Asaga speaks – October 29, 2015 through Isabel Henn

The silverplatinum flame

10314575_10151984282166296_81175584067965624_nSource of the picture unknown or the owner of the rights would be named.

My beloved humans, I am Asaga, a Pegasus from AEON, the home of Divine Mother. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am what you know as Unicorn but with wings. Unicorns and Pegasus are of the same family. I am the first and oldest of all Pegasus and I am the child – as soul – and friend of Divine Mother. I am her happiness, that is what my name means and what I do. I make her happy.

Not long ago Divine Mother in her incarnated form asked me if I would be willing to help her attune people to the Unicorn Energy Healing System. I agreed because I want to make other humans happy too and to help them heal themselves. With me all my brothers and sisters, the other…

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My Journal August 10, 2014

The silverplatinum flame

My night wasn’t so good as I was again doubting yesterday that I go home, that I am in my transition process. It came out of a conversation I had with my twin Silverstar. I told him that it would be really difficult for me if they again would fool me in telling me I would leave now and I would have to stay longer and that it would be very hard to trust them again then. And out of this doubts were rising.

I noticed this and I decided to trust and believe that they had told me the truth after I pushed that button and worked on my doubts, the whole evening and night.

Today I feel much stronger that I am only partly here now, that a part of me has gone already and I think that my Higher Self has worked with me tonight on this…

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