Saint Germain ~ At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as possible ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 19/03/2013



Received on March 17, 2013

Beloved ones, I am here today to clarify some things not only about recent events but also about events which are to soon manifest on your Earth. A lot of hard work has been accomplished behind closed doors so to speak resulting in a possible great event or shift relating to, amongst other issues, your banking systems and a whole lot more. As always we ask you to release all concepts of time and all expectations in these matters as this attitude would not be helpful but would rather obstruct the smooth flow of energies which are due to take place.

At present you should learn, once and for all, to be timeless and to accept and work from the Now moment. As has been stated in my previous message, a lot is taking place and this is becoming more and more obvious also to the media. All this will lead to such a climax that the truth will set in and seep through your media sources. It can no longer remain hidden as everything is unfolding on a global scale and is hence felt by everyone, including the still dormant souls. There is no way back and it can no longer be blocked.

Have an unshakable trust in the Divine process of Ascension because it is a large part of  All That Is. It all boils down to recognizing, exploring and accepting your Divine Self in all freedom and Love. It is your right and your Being and absolutely nothing can stop you when you have chosen this from the bottom of your heart. Nothing can block the Divine Force of Ascension and liberation; this force will bring you further along in your evolution and your experiences in the Light.

Only time can somewhat hinder and delay this because there still exists an outspoken focus on dates and timeframes. It is HIGH time to only dwell in the NOW moment and from there to just keep on creating. If you are unsure what this Now moment is all about I advise you to isolate yourself in a quiet moment and to close your eyes. Listen to the beating of your heart and to your breathing, get a feel of enrichment when in contact with your inner Self in the heart and be one within your heart. You have just experienced the NOW moment and it feels good, unbounded and limitless.

All of you are limitless and this is also the case in your daily lives. There is nothing that in principle could block or prohibit you from being yourself. There are only distractions and attempts to keep it all in check and to restrain it. But I can assure you, beloved ones, that we are now far beyond that fact since enrichment and enlightenment are in the process of manifesting themselves on the Earth. Too many souls have awakened so that this kind of limited life on Earth is no longer accepted nor approved of. Your hearts are now wide open and expect, even demand only Love and harmony. Enlightenment is now the order of the day and we see this come to pass ever so swiftly.

We are aware that, from your point of view, this does not seem to be so but know that Gaia has set her first footsteps in the 5th Dimension in many energetic locations spread all over the Earth. Certain countries and locations already exist in the 5th Dimension depending on the consciousness of the collective population.  Other countries still exist in the 3rd Dimension and most countries exist in the 4th Dimension. It all depends on the state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is in its own right also dependent not only on how far someone has grown in his evolution and awakening, or to the degree of integration of the Light but most of all to the extent that the person works from his heart and not from his mind (through the brain).

The intellect is an important asset in daily life on the 3rd Dimension but the heart knows and feels everything. The brain is incapable of feeling, it can only perceive what it sees, and what it sees is just the illusion of this world. The new world is merely a heightened state of Being associated with higher frequencies and energies of the Light and of the heart. Your heart is the center of “All That Is” in your own Being.

A rather intense pressure will be felt there where humanity still exists in the lower frequency of the 3rd Dimension as the timelines converge whereafter time in itself will disappear and the upcoming spring equinox will play an important part in this. Prepare yourself for souls and locations still dwelling in the 3rd Dimension. If you find yourself in a location with this lower frequency but you are aware of all that is unfolding and you have duly reached a higher level of consciousness, than nothing can go wrong. So you don’t have to worry one bit.Those who dwell in the heart will always find themselves in a harmonious way and will escape the chaos, it will not affect you at all. That’s why I advise you to always remain grounded and to center yourself in your heart. You will be in dire need of this help and assistance these days and weeks and we count on all of you.

The locations and hearts dwelling in the 4th Dimensional state receive a huge opportunity to greatly further their awakening and bringing it that much closer to the full Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Also in this case it all depends on how you are dealing with all this in the NOW moment and how your actions, thoughts and feelings all originate from your heart. At this specific point in time there is a great gradation of 4D thoughts about to convert into a higher state of your Being and is bringing you ever so quietly to your 5th Dimensional state of consciousness and inner Self.

Congratulations are in order if you have already evolved this far, for although there is only a small number that can truly call themselves the pioneers of the 5th Dimensional World, that small number is working tirelessly on those three  different dimensions and even beyond those three.

At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as is possible for humanity so that the transition can occur in a most loving way. Humanity must now proceed lifting themselves into an even higher frequency and expand this as much as possible into a global manifestation. As seen from an energetic level, nowadays 50% is now dwelling in a 5th Dimension and by that I mean the Earth and her frequency ranges on a global, countrywise level, Her embodiment. Humanity, on the contrary, dwells at about 35% in a 4th Dimensional setting as to her consciousness and incarnations, whereas a small 25% has already shifted into the 5th Dimensional consciousness and even beyond. All the rest is still stuck in the world of illusion and are consequently dwelling in 3D.

Be aware that these percentages reflect how everything evolves presently, giving you a clear picture in an attempt to outline a general overview of how far Ascension has progressed. Much will depend on the upcoming changes and on the energies emanating from the intense Spring Equinox how the collective consciousness will evolve and accept who they truly are and what is about to unfold.

Most of all, be loving towards each other and look forward to a wonderful opportunity to get a beautiful prospect and a personal enrichment. The spring equinox will enable us to once more bring a lot to the forefront and to manifest it. Everything is an opportunity, a chance and a beautiful experience, one way or the other. You will never miss it, you will never fall short of experiencing whatever energy. Everything is free and available for everyone, nobody is left behind as everyone and everything are One.

Have complete faith in yourself and in your inner world. I urge you these days close to the equinox to amply meditate and to focus on your inner self, on your heart and on all the beautiful things you would like to see fulfilled.

I AM Saint Germain and I stand by your side.

I AM that I AM.

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Doesn’t the sun shine brighter and more beautiful than ever? – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 27, 2012

Maria 2

My beloved children, as your Divine Mother, I am proud of your achievements in this nearly ending year. You have achieved something that has never been done successfully before in this universe: the rise of a planet with a large part of its population. The rise of the population is not yet complete and will continue for a good while. Many people are just now waking up by the changes they can experience. Others have only short-term decided to ascend likewise. All these wonderful beings are not deprived of this opportunity. Gaia loves you so much that she keeps this option open for you for a while longer.

My beloved Lightworkers, do not doubt the success, even if you can not see any major changes. Please be open, acknowledge that the shift into a higher dimension has occurred, allow it and let the other changes happen. I hear all of your cries, many of you doubt and lose faith in what have been told so often to you. I hear everything. Please continue to trust us, look into yourself for the first signs of the change. Welcome these signs and then you can find them outside of you. Doesn’t the sun shine brighter and more beautiful than ever? Aren’t the colors not even brighter? Look around and you will discover so much.

Your bodies and your consciousness are in a process of adaptation. It takes a while, so please stay patient and do not block this process by a denial. Your guides and your Higher Selves are working tirelessly in your sleeptimes on this process. You’ll find a kind of post-ascension symptoms that are similar to your so well known Ascension symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision and more. You’re familiar with them. Accept the symptoms and it will be easier for you, they are finally signs of a major step in your spiritual development. And again some often heard advice: drink lots of pure, clean water, eat lightly and rest a lot. This adjustment process is very strenous for your body, additionally to that are the high energies, but be assured from me, this will get better over time. You can keep a diary or journal about your changes, it helps you to cope better with everything and also to recognize the changes over time. Some of the changes to you can be: clear-sightedness, clairaudience, seeing the aura of people, animals and objects, enhanced intuition, developing telepathic abilities, faster healing of the body, the ability to heal, and many others.

All this does not happen within days, it takes time and can take months. No one has in mind to overload you and your body. This would probably not be in your best interest. Trust in your Higher Self. It knows very well what is reasonable for you and what needs to be saved for later. It also determines more or less the rate of adjustments. You are now One with your Higher Self. You have been always, but now it resides in your heart and is closer to you than ever.

Be patient with yourselves, my beloved children. You now have all eternity for your further development. Please stay in your light and your love. Help your fellow men when they come to you and ask for the reasons for all these changes. This is even now still a part of your tasks as Lightworkers and Wayshowers. There is now no longer a date, which need to be considered, you stand now at the beginning of a glorious wonderful future.

Your stellan brothers and sisters want to give you some time for the initial adjustments and take a breather, which ye now urgently need. Enjoy this holiday season and the holidays that come in one or another of your countries. You can then continue to work with the restoration of the beauty of Gaia, by your love and your energies anchored through you in your homeworld. You are with that helping Gaia to dissolve still more old negative energies. In this way, major disasters can be avoided. It will continue to have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, this can not be avoided as the expression of the cleaning process, but you can through your love and energy help Gaia to minimize the amount. In return, and as expression of her love to her residents, she extends the opportunity for humanity to participate in the ascension process.

Once it is worthwile and beneficial for you, your stellan families can help and support in building your new society. It would still be too early now. Nobody wants to spread fear and chaos in this crucial moment. We had all hoped that the changes in your daily life and also the arrival of your stellan brothers and sisters could be accomplished before Ascension, but we had to delay it in favor of an undisturbed ascension process in consultation with all those involved directly. Your attention on your really big goal should not be distracted by other upheavals of all type and a possible outbreak of fear and chaos. Please forgive us this further delays. Your reliefs will be performed gradually according to your adjustments to the 5th Dimension.

I am aware like many that you’re disappointed and have expected more. Immediate full awareness, instant healing of all kinds, and a life in paradise. An awakening from the illusion and immersion into the 5th Dimension or higher. A sudden change of the dimensions would have been too great a burden for you as humankind, as a whole. A gradual adjustment, which is also supported by the opening of your perspectives is much less stressful for you, and that was the only possible option for you.

Live your love and let go all three-dimensional conceptions and beliefs and open yourselves therefore to the higher dimension. Live a five-dimensional life and it manifests itself before your eyes.

My beloved children and newly Ascended Masters, for this you are now, build now full of confidence and joy your new 5D-life in a new society that is no longer in service to self, but meets the requirements of service to all. You are all One, so act now further thereafter, supported by numerous volunteers from all over the universe and all higher dimensions and realms.

As your mother, I embrace each one of you and wrap you in my infinite eternal love. I am Lady Maria, your Divine Mother.

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Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 12 and 13, 2012


Note from Fran: The following is Yeshua’s Celebratory Message given to me in the late afternoon of 12-12-12, meant to be Part One of a Double Celebratory Message; Part Two, Sananda’s Message of today, 12-13-12, follows Yeshua’s message below. Enjoy! Many Blessings!


Yeshua.lightfilledworld11Celebratory Message from Yeshua on 12-12-12: A Light Filled World


Greetings and salutations to all my beloveds! Today, 12-12-12, marked a glorious day in your history, in your development and in your hearts  – and in our hearts, dear ones. You have accomplished so much. Your embarkment on this ascension journey is well underway now, dear ones. You have crossed the threshold of all thresholds. The Light is shining ever brighter and untold adjustments have been made in your Light Bodies, in Gaia’s Light Body and in sacred Unity Consciousness.

Rejoice, dear ones. You are doing beautifully. Please keep up this progress and your meditations, for you are making great headway and more is afoot. The Bliss you are feeling and experiencing is just going to magnify and amplify, dear ones. There are no limits to the depths you can and will feel and experience.

Much expansion has already taken place in your Light Bodies, DNA and frequencies. You are setting precedent for an explosion and a great building of energies from here on out. No one will be left untouched.

Make how you have lived today, with your meditations and absorption and spreading of the Light, of connecting with Gaia and with your fellow Beings, be your new way of life from here on out –  your magnificent life from here on out, as it is proving to be so the more you encompass this sacred Unity Consciousness, this sacred melding of your higher self, monad and all dimensions of your Being, and your connection with the Divine Mother, Mother Earth and all Humanity, including your Galactic sisters and brothers – all Beings of the Multi-verses.

Your expansion was foretold and designed to perfection. Your unfolding of it is testimony to your great courage and to your great Hearts, and to your Divine connection that you are dusting off and polishing as we speak. The brightness is breathtaking from our standpoint; it is exhilarating – it is blissful for us as well. We are so proud of and encouraged by your progress and tenacity in the face of great odds.

Dear beloveds, your journey with ascension has opened you up in many ways and in a way it is just beginning. There is no stopping you from reaching such great heights, from creating a New Earth that is a showcase for all the galaxies.

Your work and journey is beginning in a new way now, as you see what you are capable of, of what you have already created. You are building on that and are being immersed in such a Light-filled world. Maybe you never thought you would get here, but dear friends you are doing it, and the wattage is just increasing and amplifying minute by minute, day by day, as you lift yourselves and your World to new heights.

Beloveds, don’t stop now; continue on in this fashion, with this precedent that you have set from today. You will not be sorry, and you will say to us: ”I am so glad I mustered my courage and my Light to join you in the Higher Realms and it is a glorious sight to see!”

You see, we never doubted you would get there, even if you did sometimes along the way. But be assured, you have set the precedent and set the tone for a glorious Light-Filled World, capable of lifting even the most stubborn of souls to a better place.

That is the mission you embraced, and you are doing it well, dear friends. Our hearts cry tears of joy at the progress you have made, and feel such joy and delight in seeing you grasp new levels of Bliss, Joy, Harmony, and Unity Consciousness as you are dedicating yourselves to living in a world of complete loving connectedness to your fellow Beings and with Earth.

You were chosen well for this endeavor and you are doing magnificently. You will see that very shortly, my dear friends, my dear sisters and brothers of the Light.

Take a brief rest and then renew your journey in the same vein as today. So much Joy awaits you, dear Ones.

Your loving brother,Yeshua




Sananda.Magnificent2Sananda’s Celebratory Message for 12-12-12:  You Are Magnificent Beyond Words ~ 12-13-12


Greetings, I am Sananda, here to welcome you and commend you for a successful merging of the energies of 12-12-12. All around the World and also other Universes, there was a massive expansion and igniting of the Light and no place or person was unaffected.

There was a massive and potent quickening of particles of Light and thus the Mother Earth has risen significantly in vibration. You will be happy to know that many individuals raised their vibration significantly as well. There was quite a shift in overall perspective in many hearts and so the world as you knew it is not the same. It is substantially lighter and contains a new orientation towards Unity Consciousness.

You can thank yourselves for this change, as there were many dedicated individuals meditating and contributing to a major shift, the effects of which will take a short while to be fully apparent and manifest. All around your World, many are being awakened to the Truth that you are part of a large network working in concert and harmony to create a world of Abundance, Peace and Cooperation for the greater good of all.

You are magnificent beyond words and I salute you, my dear friends, for a job well done. Please continue along this vein. We of the Celestial and Galactic Realms are in awe of you. You are reaching heights you were not completely aware you could reach.

Now, further work begins for you to maintain this level of frequency you have achieved. You will be receiving a series of downloads and energy upgrades here on out increasing in intensity and culminating in a shift of gigantic proportions. It is imperative that you strive to abide steadfastly by your spiritual practices as well as abiding by your regime of eating pure and live vegetables and fruits, plant proteins, and plenty of purified or distilled water, programmed with a blessing.

Right now, those desiring and intending to ascend are advised to dedicate their all and their focus on their own ascension, to Gaia’s ascension and to the overall ascension of Humanity. You are well on your way to that purpose.

My dear beloveds, you are well on your way to leaving duality behind you once and for all and to enjoying a new state of continued Bliss, Harmony and constant reaches into a new world of untold possibilities.

Although you all are at different, and perfect for you, stages of the ascension process, as a collective you have reached a major milestone in illuminated and substantial Reality that is being created to serve the well-being of the Whole, part and parcel to the Truth that you are all One.

My dear beloveds, seekers of the Truth, you have successfully rearranged your World to be one bent on serving the greater good of all, and towards the creation of a world without war, poverty or conflict. What a massive undertaking, and only time will tell You how successful you are at this. For from our World, we already see it is True. We are guiding you in the manifestation of this and you have our immense gratitude for this huge undertaking on your parts.

May you all experience a building Joy and Happiness in the coming days. Allow your Hearts to take it in and accept it as your birthright, dear ones. For the time has come for you to fully enjoy and immerse in this new State of Being for you and for all.

Make this your continued vow and intent and let nothing stand in your way to full acceptance of it with the knowledge of your complete worthiness of it. You have been working towards this a very long time… It is time now to fully take it in, dear ones. Surrender completely to that Lighted part of you that is clamoring to emerge fully and unabashedly and you will be astounded at the elation you will feel.

I leave you now with these thoughts and sincere sentiments, my amazing bringers of the Light and Truth!

I Am Sananda, always at your service.


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I am pleased to see how everything unfolds – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 12, 2012

Maria 2

My beloved children, on this all-important day – with the meditations in which your intention and love found expression – you all have helped your beloved Gaia with her final Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

The vibrations on Earth have increased enormously and could then accomplish this. All negative and low energies will leave the earth now for good in the next few days up to your Ascension climax on 21.12. You’re going to feel lighter and more loving now. The portal for the ascent also of man has been opened and now stays open for a while. Some people have ascended into the higher dimensions today, many will follow and after the 21.12. the chance for late bookers will remain. Do not worry so. You have all the options open, even after this so long awaited day.

Remain in your love and send your light furthermore into the grids of the world to enhance the desired effect yet. You help so many people who have not decided yet. You arise their desire for more, for love and oneness in them, and give them so the opportunity for a life in peace and love. So many of you Lightworkers and Wayshowers could feel the Oneness with All-That-Is during the global meditations. You received my essences of the Divine Mother that unfold slowly now in you. Still rest a lot and also drink much clear water so that the energies can flow through your bodies.

You may all be very proud of what you have achieved with so much love and dedication and so much work in sometimes over several decades. We are it too and all higher dimensions cheer full of joy about your great achievements. Please do not rest quite, because the work is not yet completed. After the planet, it is now valid to help her residents to create that memorable mass Ascension  in their physical bodies.

With the still-increasing energies the number of those who wake up is getting again much larger. The higher frequencies are now working like your alarm clocks, that get you up from sleep in the morning. This sleep, however, was for most people a very deep one and they will rub their eyes and at first can not grasp the changes they will find. For them it is as if they slept through the centuries and has missed an entire development phase. Please my dear children, be there for them and help them through the initial difficulties. Turn to them with love and stand by them in this for them barely-understandable time. Take them by the hand like children and show them the way. This Ascension is a joint effort and you will be assisted in its entirety from my Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters and your stellan families.

You have to endure only a little more and work on your day’s work. Your reward will be a glorious life in peace, freedom, prosperity and love. You have earned it indeed. The veil of forgetfulness will lift now and then finally you can see us in your midst, and much more. You will be able to see that you have never been alone in your unprecedented undertaking, but that many helpers from all over the universe and all higher dimensions and realms assisted, helped and protected you.

My beloved children – and that you are, because I am your Divine Mother and the Twin Flame of Prime Creator – I envelope you in my infinite and eternal love. Soon, in a few days, you will leave duality and return home. Many of my beloved Lightworkers and Starseeds come from higher dimensions, where they are awaited with lot of joy.

The larger portion of the people who now live on the earth will find themselves in the fifth Dimension, in a new world, where everything has been prepared for their arrival. There they will build a new society that will be a galactic society. They will get all the help that is needed.

I am pleased to see how everything unfolds. I am Lady Maria, the Mother of all Beings in this ever-expanding universe.

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Dreams are like a glass house – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, August 25, 2012

Today I want to discuss the topic of dreams and its significance in detail. You all have so often heard of us, that your dreams and thoughts create your new world and manifest things.

The thought of something is the young seedling, the seed that develops and grows. It is still in the dark earth, protected against powerful influences. It now needs warmth and humidity in order to prosper. This you give your desires by your often thinking on them. Young plants outdoors are exposed to weather influences. In the case of your manifestations this are the conflicting ideas, a back and forth. Too much of it can be destructive.

Dreams are like a glass house. The young plant “desire” can there find optimal conditions, protected against harmful influences and equipped with enough nutrients and moisture. Also is a dream growth aids for your manifestations. In your dreams you can draw down to the smallest detail what you expect from your life. You can imagine it before your mind’s eye, the third eye, and shape your desires. Your feelings, your love that you have invested in your dreams, let your manifestations grow even faster and better.

In this way you can not only get things into your life, but also form your new world. Many of you could not imagine until now, how this would work, but it is quite simple. You must only dream of it. Imagine how it should look like, also the new society, the conditions, such as you all want to live, and then dream again and again. Give your feelings to it and your future begins to form.

It just takes a little longer if your constantly bring in changes into your dreams. The universe responds to changes of course. It’s no different than if you build a house and give change requests to the architect and craftsmen. Work must be rescheduled or restructured, which leads to delays. A good planning is very helpful before you give your project in the form of your dreams to the architect, the contractor and the universe. I’ve now seen some of your projects and I can confirm to you that there are beautiful buildings. Your dreams are getting bolder and greater and you will admire them with big eyes .

Use the powerful energies that are sent to you. They will help you. Accept them and your body can more easily integrate.

The power of the cabal is broken, even if they don’t want to admit it. They see it crumble, but still fight back with all their remaining resources to the further spreading of the light and love. You may, however, be assured that we will take – together with the Archangels – all necessary steps to prevent further attacks from the cabal especially on lightworkers, as it has been recently. I can only recommend to you to clean yourself and your environment with the Violet Flame of St. Germain and protectively surround yourselves with it. It will not be long and even then such attacks are a thing of the past.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send my love and greetings of the Sirian people. Very soon we can mingle with you and work together with you on building your new society.


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