all the time that you need to explore and to learn, if also many lifetimes to partake in it!

We are not much different from you, as you were once like us before you became incarnate.

And all of you shall REMEMBER the ways of that life in a short time.

As we are going through the changes, I want you to reflect on your purpose–even if your shoes are pointed to the next task, and the family climbs on you like a mother opossum…wanting you to carry them energetically to ‘the next place’. Although it is also your right to say, ‘Get off of me! I won’t carry you!’ with LOVE as your strength you shall make it and carry them to the joining point where all the forces on Earth and also in Heaven are aimed directly at them, to make the Awakening to Spirit, Truth, and Love a direct possibility for them, a very likely outcome of the situation, although nothing is forced upon them in any way.

It is like when the DJ turns the music up, and it has a beat, and the lights dim, and the flashing lights with the music make you just want to get up and dance with the crowd, your loving family, at the wedding.

It is like the hora, at a Jewish celebration of marriage–the joining of two hearts!–where everyone young and old, together will dance in circles while holding hands with great love and abandonment to the energy of joy and happiness!

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone will have their place!

Everyone will be satisfied in their hearts for having done the work in order to make this happen!

There is nothing more to say, except that freedom, true freedom of the higher realms, is right around the corner. Can you feel it?  And our love for you is very bright.  (I sense this warm glow in my chest right now–ed)

We wait with joyful expectation to join you on your adventures to the Higher Realms!

Everyone is at their stations, and ready, to welcome you back up to your true Nature, your true Reality, your true LIFE!

That is all I have to say to you.

With all my love and appreciation for your following these words, and taking them to your heart, and reflecting on them…(she does gassho–presses hands together in blessing–, and bows, and backs silently away–ed)

I love you.

Mother Mary

all rights are to Reiki Doc. Permission is given to share only in its entirety this message along with the original link to this page.



A Message From Our Lady by Reiki Doc November 27, 2014

My Beloved Children,

I am with you. I am with you today in love, and gratitude for your helpfulness to my son and all of my family in our task to awaken those who have been quite deeply asleep…it is a joy together with my heart and those of my own here in the Higher Realms to announce to you that all is well!

We have succeeded in our efforts.

It will take some time for the mention of what IS to ‘trickle down’ into the conscious awareness of ‘everyday’…but it happened and all is for the best! (she smiles and claps her hands with delight)

I had strongest faith in you, and in all of your abilities. And as you awaken further you shall grow in confidence in spirit by leaps and bounds! There is no limit to what is possible when you are both grounded/anchored to Source both in Creator and in our beloved Gaia. You are like lightning rods of possibility! (shows a flash of inspiration going through a human and deep through roots down into the earth)

How are you?

How have you fared throughout the journey to get here where most of us are today?

For all your aches and pains, you will be healed. I want you to follow the ‘nudges’ and ideas you get ‘out of the blue’, for this is how angels interact with us when we are incarnate. And follow it through. If it works and you find relief, great! If not, why not accept that this is tried and not helping, and have confidence that perhaps the next is going to work for you? For example, we have all of Reiki, both the old and the Holy Fire and the Karuna, which are ‘the classics’…we have the newer Reiki healing symbols. We have the Divine Healing Codes from a team of incredible healers–Archangel Raphael, Merlin, Koothoomi, Divine Mother herself…and me…Mother Mary…just a tiny little bit! Then there are the Archangel Healing Keys and Attunements!

I want you to find what you are most comfortable with, what suits you, and try to work with it. For example, there is art, as a powerful means of expression.

In the future, all healing will be accomplished with codes (as frequencies) of combinations of sound and light. It is powerful and painless to say the least! (she shows our current medicine healing as barbaric).

I like the flower essences myself, and that is what I used when I was incarnate to heal my son and Joseph–plants, lots and lots of plants, and ancient knowledge of how they work to heal the sick. I was hardly ever sick, and filled with vitality! That was my way, in my time, when I was on Gaia.

Now I will direct you every so gently, if you will allow me, to what kind of healing works with you. (she offers her hand for you to hold it and walk with her). But only if you permit it…there are crystals, and chanting, and sound healing, Native American tradition, ‘conventional medicine’ like Carla does–which is getting a much-needed upgrade mind you and SOMEBODY is going to have to help with this! (laughs gently)…you get the idea.

(Puts her hands on her knees and bends to look us in the eye, and speaks quietly) I am VERY proud of you and all your accomplishments. It was no small task together for us to get where we are today. (opens her arms WIDE and stands up)  My LOVE is brimming to overflowing in my cup! I am that happy, and that pleased–in no way surprised for I expected this from every one of you!–and filled to the absolute maximum with love and gratitude to each of you in my heart.

Thank you for listening to me.

You didn’t have to, but you listened. (she gestures how there are lots of distractions out there trying to get our attention).

Thank you ever so much.

I look forward to working with you. (rings unseen chimes and smiles mysteriously–I love her energy and her sense of humor and encouragement–ed)


And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. Enjoy your home and family, even if your heart is the only one you have–I am in there, too–so for those of you who are ‘alone’ today in body, in spirit you have the best companion that Joseph ever had, me! And know that there are angels watching over you, and my son who loves you with everything he has…and also I thank Carla for her writing this today for me. She loves me deeply, and I can count on her when I need anything done like this. Thank you for your prayer, Carla, (I prayed for her to be loud and for me to ‘get it right’–ed), for your love, and for your enthusiasm not just with me but what you share with everyone! I love you.

(c:  I have tears. She showed me how much it meant to her the other day, when I shared at the table with some doctors in the dining room at lunch, how I was in an abusive marriage, I didn’t know what to do, I trusted Her, and she saved my life. Someone asked, ‘where did you go? How did you leave?’ and I said, ‘I went to medical school and became a doctor.’ and the person smiled and said, ‘THAT works!’  That’s how close I am to Her. She saved my life, literally, and she did it so gently and with so much Love that I never looked back or realized just what danger I had been in until now…my Love for Her saved me. And that is why I am here to talk with your today, and give hope–to you from Her.)

Goodbye, for just a while,

Mother Mary
Mother of Jesus
Wife of Joseph

Who loves YOU like my own family…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

This message may be shared as long as it is in its entirety with all credit given to me who transcribed it for Her.


A Message From Our Lady Tuesday June 17, 2014 by Reiki Doc

Beloved Children of My Heart,

The time for your deliverance from the Dark Ones nears!

Your time for happiness and freedom and prosperity is (she points around a corner) right there!

It is just around the corner, and it waits for you to arrive and to discover it.

(she holds up her index finger and slowly shakes it from side to side, as a warning of sorts)  It will not be the same way for everyone.

You are to look here (points to her heart) on you.  Inside!  God wants you to look powerfully within.

There you shall feel the great wave of love that is about to overwhelm you. What starts as a trickle, every now and then, shall turn into the greatest flood of Divine Love Energy that has ever hit the planet, for both everybody on the the surface, and also on the inside.

There is an inside to Gaia, my little children. She is hollow as an egg and in the center where a yolk or the yellow of the egg would be, there is an inner sun which glows always, and has for every single day since She was made!

Inside there are waters and lands that are so wonderful. You get in through a little opening near the Southern Continent. (There are others but this is the most open one.)

You are about to see it for yourselves, this and MANY other wondrous things! So hold on to your safety straps! The ride of your lives is about to BEGIN!

Don’t worry, I am with you, and everyone is permitted to have the most fun they can possibly imagine through all of this. I love you and I won’t let anybody get hurt, not even the hair on your head.

You are my heart.  I want you to have faith and life and fortitude–for what is about to happen to all of us has never been attempted before or since in all of Creation!


I love you forever, and our channel here is very light. Her True Love awaits, and I am very proud of him for all he has accomplished — not just for her but for everyone (moves her arms up over her head and out in a big sweeping motion).  I am so very, very proud of my beloved who is her eternal Twin.

Will you please join our party with us? We want to celebrate the reunion of the ages, for all the Twins Souls and Soul families and Star Families, and Agartha and parts distant as well. For all of Life as we know it is to sparkle and shine with pure and utter delight!!

Let it commence!

I leave you now with this message:

  • you are LOVED
  • you are PRECIOUS
  • you are SPECIAL to my heart!
I shall return at the next chance that I am given. Until then, sweet kisses with joy and love to all of you who read these words, and also to those who shall never hear of it.
I am Mother Mary, and I thank you for listening to my call.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc
P.S. this information is free to share as long as all of the words are unchanged and the credit is given to the chaneller, Reiki Doc

A Message From Our Lady: Easter Sunday 2014 by Reiki Doc

Good Morning My Beloved Children!

Another day begins. I have a message for you this Easter.

All is well.

All is well in the Spirit Realms.

We are preparing with much abundance and prosperity for the arrival of Nova Gaia (New Earth) and all of her inhabitants to life as we know it in the stars.

It may come to you slowly, without your even realizing it, like the styles that cut the hems of the skirts that are worn on earth from knee length to mini and then perhaps again let them grow longer to maxi.

Just with the style, it is: no matter how many people tell you what it is that is in fashion, no  matter how many people dictate it with fashion shows and the covers of fashion magazines, it isn’t until people really start wearing it, that ‘what is the trend’ actually begins.

So here were are!

I am loving You, all of my sweet children, even the ones who don’t know about me yet, and you are all of you together carrying on as best you can despite the circumstances of the Ascension — which for the many is very imminent.

How does one act in the face of all this anxiety and possible disruption and change in the way of ‘life as it has been experienced by all of us for our entire lifetimes?’

With the heart. (touches her chest where her heart it).

You heart has everything inside that you need to understand about the Ascension Process. The whole experience is rather ‘driven by the heart’. As your vibration increases, you will find yourself consulting just as much with your heart as your mind, and possibly more so. This is what constitutes ‘Right Action’ in all of your opportunities to act. In a short time, it shall become an attitude of preference.

For you to exist with the stars, this manner of behavior and personal ‘code of ethics’ is the only way for one to be both compatible and comfortable with Higher Dimensions of Life. Yes, they are indeed possible! and all of them exist (she gestures to a ladder that goes up high high high to dizzying heights up as far as I can see). You are only on the bottom few rungs, and yet, like children you shall grow and master many of them! Just like you would go from a toddler ‘bike’ that has in fact no pedals, to a tricycle, perhaps one that is low to the ground and plastic like a ‘Big Wheel’, perhaps a more ‘classic’ one…then one to the more proper ‘bicycle’ shape but made in miniature and with training wheels…as you understand you see that there are mountain bikes, and cruisers, and bikes for olympic ‘racers from the stars’!

There is everything a person could want to learn and experience, and just like people who ride on two wheels, and possibly three, or for two riders in tandem, there are many many ways to go out and ‘ride a bike’, or Ascend, if you will be so kind as to allow me the metaphor of bicycles and Ascension as far as it will go…

There is no falling on this ‘bicycle’ of Ascension; there is no ‘accident’ too, no broken arm or leg or scrape…nothing of that kind in the Ascension phenomena.

Just as on earth, with the riding of the bikes–(she shows me a unicycle! I laugh.)–there are endless possibilities (now she shows me a clown riding a bike that could fit in his pocket)–in which to Ascend and make the best of it and enjoy the ride and possibly ‘get where you want to go’.

(she is very pleased with her analogy, and is smiling very beautifully right now, so I can see all of her teeth).

This is the task I wish to ask you make for me today: while all of you are celebrating, and some of you quite possibly may not, just for today, why not think about where you would like to go on this adventure with your ‘bike’? And what kind of ‘bicycle’ would you enjoy to travel with most as you arrive to the higher dimensions (which are vibrations, energy, that has a higher frequency of Light)?

All of you, with your bodies, are changing so subtly it is very much like watching water turn to ice (that is for a visual) or ice melt (that is for another visual) or water boil (that has the part about water–still being the same molecule–changing it’s phase and going UP!).

All of these processes take time and are very imperceptible to the human eye who watches it, and yet, to chemists and cooks and all of us alike, who hasn’t watched it for some part enough to know that it exists?

Just for today, there are many challenges that shall present themselves to us. Most in spirit, some with the emotional body, some affect the mental body, some perhaps are dealt with in the Astral plane…

For whatever ‘challenge’ shall present itself to you, look at it as a gift! I invite you to smile and even laugh about it!

For it is you who have your ‘Secret Weapon’ inside! 

It is the Heart that beats in your chest! And inside it exists all wisdom and courage and power of overcome ALL that comes to it.

Even the crucifixion of my Son was not enough to silence and destroy His Noble Heart!!!!!

So with that, I bid you adieu,
I take my leave for just a little while.
For this lesson has a great deal of information for you.
I invite you to keep it for review from time to time as your path goes UP!

your Mother of Light and Poetry of the Heavens,

Mother Mary

(This message is channelled by Reiki Doc. All rights and priviledges remain. It is okay, permission is given, to share this message in its entirety with credit given to she that writes this.)

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc


A Message From Mother Mary April 2, 2014 by Reiki Doc

My Beautiful Children,

Good morning!

It is a brand new day.

A whole new way of life is beginning to emerge. (She points way in the back, as if it is waiting patiently in line behind a bunch of other things, waiting for a moment to be at the head of the line.)

It is here. It is HAPPENING! All the wonder and the glory of New Life! Not just the teeny eggs and baby rabbits–no–this is the Real Deal:  Justice and Peace, Prosperity and Abundance, and Love and Happiness for every single person of humanity who is alive, walking on this earth, right this minute!

I know you are weary. I know you have heard a great many things, of promises that have had your hopes dashed because they never materialized…

(she kneels down and looks us in the eyes) I know and I appreciate this, and I want you to know if I was in your position, I would have been impatient with the whole thing as well.

(makes very expansive gesture over her head once she stands back up, like a sun salutation)
It is HERE! The time is NOW! And there is Sweet Happiness at once about to Overwhelm You!

Here is my advice for you, once the changes hit:

  • At first you start to recognize something is ‘different’ take a big DEEP breath.
  • I want you to tell yourself, “Something really GREAT is here! I have been waiting for this for much time, kind of like a pregnancy for when the child is due to arrive ‘almost any day here’.”
  • I want you to know and understand that there are many of us here to assist you and all of your friends and families also, not just ‘you who read this on the internet’.
  • We will sweetly guide each and every one of you through the changes that are happening, and also more broadcast guidance will be available for you on the TV if you do not get enough guidance you desire directly from us; you may also yourself seek more information as you so wish online. The information that you seek will be everywhere when the time is right.
  • Everything will happen at the appropriate place and time, as is expected for the Highest Common Good.
  • If you can find it in your heart to assist others who are having a rough time accepting ‘all that is happening’, (she touches her chest with her right hand, gently) it would mean so much to those of us present in the Spiritual realms if you would  kindly help them out; your humanity, your own ‘perspective’ is very soothing to those who are facing their challenge that the ‘spirit thing in life is no joke and I have been mistaken very much in a big way for all my beliefs in thinking it was just some big organized way to control the mass population’. In a way, these persons are half-correct. It is the other half, we being who we are and always have been, that is going to ‘throw them’ for a little bit at the start of the transition.
  • Please know that everything has been planned for some time, so very carefully, to allow the maximum adjustment with a minimum of disruption to the inhabitants of the Earth, of Surface Gaia (and also those who live below in a land called Agartha–who will introduce themselves at this time to all of their brothers and sisters on the earth.)
It is a very happy time, and we will do our very best to make it the most incredible and lasting experience of Love and Joy that has ever been seen, heard, felt, or experienced by all of you who are due for a wonderful surprise from all of us who love you, love you, love you with our whole hearts–whether you have believed in our existence or not–it does not matter. For everything will start fresh and new with this surprise and welcome we have so carefully been preparing for you for quite some time.
Enjoy the ride, my blessed sweet children!
I will go for now, but I shall not be away from you in my heart (touches her chest).
I powerfully LOVE you! Each and every one of you! Even those who might have made fun of me and Jesus once or twice…you are my incorrigible ones, my silly ones who tease, and I love you for your Spirit, your Spunk and your Light.
Okay everybody, welcome Home, our Homecoming Party is about to begin! It is almost any day now, here on our end, but if there are some minor delays in the homecoming, please do not let it disappoint you.
I promise it shall be worth the wait.
Your Loving Mother, on behalf of your Loving Family of the Angels in Heaven,
Mother Mary
This message is the exclusive right of Reiki Doc who channelled it, and it is freely permitted to share just as long as all of Blessed Mother’s message is shared in its entirety, and credit is given to me for having written it for others.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

A Message From Our Lady: Sunday, March 23, 2014 by Reiki Doc

My Sweet Children Of The Light,

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

The time for your deliverance from the hands of those who have been oppressing you for many centuries, millenia in fact, is about to arrive.

Your happiness will overwhelm you!

Even those who are ‘not sure’ and ‘not quite with it’ and ‘not understanding any of this’ are going to arrive in fact to the same conclusion as those who have worked diligently behind the scenes for many months, weeks, years, even generations–to set the stage for those who set us free.

It is everyone working together, in their own way, perhaps unknowing and with the faith, or perhaps deliberately and with a vengeance for the Light to prevail…all of you are together going to arrive at the same conclusion: we are free! we are glorious! we are liberated! we create our new vistas! the horizon is limitless! we are ONE! we are AT PEACE! we are alive with the energy of the New Life, the New Age of Gaia, the Golden Age of Legend! (she demonstrates a hood being lifted off our heads, our eyes blinking in the light, and our amazement at the sights and sounds after being blinded by that cover for so long.)

(She also gestures, it is like the people who have the cataracts replaced with the new clear lenses, that is how it will seem to those who have eyes cloudy and then replaced with new vision for the light. She says, ‘you don’t have to choose between close up and distance vision’ gesturing to her eyes, ‘all of it, you shall see EVERYTHING–CLEAR– because of the light.’

My little jewels, my butterflies, my handsome prince and princesses…you have now arrived at the place and time that is of legend! All the fairy tales begin and end with this, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘They Lived Happily Ever After’.  YOU are in that happily part!!!

Right Here!
Right Now!
Starting with this (taps her heart with her closed fist).
It is in this (taps the heart) with the (gestures to eyes), combined together and working as a unit, in balance and in true functioning as they were meant to be, that you will understand your purposes and your missions and your assignments to anchor the Light for our new way of life on this planet.

(She gestures to hug all of her children) It is with great joy and pleasure that I offer this message to you today.

I invite you to reflect on it.

It is with great tenderness I say goodbye…and see you soon!

With all elegance and lasting light,
My heart for you swells with emotion that is pleasant, possibly the most joyful moment I have ever had (gestures arm sweeping up in an arc overhead) in all of Heaven.

I welcome you with Love Unconditional, Love Everlasting, and kisses on your heads from my heart.

You are my family, and I am here for YOU with joy and full acceptance of you exactly as you are, right this minute; your perfection is clear to me, with my eyes I see the heart, and yours AMAZES me with its beauty, love, and Light.

Have peace.
Goodbye for just a little bit!
I am always near you, with my Love (touches her heart)
Remember this!

I am here for you in every way.
Just ask. I will be there in an instant.
Whatever you need, I will provide.
Forever and ever and ever.

Mother Mary

this message may be shared if in its entirety with acknowledgement to the one who writes these messages.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Mother Mary – “Bless your pain” – February 14, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original de Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Gabriel: Mother, I feel Your loving Presence … I also feel pain in my heart…
Mother Mary: Write,  son, write to all…
Beloved Children,
May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.
Beloved children, the Earth is going through her transformation, bringing even more her form of existence, bringing with her their new children, beloved, renewed in body and soul. Labor pains are difficult, however there is a glare that makes you realize just ahead, where the pain of transformation can’t be even felt thanks to the light that invades your eyes, resting in your heart, manifesting there the genuine peace and bringing the cozy comfort, as HE said to you “Come to me you who are weary and burdened, for I will give you rest … “
Dear ones, you are having all your bodies completely renovated and it requires a lot of patience and selflessness in the process which is developing. Manifest, often in arguments and critiques the pain you face, denying the Goodness of God in your lives, hiding to look at yourselves and acknowledge you as blessed beings, children of the beloved Father in Heaven, who has endowed you with all strength and light that you might go through all the possible tests that would raise the Earth from pain and agony. Yes, beloved, decided for yourselves that you wanted to experience this moment, admitting in yourselves the trials, when supported, would give you all the power to raise the masses with your light, thus causing the surprise element  that the dark brothers didm’t expect : the sacrifice with love.
My children, my beloved ones, understand:  the pain you feel at some moment is your starting point for the higher realms of consciousness, it was your constant companion and nearly always show the door to light. Bless it all the time and understand that it’s your sister who is leaving you in these times. It’s leaving to let you rejoin the Magnanimous Source of Love; faithful to its purpose of discipline souls who wished to have it as a constant companion, now returns to the Light again, thanks to your rise in consciousness, because it also is a consciousness and your elevation gave it the opportunity of continuous elevation.
Dear children, remain centered in My Love for you and in the promise I made to humanity. Never I left  you, I’ll never turn away from you until that all souls of this Realm have reached this Light. Call, therefore your guides and mentors to assist you in these times where the inner storms make them be felt. There is a need to collect you in yourselves, going deeper in your feelings, understanding that the pain and confusion that you feel within you, this period is to unveil a new form of existence.
The need of the old baggage left behind, as the pessimism in the days ahead. Believe, therefore, that the promises of the Creator are already manifest and as well as th mariners feel  the swing of the sea, you are feeling the balance of the new energies that are causing you to lean you to new stoppges.
It’s comforting to you to know that you are being assisted by a Light Squadron that is to surround the Earth as a large army of love. They, the Men from Space are here to join hands with you all at this time that is fast approaching. Many generations wait for this moment, many of you were witnesses of bygone eras and now await the fulfillment of promises. Strong hearts as you are, you inclined to the Good and you are taking with you more souls, showing  them, through your inclination, the path to be followed.
This moral authority is only given to determined souls like you, which ye have seen with your own eyes the rise of various Realms, long before  yoy were present on Earth. Therefore, dear ones, realize that your inclinations today has more power than yesterday. Realize that decisions you take today can influence many souls who are in your field of vibration. Your responsibility is very great, because you are responsible for the New Age
Know that you are being supported and, regardless of what side you desire to take your energies. Me, as your Mother, will obey my promise to only see erfection in each one of you, always .
My children, let me bless you, pouring over each one of you now my blessings, involving each one at this moment with an energy of peace and love, giving you the assurance that the time has come where this generation will witness the changing  of realms.
Beloved ones, I leave you now pouring upon you all my blessings and involving everyone in my Cloak of protection, because I AM Mary, Your Mother.
Gabriel: Thank you, dear Mother …

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch


Mother Mary – “The Perfection of God” – December 8, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original da Mãe Maria, postada anteriormente em português, AQUI
Message Melody:
Beloved Children, may the love blessings bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.
The departure of this plan, my children, it’s never easy. Always we have to leave good works behind. It’s not easy for two reasons: first, because we have this task of being the example of the Perfection of God wherever we go, for all people; the second is to keep us in this perfection, ever, to the first be fulfilled.
These are difficult tasks, by the fact ye are always wrapped at discordant energies, it isn’t really an easy task, but it is, indeed possible. Remember that I was on Earth to well defend what proposed me to: to sustain the Perfection of God. So I know that all my children have the same condition as me. I keep them in my love and in my Perfection, in order to be that perfection and light sustaining that I was.
I remember one day, when little Jesus was running around, on a stone street where we lived, he felt and hurt his knee. As a mother, at that moment, for a moment, I was a little anxious by running and helping him, but then, I stood up, blessing that stone in the way of my son, it’s the Perfection of God manifested there, so I could hold the Light and Goodness of God in all things
Dear Children, we were normal human beings like you, we never wished that we were considered as Gods or much less, your saviors. We want you to, before, consider you as your own saviors and upholders of the way, we want you to support this Divine Perfection, because it’s through this support that you will be able to leave the dormant state .
See the Perfection in everything, dear children, love everything that happens to you. Be blessers of your way, be manifested blessing in a body, be the Perfection of God manifested among the people who still don’t accept the Divine Perfection in their hearts. This, I know, is not an easy task, but I succeeded and held, why couldn’t you ?
People like you are the ones that others need to look, so they will be moved by hope. Many of you feel that your gestures aren’t seen or followed. Often, the people who mistreat you, who criticize you more are those who admire you most, by the people you are. Do not feel offended by anyone and anything, stay sustaining the Faith and the Perfection of God in yourselves, projecting it on the outside and perfecting your Future, which is nothing more than the manifestation of your inner will.
Dear Children, I leave you now, spilling my blessings over you and involving you all in My mantle of protection, because I AM Mary, your Mother.
Gabriel : Thank you, my sweet Mother.
Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.